Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Just a word for the parents and carers you criticise. On the whole, they just want their child to be ok and happy and do well, and tend to rise up in passionate defence at the suggestion that if ADHD is not real, then they must be either lying, or their child’s “problem” is their fault. As parents tend to feel strongly about their children, this is a sh*tstorm you do not really want to walk into! After all, if the rest of the world (friends, family, other parents, other professionals, tv, social media) is telling them their child may have a disorder, then taking their child to the doctor must surely be the right and responsible thing to do. Schools have a massive part to play in perpetuating this by medicalising kids problems straight away and saying they can’t and won’t offer any kind of extra help without “medical evidence”. More drugs get sold, more doctors look clever, and schools get to be more exclusive and intolerant of diversity and the range of what is “normal” in child development gets narrower. What chance do parents have against this? They are left completely disempowered. When parents tell me they are thinking about getting a diagnosis for their child (ADHD or ASD mainly) I ask them, “how do you think this will help?” and they pretty much always say something like “I just want him to get everything he needs at school” or “I just want him to be understood and not get into trouble”. I’d say it is our society which lacks the time, energy or patience for children and childishness, not parents.