Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • I just found this site and this page… I didn’t even know what was going on, until it just happened to me. My doc tried to hold out, but has now been cowed by the Powers that Be. Its useless for me to recount all my pain conditions (and probably boring), but let’s just say that I cannot take such drugs as Celebrex, Lyrica, Gabapentin, and antidepressants (I lose my memory, cannot think, cannot function…or suffer severe akasthenia, or feeling as though I were going to jump out of my skin). I have had my pain controlled on and off for 40 years with a low dose of this particular class of drugs in question; on bad days, I am still able to function– with it. Not without it. I do not want to go the route of being labeled either an addict or a psych patient. Been there, done that (none of that helped– about 20 years ago). I just discovered last week that I’d no longer be able to obtain my meds. I am trying to “cut down”, and praying for a miracle. I am a Roman Catholic, and already pray; I do not want to add New Age meditation to my repertoire, either.

    I have been in and out (mostly out) of the psych system for the past 10 years, and have seen its subtle mind control. I also believe that drug company profits have a lot to do with these actions. I simply don’t want any part of it. Thank you for this site and for all your posts, but why is it that now– 2018– I do not see anything recent on here? What has become of those who were posting in 2016? Thank God, my doc held out as long as he did, but now, I’m in trouble! Nor can I score pot: I live in federal housing. Don’t want to add to my problems… Desperately seeking “help” that is legitimate. I refuse to call myself an addict or a psych patient. I am a pain patient, whether our current gov’t accepts that terminology and reality, or not. I realize that in our current political climate, my post is dangerous. This is the only reason I can think of that no one is currently posting on here; or have their problems become worse? Or have they committed suicide? Or are there simply no viable solutions? Also, whatever happened to that collective ACLU action? Whatever. I simply don’t know what to do, now, in order both to control my pain and to maintain my integrity. Thanks.