Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • This story intrigued me on an above average level because I hail from IL and have lived here my entire life. I just got done talking to her, she is very kind and deeply appreciated my support. I told her someone cares and wishes her the best. I was crying a bit while I said that, this story is so sad. She told me she didn’t get any love in the facilities she was in, and Elgin is calling her psychotic for speaking out against their abuse. They are now in the process of trying to force her to take medications, it is a relief she spent some time without medication though. I told her I’m so sorry she lost her child to psychiatry and basically lost her own life too. She was asking for help finding a lawyer, and she is wondering if anybody else with a child has a similar experience. I hope Mad in America staff can look into this and see if they can find anyone similar. I’m going to call her back, she wants to hear my story too. I really look forward to talking to her again, she is so nice to talk to.