Monday, August 15, 2022

Comments by Denver Dan

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  • Ku Klux Klan with a Liberal Veneer. When the Biden Administration speaks of “expanding mental health services”, they’re talking about expanding the number of people on psychotropic drugs. In order to withdraw from Depakote, I had to enlist the help of a Naturopath, who I pay out of pocket. If the Affordable Care Act was ruled unconstitutional, and I didn’t have to pay for health insurance, I’d have more money for holistic care. If Medicare doesn’t benefit me, does this mean that I’m a Right Winger….a Trumphead?
    Of course not.
    I’m just sick of all the Abuse and Deceit.
    Because Dr. Joanna Moncrief’s conclusions about the ineffectiveness of Antidepressants were featured on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News, the Liberals will try to brand anyone who questions Psychiatry as a Right Winger.
    Meanwhile, more and more people are living on the streets, many of whom are addicted to opiates and opioid. Chronic pain, from what I’ve experienced, is an inevitable consequence of years of being on psychotropic drugs.
    Psychotropic Drugs are really “gateway drugs” to opiates or opioids, but Psychiatry will never take any responsibility for all those people dying on the Streets.
    They’ll simply label you as a “Right Winger” if you assert that the drugs they prescribe don’t actually work.

  • The “alternative and better ways” aren’t covered by Insurance Corporations. Being assigned a Psychiatric Diagnosis is an ECONOMIC TRAP. Through Forced Drugging, the Mental Health System makes patients DEPENDENT on Psychotropic Drugs. Then, when one tries to get off the drugs because they’re ruining one’s health, the Mental Health System won’t help the patient any more.
    As long as Insurance Companies and Medicare will much of the cost of Psychotropic Drugs, but they won’t cover any other strategies to help people solve their problems, I agree with you. Psychiatry will remain powerful even if the Science behind the prescription of psychotropic drugs for various conditions is LACKING.
    Psychiatry is an Economic Engine for big Pharma, and Big Pharma wants to keep America doped. They don’t care if we’re productive or constructive or if we just kill each other. Making Money is the only thing that has any meaning for them.

  • After I was hospitalized in the Denver Health Inpatient Psychiatric Ward in the Spring of 2020, I told Dr. Kenneth MacIntyre of MHCD, who I had been assigned to without my consent or approval, that I felt ASHAMED of what I experienced at Denver Health.
    He responded, “There’s no need to be ashamed of having a psychiatric diagnosis.”
    He didn’t understand.
    I felt ashamed of the ABUSE that I experienced at Denver Health.
    This is exactly what Holocaust Survivors said after they had survived the Nazi Concentration Camps.
    They felt ashamed of the ABUSE they experienced.

  • I have several Classic Sufi Music CD’s from the Fes Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco that I enjoy. In the music on these CD’s, there’s a lot of wailing and grief. That’s just part of Sufi Music. I joked with my Moroccan Friend, Mohammed, that, if psychiatrists forced Sufis to take psychotropic drugs for “Prolonged Grief Disorder” the Sufis might then become the Militant Islamists that we dread.
    Of course, with Climate Change accelerating and with this bloody war in Ukraine dragging on and on and on, how can anyone not be filled with grief.
    Then, I’m a divorcee. After I divorced, I wanted to move to a neighborhood where there would be more Community Activism to get involved but the Trustee that manages my Father’s Trust refused to support me. So, the only relationships I developed around here are with plants…..not people. Therefore, I remain haunted in dreams by my relationship with my ex-wife. I guess the Bank Trustee, J.D. Bloom didn’t think I knew what was good for me due to my “Bipolar Disorder”. So, now, I’m stuck in “prolonged grief”, listening to my Sufi Music!

  • Psychiatric Diagnosis is a behavioral conditioning process itself. Inpatient Psychiatric hospitalization is TERRIFYING. So, one complies with the medication to avoid experiencing more trauma. I suppose it’s a sort of “emotional blackmail”. Of course, the Mental Health System could just hold a gun to our heads and tell us that, if we don’t take the meds, we’ll be executed. Maybe, that would be more honest, but, then, Psychiatry would be an OVERT form of Terrorism like Boko Haram or ISIL rather than a COVERT form of Terrorism. I was on psychotropic medications for 37 years. So, it’s said that I was just living my life from day to day in response to some sort of blackmail or intimidation, but that’s the way it’s been. I don’t take any medications now however. It’s a bit disorienting because Psychiatry skewed the way I see the people around me. I guess most of us are, basically, programmed. Hardly anyone does any independent thinking any more. If the Leaders are crazy, I guess we’ll all go nut! I guess that’s what happened during the Trump Presidency. The United States flirted with Fascism, but, in reality, the courtship had been going on for a long time.

  • I suppose I’m lucky to have survived after all the psychotropic drugs I’ve taken. I’ve definitely been on Seroquel and Risperdal for intervals.
    When I was on Seroquel, I COULDN’T TOLERATE HOT WEATHER. One time, when I was crossing the Street, an Ethiopian Cab Driver cut me of, and I just started screaming at him.
    Ultimately, the GUILT of taking psychotropic drugs began to outweigh the FEAR of Violence in Psychiatric Hospitalization.
    I got off of Depakote because I didn’t think I could fight off a Respiratory virus. I was too immunocompromised and dehydrated.
    So, I started BLAMING the Healthcare System for not being able to get well. I started expressing HATRED towards the Healthcare System openly in emails. MHCD in Denver kept calling the Police, but the Denver Police Department was SYMPATHETIC towards me and KIND with me.
    So, now, I’m not taking any psychotropic drugs, my chronic pain is diminishing, and my immune system is much healthier.
    The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a BLESSING for me because I learned to be more SELF-SUFFICIENT and to EMBRACE SOLITUDE.
    So, I have no impulses to do anything anyone else would view as inappropriate or even bothersome any more.
    However, my Trustee at UMB Bank, J.D. Bloom REFUSED to provide any financial support from my Father’s Trust for treatment with a Naturopath, Francesca Quinn, who is supervising my safe withdrawal from Depakote.
    I remain a bit bitter about That. However, when a Financial Trust is set up for someone with a Psychiatric Disorder, the people who ADMINISTER the Trust DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about Mental Health or Psychiatry. They might act like Psychiatrists themselves, but they’re just Money People. Therefore, my Father’s Trust is being managed in a way that benefits UMB Bank more than me. I guess it’s par for the course because my Dad believed in Psychiatry. He was a “Secular Jew”, not an OBSERVANT Jew. So, for him, the Psychiatrists were Priests of the Secular Scientistic Bullshit Cult. Oh, well. What can I do? At least, I’m getting well and complying with Treatment with my Naturopath, Oriental Medicine Doctor, Chiropractor and Massage Therapist.