Friday, October 7, 2022

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  • There is no one in any branch of the “helping” professions who has any personal integrity whatsoever. Psychiatrists are the worst probably, but I don’t know… The so-called therapists are maybe even worse. Psychotherapy is also an invention of psychiatry from arrogant narcissists like Freud. The therapist pretends to be your friend, but really they collaborate with the psychiatrists behind your back and secretly believe in the evil DSM fake bible of insulting labels. I heard that Freud had bipolar disorder too and was awake snorting cocaine for weeks on end. What’s more psychotic or “manic” than coming up with these absurd and disgusting ways of torturing vulnerable people.

    I got so mad about the ripserdone they gave me that I tracked down my psych at home with their family, should have seen the look on his face when they saw me through the kitchen window. Serves him right, now he knows the terror that they inflicted on my when I took that so called medicine. I heard the voices for weeks before they gave me that poison and it wasn’t til they tricked me into taking it that I ever became angry in any way. Even though the psycho MD psych torturer gave me the poison, they had the audacity to call law enforcement that night. That was just the start of the torture they put me through.

    My therapist supported the forced hospitalization, saying since I was dirty or wasn’t eating or something that somehow justified jailing me. I couldn’t go home because my family was supporting the drugging and I had to sleep in the woods, but so did cavemen. I wasn’t hurting anyone or using illegal drugs. The social workers at the hospital were even worse and the non-psych doctors also supported this charade. The ER doctors force injected me with 5 different sedatives at once, only because I was trying to escape that hell house.

    My point is that no one is on the side of those of use ordained as victims of psychiatry, psychology, etc. Now I’m broke and homeless, my body is a shell of its former self and I haven’t slept in weeks. Amazing that only a couple months of ripserdal toxin could cause so much brain damage. Now only street drugs like crystal gives me any clarity to get my life straightened out and it’s been over 9 months. When does this get better? I would never give them the satisfaction of hurting myself, but enough is enough, there must be a part of the FBI that can deal with the crimes committed against myself and others. Please tell me who I can report this to, there should be a tribunal and the penalties should be severe and archaic to match how I was treated.

  • How can the field of psychiatry have become so concentrated with pure evil? I wonder if anyone can think of another group that is so loathsome and cruel. Maybe politicians or sales people, they are also bad I think. You’d think there would be no way for this to happen almost. Are the bad individuals attracted to psychiatry as medical students or are they taught to hate and torture as part of their training?

    Many years ago I knew someone who was a psychiatrist, before I understood what was up and I actually liked him. He was kind to me and my family during a difficult time, but I’m forced now to consider he was setting a trap. Is it possible he was looking for a way to lure myself or a family member into psychiatric treatment? Sometimes I wonder if I’m going too far with this, but just thinking about a psychiatrist fills me with rage. They must have a way to orchestrate their plotting, secret message boards or the leaders meet to plot all this. If they are really as bad as I think, then they must be openly admitting their hatred and ill intent somewhere. It seems like in public they are hiding this because when I’ve encountered them it seems like they are making pains to seem caring almost. What is that about, it’s so confusing.