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  • Glad it’s beneficial for Canada and it’s what’s needed to best serve people. I agree with and support social spending in America however don’t we already spend quite a bit on social spending here?

    In America with baby boomer generation age increase there is not enough funds for primary and mental healthcare. This probably better to fund in America. In mental healthcare to do innovative peer run services and alternatives to hospitalization and so on.

  • Reading this guy Steve M comment just let’s me know Steve Harrington from Inaps was on correct path with forming good workplace relationships.

    The recovery champions at agencies who are not peers do much to bolster and enhance a better system.

    We Peers are trying to make a difference in system and lives we touch. From people getting services to staff to families.

  • Well Julie. That’s why I began commenting the way I did. I made my first comment which was just a friendly remark about my experience and my dad suggesting I take medicine after many years of refusing.

    That’s when several comments arrived and Frank insulted my parents and I. My dad served in Vietnam and then went to school which I greatly respect so I’m glad I listened to him.

    I didn’t really belong here since my initial comment.

  • I would say it is correct to mean in some cases and not all. Mental illnesses have many reasons for onset.

    Anyhow this is the resource that I’ve used for past two years when I comment on mental illnesses. I should have cited sooner. The REAL answers are right here.

    I spend a lot of my time studying this man and this organization that continues his work. I respect him a great deal.

  • Maybe the problem is not a decrease in serotonin in the brain.

    Perhaps it is communication difficulty with the neurotransmitters.

    Like the messages leaving the brain to travel to the other body systems are in fact having trouble communicating.

    So would ssri’s even make a difference if this true? I don’t know.

    These symptoms do have biological root, but with depression natural remedies can really sometimes make collosial difference in recovery.

  • I have schizophrenia and to me its a real biological illness. (See comment above about other causes.)

    It’s more like heart trouble than something else because it is a significant organ like the heart. I don’t really prefer the diabetes comparison.

    It’s definitely an illness with me because of the privation of my brain functioning. I lack capacity to function and maybe even survive.

  • This is what I think of that newspaper article.

    Handsome home by Pat

    Looking into the void with a pessimistic lense is to simulate defeat.

    Truly to be blue is bitterness but it can see right through.

    To cast doubt about little things or this and that.

    The future can seem to be an infinite design.

    Where to go and what to be is but in the heart.

    If ye live alone or if thy have a handsome home.

    Whomever thy shall be the heart will live on in eternity.

  • I think the world has already determined the cause of mental illnesses.

    Like with schizophrenia there are many reasons it can onset.

    Biological root is one, trauma, issue during preganancy, an injury to spine or cranium. The lists even goes on.

    Try to note that Psychology is an ABSTRACT science and also a SOFT science. You know what I mean with that?

    It takes the skill and know how of a trained professional to determine the root.

    If you begin to know the root it’s not actually clear how to move forward with healing. In other words how to treat is not ABSOLUTE.

    Healing can take a variety of methods and of course medicine is one way to support recovery.

    To conclude in my opinion the world knows the cause of schizophrenia. I would not hold my breath that scientists will identify a specific gene or bio marker. That may even be a waste of time and research money. In the end it’s your own battle and you own it.

  • You’re welcome. Mad in America is not the only subculture. – a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.

    A lot of people particularly young people get help from ER, Dr.s, social workers, peer specialists until they learn how to improve. “ You have to lose to know how to win.” Steven Tyler.

  • Mental health system is now greed, but some of us benefit.

    System has an appetite it needs to feed, but some of us couldn’t do without.

    There’s no glory in eliminating for the sickest of the sick.

    Within dire call for their head above water.

    The levy breaks and all fury follows like flies out of the mire.

    A good counter is to find a balance in a bellow.

    Responds to the need for greed

    Recoils the metal teeth in pain ratchet for the champion to be.

  • Esteemed colleagues, members of the press core, men and woman in recovery; ie. 1-24-18

    I love the peer specialist field. It’s integral to my success in battle with mental illness. I also take as much pride as I am capable of managing in supporting others recoveries.

    I think I’ve finally received everybody’s message. I didn’t notice the first few times. That’s MY FAULT

    It’s better this way. Better by far if I get rid of my cell phone. I don’t own a tv or computer as it is now.
    Au revoire mad in America.

  • What triggers me you ask? Well ask and I shall pander to your inquiry brethren and ladies of our movement.

    Was I fired from every job before I became a peer specialist? Yes I was, but that is not the issue.

    I want you to know that my career as Peer specialist is my life. When you mention paid peer positions as hinderence to strength of our movement I take keen interest in finding out more.

    I could not tarry this evening while eating dinner after long hard day because the peer specialist is integral to my life.

    Kindles a desire in me. A desire that is burning and I will not let the comments here on peers be stagnant. Not while the romance of this profession lingers in my heart allowing me to reach higher. So much higher in the direction of my dreams.

    It was not too many moons ago that I was a lonely man even trying online dating sites but to no avail. Deciding which way to go. Move to a coastal town and be a lifeguard? Try out big city life and work at a deli? It was a confusing time with frustration and trials too.

    I thought I new everything to know about my city, but one day I went to a mental health event and the peer movement was waiting. It is the success I’ve always wanted.

    I have come to feel something incredible. I have acquired the strength of the battle I have overcome. This is due working as peer specialist and the peer specialist movement.

  • When I was taken in a straight jacket with hood over my face to the hospital it wasn’t for me.

    When I got discharged I never talked about voices I hear again. Only to my self.

    A long time later I joined Recovery Movement. Was going very good until I linked up with hearing voices network.

    Guess to be with them I need to hire someone like Rufus May to address the voices while documenting it all on camera. Then Id probably be cool and all better.

    No I wouldn’t buy, sell, borrow or trade anything I have to be like one of them. I’d rather start all over again. – NY.

  • I was trying to cheer Sera up.

    I guess I really don’t belong here. My story is more like Ken Steele’s book the day voices stopped. Yeah that’s what hearing voices feels like.

    I even joined hearing voices network as board member but the board didn’t approve of my opinions.

    Now we got Oryx the Bill W of recovery movement for mental illness as he put it on the hvn USA board. Yeah so many people would drive me across country and hold my damn hand if I got sick. Yeah right.

    I’m leaving this website for good.

  • Sera, I said that because maybe you needed a little bit kindness to brighten your day.

    I think your wonderful and like your attitude actually, but everyone can’t be you.

    I think the international association of peer specialists should be giving you the spheel I gave above on peers but how it seems to me is different. Looks like their new board shares your beliefs and Mad In America too.

  • I like you quite a bit. This website is not for me. I capitalized Because I’m American and I know Americans are only people I want to comment on.

    You all solicit people when they are actually facing threats. Even if you were hospitalized against will here in America it’s not comparable to many other countries. Yet people like to go on speaking tours going on about and saying recovery is better in other countries. It’s painful for me to here sometimes.

  • Your the one who already has 35 comments. You deserve criticism as well as praise

    Just wanted to offer a new perspective for other AMERICANS working as peers. I like to live to fight another day and pick my battles.

    Peer respites are a battle I’m choosing to advocate. I won’t email you again for resources but thanks for the manual.

  • I’m not gonna listen to you as I could lose my career. Not worth it. I’d rather pick my battles and live to fight another day.

    Also is it true you get along with most people? I read on your blogs you are irked with the Boston globe as activist and the school system as a parent too.

    Maybe your burnout now is result of the kind of activism you do. I prefer to pick my battles and engage the mental Heath system as a gentleman.