Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • Finally I find a person with the exact words I have been saying since 2014 thru today, it’s just I find myself ranting over and over not getting anywhere. My dr has informed me over the past few years a small amount of what’s really going on. It is a nightmare, my pain is so miserable to endure 24-7 when before I was on such a pathetically low amount of pain Meds for over 10 years same dose daily with no sides, able to work, play and enjoy life, then suddenly I’m told some people got high on these pills, hah what a joke, so I’m cut cold turkey no refills, am sent to several pain clinics, one prescription here or there $500 a pop, told my pain treatment was above his pay grade, by the last quack so guess where I go next? No brainer, keep these idiots out of our private dr patient privaledge used to be now I have to see some CDC,DEA,FDA, GOVERNMENT hack to approve what my trained physician knows how to treat me. I don’t see M.D. on their credentials. One last ? When know all’s get in car wrecks, knee surgery, gun shots whatever that will and is going to happen (can we take a wild guess and say do you need anything for the pain) what will they do, no Tylenol will be fine……….