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  • ‘There never was, and still isn’t, anything “professional” about defaming and poisoning people. Since both defaming and poisoning people are illegal behaviors.”

    Areed SE. Although we have heard the term “professional criminal”. Even for those, there used to be and still exists on some level, reconciliation within the “justice system”. Where criminal and victim come face to face and talk about what happened. But the present justice system and no influential person within it has had the courage to stand up to the original hoax, nor the drug industry and it’s baby, the FDA. It will take a few, it will take one, and a few followers internally, to turn it into the brave act that we could look back on.
    But they fear being out of jobs, of not being successful in exposing the harms and the invented “illness”.

    They still are stuck in the muck of seeing that person with “problems” and feeling that there has to be something “wrong with them” and that they need “service”. It always takes them back to thinking they need psychiatry, when the service of psychiatry is a huge part of the “problem” and acts like a smokescreen so no one should see what in fact the many issues are.

  • ““In the current jargon, popular in both psychology and psychiatry, we need a [re]formulation – a shift from ‘patient with illness’ to ‘person with a problem.’”

    Lucy is correct here. And it is never the “person” themselves, for if one has or had a “problem”, it went way beyond the person.
    What a hoax the men of psychiatry created, out of their own problems. It was always about the blind “treating” the blind and nothing but chaos results out of such endeavors.
    One would think that by now, psychiatry would be aching to voluntarily leave and have that TALK with everyone regarding “problems” and how we can at least try to start fixing them.

    Psychiatry and much of the systems engaging in the lies, is employment and that is what keeps a system going, at least until it breaks down or is taken down.

  • “Instead, the APA is increasingly choosing to defer to a deeply flawed Western medical model that it should be critiquing, rewriting, and perhaps even helping to dismantle and rebuild. Exclusively promoting behavioral health represents a capitulation to a broken for-profit health care industry and flawed research models that are the very basis of a system that chronically fails to support those who need it most.”

    “Remaking” in the sense of ” perhaps dismantling and rebuilding”. Once I toyed with that idea, but I do know after dismantling, “It” should never be rebuilt. It could never be called psychiatry again if it was properly dismantled.

  • “But he kept suggesting it, and I got to a point where I thought, “Okay, I need to think of something that I have to do after this outpatient program.”

    Not the best way to go about finding a job, but a way that most probably do it, although sometimes, it can actually become something one practices, leading into something positive within a tired and sick system. As long as one does not become part of the system without knowing what is transpiring.

    “The clinical perspective is there to do their clinical assessments and tolerate and partner with the peer perspective. We’d rather hold more uncertainty and feel okay about it then hold too little and then making decisions out of fear. I think that the psychiatric community historically has reacted out of fear instead of out of a response.”

    I’m glad you referred to it as a clinical “perspective”, and not actually more than a “perspective”. I suppose it would be difficult to allow the subject’s perspective have any true meaning. It would seem that the clinical perspective overrides most other perspectives and it only allows for voices to be heard, but not ultimately have power.

  • Really sorry to hear that you encountered “negligent” people. I do think the negligence started before the detox.
    Did you ever witness this phenomena in your line of work? And where did all the “compassionate” doctors and nurses go when you needed help? And are you back at doing this compassionate work of caring for the “mentally ill”? I am very surprised that you were not knowledgeable about akathasia even though you worked with children, the most vulnerable of all, and how did you hear about it once you yourself experienced it? It seems you have the gift or knowledge how to know “psychopathology”, but remain uneducated about the drugs that children will receive and can’t even describe at what they are feeling. A child could never say that “I am agitated because of the drug, or removal of drug”. The child remains a rat to be done to what they want.

    “For perspective, rewind 25 years. I was working at the University of Miami’s School of Psychiatry, running a hospital-based program for children and adolescents deemed to be severely emotionally disturbed. Every week, I would take part in a supervisory group at their teaching hospital, attend psychiatric grand rounds, and sit in with the head of the department for group supervision with psychiatric fellows, psychology residents, social workers, and nurses.”

  • mmarti, I understand that writing the truth is painful. It feels like reliving not just what happened, but knowing just what is being done and continues to be done. And there is not a judge or jury that is brave enough to stand up against psychiatry. assylums are worse than ever. This is much worse than a mafia, a mafia has the guts to shoot and not hide it behind a veil of caring.
    I am sorry they did this to your family, and I am sorry it continues to be that threat.

  • How does one defend themselves in court, and why should one if no law was broken? The courts should not be involved in incarcerating innocent people.
    Judge: “why is this woman here”
    How does this not all become very confusing? Basically judges are listening to others over the victims. The victim knows this going in. It is not really the judge making a decision, it is the shrink that has the power over the courts. The judges are just puppets.
    Of course it’s so ludicrous and the courts, the judges, the lawyers are all just waiting for someone, anyone to fix the mess psychiatrists made. The convicting shrinks are very knowledgeable about their own agendas, and I bet each time they wind up in court, are simply trying to sound believable.
    They know that eventually they will be caught for the criminals they are.

  • They have no excuse since Robert Whitaker wrote the book. Unless of course they can’t read either. Or hear.
    An intelligent physician would be well aware that it would be impossible to pump out safe “medications” with the speed pharma does. I’ve only ever seen one doc, many years ago, a neurologist who said That “the MRI was obsolete 25 years ago. And I believe it was probably 25 years ago that I saw him. I remember how very cool that was to hear.

  • What is interesting is when they coined the word “science fiction” in the book and movie industry, they could just as easily made documentaries.
    When people recommend someone see a neurologist, they do not realize that first off, a neurologist does not “know” the brain. He cannot see anything that has not been documented, or found. He cannot see all the possible “damage” that might be there. And even IF he sees something that is different, he does not know what those differences mean or what their function really mean in the grand scheme of things. So IF that is causing “symptoms”, his recommendation would be to see a shrink.
    Shrinks are the go to for all undiscovered and all invented things. Shrinks serve the lack of science, not science itself.

  • “medicine’s darkest secrets is exposed in all of its sordid detail.”

    It is not difficult to expose them, they rely on the public’s lack of intelligence and interest.
    Above all, it should never be referred to as “medicine”. That is a gross misrepresentation
    of what we are dealing with. Speaking of misrepresentations, psychiatrists are not doctors at all.
    They are psychiatrists which only ever gives them entry to a club and the dark occult.

  • First off, we really should describe what exactly a “MHP” is. And what exactly “disclose” means in this context. Honestly, it sounds as if “disclosing” is admitting to a crime, or thoughts of crime.

    “disclosing” and “stigma” are advertising. Indeed when people do “disclose”, there is not “stigma” except the “stigma” that the industry themselves created, and pretend that it exists in society. One cannot create stigma unless one creates the environment first, and by naming people as somehow ill or damaged, psychiatry created and abhors it’s own “diagnoses”.

    The word “wounded healer” still creates an us and them, it is pompous of one to think of the other as “wounded”. It is also pompous and pretentious to think of oneself as a “healer”, and on top of it to charge big money for that pretense.

    We are already saturated with pretend thought “doctors:, we don’t need more “professional healers”.

  • beokay, It is very disturbing what is happening. Adults were showing the results of lobotomies and now the drugs in most negative results, leading to physical suffering for families. So there is too much proof because adults can talk about it, so psychiatry grabs children, because if you drug a child, no one knows that the damages are from chemicals do they.

    People like to talk about psychiatry as having that stained history, as if it is something from the past, yet I might say they are worse than ever.
    When a man has absolutely no conscience and drugs kids brains and bodies, in fact sodomozing their brains, and the public stands by and does absolutely NOTHING.
    Psychiatry IS the ones who are sick. I don’t know what is wrong with them, but it is a chronic sickness that has penetrated every nook.

    Children are the product of society and families, they are not disordered. Parents are not perfect, neither are schools. And the blasted shrinks come to damage more, to try and make the child’s brain fit into something that others want, but it is all experimental, so horrific for our society to have engaged in.

    I do hope that eventually psychiatry becomes part of an ugly history, never to be repeated again. It was built on eradicating human expression, nothing else. It was NEVER built on “illness”.

  • “As you seem to agree, psychiatry is not a branch of medicine, but a tool of “law enforcement” and social control which assumes the trappings of medicine. The “mental health” industry cannot “replace” the police — psychiatry IS the police, literally.’

    I don’t think it is “law enforcement”, since the subjects are not criminal at all. So psychiatry creates it’s own laws, literally, and therefrom they become the police. They also rule the court systems, since no lawyer or judge, not even the supreme courts overrule psychiatry.

  • “We hope that this effort offers some language to start generating meaning to this collective experience,” conclude the authors. “There is a radical need for a world where ‘us and them,’ ‘center and margin,’ and ‘normal and crazy’ are no longer needed.”

    Please, which “lived experience”? The “mental illness” ones? Let’s not pretend that psychiatry uses such terms and indeed they stay away from them and indeed refer to them as “mental health problems” or “illnesses”.

    As psychiatry likes to say, “there is no normal”, and as psychiatry likes to say, “you’re not crazy, you have a mental illness”. So they have a lot in common with the reformists.

  • “However there is no comparable argument in the case of psychiatry. There is no legitimate social function to be served by an agency devoted to enforcing thought and behavior via absurd manipulations of logic and semantics, along with the assimilation of medicine.

    So we don’t need “alternatives” to psychiatry any more than we’re looking for alternatives to ICE. We just need it gone.”

    Oldhead, that needed to be repeated.

  • mmarti,
    They are hateful. They don’t even recognize their hatred. Like njinsky, my heart goes out to you. I am
    glad you came here to give your testimony of their assaults on your son, and ultimately of the world.
    Their chemical and physical assaults are blessed by the systems we live in, and it leaves every single person vulnerable. I so badly wish for you to be free, or feel free.
    IF psychiatry was indeed a “mental health” specialty, this could never have happened, and what is alarming is that MD’s join in prescribing.
    It is all beyond something called irresponsible, it is criminal activity to knowingly hurt people. But it is like a government run mafia, because they duped the government. We have applied to that same government to hear us, but they refuse.
    We have to be cognizant of the fact that governments are there for themselves, as are psychiatrists.

  • I’m glad you were able to do it Rachel. I am starting to think we do not need to blame big pharma. It is not they who hold the script pad. And psychiatry is plenty informed. There is only one reason they belong to their club and cult. Saving face with colleagues, but mommy and daddy, aunts and uncles are right up there. After all, they paid and their little child is now a psychiatrist, damaging little children and lost teens, lost young adults.
    Just for their shitty 50 years on earth working their BS. And after all that, all they get is a tombstone with nothing but damage in their path.

    It is absolutely disgusting.

  • Thank you Peter.

    I’m not sure which psychiatrists can possibly suggest and prescribe drugs to children, unless
    something is indeed gravely wrong with these psychiatrists. And yes, there is definitely something wrong
    with adults who drug children with chemicals.

    And we have all these young teachers who were raised with the BS of psychiatry, either at home, from their peers or school..all these young parents and the information is simply not getting out fast enough.

    Perhaps it is time for another book, by someone. Perhaps one that is free online, to be able to be accessed by poor parents.

    We are living at a time where it is time to get power back, yet we stand by idle as the kids get poisoned by pretend doctors who hate people.

    Does anyone at the drug labs have a consciousness? As they are packing the pills? Nope, it’s a living. Just like packing smokes into little boxes.

    Well done psychiatry. You should be proud, real men and women, to be admired as you walk around with that guilty sheepish look about you, pretending you are “ok”.

  • MD’s gave up medicine the day they jumped on board with prescribing poisons to people. Any MD that prescribes psych drugs should be charged with doing another specialist’s work. Does a shrink prescribe cancer drugs or high colestorel drugs? nope did not think so. If it takes 8 years to become an expert shrink, then MD’s should have to take that extra 8 years on top of MD school. After all, if an MD cannot find the reason for the pain, then if he prescribes psych drugs, he is in fact stating that scientifically he knows everything there is to know about the body.

    And neurologists and all specialities are no better. Psych drugs are their way to get rid of patient overload. They are COMPLETELY aware of the false medicine they are practicing when they give people these nasty chemicals.

    All we can do is warn people that these are not “treatments” but rather cop-outs and bad practice.
    Amazing that this is allowed. There is no pride in being a doctor if you resort to this garbage. After the shit I have listened to, I no longer hold my disdain for only psychiatry. Find me an MD that does not ever prescribe poison to people and I will hold them in respect. Done with my “rant”. Yes and I hope nurses read this too. Yes and we will be “non-compliant” and we will keep calling your BS out. And we will not be intimidated even though we know you have the ultimate power to be nasty.

  • Psychiatry cannot rope people in by using the word “mental illness”, so they termed it “mental health”. In this way, if someone feels uncomfortable or worried because they are told to feel that way, well we have help for you. It is called “mental health help”. However, should you present into our doors, we are no longer the “mental health” industry, we are now the “mental illness” industry and ohh we are so sorry that you misunderstood that we got you here under pretense and advertising.

    Sure it looks pretty dismal how every tom dick and harry funnels the most unsuspecting teenagers into the “mental health” industry, but honestly psychiatry created a monster, let them deal with it. They can’t, they came unprepared.

  • Obviously I am glad to see that people like Stuart make an effort to provide care. I do not consider psychiatry on the whole as being care, nor do I consider the practitioners as “caring”, although you might wonder how I could say that when I have not met them all.
    And I have no doubt that perhaps they care about someone somewhere, though it might not be a subject. I am simply going by all the people who I know personally who have dealt with a “caring system” that prescribes invented labels and drugs. I don’t know of one that was not prescribed drugs, nor had a holistic psychiatrist.

    “Moore: “We have been talking quite a lot about various issues with antidepressants. So if you take into account the fact that they are not the most efficacious of drugs, the possibility of adverse effects, the potential for difficult withdrawal, particularly after long-term use. What can we conclude about the use of antidepressants for mental health problems? Is taking them worth the risk, do you think?”

    Shipko: “In general, no. In general, it’s not worth the risk. The effect on our society as a whole is a negative one. There may be some individuals whose life experience is more enjoyable because of the medicine, but on the whole, I think there’s more going in the other direction, particularly as people are on them more and more years.”

    “The pills are themselves neither good nor bad.”

    If it’s not worth the risk, and on the whole a negative effect, I think it best to just put that message out there, BEFORE people ever give psychiatry the chance to give their version of “informed consent”.
    One can give “informed consent” in a very sneaky manner so that subjects are absolutely NOT informed at all.
    Now if the psychiatrist said “on the whole, a negative effect and not worth the risk”, that would be much more the reality than talking about “side effects”

  • Hi James and thank you for the interview.
    I will be brave here and call it as I see it with this quote.
    “Moore: I wondered what you felt about the lack of general awareness about withdrawal and dependence? Is that just an accidental thing or is there intent behind it to perhaps keep people on the drugs or to not frighten them, is it a paternalistic thing? Why don’t more doctors know about withdrawal and are equipped to help their patients come off?’

    I think quotes like the above lead right into what psychiatry wants. And it makes the public believe something that is absolutely untrue.
    Within that quote/question, there is a suggestion that possibly, they might be “unaware” of what they are doing and what the drugs are.
    Like the young roadrage man whose father the psychiatrist “dare not say anything, even though he knows”…..psychiatrists DO know. They are completely aware. Their patients tell them. That is enough awareness. If I tell you I have a headache and that it is a result of being in the sun, and you simply deny that I have one, or where it came from, that is blatant lying. But with licence, you can in fact represent me as not having a headache, and that the non existent headache is not from the sun exposure.

    The question remains, should any of these poisons be given out even with “informed consent”? Perhaps like tobacco? Or do physicians think tobacco and alcohol or heroin, morphine are “bad” things? And why do they think those are “bad” things? The politicians allow products that are addictive. Does it make them good things? Should then doctors start prescribing tobacco? Why not?

    It seems rather simple. Put warning labels on the psych drugs and sell them over the counter. Like tobacco. They are safer sold over the counter with all the actual information and “informed consent”. Is it ever really informed consent even if a shrink said a few “side effects” of the drug, but then kind of leaves it pretentiously in the subjects domain? They should never ever be represented as having “side effects”. That is misrepresentation. That alone ropes the subject in.
    And what really ropes the subject in is to tell them that they are sick and have an “illness”, “disorder”.
    They are never told that shitty lives are indeed possible and that science does not have an answer.

    Indeed there is complete awareness by psychiatry. It is about a pretend liability issue, which they are coached in from the getgo.
    There is no liability in the damage resulting from the drugs. So obviously liability is a non issue.

    As long as anyone is in the power of prescribing a known poison, I’m not sure how they reconcile that with “informed consent”. It should really be cause for great conflict. I guess psychiatrists are happy to get old enough to retire so they can ditch the “prescription pads” altogether.
    I know a few MD’s that are happy to leave their jobs after years of crappy science making crappy drugs. They can finally breathe.

  • Hi Sherry.
    Imagine knowing these drugs are horrible and then as a “professional” actually prescribe them, and then purposefully try to make you look crazy or “bad” for revealing your ailing health. The thing that invalidates the whole industry is to first of all “diagnose” and second, to keep poisoning people’s systems despite their resistance.
    Basically that “non compliant” garbage is like a cop saying that the criminal is not following his parole orders.
    Except the criminal still gets other real medical treatment whereas the “diagnosed” are completely discredited by that “non compliant”.

    So it makes one non compliant if one’s body screams no? Psychiatry would look a lot more credible if they did not go out of their way to invalidate millions of people. And regular medicine is right up there with them.
    And it’s all borne out of prejudice, power and pretend science. To dabble in biology and create chemical mixtures for experiments in no way makes anyone a real scientist.
    So far we are only in experiments but that have their roots in extreme bias and prejudice.

  • I guess I see the reality that the threat is always there, if not for me, then for scores of kids and teens, young people. I think my unforgiveness is really about their existing power. So in that way, I spread my gospel to my daughter in law who uses words such as ADHD and is a teacher. And I cannot spread my gospel by saying they don’t know what they do, but rather that they indeed know what they do, they have been told repeatedly.

    But I can see that peace is good for the individual.

  • Malaika,
    You are far from being the only one. Yes the ones that expose them, end up
    in the “bad camp”, but something does shift. Education provides people a basis
    to become more conscious.
    And I think the best thing we can do is to educate that parent or that teenager, to keep
    them out of harms way.
    I’m sure there are a few shrinks that actually like people and want to keep unsuspecting kids and adults
    away from their colleagues. Psychiatry is now stuck in a field where they know what they are and have been
    doing is stupid, and very wrong on many levels, and not knowing what else to do.
    Like one of their co-opted words, “stigma”, which they themselves create, was nothing more than a smokescreen. And we know that they are stigmatizing and shunning people like Kavanagh.

  • “Gone invokes the work of philosopher Michel Foucault to explore how power is tied to knowledge and expressed through social institutions that control what is considered normal and deviant. Psychotherapy often aims to assimilate service users into a psycho-centric sense of self, with cultural dominance generally being downplayed in attempts at ‘cultural competence.’”

    Power is tied to power. Power pretends to have knowledge. And those in power do not control what is “considered” normal, they control much more than that. In fact, they control and manipulate and lie about what IS normal. Using the words “what is considered”, makes it sound as if all of society has reached a conclusion, and all that the people in power do is make sure that what the majority of society wants, is being controlled.

  • Thank you Yaakov and Jaffa and thanks MIA.
    An excellent article. Of utmost urgency.
    We already know that very little within psychiatry is trustworthy. I applaud Dr Connors for trying, perhaps he had faith that was misplaced, in the psychiatric system.
    And honestly, we no longer need “experts”, because “ADHD” as well as other “disorders” have brainwashed the public so much that we merely need a teacher who is used to the new rule of order, where kids sit still, or are engaged. One word from a teacher or parent is as good as a “diagnosis”, since rarely do “experts” not give a label. After all, it makes them a real doctor.
    They have not yet caught up to regular medicine which has no diagnosis or prognosis, no cures, no controlling agents for a variety of suffering or annoyances.
    Although regular medicine has been around much longer, and yet it seems psychiatry sped ahead with “medications”, knowledge of “diseases” “disorders” and “illnesses”. Amazing science runs as fast and smoothly in only one single area. To know the most complicated seat of human existence and to have drugs to treat such maladies is phenomenal.

    It is not surprising in the least that they have to resort to spin. No wash, rinse, repeat. Just spin.
    But it’s not just the manipulation of words and sentences, it is born of power. Power to manipulate masses of people, media and laws being the very important vehicles to block or promote.

    We cannot expect anything else from the industry, since they are there for one purpose, it’s a job.
    And of course we know that the 3% of ADHD kids never deserved the “treatment” or “diagnosis” that they received to begin with.

    Let us ask one important question. What do you or anyone else think psychiatry should do? Tell the truth? It is an occupation born out of suffering, different behaviour than X wants, and a massive dose of prejudice against “expression”. Morality does not enter the picture since there is absolutely no morality involved in being comfortable to feed crazy chemicals to anyone under the age of 22.

  • What is dangerous is to make the public think there is some form of treatment going on. I would be much more worried about what happens after “treatments” and that is something the news is silenced on by psychiatry. Supports should be in place, not incarcerations, not crazy chemicals that cause distress, let alone the distress of having a baby taken away.
    People can think what they want, but taking babies away from distressed moms is not making any issues better. It simply leads to a breakdown and legacy.

    Besides that, BC and Canada is pretty draconian and stuck as other nations are in not being able to know what distress is, how it manifests, under what conditions, and psychiatry takes over where many failures began. Psychiatry is the farthest from actually being solution based and this is where it is important that people begin to have awareness of that and to quit wasting billions on it and pharma, and start sticking it into real solutions and supports.

    The solution of sticking a “mother” into the home, to live with the new mom and baby, for a time… to show how to mother and address issues, sounds expensive, but it really is not when you add it up.
    That is the road for the betterment of future families. The present systems, the old systems have NOT worked.
    Perhaps it is time to educate people who will be called “mothers”, to be ready to be sent home with those who never had one, yet have a new baby. Not to analyze the new moms, but to build confidence, to build connections.
    This might sound utopian and wishful, so we better not give that a try, and stick with the true and tried methods of “diagnosis”, “drugs”, and forced incarcerations. Better yet, do not engage with the encarcerated or ask their opinion, because they know nothing. Ask the experts and go with their opinions.

  • I think the employment contributes to feeling useful, so Covid would perhaps not affect therapists. After all, their business as usual, but perhaps their employers (clients) only get to work that one hour per week, seeing their therapist…..and for the rest of the day and week, looking at the prospects of how the changes affect themselves. 🙂
    Personally I think that people don’t have to sit in someone elses space is a plus. Hopefully the governing bodies will not allow therapists to charge their usual pricing, considering they might not be renting the buildings. How many think the therapy prices will drop lol.

  • evanhaar,
    “Please don’t make me feel like you want duct tape on MY mouth and cut the ground from beneath MY feet; and that I am not wise enough to be welcomed in a forum such as Mad in America.”

    Hope you don’t mind if I say something to this. btw, nice post. It is most important that you are welcome here, which you are by the sheer fact that you are posting and it is accepted by MIA and read. I mean you are here to post and have people read your opinion, so is L. I enjoy both your posts. They are both equally valuable to me. I don’t have to agree with every word.

  • “She is saying that anxiety is a brain problem related to the amygdala”

    “amygdala”. Would that be another “scientific” word that “researchers” use to lure the therapists and shrinks into treatment?
    We have to remember that everyone is in “treatment” (brainwashing) when science tells us that the issue is “in this certain part of the brain”, or that “this chemical is responsible”.

    “science” and it’s ilk, decided to convince the public that there are “natural” reactions within us and they are there from our ancestry who were “threatened by big old T-rex”, but since we have no more T-rex, the “anxiety” response to “perceived threat” is not needed and needs to be dealt with.

    Simple explanations such as this satisfy many people who go on to actually repeat it.

    Science has shown repeatedly they don’t know, so how can anyone be allowed to make drugs for “treatment” if they do not know “what” they are treating. It would be helpful if the people doing the treating were themselves more aware or more honest.

  • Dimitriy,
    Such a great piece! I LOVED reading it.
    It is awful when having to hide our true selves. And how can any “expert” define you or your experience. You said it all by stating that you should not have to “earn your dignity”.
    Everything you said is so true, perfectly said. I hope you continue to do what you do and keep being successful. Appreciate you and thank you. And thanks MIA.

  • Thanks Miranda, and Jodi. Great awareness blog and I hope some people gain some insight from it.

    Kids are taught so early by false information that anxiety is an “illness” or that being depressed is not their fault but an “illness”. By advertising these distresses as “not their “fault”, they grab onto it, because really, no one wants to be at “fault” for feeling miserable. And of course they are not at “fault”, it is an insidious way for the “MH” industry to lure youngsters and older into the patriarchal system, where the thing they said was “not your fault”, indeed gets treated like a fault, and “disorder” or “disordered personality”, which tells everyone that somehow, you are “born faulty”. And because the “feelings” do not vanish just by seeing a “MH” “expert”, it slowly makes people feel worse about themselves, leading to more anxiety or depression.

    “The importance of seeing anxiety as something outside of ourselves rather than a chronic mental illness inside of us. When being anxious becomes part of our identity, we define ourselves by our inadequacies, which is disempowering.”

  • Hi Michael, if you’re reading. Thanks for writing this to Pete. Thanks MIA.
    It’s a great response to his draconian tribute.

    Mchael, I came across your short bio some time ago and this that you said, stuck out for me…I was glad to see it.
    ” Every one of us has had [issues], and it’s got nothing to do with being mentally ill.”

    It was a great story by the way, I enjoyed reading it, despite the hardships. Much better and more educational than anything Jaffe could have ever said.
    Jaffe was a control freak, well up to a point, there are a few things in life we have no control over.

  • J, I have to agree, and the spirit of defiance is the strength and resolve that stood out when I read it.
    It is liberating on so many levels. It gives strength.
    And it strikes me that Jaffe did not give “strength” to those family members. The sad thing is that his kind of message rips families apart, makes families partake and engage of deeply hurtful controlling behaviour.
    I feel bad for the unsuspecting families who see the legacy of this barbaric partaking. It is first done
    by families as acts of desperation (which psych cashes in on) and then they tell themselves it is because of love. It is a very confusing place for everyone except those who shove this stuff down people’s throats.
    And as families age, they look back on the mess they became involved in.

  • Jocelyn, great story of your journey. LOVE the consciousness that kicked in.

    “Oh sure, it might start out with receiving a benign diagnosis like insomnia or chronic fatigue, but eventually, the darkness—psychiatry—and your circumstances will catch up with you. And now you’re not just facing your own demons, but generations of demons who have handed down lies perpetuated by industries who don’t care if you’re happy and healthy, only if they can profit from using you in some way.”

    That is the biggest AHA moment, when you finally gain that “insight” that psychiatrists like to point out, except they never told us that insight means seeing them and other controllers as the charlatans they are. It can take a bit til you really get it, really become aware of just how sticky their web is.

  • Thanks Jose.
    It is a step in the right direction to ask people what they would find helpful, and for shrinks to pretend that people who are making choices do so without “insight” is lunacy. It should be embarrassing for any psychiatrist to even utter those words.
    Everyone lacks “insight”.
    The words psychiatry stole from our day to day language is getting tired, tedious and holds no meaning. “insight” must be one of their “scientific” words. Mind you, they almost had us at “neurotransmitter”, but that is also something they want to just quietly go away. Psychiatry would be wise to talk to their “researchers” and “linguists” and ask them not to pass on theories and words that carry no meaning. They would appear more credible if they just dabbled in psychotherapy and not the mind cops they really are.

    So for anyone truly able to make “choices”, the psychiatrists cannot be part of those decisions. It is not a true choice if there remain power inequalities and “healing modalities” designed by the very people that “allow” “choices”.
    However, it is a sign that some areas are becoming conscious that something is wrong and abusive within the whole “MH” system and right now, the best thing we can do for each other is try to educate those who have no clue and do not have the insight into just WHAT psychiatry has power to do.

    ” The options were cognitive therapy, illness management, and recovery (IMR) skills training, individual job placement, and support (IPS), music therapy, exercise, and family group therapy. Yet, making such a choice was difficult, as many were unfamiliar with these services. They also found it difficult to discontinue their pharmacological treatment, as it was a complex process.”

  • Thank you for your story Wendy.
    It is so difficult to become that child that the family gets to worry about. And
    all to often we start to live out our roles. It is a big mess that psychiatry
    makes a whole lot messier. How dare they contribute. No one needs their help
    in making life messy and it would be wonderful if they had that honest conversation
    with their subjects. Nah, they just feed and feed. Gluttons feeding off misery.

    Nice to hear that you are not feeding their bellies.

  • “For God’s sake, don’t remind me of the existential grief I also face!”

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Being repressed is a woe of many a shrink. It makes them angry, angry at others “weaknesses” weaknesses that they were not allowed to “wallow” in. I really believe there is some needy personality hidden behind that mask, and it gets acted out by the subject in front of them. We know we are all interconnected and there is a great mystery as to what feeds us.
    It is time not to feed their needs. We know it is impossible to be emotionally neutral.
    I don’t profess to know their needs….i am looking at possibilities. I just don’t want to be part of their energy sucking manners.
    They should grow up and serve the people that come to them. The way they treat subjects is beyond anything rational, it has no common sense, absolutely ZERO scientific basis or value.
    They never even entertained the idea that perhaps they chose a profession for being able to finally have a feeling of control. But it is an illusion. One truly never has complete control.
    One thing I am completely sure of is that they really don’t believe their own practice and end up mostly spouting silly dribble to protect it. And it is far from just psychiatry that engages in these ridiculous narratives (whether authentically believed or acting the role/mimicking) running amok in their heads.

  • Malaika, they are lying and dead wrong to boot. Even their lies are full of holes.
    It is simply their word against yours. It has NOTHING to do with “medicine” and everything to do
    with power. They are vile creeps and they OWE you a life.
    They have no clue what it’s like to be hurt by power. Their hurt was burried under hatred, it is my only explanation of why they do what they do.

  • Right Phil.
    Obviously I can invent an “illness”, by it’s name it is an illness, not by scientific tests. I then create “criteria”, then invent my question which have no “right” answer and fail you because it was never a real test anyway, but I can still say that you have an “illness”.
    It’s not genius, it’s embarrassing. They are either completely stupid and naive or just nasty manipulators. Cold as ice.

  • KR,
    And that happens now by physicians who, if they cannot locate a problem with the rudimentary science we have, prescribe psych drugs and by doing so, also “diagnose” you. So it seems that we do not need psychiatrists at all, since physicians “diagnose” people with “MI” daily.
    They are also starting to prescribe psych meds for chronic conditions, which really is saying that
    “we don’t want to be bothered having to deal with the chronic condition and if we give you psych meds, then it makes it seem as if it’s in your head, which in turn dirties your charts and leads to invalidation about the chronic issues by every other provider, specialist, nurse, and even by the massage therapist”

    There are a lot of “tests” that detect only very obvious problems, and a lot of conditions that cause suffering, which “medicine” has no help for. Medicine in general is tired of the lack of knowledge and ability to deal with illnesses, so along with palliative care, come the “I give up drugs”.

    My father lay suffering and dying and was given AD’s during his last six weeks, whereas he had never dealt with psychiatry or drugs, ever. It is very sad to see a man dying and have that dying face be pumped with AD’s.
    I doubt Jaffe swallowed AD’s for his suffering. In fact he died at home and I won’t open that can of worms. It is interesting to note that rarely does an MD die in hospital. He does not get the same treatment that the idiot public gets.

  • “I hate that I feel regret for you that, despite a 15 year battle with leukemia, you still somehow lacked the empathy and curiosity of mind to expand your experiences of illness into an appreciation for the experience of those of us whose power, autonomy, physicality, family, career, conception of self, and life trajectory is altered through diagnosis at no fault of our own.”

    But you see, it is that “lack of insight” that they talk about so much. Their “diagnosis” really are a way for them to see into their own lives, repressions and deranged thought. It never is about the subject, it is about them and one of the main reasons so many “disorders” came about. A man knows himself and protects himself, and sometimes he can illuminate the world about himself through blaming and shaming others.

    Hopefully we can educate people that it is not about themselves at all, as individuals. It is up to us to educate, for safety and freedoms from the sickness that psychiatry employs and pays for.

    Briana, thank you SO very much for being enraged and not accepting of these hateful privileged pretenders.
    Illness and death is not something that calls to closed minds. They are too self absorbed, perhaps it would be too painful for them to even think on it. I understand the regret feelings, I have had them, it is a sorrow that this person could never see people for who they were and chose to not just see them only from a prejudiced biased place, but then hold the power to sway others. Hold the power to denigrate people to a piece of garbage. Like stonings in public but it seems our politicians are also involved, for they are also ignoring what is being said.

    Your words are true and you are carrying an important message to people. We have to educate people to protect themselves and shore each other up against psychiatry. Educate them about the harmful beast that psychiatry is.

  • Everyone being forced or coerced to take chemicals should undergo a chemical imbalance test and genetics
    testing and also scans, and metabolical testing.
    I doubt anyone can choose to receive chemo unless there is proof of cancer. No one can in fact receive or opt for drugs unless there is proof that it helps. And most of all, it should always remain a choice.
    If a person says that their distress is uncomfortable, let them decide what to ingest. If they need safekeeping, this could obviously be done without chemical brain damage, until the episode is over.

    Psychiatry can admit that of course any chemical can be created to render a person incapable of movement or thought. In surgery, drugs are also used to render a person unconscious and paralyzed.

    Psychiatry should not have the ability or freedom to make any human ingest dangerous chemicals.

  • ” Why must a trauma survivor be given some nasty name, rather than perpetrators?”

    According to allen frances and others, it is the suffering that gets one a nasty name. If the perpetrator is not bothered by his behaviour, it is not an “illness”. All these many years, the victims were victimized more by psychiatry and it’s ilk than the original perpetrators had done. It has always been their damn hoax of being a “doctor” that gets unsuspecting folks. I’m glad for the day I started to sense something was off, and deconstruct the scene of psychiatry within my primitive head.

  • I think we are going to have to make a final decision on whether we are in any way superior to the “lowest” life form. I think so far we have proven power but not intellect which man seems to think differentiates him from other life and which allows him to “reason”. What has this undefinable “intelligence” and “reasoning” ability resulted in so far?
    People stop and take stock of what place they have within this social policy.
    Perhaps it is difficult to come to terms with the fallacy we grew up with, that man was reasonable and that mankind was more than an animal pack.

  • As long as we use the words “over”-“diagnose”, “over”-“MEDICATE”….and the word “medicate” is of course the big lie. Within psychiatry and surgery, the word is “drugging”. A surgery is never performed while being “medicated”.
    I can imagine that Dainius Puras is aware, but is pushed to use those words since he is hoping that his message will lead to change. He is most likely trying to stay away from being too “radical”, after all he has all the shrinks and the WHO on his back.
    The language he is having to use is because he would not even have a seat at the UN if he used the truth.
    All he can do is engage with other shrinks with the pretentious “over” words, with the shrinks pretentiously agreeing and then back to regular practice under the guise that it was, this time, “medically” needed.

    I’m glad he speaks up but at his stage of the game I think he’s got zero to lose by calling out psychiatry for exactly what it does. He knows people are being hurt but I guess he thinks being hurt a little is better than being hurt a lot or killed. But that “little hurt” has been minimized too long.
    Psychiatry is in the business to hurt, defame, slander people in ways where they mean less than a pound of pork.

  • It’s a touchy subject and so it should be. Kids are vulnerable to adults and kids, in fact adults are vulnerable where there is a power or ‘knowledge’ inequality. If a kid remembers something, one would hope it is absolutely not ignored.
    I have also had it suggested to me that “something happened”, but I also know that there are obsessed therapists who are fixated on the latest theories and I know that kids should not be alone with therapists DUH. Especially delving into weird shit that the kid does not have a mental power over…such as the adult “investigating” a kids mind. Kids know. Kids often feel really weird being put into the position of being “talked” to. They can sense something is off and all they feel is that it is them. They feel uncomfortable unless it’s a really nice play time. A fun time.
    I never appreciated this “digging”. Why make trouble? Perhaps EVEN if something happened to me, perhaps THAT is not my issue or biggest issue and perhaps when the therapist gets all tingly and excited that THEY discovered the issue, it just adds to me brooding over shit that does not have the biggest meaning.
    And adults should not make the subject become the subject, getting the kid or now adult to question everything, or that what happened is why they are “broken”. Because too often, it just leads to victimization all over again. And then for more money, one can “work through stuff” etc etc.

    There is a ton of crap I don’t remember from childhood, but so do many others. 30watt, what I myself find suspicious is that you were treated for YOUR anxiety when it was actually your dad that had the anxiety, which would have made you feel really weird to sit in “treatment” for it. Your mind could not have comprehended it. Psychiatry and psychology haul in the wrong people. Besides, most treatment is garbage.
    Most “treatment” should from the getgo focus on that “shit happens” and how to gain confidence.
    There is a ton of barbaric dehumanizing that can happen to people, to kids that will always feel weird or be painful.
    I think it is a fallacy that we need to “address” everything that ever happened. And that would be up to the individual but I know there are many, many therapists that operate in a “trained” style and can be more damaging than helpful. There was this huge focus on “repressed memories” which went way south and I know one adult who became much worse after seeing “mental health” people. It was my cousin where it came out that her dad abused her sexually. Now her mom died when she was 4 and there were 3 kids, one a baby. The mom died just shortly after birth and my uncle lived in a very isolated rural place with the kids. My cousin was never as fucked up until she started therapy and then drugs. I was not involved since she lived elsewhere and she had been older, but now when I look back, I know that her life would have been shit living in poor squalor conditions, without a mom, in the woods, with a father that knew nothing about anything. I wish she would have had a bright person to work with, or a community to support her missed childhood. Her issues were not JUST the one thing. Because one should know that a perpetrator would do more harms than just the sexuality part of it.
    I question “repressed memory” and I very much question “false memory”
    And often I think if we feel something was “off”, it might have been something about the person that we were around. Most kids are highly confused as to “why” they are in “therapy”. why is this person looking at me, making me colour, asking me questions. I know I have been very weirded out even as an adult.

    It should be up to you how and why you investigate as an adult.

  • Katel I know exactly about that PTSD feeling. I experienced it after trying to deal with my lung disease, due to the cruelty I experienced when going to the specialist or hospital. It took me a few days to try and put meaning to what reaction I was experiencing after time and again being treated like shit.
    I tried to reason with them and the last time I went to ER due to shortness of breath, I told triage to put me in a psych ward for my shortness of breath. They were stumped and refused, saying in that crazy singing voice “we don’t think you’re crazy” and “you can’t breathe” I was too short of air to ask her if people in psych are crazy. I decided then and there that Canada was showing me just how far they will go to try and minimize a patient. And that without any real psych record or ever being a hypocondriac.
    They showed me that even though one is not nor ever has been a criminal, that the medical people can treat you as one. And so they showed me that indeed they treat others who do have “diagnoses” also get treated like shit. And it makes no difference whether someone has a diagnoses or does not. Many doctors and nurses simply suffer from that weird personality that haunts them from childhood, where they end up being mean kids just because they now have licence. I have seen some very cold eyes, the same eyes that would have been the doers in assylums.
    I never pretend that being a doc or nurse is not hard work and that we patients are not difficult, since we are chronic and we might become really scared. But they drove me underground, caused me to pick up stakes after 30 years in my home and become obsessed with how the rest of my life should look. And I want NOTHING to do with them anymore.
    If they had simply told me that I was stuck with the symptoms and that it’s a shit disease, and if I could have found others beyond the respiratory rehab run by wide tooth grinning “professionals” that also tended to minimize. Doctors, nurses and patients COULD actually have decent relationships if they took into account that suffering is very real and even if they in their little heads think that their patient is “overreacting”, they do not know this for a fact. It just ends up being an ugly situation, and it is one huge reason why so many doctors and nurses are not satisfied with their jobs, they were advised not to “connect” with their patients, to let that “emotional” side not get in the way and it’s wholly detrimental to everyone. And whenever they respond to one patient in negative ways, it affects families.

  • Thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart.
    It was not a foolish decision. In the least the public gets that much needed education, through yours and Robert’s efforts. I pass on the articles to someone else, and I try to make sure they are the younger generation.
    I believe there are many that would love to be truthful, but there are few brave enough to risk it.
    There is and will be positive results that come from your risking everything.

    I absolutely agree with that quote.

  • I think what is important and to keep on top of is never to look at psychiatry as “history” until it and it’s practices become history.
    We look back on 1956, and psychiatry likes that. How much they “improved”. Does psychiatry not think they will be looked back upon in 2070?
    And what will that look like? I know hard to believe that they could possibly be engaging in bad practice as we speak. What psychiatry did was become “invisible” with brain damaging drugs, that obliterate certain people. And they still hold on to the draconian reasons of why. They have squeezed their way into regular medicine and pushing their drugs and “diagnosis” wherever they can.

    And I wonder who will be known as the bad doctor. There were a ton of people helping these guys in 1956. A TON of them. A lot of nurses that never said a word. Because it was a job for them, working with lesser beings than pigs. Disgusting that these people led pretentious lives outside of their “jobs”.

    Psychiatry is trying to redeem itself, as it does every year since the first kooky obsessed men got into trying stuff that seemed interesting. Now psychiatry hides behind chemicals. They leave the dirty work up to others, as usual. At least Freud did his obsessed inventions and deliveries on his own.
    Ohh how far we’ve come.

  • Of course the word “anti-depressant” is in itself a misrepresentation. What causes “depression”? They don’t know and they don’t care.
    Do the animals that these drugs are tried on have “depression”? How does the observer know? I mean the shrink establishes “depression” by an interview, yet he cannot interview an animal. And the cowering in the corner of a cage is fear, fear of another horrible test.
    The observer also cannot ask an animal how it feels after an injection. Nor would he care if it could speak. There are no “chemical tests” no “scans” that can determine anything. The drug only ever makes it to market based on one thing, it did not kill the animal but it sure killed a bunch in horrific suffering before one was developed that did not kill within a few weeks.
    The real trials happen on people. They are the ultimate guinea pigs. Also no real tests, just an interview and the only one that counts are the ones that lead to prescriptions.
    The complaints are ignored just like the whimpering of an animal is ignored.
    The only reason people ever tried these drugs is because of outright lies, misrepresentations, hope, trust, desperation.
    Psychiatry decides you are sick before you show up for an appointment but they never told us it’s because no one in their right mind would see them.

  • “DSM-5 explicitly states that bipolar now should be considered even when it is clearly induced by a depression drug or ECT. And psychiatry has a new term for antidepressant-induced bipolar disorder: bipolar III.”

    I did not know this Brett.
    There is no shame, but you know, there are many, many organizations and people in all walks of life that lie through their teeth to protect that bit of turf. It is simply about being that type of person, with those traits, so they cannot experience shame or remorse.
    I think some do but feel their job is to dear to their “selves” their identity to give up the pretense.
    Some of us just see that in fact we can experience many “selves” and shockingly might like the less pretending self.

  • I really think there is some weird perversion, the way some kids get pleasure out of ripping bugs legs off, the way some get other gratifications by things done to others. I’m very serious about this.
    Like the child or adult who secretly enjoys someone being lied about, causing humiliation.
    There is something very sick about much of psychiatry. It was built on a foundation of sickness and they have tried and tried to polish it up but it’s not working.
    Even other therapies are looking washed up and tired. People are tired and becoming aware of something being screwy.
    It would be refreshing if the “mental health” people would be honest and say how it really is. Tell the public that they are living a pretense, an act like a bad movie, and that they don’t know and that they themselves are hurting under the lies.
    It is akin to telling your kid that a parent is simply a bigger person without training or education who can be the boss. Be honest.

  • Hi Phil,
    Thank the universe that you exist.

    I read it and it makes me sick. And NO, psychiatry is the same, it only knows there are people who watch and people who are not “alone”. They know damn well that people are now, and with absolute certainty will look back on this year of 2020 and think of it as bad “medicine”. Yet it continues and that is why they are so cocky. I do also know that at some point every perfect and cocky, coy system crashes.
    They are trying to save themselves before it happens.

  • hopefully anyone “running” a group is not actually running it. The biggest problem is the “training” of “leaders” of “groups”. Already they enter a room with a power inequality by someone being the one with the sickness and the family will be also seen as a problem.
    Guaranteed, the trained one is not the one with “the problem”. How sad is it to pretend not to have an abnormality and that is what we are all pushed to present.

    I thought of the different color of chairs in that room. Must be something modern or perhaps a psychological experiment, where the “professional” keeps notes on who returns to same color of chair and puts “meaning” on that. Perhaps framing it in words such as “patient seems to be rigid and does not like change”
    Which of course could lead to a valid “diagnosis”

    And of course one could always start asking subjects of why they chose a certain color chair, why they like that color and “how does that color make you feel”.

    No pressure mind you, to answer it, but if you don’t, watch out, some meaning is in there.
    They never did say WHY people dropped out, because the people are not doing the reporting now are they. REporting will be done by those who were not involved/receiving in “treatment”

  • Bananas excellent point about “training”.
    I think Bill Wells has brought that into conversation before in another blog.
    Training is learning the material in front of you. And that is enough for
    an assembly line, (which psychiatry really is) but certainly not good enough when dealing with
    humans OR any animal.
    It is completely biased and prejudiced and should be embarrassed to “train” their young and
    bright minds in anything so draconian.
    There are probably a few great minds that really want to speak up, but they can’t. For the same reason the subject of psychiatry can’t. It is their way or the highway, and what kid wants to throw out mom and dad’s money after taking up a seat in psych class.

  • I imagine it is not easy Robert.
    I think it is important to remember that survivors do not need or want others to define them or “MI”. And exactly because of the mission of “rethinking”, I hardly think it can ever happen if it remains a professional voice only.
    And so we come to an issue of whether we are personally offended by a person who comments. It seems the authors and other “MI” helpers get offended. But I am very curious about this since Subjects in “MI” care are ALWAYS challenged on being “offended”.
    And I can guarantee that conversations do indeed shut down, NOT because of one person being the one who “shut down dialogue”, but because they completely disagree with each other.
    Obviously this happens among “professionals” way more than they would like to admit. They either just go along with each other despite not in agreement, or part ways and I can assure you that many of us have experienced not seeing eye to eye in our daily lives that have zero to do with “charged” beliefs, and even those small inconsequential discourses cause grief and hurt feelings, shutting down and walking away.
    I for one do not want to be portrayed as the conduit that shut down dialogue and certainly not by “professionals”. I see it as the bullying controlling paradigm that is already telling us what normal is and I really don’t want to be told or guided in how to respond to a writer in that “normal” way. ALL our responses come from experience or perceptions. So do those from the “professionals.
    And it is just an excuse to paint the commentors as “argumentative”. The excuse is because they run out of arguments to sustain a narrative. You would think if they wanted to “change” a system, they would not look towards reform without taking in what the actual subjects that they make their money off are saying.

  • Brett, and James.
    I have read up to here, late I know, so who knows what has transpired since.
    I am getting the sense that this “culture” is seen or understood as hostile and not
    welcome to “dialogue”. What is dialogue? It is that which takes us RIGHT BACK to whether
    the pillow is green. Basically it means that as a commenter, I am supposed to do what?
    If I “nitpick” an article it will be offensive, even if the beginning of my nitpicking starts with
    “respectfully”. And it is rather insulting to be made out to be the “culture” that puts on hold
    the “mission of MIA”. And the suggestion that there be a professional site of MIA, what would that
    accomplish? Would you “change” the “system” with chat between “professionals”? Those chats happen
    without MIA EVERY day, and nothing changes because you all agree with each other.
    It is the comments that are part of “education”.
    And what is “change”. We are ALL the “change”. It just seems like a bullying or patriarchal oppression to
    suggest that comments by individuals are not “nice enough”.

    It is ludicrous to think there is a middle ground in everything. Divorce anyone?

    If all the commentors ran away, or spoke “nice” would there then be true change in the “MI” system?

  • “Inequality in mental health and society will only cease after enough people, both within and outside of the field, speak up, demand better, and work together on solutions.”

    One solution would be to get rid of systems that are not working. Is psychiatry working? Where is the data for those harmed and those helped? Psychiatry is not an aid to families in need of help and guidance.

  • Well Gary,
    it seems men and women have been unhappy for eons. And the funny thing is, no one got treated for it and despite all the “treatments” in our “medicalized” society, once people are in “care” they often are the same or worse. Yet psychiatry keeps looking for subjects, complaining that people are not getting the “care” they need. They are correct, people are often not getting care, but it is certainly not found within psychiatry unless someone got very lucky.

  • Kevin that is a lot of history and research! Wow well done. When are you getting to the actual drug problem? The legal racket.
    When will there be prohibition on all harmful drugs? Why are people not selling them to their friends? Anti-psychotic parties? The useless debilitating ones that pharma makes? Psychiatry looks to the illegal substances now, as they can get them with licence, plus the poisons that big pharma makes is going to get psych into trouble at some point.
    They say no way, look at how knife lobotomies went on and no one charged the knife wielders. So we can use our lobotomy causing drugs since we are immune to prosecution and well things never change so guaranteed we are safe. 🙂

  • Katel.
    Your friend likes to blame instead of support. In truth, many people run out of things to say so they might say desperate things, but they should just admit that they are short of wisdom. That walling off is just an attempt to maintain some dignity for yourself and to not be defined and judged. And that becomes more important as we age.
    I agree with Steve, once something has become illuminated, by that inside “aha” moment, there is no turning back. It is why many experience the “gee, I wish I knew then what I know now”.

  • Yes indeed. I have experienced this and was told that it was just a side effect that would go away. I chose not to go back to ask more questions. Any complaints one has is not validated, so one really has to consider how much dignity we want them to steal from us.
    I think it’s important to not just educate kids on the “don’t let anyone touch you if it’s not comfortable”, but also, don’t let anyone define you.

  • True Larry.
    I volunteered with a campaign to end Pig abuse. I have stood in universities, in malls and walked the street with placards.
    The worst and the best people to talk to were the “Agriculture” students. I mean they are not in agriculture to make it a more humane occupation. They are not there trying to reform a bad practice.
    They are there to look to the future of how to make a living. That living is not about liking pigs, it is about farming pigs, and how to best contain them and manage diseases.

  • careful re “levofloxacin”. Some nasty long lasting stuff, and who knows if some of the stuff one suffers is permanent. Because often we don’t tie in future body problems to a drug that you might have taken years back. Insidious damages.
    And of course, no one is a true scientist, including scientists. Science that does not know, does not create crap that harms and calls them “side effects”. Everything, including BAD effects are THE effects of the drug. But then they don;t want to call them “bad effects”.
    It’s all rather convenient for them, because we cannot “prove” it was due to the drug, even if we know it to be true, and as “scientists”, they can say anything they like. It’s all in the title or licence.