Thursday, July 29, 2021

Comments by Patricia C

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  • I find this article and discussion very interesting. The Soteria model sounds very much like a therapeutic community which was used in the U.K. for the treatment of trauma. (Therapeutic communities sadly seems to have disappeared over the years).

    I have much respect for Robert Whitaker’s investigative journalism and writing which expose the dangers of psychotropic drug use for the treatment of trauma.

    I was thinking that a progressive model is very much needed in Israel given that the people must be very traumatised. Compulsory military service and all which that entails.

    Will the Israeli system extend the Soteria model of care to the Palestinians? I visited Palestine twice and had the opportunity to visit the Israeli trauma centre. It would appear their trauma services are well resourced, unlike services for Palestinians.

    Robert Whitaker is a credible voice against pharmaceuticals for mental health problems, he would do well to highlight that its the only option for Palestinians, especially in the largest open air prison called Gaza.

    A claim has been made by some Palestinians that psychotropics are permitted entry to Gaza in abundance as opposed to life saving drugs like antibiotics. Perhaps research and truth finding could confirm this.

    Perhaps Israel may grant him permission to enter Gaza if he was prepared to undertake such a worthy endeavour. We could all learn from his investigative journalism and research.

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