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  • Thanks Chris.

    “The only time a therapist helped me was when a social worker got me volunteering in a woodworking room.”

    The solution lies in doing, interactively. It’s stupid to send children and teens to “counselors”. Words are drawn out and shared by doing shared things. To make kids sit in a room and given crayons which a therapist interprets is invented by adults, not children.

    It is too costly to create programs where kids and adults get involved and interact. A place where a child or adult can find themselves connecting. A place where one party is not the professional.

  • Thanks Robert.
    I am not surprised at all. But I think it’s enough to make at least some of the public say “hey wait a minute. If psychiatry is so great, why are there these options?” And “why was Norway basically ordered to have a choice?”
    You went out of your way to try and make sure that the reasons for, would be honest and fairly imparted to the public, but that would take 20 seasons of weekly programs and not run by “psychiatrists”.

  • “And he didn’t write that on MIA, he went back to his blog and wrote about it there.”

    Yes registered, I’m familiar. We say all kinds of things when frustrated, even reverting back to ammunition we kept since childhood. most of psych is built on not knowing and frustration. And it gets them really pissed off when pointed out to them. “boy I will show you”.

  • “As in, “If you rail against abusive doctors, you must have a ‘personality disorder?’” And if the doctors are abusive, is there something wrong with railing against them?”

    And if they are abusive (and of course calling people disordered is abuse, if calling them that has repercussions for them) it seems to me there is something “wrong” with the “doctors”.

    And of course it’s the insult that they grab for. It’s what happens after they go to school for 8 years and start to become angry at having been lied to and the clients they lied to.

    But yeah, it’s kind of like “gee, I’d like to give this up, but can I practice as I was”

  • Thanks Sandra. Nice tribute.
    It reminds me of the song “oh lord it’s hard to be humble”.
    I have trouble being humble. I admire it in others but I
    don’t think I can learn how to be humble, I can only be aware
    of it when I see it in contrast to my non humbleness.

    I think that is why “programs” just do not work if brought into
    the non humbled areas. The programs and ideas evolved from
    someone’s deep and already existent personality and it is because
    of their personality, beliefs and passion that they worked.

    Before anyone can be “trained” they would have to authentically
    not believe in that which is contrary, but it is very difficult to
    drop the disorder.
    I doubt that new and upcoming shrinks can marry the false paradigm
    teachings of 8 years, with a 6 week information course about OD. A thing
    that worked because of the people, NOT because of a “program”
    And I think the guys who have enough insight early on, leave psychiatry.

  • “I remember one doctor getting irritated with us and labeling us as “personality disordered individuals railing against abusive doctors”. Some of them seem unable to stop psychiatrically labeling individuals.”

    That is rather funny and surprised name calling individuals got past the moderator but I’m glad it did 🙂 It is helpful.

  • It would not work in other nations. It would only be brought over as a possibility of dialoguing about it. Trieste has been operating quite fine thank you for many years and only the vacations to Trieste and the slides were brought over. Oh and of course an education website that the WHO blessed.
    The Norway option happened FINALLY because their government was tired of endless harm with no good results. They were in a forced position because what psychiatry creates is not sustainable in the long run.
    Because not only do individuals get hurt, but as is with trauma, it gets carried into future generations and so a better world for individuals or for governments cannot ever be realized through damaging drugs or more trauma.

  • There is also no such thing as advertising to the public and whoever else not familiar with science, in the form of spewing chemical words and making it sound as if these chemicals are responsible for whatever seems out of the ordinary.
    Psychiatry operates in advertising as facts that which ever only went into research based on curiosity.
    Nothing has ever made it past curiosity (which is postulated as research and hypothesis).
    The whole paradigm operates with absolutely NO understanding, or even a willingness to understand.
    It should be illegal to “treat” anyone with these dangerous chemicals.

  • Thank you Peter. Excellent information as usual.
    Although we should stop calling them “anti-psychotics”,
    it is a completely false name given to a dangerous drug
    to try and hide it’s dangerousness and it’s actual effects.
    It really was meant to convince the public, and not cause
    them to look deeper into not just the chemicals, but into
    the darkness of the paradigm.
    And which of course would lead people to conclude that they
    were mislead about and resulting in the disastrous consequences of human lives
    humans who were not guilty of anything.

  • Agree. And there is every reason why countries are shying away from blaming the culprits. Best to turn it into something where non compliance can be blamed for deaths on individuals, rather than those that would be in charge of viruses. And it would follow then that non compliance with vacs can be further blamed on future deaths.
    Where it all started will be completely forgotten because the blame has now shifted to the public. To the individual peasants that are ignorant. I think at the moment they are mostly hoping for the best outcome.

  • “So doing something that makes the situation worse is better than doing nothing when your mystique as a ‘healer’ is at stake.”

    They know that they have nothing close to being helpful. But their own egos are more important than the lives of completely innocent and vulnerable people.

    They could never allow this grotesque secret out.

  • I see nothing inflammatory.
    We have put up and continue to put up with “inflammatory” rhetoric, propaganda advertising and much damage against innocent victims, including millions of kids.

    It is inflammatory for psych to advertise about their mental health ideals, plus their poisons. They inflame the public to make them believe that the distress they might see or feel is an illness and that there are drugs for it.

    These articles above are part of “the voices”. It is not inflammatory to call BS on psychiatry.

    I think we all get it. Maintain nice dialogue that asks for change for the next forever. It will never end, other voices need to enter.
    What is psychiatry doing? Oh yes we are all aware of how a few professionals get together and talk about how awful it is and how they wish it was different. They even talk about “overmedicating”. To talk about it makes them feel as if they are DOING something false with good intention.
    And they say things like “well what will we do about all these suffering people”. But they have NEVER gone en masse to the governments themselves and said “we need to drop this damage and we need your help”

    They could literally change it overnight if they had any interest. They are all waiting to be forced. A bit like forced treatment.

  • Jane, do you find it odd that americans have to travel to trieste to see how not to kill people? And how would that change anything, if the training of shrinks was completely false information? Everything imported is plastic. So did LA open a big center like Trieste? Or big enough to serve LA? Did they open up a center and get rid of their usual way of doing things? Where people can stay and get involved? Or is it just a few professionals that have a website? A website blessed by the WHO, the WHO that goes into other countries and cities to promote psychiatry.

  • I think we are wasting our time talking about reforming, or rethinking psychiatry. We need to reform the public, our politicians, our governing bodies. And art such as yours helps to do that. Books such as “Anatomy of an Epidemic” help to that.

    Only the public can be caused to “think”. The ones who went for “training”, did so for a personal reason and are immersed in their own personal lives and gains. One cannot reform that.

  • And thanks for the article Robert.

    “The mental health industry’s ambition—now mostly realized—is to be the universal solution for every problem, and to use the drugs for nearly anyone. The National Institute of Mental Health says one in five US citizens “live with a mental illness.”

    You said you used to feel sorry for them.
    Who do you think advertises about mental health, and who “diagnoses” the confusion of people” This is not big pharma, it rests on psychiatry alone. They can’t even blame the consumers anymore, because psychiatry single handedly decided that the dastard issues of life are an illness.
    Do they ever strongly discourage even the most distraught people from their “service”? Who holds the pen to prescribe harmful chemicals? Who writes awful things about people in charts? Who writes on charts that people lack insight or “appear” this way or that way?
    Psychiatry attacks VICIOUSLY and in most hateful pathological ways and our governments sit on their fat asses and do absolutely nothing.
    These shrinks are really what it means to be messed up. To go on damaging people because you have some stupid identity and image to fulfill, for all the people in your life, from the lineage of bossy women and men most of these shrinks come from, a lineage of privilege where dark secrets are not to be shared and where weakness or neediness is frowned upon. A lineage where mom and gramma thought it was great to repeat “my son, the doctor”. Because they were shallow enough to think it was such a thing. And by the time junior catches on, he does everything in his power to deny the reality. A shrink would know first hand what “insight” means.
    These people cannot actually understand humanity. They are certainly not doctors, but it’s the only dam job they can do. No one else would put up with them.

    It’s difficult to even have a drink with one. I’ve tried. It’s the most painful experience when their brains are busy hiding from themselves.

    What I am having a very difficult time with is that none of you writers are getting together and approaching governments and the who.
    En masse. No because you guys figure that you have nothing else, no alternatives.
    Education is NOT enough.
    Here we are in our cosy homes while millions of kids are swallowing drugs and psychiatry keeps getting excused.
    I think if we all really cared, we could do MUCH more than write books and articles.

  • “SSRIs may help for severe depression, but only for a brief time. If your depression puts you in bed full time for months and you can barely resist killing yourself, you may want to risk the drugs. If you do, you must accept the risk that the medications themselves will enable you to get up and commit suicide or harm others. For moderate depression, the drugs work poorly or not at all. For mild depression, which is their current primary use, these medications are ineffective.”

    They do not “help” ANYTHING.
    The effect is like hitting the person with a hammer. Same outcome.

    Question is. Why is the person in bed? “depression”. What is it? And if you don’t know what it is, how could you possibly ever develop a drug for it?
    Someone is having a response. To what?

  • I guess I am quite shocked at the word “reform”, because it seems most people fail to go further in explaining what they mean by it, and the word just sits there.
    So the reformists all present these “humane” ways that psychiatry can keep practicing and what exactly does it look like?
    How to you reform a liar? A murderer? A hostile political institution? It is deeply insulting to people who have been abused to suggest to them that the abuser can be “reformed” and that the abused are safe to then venture into that reformed territory.

    And so, for eons, we keep using the words “please be nicer” in your helpful domain. Because really, we are then taking part in saying that the mentals all need treatment by psychiatry, but we just want them to be “nicer”. A bit more “humane”. A bit better treatment for all those ADHD kids? What does it look like? Does it look like not calling them ADHD and not othering them? Does it mean smaller doses of the speed? Does it mean naming fewer kids so there are only some that get fried? Is it humane to damage fewer cretins? Only some should get tied up? Only some should get labels?

    And with that, I would like to know how you marry artwork that says “burn down the house of psychiatry” with “reform”

  • Thanks Karin.
    When you say reform, what is meant by this?
    I have yet to see what reform means exactly. And would those who want reform then use the reformed product?
    And would this reform be about the things that they themselves do not like?

    Psychiatry is not science, nor is it an expression of art. It is an expression of hostility towards what is seen as weakness and faults, a hostility that we are all capable of.

  • Yes the “few days” of drugs is what leads into more because anxiety does not just leave if it is in memory,
    and in being stuck in situations. There are millions of ways we can try to help it, or prevent it. I realize that doctors are stuck, but it would be helpful to identify how we fail to create safe spaces. After all, anxiety is about fear.

  • “falsely rationalize” Please Joel.
    You do not want to “abandon your family” and so continue in a field where you on your website refer to patients/people as “cretins”.
    And you want to blame the “medicalization” on big pharma. Big pharma relies on salespeople, which are psychiatrists.
    Shrinks are the ones who call it an illness and do the prescribing.

    There seems to be a lot of people who were caught up in psych and who lost their jobs.

    Why do you really want to leave psychiatry? And how are you rationalizing staying in the industry you hate?
    You don’t hate the industry, you hate how you got involved in a false paradigm. It’s not working for you because you hate “neediness”. Your “training” did not equip you for reality.

    I am hearing your pain and stuckness, and anger. It is really quite palpable and understandable but please don’t think you are being any more “rational” than clients.
    You could get another job and live on a low income if that so happens, or would that “depress” you? There is therapy for that.

  • One thing Sami.
    I think we can come up with better words than “emotional wellness”, if all that it would lead to it’s opposite of “sickness” 🙂 What is most important is that people are not seen as sick or unwell, despite how we like to make sense of it, it is not correct.
    But I understand where you are headed with this and that is what is important.

  • Thank Sami for another great article.

    “The establishment railed against him and his allies,”
    Yes they did. I have read so much horribly mean and nasty things said by so called “mental workers”, directed at those who have had enough. The aggression, power and control that is exhibited by psychiatry is obviously it’s very own disorder, and so we can indeed do risk assessments ESPECIALLY of the groups that are in charge of large groups of people.

    ” it has also unleashed the creativity of mental health practitioners and many projects have since developed in Italy that have taken mental health work out of the clinic into being a social activity that involves connecting with patients’ families and the wider community.”

    I think you nailed it. Who needs creativity and a thoughtful caring mind when the book and drugs are so much easier. Boring, but easier. Except it is well known that quite a few shrinks have traveled there, to look at it, as you do monkeys in a zoo, and enjoy the scenery while there, only to return to their countries and have fancy talks, present slides, and use magical thinking around it all. Because they do nothing with it. BECAUSE, they are not those people. Those people like Roberto Mezzina, well they just cannot be copied, because really, you need the passion, the belief and resolve. It works because of the people. One cannot “train” how to truly be with people.
    And interestingly, people were not just “released physically”, but also chemically.

    “This is the double violence that the system does to you. It’s time for this insane medicine to be exposed and vanquished once and for all.”

    It’s very sad that so many have left this short life not getting to experience safety. A shame in “developed countries”. And because of the many lives lost, and families crushed, we do indeed have to be careful what gets into the cracks.

    I think we really should recognize that there is indeed a certain type of personality that enjoys being in control of people, and that is where everything becomes abusive. So sure, we get a few that enter those arenas and are “good folks”. But let’s face it, most or many of us are NOT equipped to care responsibly for others.

  • Richard, I do want to point out to you that it is not unusual or paranoid to question or even to refuse and yes I realize how survivors should have to PROVE themselves as not being a lunatic, because refusing or not trusting a vaccine proves lunacy, and well then, nothing else they say can be taken serious either.

    Again our governments are using psych patients as “those who might be crazy enough to not see what is good for them”, and THAT is what I resent, not the vax.

    Every reader here knows that all over the news, every day the news item are about “how people have lost trust in the FDA and drug makers, and how they have reason, and how do we restore the faith”.
    So no, this is not only those weird conspiracy types. And those were not MY words, they are being said on the news because they know that they made a ton of BAD drugs and have said the very same thing to those people. “take these, you need them”.

    I think it’s rude to not give people benefit of doubt, or at least see every rational reason why they might not want to. I am not talking anyone out of or into doing something they are afraid of. They don’t have to give me a rational reason.

    As I said, this fear is HUGE, way beyond vulnerable people. I think when covid was raging, perhaps if we had seen people released out of seclusions and locked wards, out of nursing homes, into community, perhaps I could believe that they cared about that population.

    So for me it’s about MUCH more than if the vax is safe. And rest assured, my whole family will get the vax.

  • And Jill, you are a human being that did not deserve this, and no one should have to deal with this garbage and I wanted to thank you so very much for being an advocate, a voice that they did not silence, and because of people like you and MIA for publishing continually about the harms, there will be those who are spared.

    One day, shrinks and the medical community, who have continued to use each other to either silence or get rid of people, will stop doing this. Except when they do, they will make it seem as if it was their idea.
    Like Dr Pies, who pretend he never spoke of the chemical “imbalance” in the brain, and says that patients made it up, he is doing so because he knows. He knows he’s been found out, so he wants the credit.

    So to Dr Pies at the moment, “it”, “might be related to “chemicals”, because he is still promoting treatment with chemicals.
    Until, something comes along where he feels pressured to change that rhetoric.

    How long did they think this could go on? They figure forever. They figure there will always be cretins that need managing. Except one day, it won’t be legal to drug patients with chemicals that are damaging or kill people.

  • Thank you James and Jill.

    “Akathisia is much more common than is being reported, this is primarily because the majority of doctors today know little to nothing about it, some have never even heard of it.”

    I know Jill is trying to be nice. They have known about this since the first 6 months of maltreatment which goes back to when the first drug was made. They watch it with curiosity and disgust and drug more, because the resulting suicides that they caused will be seen as self caused.
    Psychiatry is dripping with blood and damage to families and the future generations that live with the legacy.

  • “I would say, as feminists, we have enough to fear in the world. We don’t have to make up new ones. A problem that we’ve had to address as feminists is not being fearful of public life, and now you’re inadvertently reproducing a kind of paranoia that is not helpful. Many women get more ill through a process of recovering more and more disturbing memories—more graphic and dramatic scenes from the childhood of torture at the hands of their parents, neighbors, or pastors in the basements of churches and homes that had not been identified. You might see it as a time of group hysteria or moral panic.”

    Interesting in light of the other article by Joshua Kendall regarding memory.

    Well of course I don’t think that the APA was a reasonable “alternative” to religion. Both are rather fucked up. Both keep people locked into “that poor cretin over there”.

    Overall, I’m sorry to say that it was a yawner.

  • I only know about MY memory so I cannot and neither can scientists ever know what a factual memory is and the bigger part of the picture is, how and what did that thing that happened to you, affect you, over time. And how did that one or many things make you more vulnerable to keep having it repeated? And this is where therapists love to use the word “boundaries”, but that word is overused and often used in a kind of useless way. To TALK about boundaries without practice is stupid.
    Many things that happen to kids are not processed as if something “bad” is happening, but is rather experienced as that “They themselves are bad”.
    And I think many therapists hone in on the actual content of certain incidents, which might not at all be the ONE thing that was the problem. And it’s completely useless for therapist to dive into one’s past IF they have no clue how to help move forward. So if someone has no fix in mind, or perhaps use the “fix” because it helped one other person, then there is no reason to keep rehashing.

    Talk therapy can indeed have many drawbacks because really, we have adults that kind of need to experience complete safety and that is rare in any “mental health” setting.

    Kids put shit away because they don’t reason like an adult. If an adult got treated the way kids are treated, they react more appropriately. Like when the industry repeats what happened to you as a child, that alone can help identify for you, who your true allies are and who to stay away from.

    Bottom line is that each person is unique but I think to “look” for abuse, or interpret it has many pitfalls. I mean it’s so prevalent that every man and his dog suggest that “you must have been abused”. Yeah okay, so then wise person, people need a little more than parent blaming. And that is the work that stumps many “therapists”.

    It’s drastic when adult kids cut off communication with parents. But not at all unusual. Probably for more reasons than the single memory retrieved. After all, there would have been more “wrong” than the actual acts.
    Sometimes too, if we feel we did not live to our potential or had unhappy experiences then and now, we need to make sense of it and I think there is always some merit to conclusions.

  • I wonder even if a lot of psych survivors don’t get or understand how deeply entrenched in the psych theories, regular medicine is. But then, you have to have been there for it to mean something.

    I’m starting to understand though that these psych practices regular medicine (real medicine) engages in, is not because they have an actual belief in it, but because it is convenient to get rid of the clients that are chronic. But even for new patients, doctors are more and more ready and armed, to get rid of you. I think because becoming a doctor is so often related to heredity, and privilege and not because “my passion is getting to know people and how to help them better”.
    I have asked quite a few young ones why they went into medicine and the answers are rather concerning. and so I think you are correct that they go by “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the fact”. So not so much about them actually subscribing to theory, but much more about the power to find protected ways to get rid of people.
    This is also what the educational system does with kids that annoy teachers, or with old people who annoy healthcare aides and nurses, or prisoners.

  • “mental hygiene”
    Kids should be allowed to use the words suicide.
    It means I am not in a place I like to be. Or doing the things that I was meant to. It means I have no
    valuable, safe, fun and connected place.
    That IS what it means!

    So there are drugs to replace all those missing things? Or perhaps one ween of giving that environment should suffice?
    Perhaps some nice mental Hygiene therapy, like asking the child stupid questions such as “why are you sad”, then giver her some drugs and do a bit more caring question asking.

    We let a bunch of mentally incompetent people loose to pretend they are providing “mental”. It’s one unhealthy practice.

  • I wonder if they put a legal office within that building.
    I mean after all, this building and it’s employees are operating
    under false pretenses. The operation is unconstitutional and
    uses no science at all, yet operates as if it does.
    All diagnosis are nothing more than naming distress or feelings, or behaviour.
    THAT is not medical so no “medications” can be made to fix it. And it cannot be
    called “mental health”, because there is no “health” from the drugs, in fact great
    unhealth and death results.
    So it is a building that promotes false information and false treatments.

    However, if you made a building like this to be co-owned by survivors, perhaps
    real change could happen for those new people coming in to check out the

  • Thanks for this willow.
    I did read a study regarding kids on psych drugs, that their immunity is compromised
    by the drugs.
    But psych banks on people INCLUDING nurses not informing themselves, through
    reading articles.
    Besides, even if someone in a hospital setting does bring it up, they are quickly silenced.
    It doesn’t even matter if one has the studies in hand. Or perhaps it does.
    Perhaps each time we see a doc or wind up in hospital, we should carry a briefcase with thousands
    of articles and a place for a signature that proves we informed the staff of the science. Because
    they seem to know nothing about studies and research, which I find rather odd.

  • Thank you Peter. Good reporting as usual.

    “De Hert urges that people with “severe mental illness” be prioritized, provided with accurate information about the vaccine and about COVID and that their providers engage in a discussion if the patient is hesitant about receiving the vaccine. However, he suggests that mandatory or involuntary vaccination may only increase people’s fear and reluctance to receive medical care.”

    I guess this would be like the accurate information they received from psychiatry about their “severe mental illness” and the “medication”. And it seems the mandatory and involuntary needles may cause fear. Who knew.

  • Thanks so much Phil. Have you had tea yet with Dr Pies? 🙂 And can we come?

    “In addition, the therapeutic alliance is built on trust. Accordingly, our patients’ reports should always be considered prima facie credible, absent extraordinarily compelling evidence to the contrary (eg, obvious delusions, documented malingering, and so on). But credible – ie, worthy of belief or confidence – does not necessarily mean factually correct in all aspects and details. The same may be said, of course, of claims made by clinicians.”

    This made me snicker. What a politician. And a crappy one at that.

  • David I looked at your website a bit.
    In general it is the “safer” way to go but I think we all
    know that it operates within the same framework.
    I was particularly bothered by this.

    “Education about mental health problems for patients and their social network”

    Now I think it’s incredibly dangerous to explain to the family “what is WRONG” with
    their family member. Because you really can’t. You nor I have ANY clue about the
    millions of unique interactions they have within families and how it might
    manifest itself in one.
    That ONE, is not the “ill” one and so it’s crappy to tell families that.
    It would be responsible to tell families that how each person responds to outside and in home
    relationships is too complex to be able to define or judge with simplistic labels.

    I also think that in the case where the stress and unique interplay might cause people difficulty,
    perhaps new homes could be found for them and considering it takes $9,000 for admission to a bed, we
    would be better off spending that money on creating comfortable safe environments for people.

    This “medicine” business is just so false on so many levels. Have you met the thousands of kids and women damaged from these “medicines” or lying in their graves? THIS can only EVER be used IF the client has absolutely very CLEAR information that they are damaging and scramble up every single cell.

  • David, I think Steve gave you a great reply.
    I think some of us used to be “megans”.
    I am all too aware of “satisfactory” reports. Patient reports. I know personally of SO many people on psych drugs past and present, who only ever go “meh” when I ask. They feel there are no options, they are sick and this is what is available. And of course they prefer a non forced version to deal with their “sick”.
    In fact my niece and nephews gramma died in 2019, after many years on effexor, and shock. She had encepalopathy with 10 years basically being bedbound and then thankfully developed pancreatic cancer and went swiftly. She never ONCE complained about psychiatry and neither did her spouse in the long obituary he wrote. They saw it as inevitable and so my niece and nephew are being raised in an environment that taught them that these are “treatments”.
    Sorry, but we cannot settle for treatment satisfied people who are “satisfied” because nothing else exists. So of course they are not looking on MIA.
    Some slaves looked and when they were set free, they were worse off, because they were sent free into nothingness. So they had to send their children back to masters to be able to earn a bit of money but never enough to move away from the constraints. “So there, that’ll teach you to look for alternatives, we just won’t give you any”.

    Any feedback you are getting here is purely about a false paradigm being spouted by the industry and temporarily satisfied customers. Some of them will be satisfied until they die.
    What is wrong is that it is still a complete falsehood underneath it all.
    MANY people believed being a slave was all there was and some were happy. And yes they were more miserable when thrown into nothingness. No help, no support.

    When a questionare is sent out, there is never enough space to write any context. And we also never hear the context of the disatisfied in these reports.

    I understand that you yourself had to go the extra mile to achieve the IHT, butting egos/narrow thinking and such…. Which is strange considering you were not changing the paradigm. And I believe that perhaps you or/and your team really are more caring and holistic. And perhaps you might even have a few that can escape psychiatry permanently, meaning they can escape some of their and others minds.

    Governments OWE it to the people who want support, but who do not want it to come in the form of sitting in a chair, to give them the choice of being label free and have FULL privacy about the “facts” of being “sick in the head”. This is simply a governments way, it’s about not providing the proper education, or supports to deal with the MYRIAD of problems that living in social circles will bring.

    We can’t even make it perfect for everyone, but we made wheelchairs for those who cannot walk unaided. It’s not a character
    fault to not be able to walk.

    Anyway, I am pleased that you engaged with everyone

  • Once you have a label, everything is either attributed to it, or it is mentioned alongside. The drugs and it’s enormous brain and physical changes is never mentioned.
    Once drugs enter, we no longer have any idea at what the real issues are.
    I’m glad a person with some understanding is working in the here and now to understand and accept as much as possible. You deserve every penny you get.

    Thing with abusive parents or systems, they are rarely aware of being contributors to stress. Adopted dogs have a better chance, but we tend to have much more patience with stressed dogs than we do with kids or adults.
    There is something satisfying in getting a dog out of depths of despair and fears and get them to be social and even brave and confident. And that NEVER happens unless the environment and care is completely altered.
    Dogs NEVER get “better” with drugs.

    When you get an insane dog and start with lots of bonding and fun, lots of car trips and walks to nature and swimming, free running, tug of war, cuddles and belly rubs, eventually, touching paws and teeth, sharing your yoghurt, relaxation occurs. This does not occur by taking them to “behavioral” classes or using controlled environments.
    Thing is, what we should aim for in “care” is quality of life with ability for some happiness. Psychiatry is not familiar with real happiness, contentment. It is not about “function” it is about much more.

  • Marie, you are asking a question to where there can only be hypothesis, and which every human still grapples with and is something we should not come to conclusions about and develop harmful drugs or “treatments” for.
    The practice of psychiatry has led to way more harm than good and it is a very biased narrow belief system, of how others are lesser or do not meet “normalcy”.
    It is “resilience” you talk about that allows one to meet adversity, and others not. But it is also “resilience” shaming, kind of like telling people they missed something in their development, “you are not the same, you have less in your character. Because in the normal world, you should be able to be like that guy over there, and since you cannot, you have a disorder”
    These are simply suppositions made by privileged people who don’t even know how they developed to be privileged not to be having a break down.

    And the resilience, the nature vs nurture has never been completely answered because if one child in a family was the sensitive one, we have zero clue if that pregnant mom might have been distressed by deaths or other things while carrying the baby, or if the baby fell out of the crib, or the baby/child had a lot of ear infections, other infections. A loud noise will affect a 1 year old Susie in ways it does not affect a 4 year old Johnny and the parents wonder why Johnny is so brave, yet . Perhaps parents then start treating the fears in numerous “maladaptive” ways. “maladaptive” in the sense that the way we create worlds for a certain normal, then the child might not fit so well, constantly bumping into barriers. So it is obviously not direct abuse but yes we develop from our environment. It is the naming and “treating” these difficulties that continue to harm people greatly. For other disorders of the body, it is not held against you or “treated” if they do not know what the cause or condition is. Neither are they told that the way they walk or are unable to run or work, must be treated. In fact, with the mind, if the proper environment is allowed, most start to flourish, because it is experiences that shape you, not “treatments”. Psychiatry treats people who come from generations of “hardships”, not due to anyone’s fault. We have constructed a view that if you DO fall apart because of stresses that do not affect others, that there is something wrong with that person. It always points to the thing that makes them up as a unique individual, that they are “faulty”. Faulty wiring. Since we are what we eat, how does having to view yourself as faulty in the head, make one feel good? Someone feels “faulty” or others say they are, and psychiatry says, yes you are sick, disordered.

    And the truth is that IF there were early injuries, bumps or hardships or abuse, that made life more challenging or brought more fears, if neurology cannot see where those injuries happened, or the birth defects, then psychiatry has no business drugging shit they know nothing about.
    The VERY FIRST visit to a shrink should identify which programs, life styles might be helpful, NOT which drug. What if your first visit to a shrink was identified as needing a 6 week adventure trip that includes stuff you have never done? What if your insurance paid for those adventure trips? What if the trip was full of abnormals? Perhaps another 6 months in programs that pertain to possible interests. Perhaps some assertiveness guiding. Or “care and empathy for others”, guiding.

    After a year of a variety of involvements with other people and successes, failures and fun, what would the outcome be?
    There is money to be had for creating disability.

  • David, I think what a lot of survivors come to understand is that what looks like “mood disorders”, are really not “disorders”. They are responses and coping mechanisms no matter how fucked up.
    People look for understanding care, not treatment. It does no good to describe a state as “illness” or “disordered”.
    Of course people need someone or something. The something we have now is false. The language is false. Yes it’s a confusing landscape of characters and emotions which we do not understand but they are too complex to name and we really can’t move forwards in meaningful ways until actual reparations happen.

    Where shrinks can say “I am bewildered and overworked. This is not working”

    It has come to the point that death and illness is being psychiatrized. We medicate the dying, because “depression” is not a normal response to being ill or dying, when in fact, it is a physiological response. I’ve never seen someone elated over their physical suffering.

  • David I was talking about real privacy. Not regarding sharing with family. We have no privacy in Canada and our “health” records are seen by any doctor that wants to see them. It is unethical because it results in horrible treatment by the very people that are supposed to deal with people’s health.
    I had this happen to me a few years back when a specialist dug back 15-20 years prior.
    It also happened with the man who had to crawl out of an emergency room in Ontario, and was kicked out due to his “bi polar”, even though he was later diagnosed with gullain barre syndrome.

    So once a doctor enters them into the electronic health system, it is not private. Even if I have seen a shrink, it is there for other doctors to think of what they so conjure up.

    I think you are probably doing the best with what the current paradigm is. However false it is. You entered into a world of woe that were labeled illness, or disorders when in fact labelling or drugging has only brought us farther from the real understandings.
    Not an easy life for the aware kind of psychiatrists that were caught up in it.

  • Anthony, Thank you so much for this.
    I hope someone reading this will pass it on.
    Now the good thing is, he did not come in with “weird behaviour”,
    which of course would have been deemed as his “mental brainy stuff”.
    I guess the ER doc might have even ruled his death just a symptom of his “ADHD”.

    I guess they see death or near deaths as the more important “side effects”,
    not the actual brain changes that are taking place. Obviously
    human life is cheap.

    ALL children should be free from psychiatric

  • Dr David explained that it remains a “choice”. That the troubled person has a “choice” whether to see and use psychiatry or not.
    In Canada though and probably elsewhere, the choice is that or nothing. And also, it will be recorded that the “person refused help for their severe mental illness” or “patient is refusing further engagement with the treatment team” which of course is then on all your records.
    How do you think the arthritis specialist or heart specialist will treat you when he sees that?
    And the next time your friends call for “support”, it might come in the form of no “choice”.

    In Canada we do not have a choice of “mental” “care”. It is ALL provided by the same college of physicians and surgeons.

    I mean yay, I would much rather see my family member in their home, but I’m not getting choice of a different approach under a different paradigm. They HAVE to follow the guidelines of colleges, which is really eons old. I’m not sure if in Canada we have uniquely hip and radical docs who question the DSM and all that goes along with the paradigm. I have not heard of anyone. Surprising for such a huge country not to be birthing some GREAT thinkers.


    It is nice to see that among the people who are privileged enough to be the assessors of
    their peers, and not one of the assessed, that some of them through the experiences
    develop the maturity of mind to discover huge issues and are daring enough to address them.

    So thanks for the name drop. He seems like a fine human being.

  • Hi David.
    “Diagnosing” and “medicating” is
    a very privileged position.
    But yes, I guess you would always be called upon and needed.
    We all fulfill roles.

    Has your team considered the possibility of not sharing the “diagnosis”
    with other healthcare providers? There is absolutely no need for a GP to
    to know someone has the dreaded neurosis. Or do you think
    the DSM labels are helpful in real science?

    Do you believe in privacy? Are there things in your life or about you that you
    would not want others to know?

    Think about me having the power to give a description of you that contributes and affects the way you
    see yourself, in your vulnerable state, and how others treat you. And please,
    let us not call it stigma.

    It must be difficult to be able to tell the difference between drug effects and “natural fluctuations”. I mean how does one do that since the drugs are whole brain disruptions.

    Anyway, it sure is a very privileged position to be able to become part of chaos, and remain the calm and safe one.

  • What you are doing, is real work on the frontlines. Trying to get people to safety. It is really hard work, and why should it be so hard. And I thank you for every person you have helped.
    But this work will be never ending and people get tired. The APA has no intention of making it easier to get innocent people out of their grasp.
    The question remains why? Why do people have to be protected from the very system that was supposed to help them?

    It is okay to have many different approaches. There has never been only one approach that works to change something.

    Please sir, may I have my freedom? Sure, go ahead. We set it up so that you cannot compete and succeed.
    Psychiatry is only carrying out what our governments set up.

  • On the contrary OH.
    I respect the “rants” of anyone who exposes
    the massive lies that are affecting so many people
    and their quality of life.
    I was being sarcastic, but in truth, there are a few people out there
    who might pay attention to a PHD, or a “professional”,
    before they would pay me any mind and if that is what it takes
    to make more people take note, so be it.

  • Thank you Peter for this excellent article.
    “To get from here to a better place unavoidably requires that we speculate—project beyond what is known. But we should try to launch from solid ground.”

    How true.
    I think it is imperative to change our information to the young. We need to educate them about the false science that new and upcoming scientists take part in. Our kids are learning that speculation and hypothesis are facts.

  • Because in the end, they promote that the diagnosis is real, and so it also means that further studies will be needed to create new drugs. And what will we call them? Anti-bipolars?
    How does this label affect people when they go to ER with leg pain?
    It is not the “drugs” that affect people in being seen as credible humans.
    How does a label affect a 17 year old who sees themselves as “having” an “illness”?

    If they are not real illnesses, the diagnosis should be a choice and nothing that will damage you in receiving unbiased care or view of you should be written down as if they are facts, nor should biased information about you ever be shared.

    Being seen as bi-polar by your neighbour is not the same as a doctor reading your chart.

    So yes, words can indeed do harm. It is not policing, to expose the BS in the DSM.
    And in turn, I won’t be suggesting to someone that they are too caught up in labels/terms/language, when they make note of the BS.

    Right now there is someone being held against their will in a psych hospital because their physical damage is being referred to as being “bipolar”. By psych and by MD’s.
    It is not for any other reason than the “diagnosis”

  • Give me 20 young adults for a year, to involve them daily in joyful, invigorating
    This week we go camping, chop wood, cook meals on a fire, be innovative.
    Next week we go on a week long canoe trip, with a goal island in mind.
    We paint or discuss what we see.
    We look at and identify fauna and flora. Birds and insects.
    We plan to DO something. Perhaps build or renovate a house for a poor family.
    We deliver meals.
    We work in soup kitchens, and we fix bikes.
    We involve ourselves in art and writing classes.
    We try our hand at cooking courses, carpentry, plumbing.
    We make music, a shitty fun band.
    We do improv and debates.
    We try our skill at push ups, yoga and dance.

    And psychiatry and it’s mental health people can have the other 20 youth.

    And then we can do my suggestions with the 20 that psych had.

  • ” “Reparations” means the obligation of states (countries, governments) under international law to remedy serious human rights violations. This obligation has varied sources and was elaborated on in a set of Basic Principles and Guidelines adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2005. Our approach is grounded in international law and in the absolute prohibition of forced psychiatry; we address demands to the state and do not seek reconciliation between survivors and psychiatrists”

    Absolutely Tina. You are my hero. The most grounded essay you have composed out of your wealth of knowledge about ongoing abuse that is condoned and supported by governments across the world.

    And for people needing supports, it could never be argued that psychiatry has done a good job. It is due to the fact that psychiatry is all there ever was, that people are having to ask for rights and reparations.
    It is becoming of utmost importance to insist that governments prevent young people from receiving false information. Young people need to know the dangers of getting involved with the “mental health” paradigm. So beyond it being about the absolute demand for reparation, it also in turn needs to be about prevention.

    As the education presented to young people now is disguised as “mental health”, leading many innocent parents and teens to the only government instituted abusive system, where dangerous drugs are a given, where those drugs prevent many from expressing themselves in credible ways, along with labels that instantly remove credibility. Psychiatry has led to untold abuse within every system, it invades the medical system who has no business partaking of the convenient aspects of psychiatry.

    The kangaroo courts where drugged individuals meet their judges, judges who are there in a guise, as if something legal and just is happening, when nothing could be further from the truth and can be likened to the accusations of treason, not so long ago.

    I am confident that the voices are getting louder, more persistent, and are very lucky that you have decided to pursue this international travesty.

  • There never has been privacy. That right is broken as soon as you talk to a doctor. So you either never see one, or you become known through whatever they write on the charts. And this includes the medical system too, since we all know that there is nothing medical about psychiatry.
    There are 2 systems that own you. The legal and the “health” “care” systems.

    Sometimes getting on your knees and kissing their feet helps.

  • “‘These are people who are not necessarily intending to perform criminal acts,’ Christine Montross, a psychiatrist and author of Waiting for an Echo: The Madness of American Incarceration, told me.”


    Ohh those nice appropriate psychiatric “hospitals”. The great alternative to jails where iron chains are replaced with straps, injections and pills. The chemical restraints are a great solution, a humane solution. An invisible solution for everyone except psychiatry. They, more than anyone knows exactly what they do for a living.
    So much more respectable than the criminal clients that come in.

    Punishing people for becoming displaced throughout generations of one hardship or another.

  • Sami, I remember when I was little (I’m old now lol)
    How my mother hung up the peed bedding on the line,
    yelling at me how all the neighbours would see the yellow stains,
    and off I was sent to school which everyone wondered why I
    did not want to go to. Ohh how “therapists” love this stuff.
    Ohh the “trauma”. Let’s work on that “trauma”.

    How truly awful how these outsiders continually harass kids and grownups
    about what happened. And if that does not work, there are always pills.

    The very best thing anyone can do for children and adults is to involve
    them in tiny successes. And failures they can bear. “mental health” is set
    up for failure. In therapy and psychiatry. Fucked up people “treating” the “others”,
    will never work. It never has, never will.
    Parents sending their focused on children to “therapy”, when the family unit
    plus the “therapist” all need direction. There is no “expert”.

    I think you understand this well and so glad you have come to write about it.