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  • I don’t understand how these “Mad Scientists” ever gained any Medical Credibility. Surely those real M.D.‘s have noticed the harm by now?. I assume they make money treating the physical problems caused by Psychiatric medication?? How do you measure quality of absolute LIES?
    Meanwhile in reality people are faced with real problems and drugging them out of their minds does not help. Could it be that the entire Medical/Institutional/Educational Goliath suffers from Mass formation Psychosis or is it Greed? When will the Medical Doctors do the ethically correct thing? How can I get paid to do a totally irrelevant study of absolute bullshit? I believe there is no Scientific proof needed for anything anymore. If I say I am Man *poof***magical imaginary sound*** I am a Man. This could be the end of Psychiatry.

  • I did that I was accused of Voodoo and Witchcraft also. (In a revocation hearing for my Criminal Mental Health Commitment) My Lawyer got me the transcript she was awesome! I remember David Oaks telling me I was lucky to be an American because in a lot of Countries they just kill the “Witch”.
    I remember thinking “I’m a Jew and this is nothing new.” I’m still alive.

  • I was censored for using an 8 letter word to describe a person with a methamphetamine addiction. In my mind the addiction alone does not properly describe the behavior. It was one word in a very long (for me) heartfelt reply. It’s cool my videos are getting taken down from YouTube also.
    I don’t write often. I would not personally attack anyone here certainly not an Editor. There is a difference between someone who is dependent on a substance but functions as if they did not have an addiction and a ********. I can not properly express myself without freedom of expression and it’s not my fuckin fault that everyone is a fuckin snowflake. Oh no! Another bad word! Fuck! I expect that type of crap from The Mental Health System. “Be appropriate” I certainly never expected it here and I’m absolutely shocked that my comments are not censored.

  • What about the multitudes of people who hide their Self Inflicted Violence? They never show anyone so I guess this study is pretty fuckin worthless? There is no communication problem. It’s a way to cope. So is alcohol but you can still function when you cut and in a world where appearance is everything well we survive another day. The actual numbers are waaaaaay higher. They were 1 in 10 back in the late 80’s. Holy crap if I weren’t censored on MIA I could write you an article that reflects the Reality of this situation. Sorry but your only scraping the surface.

  • Thanks Frank !!You are allowed to say “Fuck” on MIA? Holy shit! This is news to me because what I really wanted to say is: I certainly never signed up to be a sick pathetic waste of a fuckin life and brain but I always helped others because I give a flyin fuck. Fuck peer support that word is straight out of Synanon cult speak. What a fuckin joke!
    *I discontinued commenting on MIA for about a year because I kept getting censored for my use of language. (I’ll be really shocked if this comment makes it past the moderator?)

  • Honestly, as a humane being I have to confess that I look at the Mental Programming System and he people who work for it like lower than pond scum, drain the lake, dig under the sediment type people. monsters and idiots.
    That being said , I have been blessed enough to have some really excellent Psychiatrists in my life Were it not for them ESPECIALLY in Wisconhell, I’m sure I would be physically and mentally disabled to the point of a life long funding stream asset for the state.
    The word “peer” reminds me of Elan.
    I was always a natural healer
    I always had a heart
    I have more mental health experience than most. (Not around MIA)
    I got certified and it’s a Joke.
    I never bothered to get re-certified.
    In general it’s not a paid living wage.
    More BS lets underpay you to play Uber.
    If they did pay I can’t imagine having to constantly re-educate EVERYONE I work with. (I know I would and I’m no diplomatic type so I’m sure I have intermittent snapping on mental health workers disorder with run on sentence features)
    There is not enough weed on Earth to cope with that ugly scenario.
    Peerbot AI ? Mental Health Apps?

  • Thank you for writing this.
    It has taken me a lifetime to learn the correct answers to the suicide risk assessment.
    Here are a few pointers for those newbies who may have to answer in the future.
    1. Q. Do you have a suicide plan
    A. NO *lie if you must this one will get you locked up every time*
    2. DO NOT JOKE OR USE SARCASM-*it is incomprehensible and will be used against you*
    3. Q. Do you see or hear things that others do not?
    A. NO *this is not the time to be “cosmic”, “spiritual” or reflect on “teenage acid trip wisdom”*
    NEVER ELABORATE keep your answers short -YES or NO or I DO NOT KNOW/REMEMBER
    (this also works when being harassed by a prosecutor)
    Psychiatry has taught me to lie OR ELSE.
    DO NOT get any ideas that if you answer honestly and explain yourself you will be safe *FAIL every time
    If I answer honestly I get locked up.


    A Senator from Georgia (Nancy Schaefer) tried to stop the selling of Children in her State. She was found dead in her home with her Husband (murder/suicide)
    She begged the United Nations for help because nobody in the United States would help. Don’t forget that these children are a huge funding stream asset for life!

    My Daughter made a video about her forced drugging in Foster care. My Children were taken because I smoked weed.

  • In Wisconsin:
    Confrontation or even raising your voice is a punishable crime. (Disturbing the Peace)
    Being wasted on psych meds in Public is a crime (Disorderly Conduct)
    ANY MOVEMENT or vocalization of needs or pain is a crime. (Resisting Arrest)
    Tazing, beating, starving, someone or letting them die in a cell PERFECTLY O.K.
    Taking your Children and giving them to pedophiles because you smoke (Illegally) weed for PTSD-PERFECTLY O.K.
    The commitment and revocation hearings are Kangaroo Court.
    To leave the State Hospitals (Winnebago and Mendota) you need the approval of an “Independent Evaluator” A forensic Psychiatrist who looks at your chart and talks to you for 10 minutes.
    Luckily for me the Judge over-ruled the Sanctimonious (insert your own expletive) every time.
    Theses evaluators want you to stay forever.
    Where the “Criminal Justice” and “Mental Health” systems intersect there is NO HUMANITY or REASON.
    The Judges are totally ignorant to the reality of Psychiatric Neurotoxins and the B.S. Labels.
    They consider Psychiatry as a valid “practice”.
    I strongly believe if the truth were known about the DSM and “Medications” our fight would be strictly HUMAN, CIVIL and CONSTITUTIONAL rights.
    The Legislation in Wisconsin needs to change (Chapter 51 and Chapter 971.17)
    I’m not sure what to do about all of the non-caring sadistic people who need a Job torturing vulnerable people? Soylent Green? Protein Bars?
    MANY benefit from all the suffering we do.

  • Wisconsin. I ran for my life.
    Tabitha was a few classes away from her Master’s degree when they decided to ruin her life over things that should not even be a Crime.
    My Daughter Tabitha had no Transportation; she died at 27.
    My other Daughter just plead NGI to 2 Felonies.
    Before she plead NGI she was offered 1 year Probation by our Favorite D.A. Larry Nelson who promptly dropped dead in his office of a Lung Embolism. Some people don’t know when to drop the charges.
    My Daughter was back in school not on medication and her Chapter 51 was dropped. He has known my child since she was 8. I guess he felt compelled to make sure her life was over at 27 also.
    There is a crisis intervention mandate in Wisconsin now so that the police can get you “help”.
    Iowa County Wisconsin just charges you criminally and releases you so they can re-arrest you, then you have a felony bail jumping also. Pretty cool how they turn 1 felony into 2 by just releasing and re-arresting you. I know they did it to me.
    It really does not matter if you are out of your mind or not.
    Chapter 51 and Chapter 971.17 commitments are a Nightmare.
    I was lucky enough to have a Judge who liked to hang up on my entire “Conditional Release“ team during revocation hearings that occurred way too often. They tried to revoke me for Witchcraft in 2009.
    Here is the transcript:
    I had 4 people on my team and luckily I had a private Psychiatrist and Therapist by Court order.
    The Community MH center called me untreatable and refused to see me.
    They really do hunt you down like an Animal.
    My stepmother called Social Services on me several times.
    I was hauled off to the Mental Hospital when the Police, Sheriff and Social Services all showed up at my door to take my Children away.
    I was immediately Drugged against my will and put on a civil commitment which also prevented me from getting custody of my Children back.
    If you “react to injustice” it is a Mental Illness just like the good old USSR.
    My Children were severely abused in Foster care
    When I complained I was criminalized.
    I went from being a Happy Mother of 2 Beautiful Intelligent Creative little girls to a feeling so horrendous that I cannot begin to describe the pain.
    I was court ordered to take several brain, mind, body and soul disabling “medications”.
    I had every right to be ballistic! My Children were living with pedophiles.
    It never ends and the sheer amount of cash they wasted making my life a living hell is a real crime.
    I can’t begin to count how much they have wasted on torturing my Children.
    I have been to Winnebago Mental Health Institute several times.
    I reported a rape of a patient after hearing another patient brag about it.
    I saved a Girls (age 18) life at the Racine County Jail.
    The Guards were laughing about her lying in her own feces and urine. I honestly thought she would die any moment so I told the Judge when I went for my initial hearing and they HAD TO do something.
    My Lawyer told me I saved her life. My charges were dropped in that County.
    Ahhhh Wisconsin, the stuff of my night terrors.
    No wonder my Daughter had TRAUMA INDUCED PSYCHOSIS when she returned for the first time since her Sisters Funeral.
    She has 2 Associates Degrees and spent a Month in Israel last summer but 1 trip to Wisconsin and she’s an insane criminal.
    She is no Angel and neither am I but I can honestly say that if I am ever dragged back to Wisconsin I will definitely end my own life. I know how it feels to lose a child to Wisconsin’s ED GEIN style treatment of SO CALLED disorders. Wisconsin…….. I could write a book on that State.
    Like the time my friend Chris from Winnebago had a BRAIN TUMOR labeled Schizophrenia and he almost went to trial for several felonies until the Prosecutor ordered an MRI. Chris was doomed either way. They operated on his Tumor and dumped him on the floor of the County Jail to “recover”.
    What if that Dr. found the Tumor 2 years earlier?
    What if I wasn’t given Haldol for a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1990?

  • The problem is even if you tell your Doctor exactly what your problem is they are programmed to label and prescribe. I’m waiting for someone to prescribe money for my economic breakdown. I once told a doctor in the emergency room that I was suffering from a constitutional breakdown. He suggested that I start taking Seroquel again. I laughed at him. This study is a joke, another waste of time and money.
    Have you seen those new nurse practitioners that appear via video chat?
    I’m pretty sure they are computer generated. Scripted, robotic and not even in the same building. It’s not rocket science. Group 2 drank the kool-aid. Group 4 must be disabled by neurotoxins before they mature into a threat.

  • Thank you for this article. I was incarcerated at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh Wisconsin during the 2008 presidential elections.
    The hospital had a long standing policy of allowing patients to stay up late so they would not miss the end of a Green Bay Packers Game. I suspected it was easier for Staff. Packers fans are notorious and I can only imagine that making an adult go to bed during the last quarter of a Packers Game was unmanageable. There are not enough Staff to dope and restrain everyone because it takes 20 of them to come at you. If every Packers Fan simultaneously decided to boycott bedtime on every unit I bet that no Staff would watch the end of a game ever.

    I was watching the first presidential debate when I was told it was time for bed. Immediately I voiced my opinion on the Fact that if it were the Green Bay Packers I would be allowed to continue watching it and perhaps Politics being the Sport that actually effects our future should also be allowed as a reasonable accommodation to the bedtime rule like football.
    *Football rule: If you have been watching the game from the beginning you can stay up until it ends.
    The Staff agreed with me and I went to bed.
    I contacted the patient advocate Larry and he got everything approved.
    In Wisconsin you do not need to be registered to vote.
    I watched all debates in their entirety(usually alone) and Everyone voted in the Presidential Election by absentee ballots.
    We were forensic patients who were committed due to a finding of NGI. Guilty but Not guilty of a Felony due to Mental Disease or Defect.
    We never lost our right to vote.
    I was even allowed to stay up late to see who won the Election.

  • The Electronic version of book burning is already here. Alternative media is already being banned by YouTube for “thinking outside the main stream narrative of reality”
    Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech are gone. Seriously, I get censored all the time for offending some moderator with an adjective or antecedent like “meth -head”. I just don’t bother to write. See how that works?

  • You are so lucky to have had supportive Parents. Obviously they had Brains and Wisdom. My Parents were totally brainwashed. Sometimes growing up wealthy can be just as bad as growing up without financial security. I think most do not see it that way. When you have wealth, there are more people trying to get some of it and Psychiatry has positioned itself to grab a big piece of that pie. Psychiatry has not only kicked off the whole Eugenics movement that lead to the Holocaust, it has managed to make everyone forget that fact while insinuating itself as a “catch all” in every system. Even religious Rabbis seem to think that Psychiatry is a good thing. I have taken it upon myself to educate the ignorant and somehow I have plenty of opportunity to do so. My Mother went to school for psychology and every day I had some new label she had learned in school. I re-lived that nightmare when my Daughter decided to Major in Psych and Criminal Justice. After 3 years of College she was absolutely inculcated to become the next E. Fuller Torrey Jr. I was horrified. The University of Wisconsin is supposed to be a pretty decent Education. Everything they taught her was absolute Lies. I knew better because I lived under the intersection of Criminal “Justice” and Psychiatry by Court order for longer then I care to remember.
    My parents were also under the impression that Marijuana was akin to Heroine and I got shipped of to an American Gulag deep in the woods of Maine. At age 17 I vowed to shut it down. It took over 30 years and the Internet but Elan closed 4/1/2011.
    Elan was a Synanon type program (Confrontational attack therapy designed for hardcore drug addicts) owned by an x Daytop graduate and a Harvard Psychiatrist.
    The methods they used were cruel and Inhumane to absolute physical and psychological torture. Psychiatrists and Education Consultants refered the wealthy kids to Elan and got hefty kickbacks for their referrals. The State kids were court ordered for “treatment” as a type of Juvenile Jail Diversion. The only real criteria was ability to pay. Most of my peers are dead. 3/4 of the people who attended Elan from 1974- 1984 are DEAD. (Mostly Suicide). Shutting that Hell hole down was totally therapeudic. Unfortunately the “Troubled Teen Industry” is big $$ and is the Evil spawn of psychiatry. Since 2009 legislation has been introduced to regulate residential treatment programs for teens but it always dies in the Senate. Nail Salons have more regulation. Every year Teens die in “treatment” but our representatives in Government are too busy investigating, hating and judging each other to change anything.
    In Wisconsin I met many Women who had their Children taken from them and given up for adoption for nothing more than being labeled with depression or anxiety.
    Psychiatry has way too much power to destroy. They know exactly what they are doing. The whole system is built on lies that have destroyed countless lives since it’s inception. We need to Abolish it like the infestation it is. Thank you Julie for this article. ☺

  • 175 years of Brain Damage
    175 years of Sadistic Eugenics
    175 years of Creating Mental Anguish
    Mind Control, Thought Reform, Brainwashing, Neurotoxins
    Lobotomy, Ice Baths, Insulin Coma, ECT, Neuropoison, Restraints,
    Confrontational Attack Therapy, insert your nightmare here
    DNA specific psychotropics. Compassion never occurred to the psychopath.

  • I quit 80mg of Paxil cold turkey.
    I was sick with flu like symptoms and “brain zaps”. My Psychiatrist was aware of the withdrawal symptoms. He was supportive when I told him that “I will be needing my brain back.” I quit because I had become so toxic from forced drugging that I could not eat. I went to my medical doctor who tried to tell me I had iratable bowl syndrome and gave me another prescription. I realized that she was an idiot and that if I wanted to feel better it was all up to me. The medical profession is very harmful. They treat symptoms and never get to the root of the problem. I knew what was causing my symptoms but my “hollier than thou” MD thought she knew better. She didn’t realize that I am the expert because I live in my body and I know when something is not right. Thank G-d I never took that idiot seriously! I’m sure I would be permanently disabled by now. I guess I was lucky that my shrink had a brain!

  • I take Adderall XR 30mg. once a day. It definitely helps me. It’s the only thing I take. Because it’s a schedule II “controlled substance” I have to get a prescription every month. My community MH center just can’t seem to handle making sure it’s refilled in a timely manner and I end up going without it an average of 10 days per month. To avoid discontinuation syndrome I skip days in anticipation of thier inability to provide 1 prescription every 30 days. I never had this issue before. It seems simple enough but obviously my nurse practitioner is either incapable of scheduling a reminder and has no idea what it’s like to abruptly stop taking Adderall, or she just doesn’t care. I can definitely tell the difference. So, some days I am better focused and productive. I’m not a scientist but I have personally tested (against my will) every class of psych meds. I can honestly say it makes a positive difference in my life. I have also observed others who take Adderall without a script and it definitely effects them adversely. Frightening really. Although I hate having anything to do with the MH system I go for my Adderall. The alternative is much easier, but illegal and the quality is never the same. I much prefer my name brand Adderall. (I don’t take the generic) In my experience speed does not make other people productive. In fact, it’s a disaster. I don’t buy into the whole ADHD label BS but I do much better on the days I take my Adderall. I know my biology is different.