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  • We are here, seemingly old enough to know we do not need the education.
    Then we have kids, unable not only to not resist, but not even knowing that they receive meds,
    not even knowing what an effect is.
    Then we have teens/young people. My hope is, give them alternatives because everyone is allowed to be crazy once or twice, and even a lifetime. Give them alternatives to the meds, to labels. Give them spaces to go to in their angst or fury.
    I would hope some education about what “being normal is” would be extended.

  • It makes me sick Judi….Psychiatrists literally make me want to throw up.
    Why exactly would this not be in the “new Yorker”, “the times” and every newspaper?
    Psychiatry can never be fixed, because you can’t fix people. The ones who are attracted to psychiatry
    ARE the mentally ill. The ability to contain emotions has zero to do with mental health.
    The ability to be willing to harm little ones however is LACED with some serious ills

  • Psychiatry is beyond disgusting to do this to babies. Now we know EXACTLY where mental illness lies. It makes me feel a hell of a lot better about my anxiety.
    I am realizing that anxiety is indeed a realization that danger comes in the form of an animal with two legs and no empathy. Just cold hearts. If articles like this do not make people anti-psychiatry, none will.
    I hope there are many law suits eventually. These are comparable to war crimes. Bastards.
    I live with someone that did not raise an eyebrow about this article.
    And is a reason why this article got one comment.

  • Hi Jane.
    And how exactly is our MI systems seen as anything but non mental health.
    Another story of the great “mental health care”, out there. Let’s get rid of “stigma” says the MI association, yet are the only ones that treat their creations like criminals.

    I wonder if a non “user” reads these stories and when they do, do they then believe this is an isolated case?
    I suppose these stories really do not engage most people’s empathy. I talk to a lot of people and apathy seems to be rampant.
    Perhaps your story could be turned into a “fringe play” by you? Write? Direct and act, or get someone suitable?
    It could be income. I wish some of the talented folks around here would get a play happening, one that tours.

    Twice I was warned by GP’s to stay away.

  • Dear Doctor,
    I am so relieved that I am in the care of someone that knows which illnesses I have after telling you
    how I feel and how I think I think.
    Thank you for listening closely so you know exactly which neurons are coated with protein and which have weak connections.
    Thank you for the non toxic drugs and your willingness to let me try more.
    Thank you for helping me gain insight into the reasons why I have this, this thing.
    I believe your drugs gave me insight.
    Thank you for the time I was beside myself and you cared enough to rescue me from suicide and kept me locked up for my own good. I did not realize what was good for me until I met you.
    Even though I worship you, I promise not to get too dependent on you, except for the prescriptions because I know how needed they are for my survival.
    I also realize they do not cause other harms because you assured me that they were safe.
    I am glad dear doctor that there are such caring people such as yourself.
    I would not ever have gained insight into my biology if not for you.

    I used to not trust psychiatry, but you are so different, so caring….in hindsight, perhaps I did not trust them because of my lack of insight, but you fixed that major obstacle.

  • Perhaps someone could start a fund for people to be able to sue not just the harms, but the disguised harms and outright lies.
    Psychiatrists should have to prove how they measure a chemical imbalance in each client and how they decide which drug to use and how they measure the imbalance after drugs.
    Why are judges not educating themselves about the facts before making decisions?
    Within a judges mind is, he has to know about medicine in order to pass judgment, or he has to go by faith that doctors are informing him.
    And so, we have to wonder, why is a patient not allowed to inform the judge? Why take a doctors non facts, made up theories as evidence? And evidence of what? Of mental illness? So judges agree that it is a crime to have a non existent disease?
    Who pays these yahoos that are social police.

  • Well hmm Bramble.
    My child can’t be treated with chemo if no cancer is found. My child can also not be treated with chemo if they do not have a test for cancer.
    My child cannot be treated with a drug, unless their “coated neurons” are shown, unless their “dampened connections” are shown, unless their “imbalance is verified”.
    “depression” responds to change in environment. Disease does not. If depression did not respond to environment, they would NEVER EVER try ketamine. Ketamine changes your environment.
    Except, a child can NEVER report on how weird their brain feels on meds or without. They exhibit behaviour and adults interpret it to mean something. Take that child out for 4 solid weeks and play, read, have fun and VOILA, a change.
    Same with adults.
    Psychiatry is based on the fact that most people are either vulnerable or inexperienced. Enlightenment comes with age and experience.
    Thank god psychiatry lets a few of us live on with some heavily coated neurons, to be able to form independent thought.
    LOL, they get pretty miserable when confronted. Nothing like getting a shrink angry, or should I say angrier.
    Ever seen the true nature that is behind the façade? More and more it is evident. Years ago, they were much more proud of their occupations.
    Why dig the grave deeper by using kids for differentiating, and drugging.
    Shows just how adults are starting to get suspicious.

    Physical pain does not indicate cancer, or arthritis.

  • furies,
    psychiatry is efficient in that it treats loss of hope, as illness.
    There is always a chemical to numb.
    Always remember that what you feel is the most natural outcome.
    How I tremble in my anxiety, my thoughts are absolutely not an illness.
    I know this because of insight.
    The problem of what was referred to as MI, or inherently misfits has become too massive to be called MI.
    The whole idea never made sense and makes even less sense today.

  • Neo,
    We know why kids become a shrink or doc. Through the BS disguised as science and through being privileged and through coaching that those lower class are ‘effected’.
    They enter it because of ability to study, regurgitate. No passion needed.
    IF indeed they get an inkling that it is a scam, they would rarely drop out.
    I believe they mostly realize the scam in practice, but it is a realization on the surface of consciousness, so it always has a counter argument.
    It rarely touches anything deeper.
    This is fascinating since I live with someone with a brain like a shrink.
    An uncanny ability to see pain, but not let it affect, nor do anything about it. And if they saw abuse by officials, they would NEVER call it.

    Difficult to realize what I live with lol;.

  • Sarah,
    Thank you, your writing is phenomenal, an outreach to touch lives that matter.
    An outreach to connect minds on such basics as life/death itself. It is most liberating. I can suffer without having an MI, I can suffer the discontent of psychiatry and the social system that heaps it at our feet to trip over and loads it on our backs once we are on the ground.
    That IS the illness. We suffer THEIR discontent.
    The inability to suffer, called resilience, some call it a chosen world view, a chosen self perception, is nothing more than an inability to identify with what someone else feels or experiences.

    I live with someone that can see a starving animal, a hurt human and after turning his head, no longer sees what he saw, or what I pointed out. THAT is “resilience”.
    After all, people have to protect their psyche.

  • Yes, totally agree Steve.
    Any number of illnesses, even death itself will present with MI.
    So in fact, now we can diagnose certain heart disease as not only “heart disease”, but also an “MI”. Called “co-morbid” disorders. Then they do “studies”, on how “MI, or depression as a “co-morbid” condition, results in earlier deaths”

    Some people are satisfied that it makes sense that stress from “real illness”=stress on body=earlier death.
    In “studies”, those studies we read, ALL heart patients, ALL Lyme is treated as equal in severity, and depression is looked at as some isolated thing that affects a percentage.
    This is so very false. And again is false information meant to further the psychiatric view.
    The real truth is, diseases vary in severity, which then looks like MI. Our science is so poor that we simply cannot measure severity, although some folks actually believe that 2 people suffering lung cancer should experience the same symptoms, never once entertaining the idea that the lungs are not just an empty bag, but rather very complicated.
    I am SO sick of reading “studies”, so tired of people believing studies about diseases they know nothing about, and all they can ever know about them is to experience their own unique presentation of disease and the falsities they read online or hear from the public.
    I know NOTHING about kidney disease, but I hold enough common sense that Mary and Nancy will experience their disease differently, NOT because one “tolerates” it better, but because the variability of disease. Pain causes “anxiety”. That is not MI.
    They often like to name the “disease” as causative of MI, so it kind of allows people to not see it as a defamation.
    It is all an attempt to reduce reality to MI. It is meant to minimize real disease. Developed to let a GP and shrink pass a patient back and forth.
    Chronic illness is frustrating for science so they try to make it look as if science is applied.

    Those absolute grubby tentacles of psychiatry.
    The biggest insult is to have psychiatry invade physical ailments.

  • I think every person endowed with ability to use language, reason, logic and common sense should stand in a public square and hold speeches.
    The speaker might do well to wear a white coat, hold a surgery knife in one hand and a bottle of pills in another.
    I think some people are much more curious about the public ‘spectacle’ than the general online information. Both have a unique audience and we know that education is about using different methods of reaching the public.
    I do agree that people really are not as gullible as once and so I hope.
    Medicine in general, big pharm and harmful treatments laced with lies are no longer just conspiracy theories.

  • Perhaps they are not cut from the same cloth, but we know that the fabric itself, our society is permeated by a psychiatric model.
    It seems only natural that judges/lawyers/teachers and every institution out there should be educated on and about anti-psychiatry and why it exists. That it does not exist because of some radical thought, some rebellious cretins.
    All institutions should be WANTING to hear the opposing views.
    Surprisingly they listen to Dr Breggin, but only if push comes to shove. Proving you need to be much more than a patient, x patient, to be heard. In effect, peoples own experience has zilch meaning.
    One cannot enter a court of law and be their own defense.
    It has always been about the majority and one can only get the opinions and facts out.

    Psychiatry is a silencing system. Lawyers are not allowed to let emotions or ‘opinion’ to be used in court.
    After all, psychiatry is a medical practice.

    I do think if x number of cases were won, simply by patient and lawyers, it would weaken the fabric.
    It sucks to be sick redcat. An ugly part of life.
    I also live day to day, which is ok, but illness makes it a bit harder.

  • We are saying to people.
    The world you live in, the mind and the suffering is an illness. Seeing the “negatives”, thinking “negatively”, is the “illness”, especially if it makes you miss work or sleep.
    Our alternative is not to be affected by what is around us, not in any passionate manner.
    If we don’t react, it is referred to as “resilience”. Within this resilience we can look at others and name their suffering as illness/neurosis.
    In this way, we never need make changes for suffering, but direct all attention to fixing the sufferer.
    When a child or teen experience results of sensitivities, we want to fix them.

    Much easier to name them MI.

  • Hi Steven,
    For some “language” is of utmost importance.
    Many disciplines have now made it about words, and is often about outdebating each other.
    What happens in debates is the one less able to use words like swords might look like the loser, PURELY, by lack of words.
    Some of us need to go back to school to simply deal with people who armed themselves with language.
    Language often makes people sound as if they carry, or it carries weight. Psychiatry made up a language to suit diagnosis. Lawyers have their own.
    I have fallen asleep from language. There are some highly educated people that rarely use words or concepts that people can’t understand.
    I think it is a skill.
    I love articles that I can read through with ease.

  • IF those who define “mental illness” were showing signs of something close to -what even the “mentally ill” can conceive as “normal”, we could put more faith in the ability of parts of our society to handle it’s ills.
    So far, the defining of MI has resulted, and stems from and continues to do so, in lies, corruption, abuses of power, an idealism and great harms that actually continue to create “MI”.

    We have not changed, and the very same processes of understanding, defining, treating “MI”, are in no way better than ever.

    So then, we are at a point we must ask. What kinds of MI exist? And is the system that defines MI, not just simply another MI, but one who is not affected by insecurities, anxiety, but in the absence of being bothered has developed an inability to understand or be emphatic, has in the absence of certain qualities, developed an idealism?
    And within that idealism, talks about those who fall outside of the imagined norm, as ill?
    What normal system when a client comes to it in distress thinks that telling the client that they are screwed, is somehow helpful for the client to think better of himself?
    After all, if a client sees an ‘expert’, for help, the client has insight into stuff happening, the client is not sure of themselves or else would never see need for help.
    How is it helpful to further say to the client “you are neurotic”…the client went for ‘help’ for his headache, not to be told he has a headache or is his headache.

    Psychiatry should stop talking about, addressing it, defining IT. They are the least equipped to do so, and I fear it stems from their own very ingrained lack of insight.

    It is far from uncommon of mankind to see another as acting or being strange.

    I do not deny that we have crap that makes life real tough and processing that causes one’s disfunctions.
    We have enough evidence that the absence of that crap in others, does not make those others capable of help.
    True help looks nothing like imbalance of power, labels and incarcerations or drug damage. That is another whole MI all to itself.

  • Hi Joe,
    Every child should be able to sue, sue anyone responsible.
    Governments that ever allowed abuse disguised as care should be sued and ousted.
    We still have those same governments.
    They have never been about the people they serve. They represent the privileged and either tolerate or not, it’s savages and slaves.

    There is really nothing to be proud of as far as being part of society. There is no advancement, it was an illusion.
    The old orphanages or abuse of children has now been relabeled disorders or disease, or diversion from neurotypical.

    I can surmise that nothing will change. It is simply how we roll as a species. Sound negative? Must be my worldview being part of my MI.
    There is a pill for that.

    So Joe, I am pleased to see that you can pick up pen and paper and still write.
    I think few of us are free. I don’t feel free as long as some are powerful enough to do damage in legal ways. Blessed by the state.

  • Thanks Leah, MIA and Dr Hatch.

    Bottom line is, no one can ever know who actually needed drugs for control.
    If the gatekeepers tell us that someone was dangerous and thus drugged, who is the wiser?
    These drugs are NOT “calming drugs” but mind destroying. IF they cannot come up with drugs that calm someone in distress, the answer is not to use the damaging thing you created.

    When Britain shipped prisoners to Australia/Norfolk, it was not only for serious crimes, very few were serious, since those were killed in Britain…. it was at a time when there was overpopulation, many very poor, wretched in fact, and people were sent there for stealing cheese in order to stay alive. Britain saw these desperate people as inherently defective and saw the upper class as genetically pure.
    Not once did the thought “privileged” enter their minds.

    We study genes now, but we never study the genetics of those responsible of crimes against humanity.
    In fact, would being sent off to a penal island not cause MUCH distress for families? Much heartbreak and despair, despair that often becomes familial, following for generations.

    They looked upon the indigenous as creatures, making strange movements and ways of living. (the manner in which prisoners or “MI” today are viewed)
    Their white diseases killed out most indigenous, and the few that lived were stripped of ancestral spirit, virtually a genocide.

    We still have the IDENTICAL disease in society. The diseases of indifference, apathy, privilege, want of control over others, looking at others to be segregated.

    So we are in a place where laws ask us. Do you want all institutions to release and not medicate?
    Which is simply a cop out, it appeals to the public to keep a genetically pure society.
    We frown upon the way things used to be done. We pretentiously live in a world where we pretend that the way “criminals” and the “odd” were treated was “horrific”. We make POST damage pretentious apologies to the cleansings, the genocides. We decry child labor.
    We have come a long way, baby.

    NO, we have NOT. Exactly the same mindsets exist. Those have not magically gone or transformed. The mindsets are simply trying forms of control which are in line with acceptance. To visibly give someone 300 lashes is not acceptable, but to drug them with brain frying drugs however, is considered humane.
    They shrug their shoulders and say, WELL? What should we do.
    For starters, start telling the TRUTH. Start naming the biases, the inequality, the power imbalance. Start naming the drugs exactly what they are. Start telling the FDA, that drugs can and do cause suicide and homicides.
    Simply tell the truth about how stuck we really are as to NOT knowing what to do, or what a “civil” society looks like.
    It is the lies and apathy that continues to be the source of not “healing”

    Stop holding those accountable for not being privileged.
    I won’t hold my breath.

    When the same drugs are used on kids and prisoners, old people, we know EXACTLY what kind of drugs they are.
    They are the ropes of older days, the chains, the dehumanizing, the stripping of clothing, the assaults, the genocide, the killing of spirit…to continue into generations following.

  • There is NO accountability.
    It is a legal “witch hunt”. Legal brain frying meds.
    No doctor, no pharm is ever held accountable.
    It is simply a reflection of how society works and always has.
    However, there is a shift. One psychiatrist said that there has
    always been opposition, that it waxes and wanes. He seemed to poopoo
    the “movement”. He knows full well that it is not a “movement”, but rather a
    waking up to BS. There is a huge difference.
    One thing no one knows, is the outcome.
    There is a certain and uncertainty in everything. If the imbalance is too great, even the ones
    in power get hurt. How that will happen, no one really can foretell.

  • Witch hunts.
    I wonder if psychiatry would label the hunters and burners as the mentally ill, or the witches. Wow a toss up lol.
    And indeed, the witch hunters are psychiatry of today. In the old days (not long ago as far as history) we looked at claims and behaviours, and wow, we might have even made stuff up about those people just to get some sadistic feeding from watching the poor souls get dragged to market.
    Then they graduated to more ‘sane’ forms of getting rid of, dealing with weirdos. They used “science”, to only kill parts. The parts they thought were responsible.
    Then, low and behold, a few people felt it was barbaric, so they figured out that searing the brain from the inside and causing neuron death, so that a living shell is left, seems to work for most of idiotic society.
    How the witch hunters felt okay about the hunts and stacking of wood, is beyond me.
    How a psychiatrist feels okay about causing death in brains is beyond me.
    The ability and power to hurt others without showing remorse, is an evil, not a “mental illness”.
    To get a licence from institutions to commit evil is incredible. There are no boards that protect “witches”. We continue the same outcry that witch burning caused. The same outcry that lobotomies caused.
    The practice of identifying “misfits” continues, the practice of ousting them in one form or another continues and is now disguising itself as help, as a search for the cause of “witching”.
    Still ruled by the same suspicions, absolutely NOTHING has changed and always marvel that in general, people seem satisfied that burning stopped, or that lobotomies in the “visible knife form” stopped.

    The part of society that makes the identifications and deals with the ousting is the pathogen that we have been trying to deal with, to try and integrate a kind of mentality where we are not thinking black and white, where powers are not used upon the powerless in destructive ways.
    We are proving the destructiveness, talking about it, but no parts of governments are willing to come up with a plan to protect.

    IF, If at least we could simply call it what IT is. A form of social control, where humans simply are much more brutal than other animals.
    But the attempt at balance, a mostly unconscious one, is a HUGE flop.

    There is absolutely no argument that psychiatry can give, that makes their practice look rational.
    And there won’t be, no matter how far they look. In fact, the more they look, the more it will resemble the practice it is.
    It can’t even be disguised.
    If someone in authority wants my fear or respect, they will need to earn it. Simply having authority is not enough.

  • These articles always make me smile, because they are meant to inflame.
    They are written under a pretence of looking for connections, and every other word lists a “disorder”.
    I think it must be hilarious to sit in the DSM room and hear them talk. I mean, how does one come up with “subthreshold manic symptoms”…..”transition to psychosis”.
    Like STD says. It would be comedy if not so tragic.
    I am actually now a bit grossed out by shrinks, not just angry, but grossed out. It is their dark minds, they make me shudder to think what lies behind such beliefs. I know more lies there than the words they speak… I know something resides in there, something very oppressed.
    And in some ways, I feel sorry for them.

  • Thanks Micah,
    I love the positive out of the negative. It is a hopeful start, and it does show people that possibilities exist.
    If we compare “failures” between start-up grass roots organizations, to psychiatry which is well established and paid well, I am sure psychiatry fails more than it serves. It does not fail as a practice. It fails as being any real lasting help for clients and in fact makes most worse in the long haul.

    “Despite these challenges, the program members remained optimistic, and the attempt to revolutionize care was partially successful. Peer support specialists remained committed, even at the risk of being exploited for their emotional labor.”

    I would love to see a psychiatrist be committed to seeing a patient through non judgmental, non medical eyes and be able to actually understand “emotional labor”….but we won’t and is why people are looking for non dehumanizing acceptance.

  • Wow Tim,
    I find this so encouraging. I am fascinated by the therapist testing.
    I was wondering where psychiatry would stand if testing like this was
    used to include or exclude.

    There is nothing but positive in your plan and I hope your vision of global access is
    going to happen.
    I am wondering, do you see fundraising in the future for this program? Keeping
    in mind that funny things can happen with going bigger etc, but not if
    one holds the vision.
    I hope you always keep the vision and standards.

  • Yes Ashley,
    I like this perspective. We cannot deny that people want to talk about their confusions,
    their angst.
    But this can only work if indeed the therapist is able to detach yet remain engaged.
    Emotionally it is healthier for both client and therapist, considering
    that hopefully we are all in constant change, learning and relearning.
    The most satisfying relationships are about sharing, no matter how small someone’s
    contribution to a relationship.
    Psychiatry actually never learns, never relearns, does not receive any lessons
    itself and in this way is not even logical when it comes to the mind/brain. When it comes to
    the brain, the vastness of it all, it makes no sense to have one approach. To see everything as pathology
    does not allow for the psychiatrist to be interested, to grow. It is the most unsatisfying paradigm for
    client and psychiatrist, unless both are happy with this narrow construct.
    Science teaches us about neuroplasticity of the brain. Psychiatry denies this by throwing
    random chemicals to the brain, simply confusing the chemicals and most likely
    preventing any real change other than damage to various parts of the brain.
    The DSM is the number one problem, the meds follow close behind and work in tandem.

  • It has been one of my hopes is that the lawyers get involved.
    In Canada, not so much, because we have chicken lawyers that know they will go broke defending.
    Although if lawyers wanted to cash in, a few would be willing to bring it to the forefront, so that eventually lawyers everywhere could benefit.
    Lawyers and shrinks are kinda cut from the same cloth. Getting rich from wretched society as they go home to their vid cam attached to their houses and garages.

  • Thanks Dr K.
    Appreciate the recognition of “assumptions”.
    I think we all do that from time to time, even on MIA, member to member.
    I guess we hold the pros to a standard, because of, they are in fact involved in care
    and the need for recognition of many possibilities.
    My biggest problem with something that was said, was the feeling that I could or should
    no longer be hurting emotionally post WD, or else I was somehow contributing to the medical theory.
    But then if I can’t suffer post WD, emotionally even for years, it means I also should not
    suffer emotionally before AD’s.
    I think we can suffer without stipulations put upon it.

  • “Do onto to others as you wish done onto you” you probably won’t need to apologize very often.”

    So true. I guess psychiatry must only be doing what they wished done onto them, if they were in the same MI spot. But then, they are certain that they are not MI, after all, they passed the MI test that they designed.
    If I design my own test and pass it, does that count as something credible?

  • Thanks Jan,
    good read. Even within Anti-psychiatry one likes to find bits and pieces that are validating. validating in the sense of a much different view than psychiatry could ever allow themselves, because frankly I believe they are simply not capable (the attempt at converting an atheist into a believer and visa versa).
    The beauty of people who are antipsychiatry or anti-simplistic theories and practices, is that it was born out of the very flexibility of thought that psychiatry used to pretend did not exist in clients.
    Do they not see irony in accusations?

  • They stopped being interested in MI eons ago.
    It shifted into a belief system where now spoiled cranky brats go to college to
    learn about “diagnosis” and “disorders”, NOT about the human condition.
    The disinterested, disillusioned, discontent are in “practice”. And this practice
    has zero to do with integration or acceptance, not unless a shrink kindly allows acceptance lol.
    We can walk the trail of shrinkage back and forth and come up with nothing good that came out of it.
    IF there is any interest left within psychiatry, I am at a loss of where it exists. And as long as “interest” lies in wanting to make others in the image of ourselves, then we are indeed doomed.

  • LOL Steve.
    Sometimes I want to make appointments with psychiatrists just to toy with them.
    A bit of payback. But I fear they are a step ahead of me, those mind readers and can probably ‘see’ what my intentions are.
    I can see psychiatry being on edge, fearing people are in there as spies. You know, since the experiment some while back, where they could not tell the dif.
    I think they just developed more paranoia since then.
    I thought I was paranoid, until I really examined what paranoia looks like.
    It would be very difficult to continue, without paranoia, in a system that harms people. A certain conspiracy theory has to underlie such narrow views of the society they feed of and participate within. Not once do they see the irony within their jobs.
    Weird and fascinating at the same time.
    Truly, I cannot fault them, but their interest lies not in others brains. That died a long time ago. They became innocents trapped in a belief. And here I am deeply interested in the kind of brain that blindly follows a belief that has the ability to harm.

  • You are indeed not imagining the ticks as something from meds.
    And your shrink is obviously just another liar.
    I tried biofeedback once and after forcing the patterns on the screen to behave in certain ways, after some sessions I developed ticks on areas of my face.
    I dropped it like a hot potato.
    How can she deny the effects of the drug? If she was truthful she would simply say that the drugs flood the brain and body and since they are chemicals and not some precision missile, anything is possible.

    The Frankenstein like chemicals that are allowed out there is beyond amazing in what people think of as a modern world.
    It is archaic and we are very much so moving backwards, not forwards.
    The good news is, you recognize the harm. The bad news? Your psychiatrist is NOT on your side, or even on the side of truth or even on the side of science (what tiny amount exists is laughable) or else would not throw such comments at you.

  • Lauren, I think we need to pump alternative information out there, ongoing, not relenting.
    To give people an alternative view of humanhood, experience. Psychiatry in it’s promotion that humanity should only have experiences of X Y Z, should be exposed for that simplistic thinking, or non- thought.
    The biases and abuse contained within such linear thought should be put out there more, igniting other people’s ability to think. If not immediately, possibly at a time when their brain is in alignment to connecting with information that is not linear.
    People are far from linear and it scares psychiatry and thus are born more “illness” in the DSM.
    It is high time to “brainwash” our children against psychiatry so perhaps they can “make up their own minds lol”.
    I sit here reading an article on MIA, and then see an ad chattering away on TV about “mental illness”.
    It would be refreshing to see alternative ads on TV. When the media FINALLY realizes that not allowing other information, is indeed censorship, then we will have moved forward.
    Journalists and media have absolutely NO rights in promoting an idea of biases unless that information is countered with an alternative view.

  • Hi Eric,
    Great writing.
    I think no matter how we try to convey our experiences to others, it can only ever be interpreted through
    their views, and so I often find it frustrating to explain ME.
    How we become the individuals we are is quite fascinating to me and it also was to a few people who later deemed themselves as “doctors”, doctors of the mind.
    How that ever came to pass, is what really interests me, for there seems to be no logical reason, except as a social control.
    And here, for many years I thought they were there to fix the individual, to make them better, yet even as a youngster I, at the same time, felt something sinister, cloaked in “help”….something of low intellect established to MAKE others conform to their way of thinking.

    One has to question on what is generally harmful to society, and we can’t ignore that the practice of psychiatry has been horribly harmful, contributing to beliefs that we have a kind of norm. It has always been there, the “group” mentality, isolating a kid at recess, or the kid isolating themselves, yet within the group, anything can change at any minute, with everyone being uniquely different from each other.
    And most often, we have only the bullying in common with each other.

    I often think a psychiatrist was most likely the kid who had to ‘fight’ something within himself and outside of himself, but never visible enough that it required outside ‘help’.
    It’s kind of like the squeaked through the ‘system’ and through their travels within their minds, and society/parental, formed their own narrative, not about themselves, but about others.
    I do think that their experiences made them very closed minded about the world in general.

    So that leaves them with a complete inability to try and co-habit, understand anyone outside of their realm of thought.
    Only through their personality did psychiatry come to be and that is simply not good enough to run a good society. I need to see a much greater interest within psychiatry, not in viewing minds as oddities, or some experiment, but rather an attempt at understanding. Understanding things that seem distant from our own minds.
    This is difficult even as I talk to my neighbour.

    As far as Eric the writer, I still see the writings as Eric’s, and appreciate you being the conduit… but through a collective of creativeness. I often thought of myself as a weirdo and psychiatry could give me many labels. In fact if I read the DSM, I might nearly fit all of the diagnosis. It was the simplest book ever written, amazing it carries weight.
    But part of me believed it, kind of like subliminal messages, but my family had a part to play also.
    We all live through subliminal messaging. Who are we anyway?
    My inner dialogue is rife, yet I have (at least I feel I don’t) any artistic ability. I could perhaps write, because after all, we have thought and language, or should I say, language and thought?
    Which is interesting because of your immersion in german language.
    It seems your brain soaked up much more german than you realized and our memories are so far away, not reachable often just by process of thought.
    I love my google and my questions I type in often lead me to information that is rife with the model of medicalizing, albeit in disguised manner (at least an attempt at disguise) but if I continue my search, I most often find language that speaks to me. And this more so in the last 5 years…perhaps because I reframe my wording or perhaps because indeed there are more choices as to “truths” out there.
    But these truths have validated me more often than ever.
    On “inner dialogue”, which many don’t even know they have, I came upon this and it spoke to me.
    And I feel that if two people speak from inner dialogue, to each other, more can be understood, instead of covering up dialogue with prejudices.
    It is the medicalization, the pathologizing of experience that kills communication. Even psychiatry must realize that they have engaged in a very simplistic paradigm. In it’s difficulty, it’s language, it has become it’s own narrow tunnel.
    I can see why you don’t bother much with the diagnosis word, since it has become meaningless and has no capability of describing Eric.
    Eric has the describing words. And words that would be great in a novel.

  • Wow Sera, LONG blog.
    You are a great writer.

    I can hear you are tired but not giving in or up.
    I think you understand them much more than they can understand you,
    and you and they know it.
    Perhaps you are one to get a psychiatry degree and work from the inside.
    We need more people to get degrees. I was never good in school.

  • thanks Peter.

    “….unlikely that precision psychiatry will succeed in finding clinical or biological predictors of differential treatment response that would account for a therapeutic effect that goes beyond a minimal clinical improvement.”

    I’m confused. I thought precision psychiatry had found clinical relevant information on WHO would benefit.
    Was it not serotonin depletion? And in that case, since only “some” people respond or become “super responders”, how do you try to identify subgroups? Seems to me, since it is a “chemical imbalance”, one would try to identify the subgroups by measuring them for those “imbalances”? via-extracting those chemicals, placing them in balancing scales? Obviously if you propose theories, one has to measure it by the chemicals, not the drugs?
    Call me stupid.
    I am still interested how exactly the “sub groups” were chosen. By their behaviours and “symptoms”/diagnosis, or by measuring them for the chemicals.
    Lol, it is very difficult to take any part of psychiatry seriously. If they would stop labelling every part of the human experience as an illness, it could reduce the wild theories and reduce exposing the whole lot of them as quacks.
    If it takes a hundred years to notice yourself going backwards or being stuck, as a practice, perhaps one has to examine the practice.
    But so far, it is the business that keeps it going, not any evidence. And there is always new blood for the bedbugs.

  • Eric,
    I am glad that you are brave enough to speak your truth.

    I always wonder if someone “normal”, like a shrink would be able to tolerate LSD all day long,
    or if they would like a forced alternate reality? For years on end?
    My point being, why do we feel the need to invalidate?
    I certainly do not have your gifts, nor your alternate reality,
    yet I have my own story telling that most people would question or disagree with. And I very much dislike others telling me how it is, or should be, for me.

    most people hide, and guard with their lives (specially the workers in social services), those innermost thoughts.
    I’m amazed at my friends who are on AD’s, yet kind of look sideways at one woman who walks down my street talking to herself. Often in an angry argumentative voice.
    I think it is common for people to think of themselves as saner, more intelligent than others… we do it almost automatically, yet why is it so important to us to make others be like us? Think like us? If people are not bothering anyone?
    Almost as if being unique or different is a threat, yet here we are, all unique.

  • Yes Sera,
    It is so easy too, for vulnerable people to accept shame and blame, and in defense to not let it destroy themselves, actually can get frustrated, angry and bitter and lash out.
    When one goes to a shrink, we are often there because the thing that bothers us is laced with a shame, a feeling of being faulty, and a shame of even being weak enough, confused enough to seek ‘help’. Basically, that is a shrink’s job, is to agree that one is indeed faulty.
    It is all so very twisted…
    I feel psychiatry needs to go into a sincere attempt at reconciliation, not a mere sorry. Their damage is so pervasive, since it taints even those who will never enter the doors of psychiatry and NOT because of being well adjusted.
    When people are escapees from cults, they often need help debriefing, because the beliefs that the cult helped you adopt are harmful.
    There is absolutely nothing helpful or healing about adopting beliefs of being faulty.
    ….to step into a shrinks office can be seen as being sorry as to who one is.

  • “I agree that there can be some physical withdrawals for a week or two after coming off antidepressants. But when I hear people say that for many months, or years after, they struggle emotionally and blame it on “chronic antidepressant withdrawals”, I view this as further medicalizing life’s struggles, and thereby further strengthening biological psychiatry’s power by agreeing with its claim that sadness is caused by a chemical imbalance…..”

    I don’t think suffering before or after strengthens the biological theory. There could indeed be secondary “emotional” suffering as is evidenced in mania or psychosis induced from meds. Prednisone can cause symptoms and harm.
    Knowing that chemicals cause brain change does not prove that suffering came from chemicals imbalance, although we might see post suffering changes. We know abuse causes suffering and I’m sure it can be measured post abuse.
    It is the belief that it can be corrected by throwing chemicals at it, that is false, as is proven by placebo.
    Psychiatry has to acknowledge that they do not know and that their theories are most likely completely wrong, and the expense of following theories is to subject people to the experiments, of their theories.
    It is these falsities that have to be acknowledged and the harms of experimenting with chemicals, and the ideas that the suffering, that people came to them with was a RESULT of imbalances.
    Benzos are well known for creating greater anxiety after going off, or interdose withdrawal syndrome, so yes, in fact throwing chemicals at the brain can indeed make one worse. And it can take years.

  • Right you are anonymous17

    “You can tell someone who you are until you are blue in the face, but if they want to mistreat you because it benefits them,”
    The power imbalance. Try explaining to others that their belief about yourself is not the correct belief and that their belief really holds no importance except to themselves and those they have convinced those beliefs to be true.
    Prevailing beliefs are nothing more, than what those around you cling to.
    I suffered a lot of discontent to try and convince others that their beliefs would be okay if they were not intended to override another person’s experiences.

  • I love this further explanation/slant.
    I understand that people seem to draw lines between voices and thoughts.
    But honestly, it is all about trying to reach conclusions?
    The concepts of realities boggle the mind and I wonder how for instance a psychiatrist “rationalizes”, after all, his thoughts are about others, not himself. He too frames what he sees as odd and applies belief.

    Honestly Greg, I see you as having potential to be a psychiatrist. Would it not be most helpful to have within psychiatry many visions of possible experiences? To further greater understanding or efforts to understand and accept the myriads of minds not as pathological but as bridges?
    The biggest mistake I continue to see and a reason why I am anti-psychiatry is the extremely narrow views of the practice, and to APPLY those views onto the great landscape of life and experience.
    It kills ability of communication, with no room to flow and could be viewed as extreme short sightedness.
    I think your take on it, is one of the ‘healthiest’ that I have read. It brought a calm to me, and it is something I am learning about myself is that a great deal of stimuli is not calm inducing and so dependent on my experiences, which I know not all of, the stimuli can for sure bring me down.
    I realize that often I considered my reaction the pathology when in fact the stimuli I am experiencing is the pathology. It could be said that the processing is the problem, yet at some point, we know that we are not alone on earth and that our interactions indeed matter.

  • People love to talk about what a person is or has not who they are. There is no purpose in labels, if they have potential to denigrate someone.
    There are a lot of people that are harmed within their core from receiving labels. Perhaps people should have a choice?
    I always hated to be referred to as someone that needed salvation which told me I was a sinner and was going to hell.
    Logically we know it means nothing. However, we all have different levels of being affected.
    We can’t ignore that labels carry weight even as far as courts or jobs, or regular med care. If the label was not meant to isolate, warn, and shame, why would it carry such weight?
    After all, the label affecting one’s whole social system, really only tells us how most of society interprets it.
    A mother or father can lose their kids, if someone wants to be nasty, a grandmother can lose visitation, and all possible without EVER a harm committed.
    When labels affect a person on all levels, it becomes a human rights issue. Want the label? run and play with it.
    However a lot of people don’t want a shittier life than they had already experienced.
    Here is your label, your meds and your social disease status.

    However, with the power of your mind, you can overcome the shame, and also help those in courts overcome.

  • Thank you Zenobia.
    well done Lucy and I sincerely hope this becomes a common practice on a global level.
    In the least, it should be recognized and monetarily supported, if not alone, then alongside.
    People now have a choice, either see a psychiatrist or not.
    Many seem to go ‘voluntarily’, but that is not the case.
    Very appreciative that eventually people might have a choice.

  • Oh my gosh Sera,

    Wonderful article, and how I love your “video bridge” project.
    You are out there taking on the world, speaking out.
    Your voice is strong.
    You are so right about the misuse or un used word “sorry”
    Power packs away that word in it’s sorry suitcase and takes it out
    for their own purposes, who knows where.
    There are so many ways that the word is also misused, as a power trip
    Because if someone hears an important person say, “sorry”, and if it is not accepted
    by the offended, others often demean the offended by saying, “look he apologized”
    Which makes the offended even more upset.
    There are times when an explanation is needed behind “sorry”.
    And we HATE to squeeze an apology out of someone. If it is like pulling teeth, it is not an apology.

  • The chemical imbalance always makes me chuckle and is probably one that shrinks no longer want to talk about.
    They hope it will go away quietly.
    Yes we know we have chemicals in our brains. We need you to measure the “imbalance”.
    We need you to prove that I am missing serotonin, NOT some random studies, but ME personally.
    Identify and prove to me that the “chemicals” came before the “depression”, and not after.
    We need the cause. Was it thoughts? Ohh well, for that, we have risperadol. If I use it long enough, it might get rid of the ability to think. Great fix woohoo. Great science.
    And that numbing sensation from ad’s? Or the intense jittery feeling? What is that from? A chemical imbalance? Ohh, you forgot to check my imbalance before and after the drug?
    Again, great science.

    No one would mind the attempt in science, the dabbling. But to create harmful crap, based on some way out there theories and have the FDA pass this junk for consumption? To advertise fake theories?
    The first and foremost thing that leads to meds is the DSM, where everything overlaps the longer you go. One’s diseases in psychiatry increase rather rapidly the longer one talks or uses their eyes. It kind of can coincide with meds too.
    That hmm “flat” effect? I have seen a lot of flat effects or insane smiles on shrinks.
    One looking at another . One has a diploma.
    I believe psychiatry is looking for drugs that take people’s ability to think or reason, that is the ultimate aim.
    Usually the people who partake in getting rid of certain people are not aware that it is happening.
    And no, I am not a conspiracy type.

  • Diana,
    the mental “health” industry is not about creating health at all.
    It is about identifying aberrations and inability to have agency.
    The true attempt is to have people function in the wheel,
    and if we do not, we have a chance to dull the anxiety with
    harsh drugs that make us less reactive to internal and external
    Numbing is the ultimate goal.
    If one dies sooner due to MH care, or stressors, it is on the client,
    not society.
    This society is and will affect people way beyond the borders of their constructed MI

    the MH industry is not there for health.

  • Well that obviously is a common sense approach.
    Again and again, ALL studies point to psychiatry engaging in the very thing that happened to their clients.
    One minute they blame parents, next minute they blame genetics.
    Either way, their “treatments” and stigmatizing is what they are trying to defend, yet fail miserably.
    Because if you are “genetically mad or mad from being reared”, why would medicating people with harmful drugs and following them around, or thinking up a pill that can be electronically checked, be rational?
    Their “findings” and treatments are always at odds with each other, but rather than admit it, they continue to defend.
    Notice they try to find “it”.
    They really don’t want to name it what “IT” is. “IT” is social control over what a preferred brain acts or looks like, that is the bottom line. The rest is an attempt at creating language around this, to make the general public okay with social control.
    The talk about EI, simply ends up differentiating among personalities and always it is about what works best in a social context. What is best for the group.
    The pretense of what is best for the person is a cover, for what is best for the group..albeit it I believe not even on a conscious level. The PRACTICE however, becomes conscious. And within that consciousness come the defensive moves by psychiatry.
    The simple applications for kids to belong are really attempts at making them belong to one main group, not several.
    We are simply not all equally endowed, and if I do not understand academia, I then have a learning disorder, which might isolate me from the group, because it also might impact my social group. I think I should be medicated for this aberration, after attempts at EI improvements failed.
    I should most likely be further medicated for the anxieties that my not being equally endowed have brought.
    Because the whole problem would really be my problem from being born or raised in the way I was.
    And this big problem, the problem of me, needs to be either forgotten about, or dealt with.
    It is difficult enough for people to be born differently from those who decide what “normal” is.
    I subscribe to the idea that this is indeed what fuels suicide in the young, not the fact that they feel different but rather from a mainstream that continually focuses on those differences as aberrations, something to be “corrected”.
    There is absolutely nothing within psychiatry OR the studies of personalities that invoke a hopeful or empowering self view. Most people do not realize until all ability to move forward towards goals have been destroyed by a narcissism that is pervasive in society and is actually encouraged as being healthy.

  • Besides Steve,
    Why would any so called links be force treated? With barbaric treatments where people are tied down? I think of Don Weitz’s “insulin treatments”, where he begged them to stop, and they would not, but rather the nurse described his begging as “whining”, “dramatical”. They kept it up until he had no power left to protest.
    Like beating a dog until it no longer cries.
    Now of course, today a shrink would say that Don’s treatment was not fair or right, but the shrink would still employ harmful treatments, he just does not inform the public. He would also defend the ongoing treatments, saying it was needed for the public or client safety, despite that practice being applied to just about anyone that is not relaxed. The only people that ever inform the public are the clients and some professionals with scruples.
    A man in Saskatchewan brought his 80 something mom to ER last year and stayed with her until he had to go to work. She was very ill, had liver and other issues.
    He came back to check on her that day and she was loopy and spastic. They had given her Haldol.
    He wanted answers and was told she had been agitated. The son said there were no signs at all, but that she had been in pain. 2 months later, this poor old woman was at home, still suffering the aftereffects on top of her diseases.
    I was STUNNED. I knew then that one cannot even go to a hospital with real illness.
    A nurse in that same province made a post on facebook regarding a nursing home that her grandfather had died in, citing extreme lack of care.
    She was brought before the college and humiliated and fired. She is not allowed to bring med issues to the public, only internal. Of course we know that there is no way in the world that ALL psychiatrists or ALL medical people agree with the heinous practices that occur.
    And this is where scruples come in. People would rather keep their jobs than call out mistreatment or abuse. To drug an 80 year old with Haldol is sheer abuse. They could have easily tried a valium or sleeping pill in low dose before resorting to a mean nasty drug.

    This blurb from the National Post interview.
    “The majority of psychiatrists remain unconvinced about anti-psychiatry, though. Allan Young, chair of the Psychopharmacology Special Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, tells me the anti-psychiatry movement “waxes and wanes” over time.
    He considers anti-psychiatrists outliers, calling them “a mixed bag of diverse groups” encompassing everyone from “’flat earth’ types with odd ideas about health to, at the other end, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals”.

    I think we are the “flat earth types”, with “odd ideas”. Notice he says “health”, since he considers heath to be part of harmful drugs and ECT and leather straps to hold those dangerous mental people down.
    If Allan Young had scruples, he would say that he is not pleased with the harmful drugs, yet is at a loss. However, all he does is stick to the program that has enough evidence to prove harms. Also this Allan has no designs on addressing the millions of kids put on meds against their will. He obviously can’t pretend that those kids are a danger to him or themselves.
    So Allan instead tries to convince the public which does not have the ability/desire to look further. And THAT is what shrinks depend on. They are a sneaky bunch.
    As if stuck in their adolescent discontent and idealism. And highly manipulative.
    Even GP’s know and talk about the malpractice that goes on in psychiatry and yet the malpractice itself has become to be known as treatment.
    Absolutely nothing has changed since 100 years ago, except like everything else, it has become worse.

  • “grubby little hands”

    That is exactly what it seems like.
    Besides, why would anyone want more abuse? People hurt for a reason. Lets hurt them more by shocking them….ooops, shocking will become too obvious, we need pills that are silent, pills that create stupor and then we can say the stupor is part of the illness.
    Psychiatry started crazy and needed people to join.
    It feels good to have a bunch of little ones to make one look good. The phony esteem syndrome.

  • I saw this blurb in an interview of Bonnie Burstow (rip) in the national post.

    “Psychiatry assumes things to be biological that are not. When we say ‘mental health’,” Dr Burstow tells me, “it’s saying that the problems people have are to do with a disease.” In her view, “they’re not”.

    There’s disagreement among medical professionals on this.
    There’s some evidence that disorders tend to run in families, with twin studies suggesting that bipolar disorder is “among the most heritable of medical disorders”.
    Prof Pariante, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, believes that it is simply a matter of time before mental health conditions are proven to be genetically influenced (at least in part).

    The anti-psychiatry movement rejects this.

    Psychiatry clings to proving links. So no, we have not come along at all.
    And psychiatry will indeed prove links, because they work backwards. So it will be convincing to those who can’t think past their nose, and that deficit is what psychiatry has relied on all along, unless of course it is indeed psychiatry that has such narrow vision.
    I can assure anyone that blablah chemicals and splotches in spects will be different from the chosen “norm”. There will also be links within families.
    But we all knew that and it is not science. Of course we know nurture produces chemicals. Of course the parent might have similar patterns.
    The results of the scans etc are AFTER the fact, and not a CAUSE.
    Like the diagnosis of MI, the label was designed to fit the “disease”. The label itself has no science. The science has to be found after it’s creation.
    You don’t create diseases.
    Someone up high does not want to admit that the diseases were made up to fit the ones outside of a classified norm. Like “neurotypical”.
    People suffer emotionally. These are not diseases, despite links found AFTER the presentation of behaviours.

    No one would mind psychiatry ‘helping’ out if it was of genuine concern with the attitude that personality and suffering across a wide spectrum.
    But they conceived the imaginary line of normal, and the “mind diseases” that fall outside of their own constructed norms.
    Is psychiatry saying they NEVER suffer? So if that is true, are they normal? If they get a divorce or are rejected, what do they feel? They must have feelings. Let us assume they are able to hurt emotionally, do they recover quicker than the “diseased” people? We might say their resilience is stronger?
    So is lack of resilience a disease?
    Learned behaviour, it’s thoughts and emotions are obviously linked to families and cultures/ society.
    It STILL does NOT make it a disease or disorder.
    IF the client feels disordered and even if dysfunctional, it is still in emotion and thought.

    Psychiatry has to keep inventing and reinventing to try and prove something. The fact is, psychiatry still has to prove that it is something called “mental illness” that is the opposite of something “normal”.
    The responses in behaviour are the most natural result in the context of the person and if not, then we have to wonder if a shrink’s response to an agitated patient is a natural response.

    Psychiatry I fear is too needy for esteem that they can only ever get from each other. I looked on twitter and saw responses from a science guy at McGill towards Bonnie’s scholarship and it was as if written by an angry arrogant 18 year old.
    I have rarely seen MI clients talk like that. It was insulting and nasty. Within that comment was fear, anger, intolerance. So if MI exists, it exists in every one of us, we just do not own the rights to diagnose and also cannot diagnose those who would not come to us. The truly nutty ones never worry about their MI, nor do they think anything is wrong.

  • Perhaps psychiatry should band together, the way x-clients and clients do.
    Form their own coalition to complain about the garbage drugs that the FDA passes. Complain to insurance companies that demand labels for the clients. Complain to colleges that the DSM and drugs are not working long term and that they demand a new look at what they have been terming MI.
    I think all psychiatrists should quit for a year and see what happens.
    Perhaps they can join us.

    I watched a video today of the pills being spat out of the drug makers machinery. I guess it’s kind of like watching hot dogs being made lol.
    It boggles the mind how much we pump out in the last 100 years and we are worse off than ever.
    Has this crossed anyone’s mind? I dread to see us in 500 years.

    So if I was a shrink, I might start to think beyond MI in just certain people. But oppressed need for esteem is rampant.

  • Hi mellaatmad,
    Sometimes therapy people listen but seem to keep people in the same place.
    The person doesn’t quite know why they are in the chair, so they and the therapist
    look as to the “why”.
    So the same stories get repeated, week after week. If repeating stories deepen the channels, repeated
    brooding, then I am not sure how “therapy” can help.
    Rejection hurts and is something psychiatry does with labels and meds. I think to be dropped like a hot potato tells us we are not special enough to invest in. And the feeling of rejection is rarely pleasant for anyone that is invested in a relationship.
    Yet it also tells us the other person might not be emotionally stable enough to tolerate. Call it a mismatch.
    And on both sides, therapist and client, the word ‘resiliency’ plays a role.
    If we drop a therapist, they most likely would not get that depressed about it, yet if every client dropped them, perhaps they might.
    It is all about how many resources we have, in and out and is what you address.

    It remains one of my questions. How does the mind dislodge from the very thing that brought them to therapy?

    I know psychiatry is not the answer to failed therapy, and perhaps most therapy is not an answer to psychiatry.

    I also know that people who are in certain places, certain what we refer to as ‘personality’, bring a richness to the collective social fabric.

  • Rob thanks, get radical. I know “radical” seems not to be respected, but really, who does one want to be respected by, or tolerated.
    I honestly can’t figure out why they don’t do these studies within the psychiatric community?
    After all, the drugs are supposed to help with delusions, delusions of grandiosity etc etc.
    Perhaps the forced injections would have to be used for the non compliance issues.

    Ugh, these studies are so pathetically inhumane. Just give the drugs already and quit looking at other people like little experimental animals.
    It must be getting old and VERY embarrassing.

  • STD, I think any modern university is narrow in scope to not offer the opposite of mainstream.
    I too hope that other universities allow visions to be incorporated.
    Schools are not doing anyone favors by being “old school”. To dare to be different is exactly what schools should encourage.
    What is society afraid of?

    I do think that we need to take advantage of media, make some indie movies, plays and documentaries EVEN if the only place they are seen is on youtube or the local small independent theaters.
    I do think that there is a possibility of someone being able to write material for a script, and a possibility of some anti-psychiatry actors (perhaps in universities) to help see it through.
    I would like to see “fringe plays” devoted to this.
    Sometimes one has to start at a grass roots level, not expecting monies to roll in.
    Many are limited by health, yet there must be some healthier people out there?
    Perhaps knocking on university doors, the philosophy depts.?

  • Our greatest question should be, not what to do about “misfits”, but why and how we label people that we see as distinctly different than ourselves.
    And how and why, this labelling has become a legal entity, no longer just name calling.
    Even at it’s most minor impact, the pompousness of people to label in a medical, political and legal manner those who are “different”, proposes that there is a norm and that the labelers are the normal of society.

    Anyone that actually believes this practice to have any validity, has not the ability to “reason”.

    “mommy, what is normal?”
    Answer that one. It makes no difference if you tell your child that normal means, not suffering, not being suicidal, hearing things, not being “dysfunctional”.
    On all things, the “normal” have to pass a judgment about what society needs to remain normal.
    It must be embarrassing to sit in a chair and look at another human and hand them that label. At that moment, the most egotistical and pompous thing happens. With one human believing they represent society.
    Children can prove this falsity, one does not learn “normal”, until exposed to information. Where you get stuck however, without further growth is quite the phenomena.
    Psychiatry is in a delusion. It is quite difficult for a brain to see opposites and try to arrive at conclusions. We have to wonder, do we need absolute conclusion? What do we do in the meantime, if what is here at the moment is not working?
    Do we abandon? Or do we just kind of sit on a fence?

  • Brain drugs were the most simplistic drug ever to be invented. A pill based on theory is not true medicine, and it should by now be an embarrassment.
    I was just recently offered Wellbutrin for a situation I am in. On my record it says “I offered her Wellbutrin, but she declined”.
    Even the comments in reports are laughable. They bank on either everyone being on the same page, or ignorant, or knowingly deceitful. For the most part, consumers remain ignorant until years later, doctors operate either ignorantly or deceitful….and I really can’t imagine anyone educated being ignorant, at least not if one is a bit curious.
    I have no doubt that often when people first take anti-depressants and their brain scrambles enough that they present as changed. But it’s because the brain does not know itself in the same way. The new way soon enough turns out not to be “better”, but simply different.

    One reason more and more neuroleptics are used is that people won’t be aware.
    I remember 28 years ago being prescribed amytriptiline for muscle spasms, by a sports doc.
    I got pregnant while on them and since I knew nothing about drugs, I quit them.
    I developed severe brain shocks a few months later, but never tied it to anything.
    A few med people looked at me funny when I described it being as if someone was shocking my brain with electricity.
    They were not the little zaps, but shocks. “exploding head syndrome”, so I talked to my doc and we talked about an antidepressant, since she thought there might be some electrical misfiring.
    So I went on the lowest 37.5 of Effexor and it almost instantly took away those shocks.
    I could not believe it.
    I stayed on them for years and years, and once in a while I would try to go off and immediately would get the zappy withdrawal, plus my explosions.
    I wanted off so I could see if in the meantime my explosions had left. My doc denied I could possibly feel it if I went off the Effexor.
    I got so tired of being on the drug and really wanted to know if my head explosions had gone, but how would I know while on the Effexor. So I went online, started counting beads and it just was too much, because I knew that those beads were not identical.
    I went to a pharmacist plus online and the pharmacist suggested an every other day, to every two days and so on.
    I followed that but did the taper much slower, like maintaining the every other day for two weeks or more, then every three days for 4 weeks etc. Eventually I was off and to my amazement suffered few symptoms PLUS, my head explosions were gone.
    It was a slow realization that quite possibly my amytriptiline usage and stopping had caused the head explosions to begin with.
    Bottom line is, we the consumers, know nothing. We are too stupid to tie things together. We might be irrational and imagining. Actually I realized they give a lot of people no escape.

    If it takes adults such a long time to tie things together, how much longer would it take a child? I think psychiatrists also take a long time or perhaps never to make conclusions, one reason is, they never experimented with them and are also of the mind that their patients know nothing.
    There is a lack of intelligence in docs if they are so fixed and rigid that they believe themselves to be experts. If they ever do become insightful enough to incorporate their clients truths and experiences, by that time, their career is done and they would not want to have been involved in a global experiment.
    Many just squeak by, by telling themselves the same lies.
    I think much of that is a personal human attempt at staying “sane”. After all, to invoke doubt creates an “imbalance” and that imbalance IS what causes discontent.
    Which proves that one can be wholly insane and never know it. The people that doubt are the ones seeking help, which is the healthiest state one could ever be in.
    It has been most profitable to throw meds at normal human emotion LOL. It is so simplistic that in hindsight one can only be amazed that anyone believes this.
    The fixes are about environments and time, those are the “chemical” changers. To try and replicate money, love, thrills, green grass, etc etc etc with pills is beyond nutter thinking.
    It is not easy to change environments. Not for Johnny who is the 3rd child in his family structure, nor his mom, nor his teacher or school.
    Not easy for a girl to change recess gossip, not easy to change ones job, vocation, marriage or relationships.
    It’s not even easy to identify what we are dealing with or who is part of issues.
    The most convenient way to address this was to invent the craziest labels and the chemicals and actually pass them off as something valid.
    It is ASTOUNDING that this is happening in an educated world.
    Hopefully there is a gene that would be beneficial to world, but look around. Does it exist in our politicians? Our medicines? Our psychiatrists?
    They did gene studies on mental illness. No one ever considered psychiatry to be ill. They do not for a minute believe themselves to be ill or disordered in their thought process.
    Having a “psychotic” response to life or meds are NOT illnesses and cannot be defined. The absence of suffering is NOT a proof of mental health. Just existing without doubts, existing with a fixed and rigid belief about others is NOT a sign of mental health.
    Psychiatry and it’s chemicals and theories are absolutely nothing more than a social construct which we all have bought into. None of it, if thought about at any length has common sense, validity.
    It is a system of constant harms and lies, and any such system that is destructive to it’s clients, is not part of “HEALTH”.
    We are all questioning more, and we know that questioning is the sign that things are changing.
    So what if it is slow. Who knows what change will bring.
    We should really focus on the present and past harms that psychiatry keeps repeating and hopefully there will be trials, not of chemicals, but of the practice itself.
    They laugh at us, they scoff with either cockiness or a bit of nervousness. But I do believe them digging in more is a good sign.
    Hopefully some people who have influence will expose harms, not just from chemicals but from entrenched, fixed, rigid beliefs. It is after all the foundation of beliefs that cause the harms.

  • Lawsuits against doctors in Canada are almost non existent.
    We have no lawyers that are willing to sue, just for being spanked.
    We can sue if our legs are removed through negligence,
    but the onus is on us to prove negligence.
    Our taxes pay the Doctor’s fees, their “college of physicians and services” , their numerous lawyers, Their “patient representatives”
    and even our ombudsman.
    In fact even if you hire a lawyer simply for a mediation, your lawyer will question you.

    It must occur to governments that the scales are a bit tipped in favor of doctors, YET, I’m the consumer. I paid for the service, yet we are treated like idiots.

    There is one comforting thought. Each one will meet their day. It just seems such a waste to exert power over others on a daily basis.
    There is no pride in being bullies. No pride in tyranny.
    I repeat, any real care system is not one that scares people, shames, or uses harmful treatments.
    One will notice that psychiatry ALWAYS uses the words that people understand in terms of their defense.
    They ALWAYS use the very few extreme states, to defend a cruel practice.
    And politicians are scared.
    I appreciate my country, and I hope as with some other things, we have a few influential people that are not scared to talk about real health, not disguised abuse.

  • Are there neurodiversity forums?

    “They do not abandon psychiatric nouns. They do not consider the terms schizophrenic, autistic or depressive to be offensive, by and large.”

    Curious who “they” are.
    I do think even if a client does not find a label offensive, the legal and many systems do, or else the medical care or legal representation would never be compromised.
    Is it offensive to get secondary med care, or not be able to visit grandkids because a son in law thought he would be opportunistic nasty?

    And then of course there is enforced “care”, if you don’t mind the tags. So it would seem that many must be offended at WHAT the label represents.

  • Thank you Don, and my condolences to you and those who knew Bonnie and thanks to MIA.
    I have followed the efforts of you and Bonnie for some years, and was so happy about the scholarship.
    You have my admiration.
    It is indeed sad and bewildering that our newspeople are only representing one side, but at the same time,
    it is very telling, which I hope is noticed.
    People really don’t take kindly to media or government ran institutions hiding abuses.
    It really comes down to popularity, what is popular at this time.
    Some people see an attempt to expose abuse as simply a “radical” or “antisocial” move, unless of course
    it becomes big enough to make the non joiners look like they are bad guys.
    Bad guys only look bad if they are not part of a larger group.

    It is sad to lose Bonnie, and we hope someone can fill those big shoes. You all have beaten a new trail,
    and we need to keep it well trodded…we won’t go away.
    No rational government can deny abuse is happening. These are human rights issues, where so called doctors of the mind are virtually allowed to wield destructive drugs, confinement yet for no crime committed.
    It is chemical warfare and yes, I realize readers will think of “warfare” as an exaggerated term, some crazy term coming from some delusional person.
    No one sees the practices inside. Perhaps it is time for people in the house of commons to pretend to be ill. Because no shrink can tell if you are ill.
    Carry on Don, we appreciate you.

  • Thank you Beatrice.
    We have woken up, but it is because we are older and time teaches and this is EXACTLY the reason
    suicide happens. It is a stress world out there and what is being taught to kids MORE THAN EVER is that their stress and reaction, is a mental illness.
    Even the push for “recovery”, is one that says we are not okay.
    Language today is psychiatric, across all spectrums. There is no room for failing.
    We pride ourselves on being “strong” enough, mentally, to not even think despairing thoughts and anyone that does, is ill.
    If we knew all there is to know about the brain, the interpretation of knowing would still come from a man.
    But say we did know all, would it make sense to rob man of their “ill” thinking? The “ill” is what keeps everyone from linear thought, linear behaviour, from being robotic.
    It is the space in between linear and other ways of being that creates the trenches where people fall. It is the pressure to be linear that is responsible.
    There is no bridge.

    As far as informed choice. How exactly does that work? Would you make the same choice today as when you were 17?
    What the heck does a 17 year old “know”? If I tell a family that their 5 year old is not “neurotypical”, what the hell does that mean? And it “educates” the family that the 5 year old SHOULD be neurotypical. And guess what, they can show you scans of a neurotypical brain, and the non stressful behaviour of a neurotypical brain.
    Then they can show you the bunch of teens socializing and 17 year old Emma that suffers and cuts herself, sitting in a corner.
    Both of these need their medications. Who decided? Who was informed? Was anyone told that the way we create societies is something called “mainstream” and that not feeling or being part of it is a natural phenomena, and can be very hard to cope with unless we try and put them into environments and tasks, where all of a sudden they might ‘bump’ into something that makes sense?
    To be WHOLLY informed, the educators of “normalcy” have to be wholly honest. They wrestle with the “concepts”, the whole thinking of “mental illness” today, but they can’t come clean and since they hold no answers, to medicate and continue on with linear thought is simply the easiest.
    To incorporate the thought that feelings and being are part of the glue that keeps society “sane” and that “anxieties” are actually possibly so much a needed call to see the broken, not within the sufferers, but into the ills of the constructs they live in?
    Why are we always trying to fix the one who is different? The one link perhaps that is of great importance to shine lights into dark corners?
    The answers lie not in psychiatry, and they themselves are more and more aware.

    How was it years ago if you were indoctrinated into churches and veered away from the traditional?
    How about Galileo? Galileo felt something was amiss. Was he the MI? The answer was to drink hemlock, to get rid of thought, of the pathogen that threatened the herd. Jesus was the pathogen.
    Am I the pathogen that speaks against psychiatry?
    It seems to me that I am indeed the pathogen, a threat to deconstruct the way it is. The reason IS, the construct is NOT working, the construct being it’s own ill. And within those constructs MANY are falling/failing.
    Psychiatry should be ashamed that they who claim to know all about “chemical imbalances”, keep doing the same crap over and over. But their own positions and linear thought matter much more to them than the lives of children or adults.
    Their “chemical imbalance” theory is the biggest hoax in history. There is no chemical that “balances”.

  • Hi Anja,

    First off, thoughts in our heads are often just thoughts. The thoughts that come in response to distress are
    ones that look for instant relief.
    The brain does actually record and replay. There are no tricks but actively thinking, looking inside to see what things you enjoy, what kind of people you like to be around, is an idea.
    I think more young people should sign up for wilderness/canoe trips, instead of going to a psychiatrist.
    Some brains take longer to change and you are young.
    When we look back 20 years later, we are different. It is quite an interesting trip. We are not even guaranteed to be happy, or the kind of happy we imagined.
    But a guarantee you will be different.
    If you feed your brain more goals, actual goals like a wilderness trip, it will appreciate it.
    Look those up online, save up, put a down payment on it, and make it a reality. And if your goal goes awry, make another one.

  • Dr Friedman obviously is desperate or lazy.

    We can even do studies to see whether the mothers or fathers were on meds while they conceived.
    I think there are a LOT of answers to the why’s of “final solution” many opt for, and psychiatry and meds is the last option to consider, as a fix.
    It is however, the simplest because in this way, we can simply say they were “treatment resistant”

    It’s all so silly, the games we play, the empty words we give as solutions to a problem. We are desensitized.
    It is a question of how to fix a world.

    Dr Friedman might want to hand out placebos, since they have a good success rate without the damages.
    Especially if a person is suicidal.

  • thanks Rosalee..
    I guess it just boggles the mind how this cult is allowed to continue.
    I suppose they will have no choice but to do something, and they are trying
    to resurrect the beast.
    It can never be good enough. Because they pointed the finger at “broken” and “sick”, when all along it was them…..and made a public spectacle of people. It is identical to the people that used to be dragged to the market square to be gawked at, abused, or eventually killed.
    They try to disguise it through the DSM lol, and their target meds 🙂

    It’s all so bad, like a bad B movie. It simply goes to show how programmable we are.
    It’s all quite interesting really.

  • Yes KS, I agree, approaching kids/parents regarding “trauma” is not an answer.
    I get so frustrated because it ALWAYS focuses on making the “victim” the center of attention, which often causes much harm.
    It also runs the risk of there not being the trauma one envisioned, yet by focusing on it, one can invoke new or more trauma.
    It weirds kids out.
    If people really wanted to help, there are many things we can do, like finding out what the kid likes. We have to start focusing on what kids/people like. Where is their interest, passion. So what if their passion looks different from 10 others.

    We always want to diagnose and bring back to normal, our normal. It looks like we want ultimate control of people’s brains and personalities.

    I look back now, 60 years later and realize just how badly theories screw with everyone in their path.

  • We cannot teach psychiatry anything. Why would a patient’s voice mean more now than say
    30 years ago?
    Generally I think psychiatry has to start worrying about law suits.
    Bias? No one is without it nor without judgment.
    But to steer knowingly in the direction of harm is a human rights issue. It is a legal issue.
    The harm that are never talked about are the harms of labels and deepening a patient’s
    feelings of being ill.
    In fact taking vulnerable people who doubt themselves and indoctrinating them into cult like beliefs.
    Easiest ever.
    This would not be a bad thing if it was indeed a practice of care and protection. It is far from it. Harm is recognized by taking an individuals power and autonomy away, by defaming them across a broad spectrum of society and further harming by extreme chemical means.
    Psychiatry cannot in any way be resurrected.

  • “However, in contrast to their previously published statements—in which they suggested that even people without depression or anxiety should also receive sertraline—Lewis and Lewis took a more nuanced view at this time. They write:”
    “We agree with Bruce Arroll that many people with depression might recover without antidepressants or through talking therapies, and that watchful waiting and careful review is often appropriate.”

    Perhaps People without depression should take pills. I agree, starting with those in the medical or research. They should take many and high doses. And benzos too. And we need proof they complied.

    Recovery. perhaps a person is better of not “recovered”, than taking drugs that also don’t lead to “recovery”
    How long does psychiatry allow for “recovery”?

  • “provide solutions like interdisciplinary communication, subverting existing ways of thinking about treatment, and appreciating the input of patients as experts of their bodies and lives.”

    I’m not sure that “interdisciplinary communication” is reliable. All this means is we will talk about it amongst ourselves and pretend to appreciate “patient input”. It is not fixable.
    It has long been recognized as causing harm, it is getting worse not better. If they had any concern, they would not need outside bodies or clients to try and get them to gain insight.
    What we are endlessly doing is trying to convert them. Once beliefs are fixed, this is not doable and ends up forced, with the same uninsightful bunch at the helm.
    No one is psychiatry wants a patient’s input.

  • I think it’s difficult for people to be authentic, especially within “modalities”.
    How are clinicians trained? Training tends to override being authentic since you are trying
    to adhere and follow a structure.
    I would definitely find it odd to be the odd one. I noticed that one service found the “reflections” to be embarrassing.
    Good delivery would definitely depend on the person. It just seems to me that one could feel as if
    one is involuntarily pulled into an actors guild.
    Of course newly trained or half trained staff are still stuck in training mode, and have need of immersion and experience before being able to drop some “theory”.
    Realistically, it’s not a study if only 5 users and service which is new to the experiences.

    I think it is human nature to not be relaxed to discuss their private experiences to strangers. Too many little thoughts fire away in the listeners brain for it to be ever impartial.

  • Yes life is a journey, constant transformation. We can only relate our own experiences which might or might not be ‘helpful’ to someone else.
    The places I felt most broken are the places where I was told that I possessed the ability to become “whole”, just like them, or that I was broken.
    In between everyone’s opinion lie our own realities.

    Ever been to funerals where people are sad that the person who died, died unfulfilled? A sad broken man? I always thought people were lucky to be able to create those thoughts over a passing of life.
    I have under a hundred years. Most are wasted on thinking, not my own only, mind you.
    I can convince almost anyone that it is foolish to educate me on realities, yet I cannot convince a shrink. The tools for enlightenment is given to a few, the rest are just bumping along in the darkness.

    I love Manuel on “Fawlty Towers”……”I know nothing”, says Manuel.

  • I do not go to an oncologist to have my suspicion of cancer verified and through his verification I become a social pathogen, a misfit, all legal rights stripped.
    Psychiatry is not a branch of medicine. They created drugs to try and support their practice. It never once crossed their minds that perhaps they went wrong in classifying human experience, behaviour as “illness”.
    Now they have THAT to deal with and the folly of it is becoming more exposed.
    We had to enlighten THEM, we have done so and it is now us against them.
    Perhaps they are of the mind that something can save their practice. And no, it can’t, there are too many people starting to be informed. By their damage they are exposed.
    We have bought into their accusations and projections, their own lack of insight. It is exactly when we gain insight that we finely wisen up. We are always vulnerable to cults, propaganda.
    It was easy to believe in mind theory because it was always one where you could literally make up whatever popped into your mind and run with it. All one needed was the priestly robe. The degrees on the wall are merely a testament of ability to study, remember and regurgitate. In no way do they represent rational thought, common sense. In fact, all the papers on the wall are indicative of limited thinking.

  • yes oldhead, before that it was based on the same evidence as now.

    For every guy that ‘comes out’, a few patients are safer.

    Great article. Thanks Daniel Kolitz for that and MIA for the blog.
    1983 was a good year. Amazing when one has a choice to ignore,
    yet does not. Always makes me question “choice”.
    Perhaps Peter was raised to use that critical eye and it was more
    important for him to stay true to himself and in turn, true to the public.
    Medicine long ago forgot about the patients. I feel that eventually
    they themselves will not have a choice but to stand up and begin
    to show that people matter.

    It takes guts to disagree with majority.
    And often, that majority is more than aware of it’s harm.

  • Thank you Dr Goetzsche, for standing by and for your patients.

    Doctors do know how withdrawal works, they are not interested.
    Patients have no clue that professional people would resort malpractice.
    It is Complete and utter malpractice to knowingly give a person poisons
    and labels, knowing it will hurt them, defame them.
    They have to be hit the same way…in their pocketbook and in their pretentious roles,
    in short, defamed.

  • Someone else,
    I honestly think they do not believe their practice. It is one of the reasons they hang on so tight.
    People in their right minds do not participate in harm and try to disguise it.
    They hope it will all quietly go away. I think many shrinks are happy to retire and hope
    if there is collapse, that they won’t be around to see it.
    I include other practices in this as well.
    Most people have no interest in going back to school for another 8 years.

  • I have found my biggest problem has been the re-search. At least I think that was/is the problem or part of it.
    I remain my own researcher. I only discovered through trials I conducted, that if I or others measured myself against others I failed miserable. I then conducted another trial 20 years later and found my first trail had been biased.
    I am in the third phase of my research.

  • I think we would not know about “ontological insecurity” or any other MI word, if not experiencing some discontent that sends us looking for ‘help’.
    But god help us once we do. We will learn about every theory out there, and be told not to lose hope.
    I would suggest never to bring up theories that we learned from experts.
    It was not until I heard about all these horrible sad afflictions that I really started navel gazing.
    I might just have that, since it fits with this and that. A psychological hypochondriac.
    The hardest thing is to escape once you enter. What a horrid prison. It might be why people in 3rd world countries used to have better MI. They did not learn to identify with all the terminology for what ailed them.
    Went through their garbage without getting ‘stuck’.

  • So perhaps all suffering is from this “ontological insecurity”….so then what? We go from an unstable sense of self to get a more stable sense from psychiatry??
    I don’t find it helpful to be told by psychiatry.
    I also find it not helpful to be told about theories like “attachment theory”
    It can all send you down a hole.
    Because much info or how people present it, reeks of hopelessness. Then helpers say things like “don’t lose hope”. For someone that lost it, this is silly advice, although well meaning.
    For many, there are subliminal messages that come through. Much talk is people talking through their reality and projecting. This leads to anxiety, since the client might not even have entertained the thoughts until they were mentioned.
    I have been at the end of internalizing messages from parents and others, why do I want more of that.

    “In these cases, there is no solid ground to leave footprints upon and to retrace your steps to safety.”
    Sentences such as this, if not followed by sound proven effective ‘therapy’, resonate a hopelessness.
    Or is it just me 🙂