Saturday, April 17, 2021

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  • Sonja, I am from Massachusetts myself. I no longer live there but I believe not only are you getting some of the worlds best liberating state agenda organized issues to be represented, but you are on a curve line that is very very commendable and I would be there right at your side if I were educated enough and not a “mega-prescribed” user.

    Just like this site recognizes, from the limitations psychiatrists actually have, to explore enough statistics, to gather evidence towards helping us more than just prescribe for us based on categorical statistics in variables for certain damned labels. Im like, holy shmoly, how did you do it? I could feel your tortured spirit, your pure hell. I felt every second of it.

    I experienced some symptoms that are now strange to me after being on several trail and error medicating, actually it will be 17 years now I have medicated. I went off em twice and it was exactly as you said, I clung to my life, literally. The times I went through this brought me back to meds as I felt no other alternative but to die unless I went back on them.

    Sonja, there is nothing more that I would like than to be off the meds. They have increased over time including adding serequel for sleep, and having horrible symptoms if I do not take my zanax, 1 mg 3 times a day, including 300mg of venflaxazine. Getting off gives me the electric shocks, brain zaps, flu symptoms in my body and other heightened senses of fear, depersonalization and so shaky I was ashamed which actually would traumatize me and continue in complete hell.

    Pchys tell me, I will be on them for the rest of your life. I believe in change and healing. But, I cannot afford to go through four years of hell withdrawing as I am single mother to a teen boy and work only part time. This really scares me too, I dont want to go through what you did, again it totally scares the (&%!*#) out of me. How did you manage paying bills, working or caring for children. You must be young. I totally thank you for who are and what you are trying to accomplish. I feel invisible and getting older at this time is just how life is. I know I used to be very very bright, not anymore, Im Not in hell, but not quite living either.

    How did you cope through those 4 years of {as Im so sorry for you} pure torturous hell? You have a persevering and wonderful spirit. Can you perhaps offer to share a website for organizing treatments in getting off meds? Thank You Sonja for sharing !!