Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Dear Marylin Wedge

    I am kindly typing from France (where, contrarily to what you asserted in another article, there are quite a lot of people with ADHD, though the beautiful doctrines of Freud and co that still permeates psychological field, and healthy educational custom of four meals per day being obviously insufficient in eradicating this condition).

    I want to kindly notice you, first, that reliable autism diagnosis are made in CRA (Centres Ressources Autisme), not in hospitals, and that the belief Ducanda holds of being able to “cure” CRA diagnosed autistic kids only pertains to her own (delusional ?) misinterpretation of a single-lined sentence in a phone conversation.

    Then, in utter opposition with your statements, there have been no “case studies” made by peer-controlled scientific authorities. Maybe because what Ducanda and Terrasse are putting forward is NOT study based. All what we have are clinical observations coupled with Bucarest-coming theories that the recent rise in autism cases has to do with the development of digital technology use.

    The so-called “excellent” videos of Ducanda are filled with scientific vagueness (moreover, revealing her complete ignorance regarding autism symptoms and digital technologies), testimonies of “miraculous” recoveries from so-called formerly autistic children parents, and colorful assertions in which their is “no autism in poor countries”, boasting a trip to Africa as the ultimate cure for screen-alienated children and their sorry tutors.

    There is actually no scientific evidence backing it up, and she is frequently referring to studies and observations in America and elsewhere… just as you have been doing when you wrote about the overwhelming pertinence of French studies about “virtual autism” yourself. Which is non-existent.

    Between Romania, France, Algeria and Marylin Wedge, there is obviously a ping-pong game based on nothingness (apart some yet-to-be-defined observations and obscure neo-freudian ideologies).

    Also, it is a question of months before Ducanda will have to swallow her words for medical deontology unrespect.