Friday, January 28, 2022

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  • You have me thinking… and reading. The VA published a 2017 study that stated a 49% efficacy for Prozasin with PTSD nightmares.

    And today, the NYT had an article: “Do Antidepressants Work?”

    “The take-home message from these two studies was that the effectiveness of antidepressants had been overstated, and that the benefit might be limited to far fewer patients than were actually using the drugs.”

  • With PTSD, I would wake up screaming aloud almost every night for years. Reliving the horror every night, screaming so loud in my head while asleep trying to wake myself up and escape the horror. This reduces REM sleep, and the nightly fight was also physically tough. With the Prazosin I was able to begin talking with a therapist. At first this brought back the nightly screaming, so my dose was raised by my doctor. As I previously mentioned, I now see an AWESOME art therapist. I have painted pictures of the horror of my past. I am working to beat the horror. I am confronting the horror with my therapist(s). By painting the horror, and discussing my fear and guilt with my therapist, I am finally gaining power over the horror.

    But without the Prazosin (used off-label non/FDA approved for PTSD), I could not physically do battle with the horror by painting it.

  • 12 months ago my life was changed while an inpatient at at psych hospital. I was prescribed a combination of medications referred to as “California Rocket Fuel”. These medications changed my life as dramatically as a sightless person being able to see for the first time. In addition, I was also given Prozasin which stopped my nightly PTSD nightmares. Because of these medications, I have been able to work with therapists (currently an AWESOME art therapist). But before the medications I was unable to function to the point of planning on taking my own life. I am no longer hopeless, but rather hopeful. This is due to my family, medications and therapists. But I could never have moved forward without the medications as I was hopeless.