Sunday, July 3, 2022

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  • Before I got Lyme I used to think psychiatry was not really helpful. I now realize if it wasn’t for psychiatry I would not have made it through my Lyme. It was articles written by psychiatrist that helped me understand what I was going through and how to deal with it. It even prepared me for how others would react. My question is why do psychiatrist know more about how illness effects the body then medical doctors do?

  • For at least 2 decades they were telling me it was in my head and tried to prescribe me medications for mental illness. I refused to take them. I kept telling them something was wrong and they literally would laugh at me. It took me many years to get diagnosed after going to many doctors. I am glad I did not take the meds they tried to push on me because I have found those who have taken them have a longer road to recovery mentally. My brain for the most part has healed but there are things that I have come to realize I will always have to deal with like sensory overload when when shopping or there are too many people around. Thank you for making others aware.