Monday, May 10, 2021

Comments by Zrinka

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  • Almost four years ago my life had completely changed. Severe anxiety and depression. I didn’t know what hit me. Million of symptoms, panic attacks, FEAR. Fear of everything and powerful violent hallucitations, insomnia… Beyond all the loss of identity. The worst thing was lack of knowldege of what was going on. I went to see my doctor who told me I suffer from depression and that serotonin level is probably low and gave me the meds, benzos and an antidepressant. Ad she gave an advice to make better choices in future. So I went out of the office in a bigger fear and again without any explanation of what was going on. One day, I was reading an article. It was an article also about the shooting in USA, but the person who did it was described as a person who had anxiety issues. In the state of fear I was in I immediately BELIEVED that I will do it to, surely. But, happily, I had a therapist who understood well anxiety and depression, and I must say that he wasn’t from my country (Croatia) but from Canada. He told me, Zrinka people with anxiety issues are the last people on the world who would do it. It’s only fear. I understand what impact can have the articles, like the one we are all discussing about, on us who have the experience with different mental states. Pepole are afraid even when someone mentiones the mentall illness, they don’t want to talk about it and they lack of knowledge. That’s the biggest problem of all, lack of knowledge. Mentall illness has always had a bad reputation and a stigma attached to it. So when I saw on my facebook page different journalists (again from my country) putting this article, I went mad. I immediately reacted by telling them it is very dangerous tu put everything in the same basket and to label it mental illness and not to offer a different perspective. There are many possible reasons why he did it. It is already hard as it is, and they have to think about the consequences. But they didn’t react. There are only few newspapers who gave another perspective. The newspapers are interested in gaining more readers and such an article certainly has done that. And I’m sad about that that. And now a lot of people thinks that people with mental illness are violent. I’m mad at the newspapers and all the journalists who contributed in creating such an opinion. I’m speaking more than ever about it, and doing everything that I can in raising awareness of people around me that they don’t have to be afraid of people who are just different from them. In the end I’m free of meds for the past 2,5 years, and doing well by being different. English is not my native language, in case you encounter spelling mistakes :).