Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Comments by Carol Noyes

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  • Hi Sandra, I agree with you and I do not see myself as bipolar anymore. But I think I leave that word in to speak to others who also have been labeled as bipolar and perhaps need to rethink that label. I say in the story that “a transpersonal psychotherapist would have understood my situation and observed that I was going through a spiritual emergency.” They would not have slapped on the “bipolar” label.

  • Interesting that you should post this information about deaths being higher among the mentally ill during periods of high air pollution. I will bet that the risk of death is higher because the toxin levels in the blood are already high in those diagnosed with mental illness being treated with drugs and that the air pollution just makes the blood get too toxic. When I was taking lithium and Seroquel, I was highly sensitive to chemicals in the air, such as artificial scents in candles and plastic fumes, especially from vinyl. If I went to a shopping mall, I would get severe headaches and sometimes vomit after the visit. That sort of experience does not happen now that I am no longer on psychiatric medications.

  • Hi Bradford, I did not talk in detail about all that I did to heal. I have many pages with that information in my book, Coming Full Circle. In addition to what I mentioned above, I did take what I call daily prayer walks either in the woods, down my neighborhood street, or in the nearby city (I live in a rural area). During these walks I would pray for strength to get through this crisis. Often I took walks at night because daytime was filled with work and other activities. I could look up at the stars then. Sometimes I would have mystical experiences while walking. For example, I would sense the trees and plants asking me to speak for them because they did not have a voice. Connecting with nature and breathing fresh air were very helpful. I also did yoga, massage, and qigong. I used essential oils to help regulate my moods, especially lavender, which helped to reduce anxiety.

    You asked about Spiritual Emergence vs. Spiritual Emergency. I am taking a class with Dr. Emma Bragdon to become a Spiritual Emergency coach. The definitions she gave us come from Dr. Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist and his wife, Christina Grof. “Spiritual Emergence has been defined as ‘the movement of an individual to a more expanded way of being that involves enhanced emotional and psychosomatic health, greater freedom of personal choices, and a sense of deeper connection with other people, nature, and the cosomos…When Spiritual Emergence is very rapid and dramatic this natural process can become a crisis and Spiritual Emergence becomes Spiritual Emergency. This has also been called a transpersonal crisis, acute psychosis with a positive outcome, positive disintegration, and evolutionary crisis. An ‘Emergency’ generally is more dramatic and intense…an ‘Emergence’ is more fluid and less overwhelming/traumatic. The depth reveals itself over time in a more gradual process.

    I hope this information helps you.

  • I am glad you told me about the fine Novartis got for promotion of Trileptal. I did not know about this but I often see the ads on tv by lawyers who are suing drug companies for the awful side effects they cause. I also did not know about akathisia caused by Abilify. I am glad you were able to get off your medications as well.