Thursday, July 29, 2021

Comments by Lina Ciuksiene

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  • Dear Mr Robert Whitaker! I wanted to express my gratefulness since 2012 when I first heard you in Brighton pub evening and bought your book ”Anatomy…” which answered a lot of my questions on psychiatry. Those people who brought here political issues are right mostly but they omit the need TODAY to have help for people in distress such as Soteria and Open Dialogue and peer-support. And there is need for hope that your writings and insight brings all over the world. Last 3 years trying to help young man of Jewish origin and yesterday your article ”Soteria Israel” again gave hope – very small but still hope. Thank you very much!

  • I believe that everybody commenting here are from America. But the issue with disability payments is hurting me long time already so I can’t keep silent. Mr. Lawrence got exactly what I am thinking and what my case of living more than 30 years with ”paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis” is. When after my 1st hospitalization with 30 insulin comas ”treatment” I was suggested to stay in hospital for getting disability allowance – only one thought crossed my mind – ”I will be disabled and I will have no need to get out of bed!”. At that time I was 28 years old and had 4 daughters up to 9 years old to raise. And I had my late mother’s example of living with ”schizophrenia” label since her 31 and taking aminazin (thorazine)occasionally for one month or so in few years. Thus we had healthy mother able to care for us. What she taught me is that faith, truth and work are inseparable from us – human beings. So when some of my friends were suggesting me that with my ”schizophrenia” diagnosis I should get easily disability allowance to add to my salary as low paid worker (care assistant) my answer was a question: ”is it really my dignity worth a hundred euros only?” I rejected at once the idea of life-long use of psychotropics and took them only during forced hospitalizations withdrawing them straight away when discharged. And it was R. Whitaker’s book ”Anatomy..” that brought me understanding that if human treatment is not available here in Lithuania – so drugs short term (only in forced ”treatment”) can help me to return to my ”normal” self. But knowledge about Open Dialogue and having trustworthy support allowed me to stay off ”psychiatric treatment”. I am trying to be as short as possible here thus I am saying that it is not so simple as it may sound by my words here.