Sunday, August 14, 2022

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  • Hi Alan

    Thank you for your story and thoughts. I am so sorry for all you have been through. I thought I understood what is going on, but I was truly shocked that your son was arrested at the airport.

    I am in Toronto and I cannot understand why there is no discernible outcry or organization of angry families. We need people with the resources to construct a MAD in Canada website. Surely we could at least set up a listserv! (I do not think “social media” is the best idea.)

    I too have a son, my only child. I am ashamed that I did not understand the truth sooner and find a way to act more effectively. I was made a fool and all but destroyed in the process.

    My son is 33 and lives in the city where he attended university. Eleven years ago he was assaulted and left with severe PTSD. After his Dad died suddenly in 2013, he fell apart. He got no meaningful psychological help despite having been connected to a psychiatrist at the specialized MH hospital at that point, and despite me providing the history. He deteriorated into terrible dysfunction and a delusional belief system, which I had no idea was a known phenomenon more rare than schizophrenia, and twice as likely in those who have had trauma. It was bewildering in that his fears are based in real events. There have been several hospitalizations elsewhere, but by the grace of God and his own caution he has not been caught in the drug trap or “certified”.

    I was profoundly traumatized as I begged the large mental health agency involved for *a year and a half* for cooperation to protect his stable and affordable housing so that he would not be evicted and end up dead or in jail– to no avail. (This was doable– these people simply did not *want* to work toward solutions.) He was afraid for years on end to go out at all as he thought he would be murdered.

    My son’s former girlfriend and I carried him for years with no help or advice, when he could do nothing to help himself, including cooperate.

    He has been doing better for the past few months, so there is hope. Our relationship is pretty much destroyed. He blames me for everything though I gave everything and lost everything, and heard language I cannot forget. I try to remain present to some extent but cannot physically tolerate the stress very well anymore.

    >>I contend that people need to be much more careful in seeking help because they have no idea what they are getting into when they are placed in the care of a psychiatrist. They naively expect to be helped in the best possible way which never does happen.

    Wow, is this ever the truth. I was totally naive. There is a propaganda machine which implies there is a viable (and helpful) system. There is not. (Let’s talk, *indeed*.) I knew the things that would help and ASSUMED these would be put together logically in order to address the problem intelligently. He needed someone to help him sort out his thoughts and reorient himself, after his worldview was shattered by a traumatic event and he had to confront the death of a parent while already in distress. I provided comprehensive information and made appropriate suggestions. I was totally ignored and nothing wise or even sensible EVER occurred.

    By the time things got really bad, I had learned enough to realize I had better not yell too loudly or criticize the psychiatrist, lest it make things *worse*. So then I was really stuck, because I had no family who understood what was happening, or cared to learn. No advice or champion. And no money to pay professionals. I could not even find a community of people who grasped the truth.

    >>Could the environments we inhabit (or have been in) be causing our problems?

    >>Much suffering in life is caused by a lack of personal power and being treated badly. Ethics and politics are generally ignored when we describe psychological suffering. Western medicine teaches us that the problem is within us, not between us. Yet when someone has power over us, we can easily be exploited and oppressed. This is absolutely the case in the psychiatrist/patient relationship.

    *Yes*, absolutely the external environment is causing massive despair– and addiction (See The Globalization of Addiction by Bruce Alexander). The exploitation reflected in the psychiatrist/ patient relationship– and the corruption of psychiatry by pharmaceutical interests: see Whitaker’s ‘Psychiatry Under the Influence’– extends to the broader reality. It should be seen in the context of the unprecedented “neoliberal” global economic/ ideological framework, the concentration of wealth and the giant financial casino. Cultures and populations are being destroyed worldwide, not to mention other species and the planet. (The entire house of cards rests on oil…)

    >>As Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing once said, “the treatment is how we attend to and treat one another.”

    This is such a profound observation. That is what Peter R Breggin would say also.

    This is about protecting fundamental human rights and values for all.

    A note re: the discussion about psychotherapy… even a loving stranger can help… That is the only reason I survived. I met someone who listened to me and got me out and fed me and loved me. Every other connection failed the test– and that was a big part of the damage in all of this.

    The mainstream doesn’t see this or want to. The people being funded/ paid are too close to it and don’t want to hear about it– including the “family support” programs.

    Here is a 2017 piece written to the Globe and Mail by several parents, notable because such straightforward criticism is rarely seen: ‘Why has Ontario’s Health Care System Abandoned Our Kids?’ These people aren’t even questioning psychiatry– their point is nothing has worked to address the life-threatening afflictions of their children, and the specialized residential programs which are likely to be helpful do not exist. Further, the Ontario government is blocking funding for out-of-country care.