Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • The radical economist, or meta-economist, Manfred Max-Neef developed many of his ideas while working on development projects among disenfranchised people in South America. He noticed a tendency among the people he was working with to reflexively look vertically, toward established power, for answers, and to remedy this fostered more horizontal communication, cooperation and needs assessment. This resulted in radical and rapid positive changes. I think psych survivors can benefit from doing the same things. To the extent we understand our needs, we can go about meeting them in spite of psychiatry’s failure.
    I think it’s a mistake to try to understand the suffering using psychoiatry’s language, which even psychiatrists themselves acknowledge is speculative at best. Psychiatry is a great noxious smog of propaganda and obscurantism. Don’t abolish psychiatry, or endeavor to abolish it if you want, but I think replacing it is a much more valuable and readily achievable goal.
    There’s a growing consensus and ample research that demonstrates that trauma and adversity have much more power to explain the range of experiences that psychiatry exploits with its cynical confidence racket. There is also understanding of what factors ameliorate the effects of adversity and trauma. These are safety, choices, and empowerment. There are means of generating this that are entirely within the capacity of peers to generate and sustain cooperatively. I think the first step is to reject the whole medical paradigm and start thinking in terms of basic human needs and values, and then create autonomous, cooperative systems for meeting and exercising these. We don’t need to recover because we aren’t sick. We’re toxically stressed from living in a toxically stressful and traumatizing economy that’s hostile to human fllourishing. If we want relief and well being I think it’s on us to stop looking for psychiatry to see the error of its ways and save us. We need to look to each other and meet out own needs cooperatively.