Saturday, November 26, 2022

Comments by Autism speaks is a smoke screen.

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  • “In this way, organizations such as Autism Speaks have been connected to a larger Autism Industrial Complex, a centralization of techniques used to combat autism and generate profit by recycling fear-monger narratives and preying upon families.”
    Actually no. Autism Speaks is a smoke screen scapegoat that woke schools use as a distraction. It’s little more than a money laundering scheme that aims to line it’s own pocket. And as for the “Autism Industrial Complex”, speaking as an autistic, that’s just a woke term used by SJW media like this that aims to force feed an agenda even though it has been documented that autism is treatable for those that need it despite what the media industrial complex says. Autism speaks ignored actual studies that reduce autism symptoms. While i’m not a fan of the Neurodiversity movement, Autism Speaks is only in it for the money.