Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Always enjoy reading you LD, even if I don’t totally agree. In reading the original essay, I felt compassion for a mother who feels she is in a desperate situation with a potentially dangerous child who she wants to help, but cannot understand. I certainly wouldn’t advocate pumping him full of thorazine or forcing him into a locked psych ward, but I feel this analysis is a little one-sided in not acknowledging the mother’s predicament and addressing the question of what society should do about the Adam Lanza’s out there. Maybe that’s been discussed elsewhere on this blog and I’m giving away my ignorance – but I certainly think that when there are warning signs, something should be done by the parents. But what? It seems to me that that discussion is the better jumping off place from the label of ‘mentally ill’.

    I would like to see a cohesive discussion – which I realize is outside the scope of MIA – on gun control, armed officers in schools, and mental health treatment & alternatives (I know MH isn’t a popular terms around here but I don’t know what else to call it) as ALL a part of the solution to avert these kinds of tragedies.