Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • While I did not agree with the original article that has been circulating, I do not entirely agree with yours as well. I can undrestand your viewpoint, but I don’t feel that it is right to downgrade the entire mental health system. The feeling I got from your article was that you were ashamed to be labled as having a “mental illness”. Mental illness is a disease just like cancer and diabetes. Would you have felt that way if you had cancer? While I agree that the involuntary committment process does need to be “fined tuned” and changed for the better, the system that is in place is all that we have for the time being. Rather than ranting about how horrible it is, perhaps you could channel that energy into making some positive changes in it. I feel that all your article did was add to the stigma that surrounds mental illness and prevents people from seeking help. Perhaps I misunderstood…I hope I did. As a nation and as local communities, we need to educate ourselves about mental illness and not make a taboo subject that is something to be feared or ashamed of.