Monday, May 10, 2021

Comments by chrissy

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  • Hi Matt, thanks for another great read, for those of us who have lived and survived the horrors you speak of, your articulation of the experience hits the target and makes me cry.

    “the breakdown of trust in medicine and our faith in humanity; the stripping away of our human rights; the onion-skin unpeeling of reality to reveal the raw nuclear truth that a great number of people in “mental health” are basically uncaring, cynical, self-protecting, and close-minded: these things stay with you for the rest of your life. You do not see the world as it was ever again”

    Fantastic – chrissy

  • Hi Laura, thank you for sharing your very personal experience. I agree that people should stay away from anything resembling psychiatry. I too am just over 2 and a half years free from psychotropic medication and can only describe my recent and ongoing experiences as torture. If you hadn’t lived it, you wouldn’t believe it is all that I can say. But you are absolutely spot on about everything and have such a way with words that couldn’t help but plant doubt about psychiatry’s ‘treatments’, in even the most sceptical doctor. Thank you.