Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Yeah sounds like I am in a bad spot. Im not sure how things will get better since the Stanford study was over 20 something treatments before I stopped it. I did the EEG, doing bloodwork and hoping to see an eye specialist to determine what if any options there could be for anything to improve. What a nightmare as I try to manage this with 2 little kids at home. I have a quarterback functional neurologist who has dealt with this stuff before, but I pray for a miracle.

    Im assuming your still doing routines? Exercise, eating well, etc?

  • Thanks James, yes it is going to be a long long road back. I’ m not sure its possible between the damage ECT then TMS caused its possible, the vision situation is real bad but I am going to try. I will look into the vision rehab situation, I tried that before after ECT. The vision situation is worse than ever now, not sure if I could look into Lasik again. Im hoping the EEG shows the reasons potentially for the Tinnitus and also the vision problems.

  • Thanks for your insight, no you are spot on all this. I’m working with a functional neurologist to get to the bottom of all these issues.

    I was a 40 year old real healthy guy who worked out 6 days a week. Covid got me bad, was told to get the the vaccine 30 days after the vaccine which made me crazy. I’ve always been sensitive to medication, but should have gott on something to relax as I hollistically healed. I had a psychiatrist talk me into doing 6 ECT treatments, which was a disaster and has left me with memory and vision issues.

    Then this Stanford study comes out, and was talked into that and thank god I stopped it.

  • Yeah your summary is spot on. I had a double whammy with 6 ECT treatments against my will then TMS.

    I feel like the stupidest person ever listening to doctors I shouldn’t have after working out 6 days a week and being very healthy.

    Im doing the HBOT, IVs, will do an EEG and scan and then potentially an eye Doctor to see if they can do anything to resolve the eye issues as I used to have 20/20. I might even look to see if they can do Lasik again on me but I don’t know. I saw 7 eye doctors after ECT and none of them could figure anything wrong. I’m working with a functional medicine specialist now to see what to do to heal. Just a shame, if I would have just taken medication and not messed with any risky Brain stimulation treatments I would have had an amazing life. Got bless

  • James- I unfortunately got talked into that new Experimental Stanford TMS treatment recently that thank god stopped after 25 or so treatments. Im suffering from Tinnitus, eye problems, insomnia and more memory issues. Im currently at Amen Clinics seeing neurologists, doing EEGs and potentially doing HBOT, vitamins and other things to hopefully heal. Have your symptoms ever gotten any better?