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  • Edchilde, my drugs did NOT make me a better woman. Despite the overwhelming emotional pain I can feel now I realize I did the right thing in going off them. Numbness made me more selfish, irresponsible, and lacking in empathy. How is that supposed to prevent folks from going on killing sprees?

  • Our Pharma/Psychiatric Overlords will soon allow us the right to die. Even if we prefer to live.

    The reasons psychiatrists oppose suicide are:
    1. Accusing suicidal people of mental illness brings in more “consumers”–ka-ching!
    2. If more suicides were successful they would lose “consumers” thus lowering profits.
    3. And–for now–opposing suicide makes them appear humane. Not like Nazis, but benevolent humanitarians. Saying, “We should euthanize all the mentally ill crazies” is still bad PR somehow.

  • Where does SDP say, “You are irrational and should be beaten”? Maybe I missed the comment.

    I want to prevent suicides–especially if the person might change his/her mind later. However, what a truly unhappy suicidal person needs is unconditional love and encouragement. Hence the need to keep my suicidal friends as far away from shrinks as possible!

    If someone is determined to end their life there’s really nothing anyone can do to stop it. Being “treated” in a psych prison makes an unhappy person 10 X as likely to commit suicide in the near future. Many of these deaths occur even while in “psychiatric treatment” so hospitalization is no help at all!

  • It irritates me that no one even asks “what was he thinking?” if the killer is diagnosed with a “severe mental illness.”

    A headline for an online magazine I subscribe to read:”A Possible Motivation for the Las Vegas Shooter.” Curious as to what led him to that horrible decision–suicide by cop with flare–I read on.

    “He was mentally ill.”

    I read no further. Yep. If he’s “mentally ill” he goes around like a destructive force of nature–killing for the joy of it. Sorry. Anger makes a better explanation than “mental illness.” Evil does too.

    Here’s immortal dialogue from Jim Henson’s Great Muppet Caper.

    Kermit the Frog: Nicki, why are you doing this?
    Nicki: Why? Because I’m a villain. That’s plain and simple.

    Replace the word “villain” with “mentally ill” since they mean the same thing in our culture.

  • Many people are forced or tricked into taking those poisons. And horrible as the suffering is more than 99.9% of us don’t go on killing sprees. Suicide is more frequent, sadly. But you have to be a bit of an S.O.B. beforehand to do such a cruel horrible thing as go out mass shooting.

    Eric Harris from the Columbine shooting had records of being a selfish, entitled boy who refused to acknowledge the rights of others or his own moral responsibilities even at age 14. Presumably the drugging started later. Of course the drugs did not help.

    Unless you drug someone into a coma, no pills can prevent crime. Yet many are dumb enough to think you can transform Charles Manson into Gandhi by magical pills. Uh…no.

  • Here’s food for thought. People already think those with SMI labels are unworthy of making any medical decisions for themselves–including the right to refuse cruel and pointless “treatments.” What if relatives and other “care providers” start euthanizing the “mentally ill” without their consent?

    Of course Aunt Betty SAYS she doesn’t want to die. She’s crazy and doesn’t know how meaningless her life is. How fortunate for her that we–her sane providers–do.

  • SDP, I certainly can’t disagree with you. I belonged to a support group for people who have been abused by fellow members in the church. The well-meaning (but clueless) ladies running the forum were arguing how wonderful psychiatry was and how abuse victims should not be afraid to get “help they needed.”

    Nothing drugs and stigma can’t fix, right? Abusive spouses and parents will love the handle a “crazy” label will give them over the person they want to control.

    Everyone imagines it’s scientifically indisputable that brain diseases cause odd behaviors called mental illness. Have to hear this crap everywhere! I posted a couple links that showed articles saying otherwise–one by Dr. Pies himself. Then I told them to be careful since he uses big words and his article is harder to understand than a drug commercial. πŸ˜›

    No longer following that blog. Disgusted by such willful stupidity! Apparently they don’t really care about abuse victims at all or they would take time to do their homework. Damned IDIOTS!

  • People are morons. And they enjoy being stupid and ignorant. That’s why they go around saying garbage like, “Zoloft is my salvation!”

    Tell them the drugs aren’t magical and the chemical imbalance is a myth and they throw temper tantrums accusing you of blackest villainy and trying to steal their “meds.”

    My response? Call yourself a sick, crazy bipolar/schizo and take your damn drugs! You’ll only have yourself to blame when you gain 100+ pounds, can’t think straight, lose your job, lose your family, and people treat you like a monster!

    Stupidity bites.

    My guess is there are kickbacks to embracing the role of nut-job.

    1. You can act like a jerk. As long as you’re “meds compliant” you can abdicate moral responsibility for all bad behaviors.
    2. You can loaf all day and never have to grow up or take on adult responsibilities.
    3. Maybe you like the way those uppers make you feel. Just like the meth or speed addict.

    Apparently people beg to enter the system. I read a blog by a psychiatrist (more honest than most) who swore that for every unhappy person who left or tried to leave the system there were dozens–maybe hundreds–begging him for drugs and MI diagnoses.

    Such willful ignorance! I’m becoming a misanthrope. πŸ˜›

  • Really bad reaction to the SSRI anafranil. It kept me awake; the entire 3 weeks I took it I dozed for a total of 10 or 12 hours. Psychotic mania like I never experienced before or since.

    Darned pills ruined my life. Trying to rebuild my life from scratch at 44–after 24 years–with no help from anyone. Off the “cocktail” of mind altering drugs finally. But I ache all over and am chronically unhappy. Lonely, unable to pay all my bills on $760 a month. And aching all over like I have the flu all the time! Anemic and low in vitamins but scared to see a doctor because they are liars or gullible sheeple.

    A psychiatric survivor pen pal nags me to make new friends and crap. How? No job. No social support but the Loony ghetto for decades and my (sometimes) emotionally abusive parents. Too late to start over. I’ve chosen the recluse way. πŸ™ Plus there is no reliable transportation here except pricey cabs.

  • Lauren, don’t you know “mental illnesses” are subjective and arbitrary? If they can find 6 or 7 behaviors they don’t like and fit them into a “diagnosis” from the DSM 5–out of say 9–the label is real and valid enough for all practical (legal) purposes.

    I wonder how many articles you read here. The only “symptom” I have for “bipolar 2” is that I was diagnosed with it long ago. Yet, because they have predetermined that recovery is impossible, they’re trying to ruin my life. And my psychotic mania was created by a reaction to Anafranil.

  • My worst insomnia bout ever was iatrogenic. At 20 I went on Anafranil and couldn’t sleep for 3 weeks.

    I asked Dr. M. if Anafranil could cause that–I had been sleeping okay till the night after starting it. He swore up and down it never had that effect on anyone and I had better keep taking it. I began to hallucinate and had severe mood swings, imagined things that weren’t happening, and stopped eating.

    Things got even worse. 10 mg of Haldol turned me into a zombie and I had at least 1 seizure a day the 2 years I took it. My new psychiatrist said maybe my Haldol dose was too high (but he never reduced it somehow.) I asked him to look up the side effects of Anafranil. One of his assistants got out a big directory of pills. Sure enough, insomnia, mood swings, hallucinations, delusions, loss of appetite…all were listed.