Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I was diagnosed schizoaffective and I’ll read this article and try to understand it but I looked at the intro and conclusion and barely know anything about behavioral genetics but I’ll try to contribute. I believe schizophrenia is a result of neural pathways being wired during development such that behaviors which are normal according to our genes become expressed at extreme levels through learning in an abnormal external environment. The genes themselves cannot regulate environment nor pick an ideal state to develop to where brain activity is perfectly attuned to function perceptively and logically. They compose the cellular structure and the necessary actions of neurons, but after these are formed enough to serve as a working mind, genes are irrelevant because the organ is only doing what it has learned over time.

    Walking, for example, is coded into our genes for movement. But the genes don’t decide when to walk, our brain does. The same brain decides what it will see and hear, how to speak and socialize, etc.