Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • Truth and integrity in science: hmm I wonder why this author needs to crowdfund. Science is the pursuit of truth. This guy is just trying to monetise his fringe ideas. As someone who has read extensively across the medical literature to inform an accurate understanding of how antidepressants work and given my 30 years taking them for OCD and MDD, I know they are effective regardless of some minor unwanted side effects. They work on the brain circuits implicated in each disorder. You need to study molecular biology and molecular neuropharmacology to understand how they work. It’s very complex and NOT just a chemical imbalance. Gp’s tend to be clueless so read widely and deeply. Ask questions of experts in the field as I have – reaching out to many across the world for a clearer picture of their mechanisms of action. An MD is no where near enough to understand this stuff. Seek experts with both PHD and MDs for clear information. For now, I am incredibly grateful for modern psychiatry and those scientists who dedicate their lives to helping those of use with serious diseases.

    And yes I have tried alternative routes and going off meds with supporting psychotherapy a number of occasions swayed at the time by the anti psychiatry movement with only relapse and severe anguish the result. Years later I know better and only visit this site today to hopefully allay any fears and normalise the need for antidepressants if you are suffering.

  • As a psychiatric ‘ consumer’ I am incredibly grateful to psychiatry and big Pharma. Without their help I could not function effectively. I have severe OCD and MDD. High dose SSRIs alleviate most of the symptoms allowing me to flourish and make the most of this one life.

    Yes there is work to be done figuring out psychiatric illness origins and precise causes. Perhaps trauma in childhood is one of the causes. But no therapy can undo that. But we can alleviate the suffering that results through symptom relief through medicine. Medicine is a shining light in a sea of deluded voices who can only criticise but offer no useful or meaningful alternatives

  • No. Nutrient based therapies are a scam. Read the history of empower plus or pig pills the micro nutrient approach to treating bipolar. Total dishonesty and the quack psychologists are still at it in my hometown university in NZ. Also read widely on orthomolevular approaches to psychiatry in skeptical sites and you’ll soon see its junk