Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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  • I AM ABSOLUTELY FOR ASSISTED SUICIDE, using suicide help forums to find effective methods of suicide, obtaining the right mix of chemicals, gases and whatever else helps you find an peaceful exit around from nagging, needy, lovelorn, attention seeking, religious, terroristic, unlawful, possessive, violent, deranged people who won’t let you leave them, work, use a car, us a bicycle, believe that they are with “god in the shower’ who take you to a hospital (as the man in th emovie unsane) beat you screaming “sex should be about love” treat you as a possession of their own. I’m ALL FOR IT. I’D NEVER STOP BEING SUICIDAL AROUND CHRISTIANS. I COMPLETELY SUPPORT IT. DO IT>

    I’ve never met people who have absolutely no ability to handle laws, accept basic concepts, need you undivided attention, bleed you, deprive you, give you a cardboard box to sit in where they play with your life for the attention they feel they’re entitled to with NO RESPECT FOR PERSONAL SPACE THE RELIGION OR VALUES OR NEEDS OR FINANCIAN NEEDS OF OTHERS OR MORE SELF INVOLVED PEOPLE ANYWHERE WHO WOULD NEVER PROVIDE A WOMAN WITH A REASON TO CONSIDER ANYTHING BUT SHOVING HER HEAD IN AN OVEN AND A PEACEFUL WAY TO EXIT HIM. I”D RATHER BE LEFT ALONE FROM THIS RAPIST JISIS FREAK TRASH AND LUCKY TO HAVE $5 to my name and sleeping bag and safe location on the sidewalk safe from him.