Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • Totally agree with you.

    I also want to publish my disappointing experiences with psychotherapists. He already posted a couple on youtube.

    They only play with people’s money, time and hope.

    They are a complete fraud.

    But I have been attacked a lot for saying it and with very silly arguments.

  • I already read this article and In defense of anger.
    Basically it is the same thing that has happened to me and what I feel and think about what has happened to me.
    I also have a wordpress blog, fb page and youtube, where I talk about these topics, but in Spanish. They are called Another Bad Victim.

    I have been attacked a lot for criticizing psychotherapy. People are very indoctrinated.

    I’m not quite over it yet to write it all up in an article like this, but I’ve written bits, pieces of the puzzle that maybe I’ll put together and publish one day.