Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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  • rebel, Don Lattin has written on Wilson in his book Distilled Spirits. You may find this Guardian article of some interest:


    I think it important to note that we are biochemical systems, and everything we take into our bodies affects us. The food you consume affects both your body and your brain, and often in ways that are probably more significant than most people realize. Even subtle effects can be significant to how we experience the world.

    The term ‘drug’ isn’t really useful when discussing psychoactive substantives, because it is overly broad and isn’t useful when trying to suss out good from bad. While it is certainly true that some drugs pose a serious risk to recovering alcoholics (e.g. opiates), others seem incredibly common at AA meetings (e.g. caffeine and nicotine).

    There was quite a bit of work done in the 1950s with LSD and alcoholics, e.g.:


    and there were promising results, but laws changed and this field of study disappeared for decades. That’s changing now, and there is reason to believe we may well see psychedelic therapy for alcoholism as one possible treatment in the coming years. However, there are no magic potions, and simply swilling a cup of ayahuasca or taking 200 mcg of LSD is highly unlikely to turn a life around without additional support and effort.

    wishing you well