Sunday, August 14, 2022

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  • Thank you for sharing, Audrey. Failure to include the impacts of trauma is something I’ve experienced too, from services & supports I was trying to access – so frustrating!

    I wanted to ask, have you ever come aross Matt Ball’s Dissociachotic model before? If not, search for it on YouTube – it aligns very well with your assertion that psychosis is often a valid effective response to trauma, & explains why this could be happening.

  • Regarding women primarily being the ones getting told that anger is a secondary emotion, that’s to be expected. Men aren’t allowed any emotions but anger & lust, whereas women are expected to display all of the emotions, excessively, except anger, lest we be deemed bossy, cold, shrewish, bitchy, or a multitude of other gendered slurs used to silence us when we’re angry about stuff, even when it’s something that’s genuinely deservant of such a reaction.

  • Hey Sera,

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in Safeside Prevention Training, a method pioneered by Dr Tony Pisani, Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology) & Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Center for the Study & Prevention of Suicide. You can find info about it here: . It’s a far more holistic model than ASIST, or Mental Health First Aid, & incorporates a strong lived experience focus by way of Kristina Mossgraber, who co-presented the training I attended alongside Dr Pisani, during their recent trip to Australia. It’s a far more holistic model, overall, from what I can tell, definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the future. I’d love your perspective on it!



  • So much of this reminds me of experiences I’ve had over the years, that I’ve only just begun to understand in the last few years, having discovered the sources you’ve linked to, among other things. It’s uncanny when I find out that what I took to be just my weird behavioural tendancies are actually revealed to be part of our natural defense mechanisms. . . that made me feel a lot less freakish & abnormal, I know that for sure!

    If you haven’t discovered the work of Dr Gabor Mate on trauma & its effects, I’d highly advise checking him out. His perspective links in with the stuff you were talking about, & has been as much of a revelation to me, as this info has been.