Friday, July 30, 2021

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  • Concerning to me is that Psychology 101 students would deign to have any authority over anything. We live in a world where it seems that going to school or studying “medicine” charges people intellectually to feel that the know something and therefore can make plenty of assumptions about other people. All the “transpersonal” values such as intuition, the value of psychological breaks to re-orient the person towards authenticity, the need sometimes for radical changes in order for a person to improve, the lack of understanding about how much real and sustained PTSD will manifest like bipolar but actually IS a nervous breakdown, where vital functioning ceases to work because a person gets trapped in fight or flight by default, and it literally erodes the cells and the body, piece by piece. A world where Trump is president is a world where a sensitive person is rightly tearing out their hair. Never mind the chemicals that we all live with, and that stress makes it nearly impossible to digest. I was going to get a psychology degree but realized I was learning more from the study of music and other somatic, mind-body methods. The courses in psychology are all mind-based, such that you have people who are not in touch with themselves and therefore do not know, fundamentally, how to listen to others, doling out psychological cures and diagnosis. It’s crazy that we still have to argue diagnosis. In so many ways, a diagnosis doesn’t matter. Al symptoms point to imbalance, and each human is suffering both uniquely and collectively. There will always be some things in common (breathing helps a person to reset), and always some different things. On person in a nervous breakdown might truly just be overworked. I think an important percentage of America is living a nervous breakdown. Other people might truly be operating out of fight or flight and then cease to function. Others still might be having a metabolic disorder. Although all 3 situations will affect metabolism. Anyway, you’re one of the good ones. Thanks for the article. I’m just fed up to the ears and beyond with academia and what it’s doing to the world.