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  • They were nicer to him, Steve, because he wasn’t acting like a nut. His father, someone highly respected by anti-psychiatry folks, said his son could LISTEN. Try reading what he said again:

    “begin to listen for the first time.” begin to listen for the first time.

    For the first time in his life, HE LISTENED. As though he had been deaf and doctors made it possible for him to hear. To hear. To hear. He could follow along. He didn’t know he couldn’t listen. He thought everyone was just the same as he was. He had no idea. Suddenly, since he can actually hear and participate by understanding what he is supposed to do and what he is expected to respond to, he’s accepted. If he had been “drugged” and loaded with a tranquilizing effect, he wouldn’t be listening.

    Speak to adults who didn’t grow out of it and ask them what it was like before meds and after meds. Hallowell said his patients often compare the difference to being given a pair of glasses and suddenly they could see, for the first time. It is only fair to find out what these people have to say.

  • I hope one day, soon, people will come to a better understanding of ADHD. If, IF, you only Knew what it is like and the changes that meds usually make, in one split second you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this monster is real, it is damaging, it destroys children and adults who don’t know they have it, and with meds the changes are truly almost miraculous. We will never go silent. We will never give up. It matters little how long it takes. We who once were blind and now see will continue to shout from the mountain tops, there is help. There is a new beginning and YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME. You do not know what it is like to be put in prison as a child without any explanation. Your parents are disgusted with you and blame you for being lazy, unappreciative, no good, spoiled, on and on and you don’t know what you did wrong. Classmates laugh at you. Teachers remove you from class and you have no idea what you’ve done wrong and everyday in school is a prison and a torture chamber and you don’t know why you can’t learn and you ache and hurt and cry and die and get angry and hate yourself and others. You do not know. And no one is there to listen or to help.

  • Glad you mentioned Tom
    :I confess to once having the same bias against medication.
    Even after running clinical trials of new drugs and observing dramatic responses to medications in my patients, I was reluctant to use psychiatric medication in my own family. When my son showed every sign of ADHD, my wife and I reached for therapy, a special school, and parent training before we considered a stimulant drug. Our whole grain, no sugar, eight-year old on a psychotropic drug? No way, until a child psychiatrist friend recommended a pilot trial of methylphenidate (sold under the trade name Ritalin). Unlike antidepressants and antipsychotics, stimulants have rapid effects. Within a few hours we watched our whirling dervish slow down, put away his toys, and

    begin to listen for the first time.

    We were stunned. But our son was unimpressed. We asked him about the medication a week later. His response remains one of the most convincing statements I have ever heard about psychopharmacology. “Doesn’t do much for me, Dad, but it makes everybody else a lot nicer.” insel

  • Would you mind citing the name of the institution where you helped those kids? Can you say which drugs the child was on that stopped her growth? You had the parents cut back on her meds at least before lessons, which they did. Then, her life turned around wonderfully. Therefore, after each lesson, she was medicated just as before, cutting back only before one lesson, at a time, weekly? That information suggests her meds were still working and indeed, helped her.

  • “Mental illness” is a term. They are not suggesting it is the result of illness in one’s mind per se, but the structure of the brain organ, its functioning, it biomechanical flaws, its biochemical/electrical failures.
    Every organ in the body can be compromised.

  • “They work short term the same on everyone…”
    Of course! So? They either work on improving attention or they don’t. You acknowledge they work.
    How? We may not know exactly, but we do know they work.
    Forget the cluster bit for a moment. Talk with people who say ADHD was a nightmare for them. Listen to what they say. Ask them about medication. Ask if it ever worked for them, making it possible to pay attention in school, at work, listening to the radio. Talk openly and listen carefully. You obviously care a great deal about people. I don’t believe for a second you want people to suffer humiliation day in and day out because they cannot concentrate as they need to.

  • It is a crime that children with ADHD are ignored by those who profess expertise in this area. Interview adults randomly, if necessary, to discover from its victims what untreated, undiagnosed ADHD is like. Please. You may write 10,000,000 word essays on all the reasons it doesn’t exist and should not be treated with stimulants, and you still will not know the truth behind this nightmare.
    Mine is a fair request, Robert, don’t you think? What could be the harm? Spend (invest) an hour of your busy schedule to talk with one of us to find out just what we experience first hand with and without meds. If you learn something, take more time to find out who we are and the pain we’ve known.
    If anyone is truly interested in understanding ADHD, ask an adult who went through 12 years of schooling in hell; then 4 years of college in hell and 20 years in the “workforce” in hell.
    Ask if she/he noticed any differences cognitively and in everyday living, once diagnosed and treated. Ask about schooling and work. I don’t believe you have the slightest notion what you are doing to those who died daily unable to pay attention.