Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • After devoting much of the last 4 years researching “How could this happen to me?” & sacrificing 11 years to the industry with a ‘lifelong’ bipolar & SMI certification, it’s clear that Scientology & the Industry have more in common than either will ever acknowledge. They’re both defined as cults with ‘bibles’, an autonomous ruling party, & the goal of control and lifelong revenue conduits by their ‘members’. Being drugged/ ‘going clear’ is simply force-feeding the Kool-Aid; many stay in from fear, stripped of self-determination and resources. Being drugged & brainwashed are identical, resulting in a hard bend of the knee that is impossible, in so many cases, to straighten up from.
    As I fought my way out with zero credibility vis a vis` the diagnoses and achieved the ‘trifecta’ with a CMO/VP guidance off neuros, vacation of bipolar, & decertification of SMI designation (while drugged, of course) because of liability (there was SOME ethical application; the process took 2.5 years) from multiple NMS AND anaphylaxis crisis, I was barreling along with no blue-print, fueled by outrage & terror; I was “Ride or Die” for my poor ravaged brain.

    Where are the others like me? I’ve only found one media story; he was a Navy pilot, falsley diagnosed in 2004, lost everything (like me), and has achieved a reversal, with ‘official walking papers’ (like me) 10 years later in Mo.
    Anybody else out there in the ‘Unicorn’ club?
    Here’s the thing; THEY reversed the “lifelong” bs, acknowledging my life facts before & during didn’t meet THEIR OWN criteria; I was being passed around the industry like a lab animal. NOW, they are forced to acknowledge my credibility; they’re metrics tell the story, they’re clinical notes didn’t correspond to THEIR criteria, the violent rejection of the drugs by my healthy brain was consistent for over a decade. My diagnosing doctor (2004) takes $65 grand annually from pharma (ProPublica; “Dialing for Docs”). It’s all there…and more.
    In 2015, when I insisted on seeing my SMI paperwork (a marriage counselor’s assessment, 2007), the supervisor blurted out “We don’t do things like this anymore”. As they say….it was a moment.
    MIA seems to have good intentions…but f*#k that….harder language & more confrontational positions are necessary. 60 Minutes expose`on the opioid crisis told HALF of our story. Our toe is in the door. Forget waves of public ‘support’, the info landscape is overloaded.
    It’s up to US to be bold and make our case quicker, harder, smarter, & aggressively. It seems that the movement is being entirely too PC, too careful, too conservative. There’s been so little progress; there’s nothing to lose & EVERYTHING to gain.
    But for the pesky (small, I’m told) seizures, I’m rebuilding & can’t stop talking about this ethical dumpsterfire.

  • Ms. 777, The hybrid hemp derivative, “Charlotte’s Web” developed by the Stanley Brothers/Denver. It is chock full of cannabinoids that our bodies produce on their own; only trace THC (the ‘get high’ part of weed). This is a supplement, carefully grown and ‘processed’, organic and no pesticides. It is restorative, calming and neurotransmitters love it. There are ‘other’ brands out there now; I know that the Stanley Bros cultivation and processing is safe.and pure.
    I researched it in 2014 when it was illegal but allowed to be tested on tiny children with a particular virulent form of epilepsy; 300+ seizures A DAY. It was rare as gold and illegal (federal) to ship anywhere, at that time.
    Since the assholes were shoving anti-convulsants down my throat (with everything else), I was very curious about the effect that The product was having on seizing brains…and ones so delicate as children’s. NO SIDE EFFECTS. NONE. I was on a waiting list for alnost a year.
    Sanjay Gupta, the CNN Doctor/Neurosurgeon/Emory (who didn’t approve of ‘pot’) started researching it’s qualities and affects on these suffering children and their frantic parents. He made the now famous “WEED” documentary (CNN) and subsequently there is a “WEED 2, 3” and soon 4. It is a revelation and a game-changer.
    If you are ‘one of us’, I think it’s an eye-opener.. and it made me weep not just for those little babies and their parents, but for the hope it suggested for my damaged brain.
    I use it when I can afford it; I started with drops and now they have caps. You can ‘vape’ (no) and they have topical cremes In most states, I don’t believe you need a ‘card’ or scrip. Dispensarys often have it in a foyer where credentials are unecessary…and now EVERYBODY has it.
    “Realm of Caring” or ROC is their website or Google “Charlottes’s Web”; the name is after Charlotte Figis, the first little girl that was on the ‘treatment’ and her remarkable story; “WEED 1”. There are now thousands of children leading better lives. PTSD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and NFL players use it; not for their aches and pains; food and protection for their brains. Why not ME…ESPECIALLY ME?
    I did my homework concerning my neuro-transmitters, synapses, dopamine, and GABA…and what CANNABINOIDS can do for them. Swallowing another pill was not in my plans after I ‘escaped’. I was cautious, but finally completely convinced. This is not a silver-bullt. You won’t ‘feel’ it ‘come-on’ like the drugs. Steady, consistent use (I feel strongly) helped me recover laser focus, nimble vocabulary-once lost, and a positive/curiosity/perspective to healing. And by the way, if that’s a placebo effect, that’s fine. I know I felt better much quicker than I had any reason or right to. My goal in 2016 was not drooling in public and keeping the tardive eye open. I don’t have to concentrate when I stand up. I thought I would be more broken down. I’ve been clean from psych drugs for 2 years now and I HAVE taken very gentle care of myself, feeling whatever I wanted to and being especially ‘expressive’.
    YOU WON”T GET HIGH…(and no thank you), the cannabinoids will restore and feed your brain the way pure oxygen is restorative to cells and transmitters, only better..
    The website is full of interesting info…but watch WEED 1 &; 2. It’s all there. Stream it, rent it, buy it. Knowledge is power.

    Here’s the PUNCHLINE…IT’S SCIENCE… that rare commodity in this ‘thing’ of ours…and it’s been around (medicinal hemp) for centuries.
    And of course the only obstacles for more use and insurance coverage is PHARMA and their choke-hold on Congress.
    The website told me that the feds are causing shipping vendors to ‘slow=route= the purchases now. My last order was ‘routed’ all over the US. They are trying to force the Stanleys out of business to make room for THEIR future product. Buy it local (assuming you can). Watch out for imitators…and Good Luck.

  • Ms. Green
    He was uncomfortable because psych drugs are outside of his sphere…ALL drs are loathe to say “I. Don’t. Know.”
    I had brought him 5 clinical, credentialed articles on neurotoxin damage, specifically anti-psychotic short-term use resulting in known damage…shrinkage of the pre-frontal lobe. Ruh Roh. I took them for 11 years.
    He gave me an earnest little dr frown & nodded ‘thoughtfully’. In the south we say to that flavor of bs….’Bless your heart’.
    I’ve already reached out to some MIA experts for a more forward-thinking, informed, & open-minded neuro in my metro area. Hopefully they can point me towards an enlightened soul.
    Regardless, I’m “Ride or Die” (more irony) to protect & heal my brain, in light of the misplaced trust that “we” paid dearly for.
    I am relentless…it’s how I ‘self-rescued’ in a very hostile clinic system. I was APPROPRIATE but absolutely relentless…dealing with caseworkers with hi-school equivelancy certificates….again, Bless their hearts”…and I was drugged & decomping.
    RAGE AND TERROR ARE MIGHTY MOTIVATORS…you know, Fight or Flee….but I needed those papers to spare the paranoia of anything ,going left,….the rest of my life….and hearing those damning words “she,s off her meds’, regardless of my happy stable life.
    It can bite u bad.

  • Ms. Grossberg, nice job.
    I was part of the “bipolar gold-rush” of 2004; presented with financial stress, a fight with my mum, and insomnia, no DTS/DTO. 30 minutes later I was bipolar-1-for-life and’ Seroqueled’ to my knees, an NMS reaction and my future for the next 11 years. Lost my custom beach house of 12 years (current mortgage and auto) and bankrupted (my first and last); couch surfing at 55 years old…not a good look. Lost my ‘good’ insurance because I couldn’t work from brutal side effects (you know, ‘my’ worsening SYMPTOMS). Certified SMI by the Medicaid marriage counselor (Yikes).
    After another NMS AND anaphylaxis (they gave me the same drug twice over my objections while in full decomp), I forced the meeting with a doctor (hadn’t seen one in 7 years). He was on the fast track for CMO and took me as his ONLY PATIENT (after all, there were liability concerns) for the next 2.5 years to 1) ensure I was who I said I was 2) titrate me safely off of the neurotoxins 3) vacate my LIFETIME bipolar diagnosis AND decertify the SMI. (Yes, I am a unicorn)
    It seemed a small balance of justice ; MY trifecta for theirs; gaslighting, fraud, and greed…not to mention 11 years of an adult dose of suffering (a new word for my vocabulary). I ‘have my papers’, like a Jew in Nazi Germany.
    As you all know, I represented a revenue stream, job creator, and practice builder-my diagnosing dr. is in “Dollars for Docs”,, racking up $65,000 plus annually, a mid-size C-Class Benz, mostly from Astra Zeneca-Seroquel!) Big fan of irony. The only challenge they faced was keeping me, the ‘host’ alive while feeding me the drugs. I was of no use dead. It was a close call at times.
    I’ve rebuilt since 1/2016 with the usual; tai chi, acupuncture, some Charlotte’s Web, &and great nutrition. Everything is getting better …except for those pesky random, little seizures (7 so far). They didn’t ‘show-up’ on the 1st tier of tests with my new neuro; he is uncomfortable and losing interest, telling me…u guessed it..”anxiety, dear, go see a shrink”.
    Sweet Baby Jesus.