Thursday, May 23, 2019

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  • Hi Bramble,

    Yes, and in addition to your list, let’s remember the high number of depressive women in their fifties, being abused and blurred to ECT by male psychiatrists.

    Let’s follow the money trail:

    In 2013, in the Netherlands, a series of 10 ECT sessions costed some € 30,000. Each session at € 3,000 covers the fees for the psychiatrist (325 €/hour in Belgium), the anaesthetist, the nurses, and the cleaner, plus the bed for the day.

    In the USA, as psychiatry costs are usually higher than in Europe, it may be more US$ 30,000 for a series of 10 ECT sessions. Thus, for the moment being, let’s assume a minimum of US$ 30,000.

    So, 100,000 persons/year, times 30,000 US$/person, that is a turn-over (T.O.) of some 3 billion US$/year.

    If it is one million persons (ten times more), then, it is a T.O. of some 30 billion US$/year.

    I believe that 3 to 30 billion US$/year, i.e. a very high level of greediness, is what motivates psychiatrists to be reckless and ruthless to their patients and to cause them brain damages.

    Then, denying brain damages, ensures a permanent yearly income.

    To follow the money trail explains a lot of things, including many nasty things indeed.

    Reference for the ECT Costs in The Netherlands, dating to 2013: on this webpage, in Dutch, scroll down to the sub-title “Hoge Kosten”:

  • Hi Mr Connor M. Karen,

    Just checking that figure of one million: is it really one million people, or is it one million ECT sessions?

    * Population of the USA = 325 millions
    * 1% schizophrenics = 3.25 millions
    * 2% bipolars = 6.5 million

    Total, that is a little under 10 millions psychotics.
    Because psych-drugs shorten their lives by 25 years, once diagnosed and poisoned, they live for about 40 years (from 20 to 60).
    Thus, 10 millions psychotics divided by 40 years, that is about 250,000 new psychotic cases per year.

    So, IF 100,000 people/year get 10 sessions ECT each, THEN that is 1 million ECT sessions/year.

    IF ever it is one million people/year, THEN within 10 years, all the 10 millions psychotics have been administered ECTs.

    IF ever it is one million people/year, then after 40 years, 40 million people having had ECT would be running around.

    Hence the figures of 100,000 psychotics getting a total of one million ECT sessions look more credible to me.

    Again, IF it is a total one million people/year, thus 40 million people within 40 years, where would the other 900,000 people/year come from?