Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • I was a twin separated at birth and no one will give me my real name. My grandfather told me they were passing babies around unlawfully back in the 50s. I think my identical twin is a Debbie Raynor (sp). I was born in Houston, Texas Nov 2, 1955. I don’t even know if that date is correct. My mom had her tubes tide 6 years before I was born and only had 1 child. I would love someone to reunite me with my real family.

  • I hid my suicidal tendencies started at about 15 years old. In my elementary years; people would laugh at me and my abusive mom would say you see she’s a spoilt brat because I wanted to die. Later I realized it didn’t do much for your social life if you thought about killing yourself every day. Finally, when a family member shot himself in the head; I reached out for help. I immediately went to the Dr and was checked in that hospital the same day. I went wholeheartedly into the hell of writing out every negative horrible occurence of my life and discussing it. On top of being suicidal; I had to torture myself of painful memories. That had to be the most horrible ordeal of all time. Later, a Dr. met with me and out of complete defeat; I said I cannot find that inner anger. I am exhausted and overwhelmed but I am out of memories and don’t know what the deal is. He said you don’t have inner anger; you are clinically depressed. I spent another 10 years on and off meds. I would started feeling too good and new I was cured. Then dropped into a horrible despair and go back to the DR. The day my Dad died, I totally 100% lost my mind. People made excuses for me for about 3 months. That was crazy. They couldn’t decide if I was schizoaffective or manic depressant. I took the later. From the day I went to see the 1st psychiatrist to the right medication was 21 years. I feel like a normmal person. I have the worst situation for a person with physical health conditions. Yet, I have never been more normal in my life. Nothing is cut and dry. I do know; mine is like diabetes and I just needed the right pill.