Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • While I prefer never to blame, only to deal in the most effective way possible, until I read this I did not know why I could deal with just about anything life threw at me, except for one area related to human behaviors. Truly, blinders were on, and truly, I could not deal. Now I see it. When I reached out to psychiatry oh so long ago (mid-to-late 1980s), I learned to identify the problems, yes, but I also learned to blame and to run (No Contact). I should have been taught how to stand my ground and deal along with learning to identify the true problem. Nowhere else in life did I run or blame, yet I didn’t see the one area that I did both run and blame, and thereby muffled my soul’s cries to be heard and suffered with poor health. Not. Any. More. Thank you. The lesson here is to always be wary of anyone who keeps wanting to give you fish and refuses to teach you how to fish. There is a time and place for giving, no doubt, but as an exception to the rule.