Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • Did that by accident actually! After that I could understand why my kid hated to “have to take meds” everyday!
    The doses prescribed….. Wow!! my vision changed, everything got dark and cloudy, I got super sleepy and disoriented, but also couldn’t seem to slow down…. what the hell is it doing for my kid??? My kid is 3x smaller in stature than I am!

  • My kid was prescribed RISP for what we believed to be ADHD/ODD/EBD/SPD for almost 18 months! I didn’t want to drug my kid but everywhere I turned all I ever got was “this kid is over stimulated, angry, hyper, can’t transition, oppositional, bad, never gonna succeed in school, mean, and just plain violent!” But then in the same breath I would hear them all say “he’s quick tempered, empathetic, sympathetic, kind, helpful, a joy to be around, very intelligent, and happy!”; but he needs drugs to balance everything out!
    The first drug prescribed was RISP, then ADD, then GUAN was added last. There was a 3-day stint of another that I can’t remember the name of anymore but that’s because I saw how it was affecting the kid and made a decision to eliminate it from the regiment immediately.
    I never wanted to rely on “popping a pill”!
    It wasn’t until we were put into the path of a couple of compassionate people that we started to get some real answers…. turns out that these drugs are actually doing more harm than good and we were advised to remove the drugs from the equation ASAP and allow the brain to heal.