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  • I have not heard of anything about reporting mental illness when renewing a license. Of course… this year is when I’m supposed to renew… so I guess I will see. I know I’m not bipolar… never was. I’m now 19 months free from meds and as stable as ever. Happy to report that I am back running my company… setting goals and once again interested in a relationship. My kids are doing better as well.

  • Wileywitch… what a story. So common now that I have been reading so much. Lithium was the worst. I became completely unbalanced… could not stand still. I was lethargic… and thinking back, I keep hearing Dr. Yanovsky say… “lithium is the gold standard. It is a salt of the earth.” such bull.

    I recently got my medical records… tough to read as she did not type them out. I forgot all the meds she tried on me. Still amazed that a “professional” can get away with these things. We need to somehow make them accountable. That is what I need to work on.

  • Yup… exactly right. It’s about the money. People are getting diagnosed all the time, and they are told that they need the drugs for life. Such a scam. There is such a thing as Karma… and these fat execs will face it one day. Soon.

  • Well… I am a perfect case study. I was told by many pdocs that I was bipolar and if I stopped the meds, I would have more episodes and they could be fatal. I am now 18 months free from meds and I have not had any mood swings. My brain if once again stable… off meds.

    The trouble with their theory is when you stop psych meds, there are problems… at times even more problems than before. This is then seen as further mental illness, but it is the withdrawal complicating the side effects, plus any unresolved conditions. I am no expert on the studies, but I’m sure if you post that question to the admin at this site, someone will give you some concrete evidence… good luck.


  • Kelti,

    Phew… what a nightmare. You have had a hell of a time and it sounds like you are still in the throws of it. Psychiatry is such a conundrum… it’s a catch 22… so much of it is like the chicken or the egg. If your symptoms caused you side effects, then treating you with meds may create a whole new set of problems.

    I try to not tell people whether to take meds or not take meds. Asking me for advice about meds is probably not a good idea. I don’t think they help people. If you want to know what drug to switch to… from Serequel… no answer. I could refer you to groups on Facebook that may have some advice… but most of the people I am in touch with are anti psychiatry and anti drug. It’s hard to advocate to people that drugs are wrong as some people seem to think they help. I think it’s like helping a junky with heroine by finding another drug to take. All I can do is pray you find some sort of help. The best thing I did in the past few years was to read Robert Whitaker’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. Educate yourself and do not accept a diagnosis.


  • Erica,

    Wow… what a story. Whew.. where to start. 14 years old… my daughter is now 15 and they tried to put her on all kinds of meds because she was angry and getting violent. I fought them every time, but I was still on meds… so occasionally they started her on something. Eventually she stopped the meds on her own. My constant preaching as to the side effects probably helped her decision… but I’m so glad she is drug free.

    As with your situation, you were dealing with a lot of things at a young age. I got divorced 3 years ago… just when all of this happened, and my kids went thru hell with divorce, my mania… depressions, mood swings and because of this, there were very expensive and difficult court battles. This is enough for any kid to have issues… so my daughter may be emotional, but she is not mentally ill.

    I will check out your website. Congrats on going back to Penn… such a great school. I think I applied to Wharton Business back in the day, but was rejected. How are you doing now? Obviously you are better, but it seems like you may still have some residual side effects from all that you have been thru. Email me on Facebook if you can, I am part of a psychiatric survivor website that helps people come off meds, and helps them understand what to expect. Part of my participation is to give people hope that things can be normal again… maybe you are in the same situation.


  • JanCarol,

    Whew… what a story. I’m so sorry for all you have been thru. Such a difficult thing to deal with. I don’t know your whole story, so I can’t say I know what you’ve been thru, but I do feel your pain. I feel your sorrow at not feeling the world anymore. I have been there and it is not fun.

    We do have some similarities. I understand the manic reactions… I too lost it a few times. Talked to God on a daily basis. He/She was talking back… in the form of chills. I was getting chills about 100 times a day or more… at the time, I thought that may be a cure for cancer… or anything really. I never felt so healthy as when I was getting the chills all the time.

    I don’t know your medical situation, but I never found that meds truly helped my situation. I think they may have helped my depression, but eventually they caused mania, then they would give me mood stabilizers, or depressants… and I would go the other way. It was a never ending battle to find the right cocktail of meds. Yet, once I was given multiple medications, I was far more susceptible to mood swings and anger.

    Your situation is for you to figure out. I don’t trust any psychiatrists. One thing that really helped me was reading Robert Whitaker’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. This confirmed my constant belief that the meds were making me worse. Once I accepted that, I knew I could never take another medication. I did not want to prolong the inevitable… I had to get off all meds. Stopping cold turkey is a dangerous idea, so if you choose to taper off meds, there are many sites that help with this. I am in a psychiatric survivors group that deals with this daily.

    One big caution… staying on meds is dangerous. Tapering off meds is dangerous. Stopping cold turkey is dangerous and can be fatal. I don’t’ have all the answers, but I do know that once I found out the truth… I realized that living life off meds was for me. I was willing to risk it… the more I read, the more convinced I became that I did the right thing. I’m now 16 months off meds… I feel so much better. I am working again, running my company… and I am rediscovering my feelings. It is a long journey that is compounded by many factors. From reading and interacting with many other survivors, it seems the longer you take meds, the longer a recovery can be. Also, coming off psych meds causes many withdrawal symptoms. One positive about your story is you don’t seem to have taken lots of benzos. This is good because benzo withdrawal can be the worst. At least that is what I am reading.

    Good luck. Feel free to contact me on Facebook. I’m Jeff Fisher, Waltham.

  • Maggieann,

    Sorry for not responding. I check this post every now and then.. I really do like commenting on it. I would love to hear your story… I think it helps to know that there are people out there than have had similar experiences. Also helps to keep in touch as I think there are certain side effects that we all still are dealing with. I just read Matt Samet’s piece on Setbacks and realized that I may be having some small issues.

    I still consider myself fully recovered. I’m now in a Facebook Group called Pyschiatric Survivors. It is a forum for people in recovery, but we need people that are beyond the real difficult stage to support others not so fortunate. Email me if you like… I’m easy to find on Facebook, Jeff Fisher, Waltham. Hope you are doing ok…

  • Julian

    Amen to that… profit and social control. I spent 3 years in the mental health system… medication induced mania at 43… lead to my first major depression, bipolar diagnosis… then two years of psychotropics/multiple combinations of meds, rapid mood swings, elevations and depressions. Ultimately I knew they were all wrong, so I stopped taking everything. Luckily I knew a possible psychosis would come. It did. 2 weeks of talking to god/euphoria. That ended and unfortunately I went thru a final major depression. 8 months later I am now off meds and the side effects are almost gone. My mediation became the diagnosis, side effects were treated with more meds… common theme on this site.

    My daughter is now in the system. She is a troubled teen, mired in my own confusing episodes, along with being a first hand witness to a very ugly and difficult divorce, puberty, a newly diagnosed learning disability, teen angst… and conflictingly supportive parents (we did not talk for 2 years while I was being “treated”for my “condition”. I contend she is not mentally ill… my ex, in her frustration to understand her anger and at often times the violence… points to mental illness and the fact that professionals have confirmed the following diagnoses: Major Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and most recently Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (this was given by her latest trip to a facility… weekend attending psych who talked to her for 30 seconds)

    Far too many therapists have confirmed at least one of these diagnoses, and while I agree that she fits some of them by definition… I am sure that her troubles are a direct result of external factors and her own ability to process/not understand them. I am told I am in denial… but I contend that I accept the responsibility for possibly causing some of her troubles, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help her thru it. I have fought medication the whole way… there is now a movement by her lawyer and a court official to remove me from blocking these treatments. Very scary. I have read many books now and understand so much more, but most of her treaters are in the system and it is truly an uphill battle.

  • Sera,

    I love to read the blogs here and yours always seems to be among the ones that get abundant replies. I just want to point out that my own apples seem to fall both up and down… and occasionally sideways or even suspended in mid air. A few years ago, a psychiatrist told me I was talking too fast and I seemed to have pressured speech. (I was in a court battle for my kids at the time) Her response to this was to up my seroquel and add risperdal. My guess is her interpretation of the ‘medical model’ told her to reel me in. I ended up fully depressed within a week and stayed that way for about 8 months.

    Thanks to this site and a few books by Robert Whitaker and Gwen Olsen, I am now med free for 7 months. I do not feel confused anymore and I’m no longer succumbing to the pressure of any model. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see your film. I think a book about the success stories of people coming off meds and finding their own models is in order… let me know when you are free to write it… I would love to help out.


  • There are so many problems with the Mental Health Care System… and Drug Companies/psychiatrists are at the heart of it all. I keep reading these wonderful statements about changing the system, and I wonder… what is the plan? I know there are movements… causes, initiatives and ideas… but I truly believe that to change the “system,” there needs to be a unified plan. There are many websites now that call for change, ask for contributions and tell the stories of injustice… but if there is to be a revolution, forces need to come together. Much like in Braveheart… when William Wallace asks the would be king to “unite the clans.” We need to get organized and bring all the great minds of the world (wide web) together… and get organized.

    We have to look at history to understand how to bring about change. Ghandi did it one way, early Americans another… AIDS was not cured, but it was controlled with education. There are many successful models out there… we need to find the most efficient/non-affective-disorder way to achieve a change. I vote for education…

  • Psychosis is not new to me. I got screwed up by an antidepressant a few years ago. I stopped it on my own… causing psychosis and lots of trouble. After 2 years of various drug cocktails, and finally understanding that my diagnosis was incorrect… I decided in July to come off all meds. Once again, I did this without tapering… and psychosis developed. I began to think I could talk to God and I was getting replies in the form of goosebumps about 50 times a day. I could not sleep but did not feel tired. Luckily, I had read all about stopping meds abruptly, so I knew something like this could happen.

    For 2 weeks, I had countless ideas… curing cancer, treating cancer, solving the worlds energy crisis. I saw meaning in anything and everything. My puppy was teaching me so many things about life. I confided in a few friends about the psychosis… most wanted me to call my psychiatrist. I knew that would result in him declaring that I needed meds… or he would treat me for the psychosis with new meds. I asked my friends to bear with me and help me ride it out. After 2 weeks, the voices stopped… and I leveled out. Months later, I now see this as a normal side effect of the meds. I have to admit, it feels good to have all the answers. Euphoria is dangerous though… I could not see the negative side of anything.

    Psychosis can be a simple reaction to a drug, or life situation. It seems to be triggered by either meds or stress. My guess is it becomes dangerous if the person is more inclined to violence or anger. In my case, I have always wanted to help people and work for charity. My psychosis reflected this. Happy that I did not treat it with meds… which would have lead to more diagnoses.

  • Great story… so atypical. My past psychiatrists would have diagnosed Bill with many disorders, convinced him he would be on meds the rest of his life. Thank god for Zoe. Too many family members would have wanted to listen to the professionals, become advocates of the diagnoses and work to keep Bill under control. That is the system… Bill’s story is not the norm.

    If judges and courts get involved… they would not suggest the tapering schedule you so insightfully offered as a solution. Most people would have thought Bill was manic as opposed to eccentric. Most would have considered his condition dangerous… especially financially. I have to admit, I thought the story of Bill was going to have a less than pleasant ending. It almost felt more like a fairy tale… thank you for sharing.

  • After 2 years of looking for answers, I’m just now getting to read all these wonderful articles and it is amazing how much they validate my own thoughts for the past 2+ years. I was diagnosed (misdiagnosed) with bipolar almost 3 years ago and have been fighting the side effects of the medication ever since. I was told I needed to be on meds for the rest of my life. I met with 5 psychiatrists over that period, all of which told me I was definitely bipolar… even though there are contradictions in the DSM 4 that state medication induced mania is not counted as Bipolar. I fought with all 5… having felt quite normal for 43 years prior… medication is certainly making people worse. I’m baffled at how the system is allowed to disrupt the lives of so many… who is accountable?