Friday, December 2, 2022

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  • I find it insulting, frankly, to be told that the multitudes of abuses heaped on me by my “family” (not to mention my small-town farm community) is not “really” the cause of my lifelong distress, that the true cause is, apparently, my decision to remove myself from my tormenters; that I’m “not woken up” (the implication: that I’m stupid, delusional, incompetent) if my experiences differ from yours or if I disagree with your worldview.

    No, but of course you’re right: my family’s mistreatment didn’t cause my trauma, the profound terror I’ve lived with for much of my life. My escape is, retroactively, to blame, as is… uh, the industrial revolution? If I think otherwise it’s clearly because I am simply a stupid, stupid young person who doesn’t understand that all-knowing, infinitely wise middle-aged and elderly people obviously know more about my own experiences than I do.


    This article would have been much stronger had you focused on your own experiences, rather than making far-reaching claims about some sort of universal truth that denies the reality of so many people’s lives. There is no single root cause of human suffering — humans in fact suffer for a wide variety of reasons.