Thursday, June 30, 2022

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  • I agree. But people need to be healthy, strong, vigilant, too. The working class in 19th century did a lot to improve their working conditions and they succeed. But they had to be really strong and even risk their lives. They made street wars to attain this goal!
    And yes, capitalism not only cause bad working conditions, it also destroys our capacity to healthy connect to the nature. So people are in unnatural bad condition preventing them to fight unnatural working conditions.
    There must be some change in individual as well as in collective and institutional behaviour. But if the collective and institutional behaviour is not changing (as is the case of mental health system including its legal framework), we as individuals have some choice and must choose wise and fight for our health inspite of those criminals.

    Our professor of social policy said: “you will be no more able to choose between right and left policy opinions, because you see now the partiality of each of it.” yes, neoliberalism is causing these troubles, but on the other hand, we do have some power, we always have..

  • I would like to present a point of view from natural medicine perspective.

    This article suggests the abolishment of psychiatry by a political force. However, I think that the market itself could do the job, or at least lower the dominance of the psychiatry.

    My idea is to provide western countries with the “equilateral triangle” (or other possibly neverending geometric pattern), present in some parts of India. There, a patient and his family have the free choice to which kind of medical system they want and the public insurance pays the bill. So if a person become troubled with psychosis or any other mental distress, he choose whether he wants psychiatric hospital, ayurveda, chinesse medicine, soteria program, unani medicine etc. – or any combination. In such context, what must be abolished is a coercive treatment – of course and thats the only more legally demanding change in such a model.
    As per my research in those areas, this has the effect that psychiatrists themselfs treat patient with much more dignity and sensitivity, because they are aware that the patient can leave his hospital and therefore profit in any moment. And, the lies and corruption in research is less dominant, because the public itself make the decision about what is true and what is not.
    In such a system, psychiatry loose its power and maybe, its existence in the future, by the force of market.