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  • Hello Beata.

    It is so telling that they are threatening you, because they feel threatened. It has always been this way and many lost their heads due to having committed “treason”. You are the exposer, so it is of utmost importance to try and silence you.

    I am always of the mind that at least one or a few people benefit from reading exposing articles.

    A shrink does this. Sees “patient”, looks at their clothing, their weight, not because they give a shit, simply to blahblah down some notes.

    If I’m a shrink, I will pencil down “X seems to be on the thin side, suggesting patient purges, or is obsessed with food. Indicative of many disorders.

    X seems overweight, it suggests trying to deal with “depression” and “anxiety” with food.

    She seems to not be able to hold on to any relationship for very long.

    There is depression and addiuction in X’s family.

    Patient answers questions with an agitated tone.

    Patient seems distant.
    Patient is very visibly upset, generally seems unhappy with others.

    Noted that patient moves their feet. Noted that patient touches their face.

    And on and on, if gaslighting questions do not get them to slander you, they just make it up as they go. Super scientific.
    Of course, we can always get a “brain scan” and make up stories about the pink and green areas.
    But never without the scientific slander.

    I have met a doc who is very thin and a social worker who is chunky. I have no “scientific” knowledge or power to tell a fable about them, nor to make that fable stick.

    We know that shrinks more than qualify for the “scientific” slander they put onto others. And they qualify for one that suggests anti social behaviour. Anger, mistrust, delusions of grandeur, lack of insight.

    I suggest we all become shrinks or lawyers and then we will be safe from slander. It will then simply come down to who can outslander whom.

    They are a childish, immature selfish hateful bunch and you’re at the receiving end of them trying to somehow defend the damage, destruction and deaths they have left and continue to leave, on their very soiled disgusting paths.

    The first time you step into a shrinks office, or even answer private questions to any healthcare agent, you better tread careful. It is most important to never tell anyone anything that remotely describes you as a person.

    So kudos for hanging in there and to keep showing the truth regarding the “mental health” paradigm.

    Those are trick words. “mental health”

  • It is an awful thing to do to kids.

    Or anyone.

    They minimize physical ailments, telling people it is in their heads, but never will they minimize “mental”. In fact within a few talks, many disorders can be found within that brain. Simply questions answered can diagnose much illness.
    Gaslighting questions.

  • “Anyone in danger of losing their human rights — or their life — through a court proceeding should have someone like Gottstein advocating for them, because he is a tireless advocate, knows the law inside and out, and never loses sight of what is true, what is right, and what is humane in its respect for his clients’ dignity.”

    I think psychiatry and it’s ilk likes to call that “stigma” lol. They try to convince the public that there is no shame in “mental illness”…..as if the public even knows if I am kookoo, or labeled. It is ONLY the very important things humans need in their life, like healthcare, etc etc etc, that IS where the so called “stigma” is. And it is NOT “stigma”, it is persecutory behavior and abuse. But the start of the abusing IS psychiatry. All because they wanted to be recognized, not known as the failures. Their interest is not humans or humanity, it is self serving to their psyche. They grew up with a twisted view of themselves, and others. It really just amounts to a lifetime of hiding behind vulnerable people for the mess they are.
    No psychotherapy can help that. You either realize, or you don’t.

    So many docs and nurses know who they went to med school with, and they chuckle at those shrinks, but it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Send clients with chronic pain/illnesses to a shrink, recommend CBT and done. And well if we don’t, then we are not compliant.

    And the funneling of patients into psych, with chronic stuff is an epidemic. Why? Because it is easy for docs who have no time, no science. Arthritis is one. Science has nothing, so docs have nothing. So best is to try those “scientific” method of bombing the brain. And if you don’t, you’ll get a nice label so that no one feels they need to try and help.

    It is as in days gone by when people called you guilty of treason, witchery etc. Anyone that “seemed” “different”, or was in the way, or annoying or for whatever reason, none needed.
    So many people behave in nasty abusive ways and get away with it. To be paid to be a freakin asshole is disgusting.

    I’m realizing that no asshole has more than a hundred years to ruin people’s lives and then it’s lights out for him/her.

  • “Drugs aren’t on a menu you decide from, choose when to start and stop each course, how much to eat and using google to gain a semi understanding of your choices.”

    And “self prescribing”?

    I was encouraged by a pulmunologist to take 2000 mg of gabapentin and 4 clonazapams per day. I guess I should have listened to him huh. BTW, those scripts were for COPD, because as he wrote in my chart (that every caregiver could read) “X should not be having symptoms and if any, just mild”.
    And any doc I tried to see after that read it and tried to overpower me. One pulmo told me that she couldn’t help me if I was going to be “angry”.
    She never saw my anger, lucky her.

    Since my many years of living, never having used the healthcare or psych systems, and the few times I did use it I was minimized and the results were tons of pain and suffering ending in ER surgeries, and so it was starting again with my COPD.

    It has been made very clear to me that I will NEVER be acknowledged, I guess I’m just one of those who never get sick, never suffer, and will live forever.

    You want to blame people for the shit going on? Really?

  • Steve….totally agree. Except I will call it “drug use” not “medication” 🙂
    “medication use which shrinks the very parts of the brain they say are smaller, particularly the cingulate gyrus.”

    It would not matter what their little already outdated machinery shows them. I mean obviously the machinery is built and programmed/set up according to what a man thinks about the brain. It is rudimentary equipment at best.

    And SO WHAT if my “gyrus” is smaller? What if there is NO brain at all? So what? The system for any kid is built in a very linear no thought put into it, manner. It IS going to see some “succeed” some mediocre, some “failures”.

    If we set up to live up to a standard of athletics, do we then drug kids if they don’t measure to a standard? Less muscle mass, less ability to gain muscle, shorter legs, ligaments, tendons?

    It is absurd to drug kids no matter the brain size or colour. Those imaginary standards are purely there to make psychiatry look like some kind of science for the good of mankind. They convince the teachers, social workers and the masses that have never entertained to “think”.

    How is it that we have so many non thinking people? It has always been like that. The othering and overpowering the vulnerable is as alive as always.

    Grown men and women raping kids brains to pretend to make them “better”. I am guessing that to be a teenager who reads and memorizes the psych courses, yet without a hint of all those other qualities of humanity in him, is called a success.

    Drugging people with random brain/body changing drugs without their full and knowledgeable consent is criminal.

  • Psychiatry the criminals. Yes that is what they are.

    Labels, they ARE the “stigmatizers” It is stigma in itself to slap a nasty label on you.

    ALL people that encounter their traumas will have to live through it, it can take years and it needs it’s time and age. Meeting and being with the wrong people will intensify reactions. It takes years to recognize the dance.

    Psychiatry and a host of other “help” people make it all worse because the trauma is lack of power and control, or the feeling of it.

    Best way to deal with clients is to try and label them with a host of labels, and labeling people with “PD” is really reflective of just how unscientific psychiatry is and always has been.
    They have learned nothing, yet many of their xclients have.

    I have warned my kids SO much to NEVER EVER set a foot into psychiatry, and to NEVER reveal info to even a physician that has nothing to do with what they need to know.

    It is incredible how society is taught that they have to answer questions asked of them.

  • Hi Lori.

    Does Psychiatry care if they kill and maim? Not one iota. They are criminals that pretend to be doctors.
    It is an agency based on pretenses that they have knowledge of the brain.
    They develop machines that test your beta,alpha and god knows what, but even the highly esteemed neurologist has no clue what it means.
    So guess where EVERY single doc and specialist sends their client? To psychiatry.
    And so do teachers, parents, or anyone that is taught about what is normal.

    No one can fix arthritis, or Strokes, or so many diseases. But at least many can be identified to a degree. Yet even “identifying” them, they still have no fixes and certainly not without bad effects.
    There is absolutely no way to know the brain or mind mechanisms and certainly makes it much more complicated when we have a paradigm of “normal” in the mix.
    If people are bothered in any way by our needs, good old criminal psychiatry is there to pretend to help.
    What has psychiatry done so far? Create untold jobs to take care of the mess and deaths they created.

    I HATE ALL medicine since most use psychiatry to get rid of their overflow of patients.

    There is NO power for the patient except to walk away.

    I’m not sure when governments will act and convict psychiatry of crimes against humanity.

    It wouldn’t need to come to that if psychiatry admitted what a sham racket they run.

    Lori, you have more brain than any shrink could ever wish for. You have GUTS. They know this.
    And I am really sorry that those weak asses did their racket on you.

    Thank you for your GUTS, your insight, your voice. It is a great voice.

  • Not exactly sure how we can normalize giving drugs to kids that are rudimentary ways of dealing with.

    Do they know the brain, the mind, exactly how the person develops being on these forced drugs? No they know squat about the brain.

    People that don’t know squat about the body should not be doling out drugs.

  • Experts? We create a one style of school, then we take those who cannot cope with it, and deem them “disordered”. We then seek out these same traits in others, and then call it a condition, disease, disorder. WE THEN look for “scientific” similarities, and further cement the ideas into the parents, culture as a whole, that indeed these are disordered persons who would benefit from having drugs.

    We then talk about how bringing all this wealth of knowledge into public arenas will help to stop “STIGMA”. The magic words, make the public think there is only stigma out in the public.
    THE ONLY STIGMA comes from the people that decided these kids are abnormal. It is THEY who are picking them out as being affected. It is THEY who are drugging kids for being “different”. not ill.

    When do you think we should drug kids for not being as physically endowed as other more athletic kids? if 50 kids have good physique, does it make the other 10 weaklings “disordered”?

    Why are you not busy trying to create a system where ALL children benefit” Where all children fit in somewhere? You really think that ALL children should learn the same crap? So you do not believe in diversity? The child suffers because he is not fitting in and so he should be drugged.

  • Thomas said.,”I know wonderful, ethical, hard working, compassionate psychiatrists.”

    And? I know LOTS of people who are kind, caring, ect ect and do a LOT of harm in the name of “mental”/health. I think I prefer a mean nasty SOB shrink over a caring one. End result is, they ALL follow the same cow.

  • I have yet to meet them. No, the ones that entered the system are quickly part of the cog. There are a LOT of opinions in medicine, NOTHING to do with science. Opinions are not medical, and labels always leave the victim of labeling vulnerable to slander. And many opinions by the MD professions are no more than slander.

    One is not talking about people being different from each other, but rather how we label those differences as “disordered”. This is not new. It has been around forever. We “treat” those things we find disruptive to the present rule.
    We don’t treat someone’s inability to walk, we try to become smart enough to build ramps.

    Obviously if you have not experienced slander and abuse by med system, You will ALWAYS just see it through what your experience has been.

    So for you, there are a lot of great people in med system. Privileged and lucky.
    That is all it comes down to

  • There are people with problems. The body is not split at the neck, we are a whole being. Our environments can make us miserable, Perhaps all our lives. This does NOT mean illness. States of feeling and experiences are so complex, that we could not call a mind healthy or unhealthy as in some physical sense. And that is why there are no experts on someone’s mind. That is why they make random drugs that do absolutely nothing except try to disrupt whatever is happening. Disruption is not “making well”.

    They will warn about harms of prednisone because as all drugs do, it affects ALL of the body. But psychiatry or the general population actually pretends that psych drugs affect only the brain, AND in some “good way”.

    It’s so incredibly stupid of what people have been led to believe and as time goes by, I find I am more and more shocked. So I’m hoping I get to a point of not being shocked.

    In general, we are getting more stupid.

  • It is your opinion that an experience is a medical condition. Perhaps it “deserves” physiotherapy, just as the medical people often recommend for the body. just changing the brain by drugging or TMS or what have you…throwing shit at a vulnerable part of the body, meaning the WHOLE body, is a BAD MEDICAL MOVE. It is NOT even scientific. It continues to be experimental, but really science gave up and continues with the same. And it is not okay to keep on doing what they found to be harmful in the majority of cases. Yes it harms the whole body. They warn you about prednisone use on body and brain, and so they should make it public knowledge that all “mental “treatments” can and usually cause multiple problems. And death, and suicides.

  • They are gaslighters and no matter what one says, it is diagnosable, which of course makes no sense. A bunch of bad people hurting a LOT of the public and given the legal aid to call treason to everyone and anyone they wish.

    And the gullible sit by and watch, just as in the days of old. Except a hell of a lot more people get accused of “treason” now, then they ever were.

  • Katel, I find the whole article simplistic at best and complicated again by comparing dental health to something so very very complex as human emotions. “mental health” is the new advert, making people believe that to feel things is a “health” related issue.

    Our minds and body, and it’s connections, and it’s ability to absorb everything that occurs, to be remembered not just by the mind, but also by the body simply cannot be defined as of yet by any human. Perhaps a dog has a much greater ability to assess a human’s situation and what their needs might be.

    It is just so simple to write an article about choices. I would not write such a thing, because I would offend a ton of people and sound uneducated and priviledged.

    I get it. I get how she thinks if people would just stop “thinking” of themselves as victims, and pursue the elusive “mental health”.

    It is quite the norm for the world to have a ton of suffering people. When we stop pretending that it is “mental illness”, perhaps we would be on the right track to ease some. But it cannot occur since people are selfish and bound up in their own lives….which is quite natural.

    Every single one of us has the potential to look or behave disfunctional to someone else. We are simply animal. Maybe half of us eeks out a sort of comfortable path, and if we look around, many jobs, occupations allow individuals to be in the illusion that they are “mentally healthy”. It is easy to hide behind our jobs or power, usually not even aware just how nutty we are.
    It is simply a crapshoot.

  • Please. An MRI is rudimentary considering how vast the brain is. Do you think we are done knowing? We have all the tools to show what a brain does?
    And why in the world should any person do their own research as to strengths etc? LOL

    Besides, there is no research because they do not know the brain, the vast possibilities, and all “reported” research should be eyed with suspicion.

    It is a rudimentary experiment and playing with someone’s brain. Period

  • We all judge and that is what psychiatry does. It simply took over whatever society had in place to lord over all those “other” people.

    Isn’t it wonderful that I can go to a shrink and say “i’m depressed”, and he diagnoses me saying “you have depression”.

    Similar to me going to a priest with my confessions and the priest telling me I’m a sinner.

  • It wouldn’t even matter if “neuroscience” found a way to distinguish one from the other.

    The fact would remain that they would have to keep defining and redefining someone’s idea of “normal”.

    Psychiatry remains what always has been, for groups of people to assign onto other persons, slandering labels. To convince the public that differences in people are disorders.

    That will never go away.

    I am glad that each person has no more than 70 years on earth to do damage and the end result looks very similar in a neuroscientific manner….the bones underground, of a shrink (and whoever else slanders people) and their victims.

    But they had to make a living, while alive, even if to try and use their 80 years to defend lies. Psychiatry is an illegal scheme, well supported by our governments. It’s a lazy government.

  • GIBBERISH! Love that word.
    I must say at this age, what I know now, a seasoned shrink MUST know
    it is gibberish.
    And oh my, the public is taught about “stigma”. It is only relevant within
    the health and psych circles.

    Upon someone dying, they “diagnose” them as depressed. Sure, sick and dying people should show happiness and no suffering.

    Amazing the crap docs have borrowed from psych for their convenience. And sadly the “AD” makes not one dif in that dying person’s life, yet the doc makes just one more itty bitty penny from the departure of life.

  • Great article.

    DBT will bite you.

    There was a time 25 years ago I thought I needed “help”…to be the kind of person that is the way we are supposed to be.

    So I saw an ad in a newspaper and thought yep, that sounds like a great course.
    I called but they said I needed a referral. So I asked my physician to refer me, and she asked why.
    I thought it a good idea, so she referred me.

    I showed up for a few “lessons” and the shrink everyone saw once per month offered me “antipsychotics”. I declined since that word scared the crap out of me…On a break, I heard all the other women were on “antipsychotics”.

    In one session, a mild mannered woman tried to get a word in, but was not heard, so I made the “boss’ aware of it. She asked me to leave the room, since I had interfeered.
    I waited outside until “group” was over and I spoke to her.

    I found out later that she had told her “boss” that she felt threatened by me.

    Interesting, because I guess we could name that sensitivity a disorder.

    Needless to say I left, never to return.

    7 years ago I became ill, a doc dug around my old medical records and alluded to the fact I had attended this garbage.

    He never said how I got there, he never said how long. Nope, he just wanted to plant a seed.

    I was then treated with the exact “STIGMA”, that they preach the public should not treat others with.
    No it’s not “STIGMA”, it’s a witch hunt that becomes convenient when chronic illness is a pain in the butt for docs.

    I think it’s a horrible practice to do to people and I don’t care if you’re a NICE therapist or someone that was helped.

    The whole thing is a lie. I have friends with these labels. It is a lie.

  • They are in delusions about that go-to world of “mental illness”.
    The “therapists” are a bunch of people who were taught that “personality disorders” belong to those people over there.

    So of course they believe it’s not themselves but the other person, and the reason this “other person” has problems is because they do not think “properly”.
    Or “behave”.
    So the goal then is to teach you it’s not going to go your way, but their way.

    It is unbelievable how many people that should not be in “helping others” professions, are exactly in those positions.

    They have no clue what life experiences and backgrounds, cultures influence them or the others.

    It is all a crock of poo, and the public bought it.

  • Naming “prolonged grief”, a disorder, points out how all other labels are bogus.

    What does “prolonged” mean anyway? There are those who do not grieve. Depending
    on how big a part the lost one, or that lost thing meant in your life, the longer you might grieve. Perhaps forever, perhaps to the point where it alters your future.

    Our responses to losing important parts of ourselves, come from such varied places. Culture, family habits generations old etc etc.

    And it is effin fine to grieve differently from the one next to you.

  • Betrayal by psychiatry starts with their DSM. All the DSM is, labels to hang onto
    It only serves psychiatry and medical.

    The nicest shrink is part of these betrayals and lies.

    Psychiatry is responsible for much more disability, suffering, than there ever needed to be.
    Not to mention destruction of the person, even to point of death.

    They are no more than the gossip in schoolyards, where a group of kids starts labeling someone for whatever it is the group wants to pick on.

    The problem starts when the receiver of these labels believes these lies. And even if a big part of them does not believe, it will rock their confidence in themselves for a lifetime.
    They have been labeled, branded, like a heretic.
    And the records that follow them is nothing short of being hunted.

    It is the witchhunts and labels of being a heretic of old.

    People do not change. There will always be a segment of the population that delights in
    labeling, always a huge segment of those who believe this garbage.

    And there will always be those who find out just how ruthless the powerful can be.
    If we want to believe in Mental Illness, we can start right at psychiatry. We can call the
    ruthless lying business of psychiatry “ill”.

  • The papers are good in respect to getting it out to the public.

    And exactly, what are the chemicals doing?
    It seems that even psychiatry readily will admit, TO the RIGHT people, that it’s not
    So they sim[ply change terminology, as they always do and keep selling “chemicals”.
    So what chemicals are missing? Did they do a test as they do with illness?

    They created chemicals that will mess with the brain,and whole body. period.

    Yet even top neurologists do not have a clue what goes on inside our brains, surprisingly, psychiatry does 🙂

  • Psychiatry is violence, condoned.

    It is the place people take their loved ones when they do not know what to do.
    But psychiatry also knows not what to do, but they pretend to and so yes, it is an evil
    that they do. They rely on people’s vulnerable states and could care less about the

    I am very sorry about your daughter’s demise, another victim of our government’s offerings.

  • Sera, Great article. I never did read the NYT piece, so gladly I missed the uninformed comments. And that they are, uninformed.

    And we really don’t want to hear from families, because family is fallible just like the “professional”. The person in question is “seen” through very personal lenses, no science involved. And no logic can penetrate personal views and beliefs, at least not in the moment, but I feel the arguments are never wasted, because somewhere, at some future time, someone will reflect back and get it.

    Also articles such as these do indeed save a few from going down that rabbit hole of brain shrinkage.

    I argue every chance I get, creating enemies. People do not like you if you don’t support their views :).
    I get massage for my back and my massage therapist several times has mentioned her kids add, or adhd. Ahhh such a common “disease”, “disorder”.
    I finally stated that to make your kid think there is something “wrong” with them is more harmful than anything.

    Because belief is strong, and to believe something about yourself that others tell you, about you, is probably the biggest harm Psych has done. And lets face it, we all “see” people through lenses, but psych nor anyone can do so in a failproof manner.

    So no, we can’t ask the family. It is WAY too complicated, a lifelong living experience which a shrink is not privy to.

    And THANKS SO MUCH for leaving those comments, they did NOT go unheard. Someone will indeed be affected and even if the system stays as crappy and full of BS as it is, it becomes important to try and save a few from ever going the route of the BS.

    I see then that the NYT is not part of the silencing group, although they love controversial pieces, but are also chicken of backlash from the “professionals”.

    So no matter why, kudos to them for doing that story. And Kudos to you for following up there and here. You have powerful voice and used it, which we are all thankful.

    MIA has had some of the best articles and writers, and I am certain has contributed to get a few people thinking.

    MIA helped me a lot in this area and took my thinking ability a bit further. And articles such as yours are the ticket to this process.

    Of course you will get those fervent present day believers, but it’s mostly because of the challenging of their belief. They do not realize that they believe something they have not thought about, or if so, not thought through. It’s as old as the hills. Anything different must be heretic, anti establishment lol.

    Changing powers is just a constant exposing, educating. With powers continuing but hopefully slowly save a few from believing that their experiences are “wrong” or “sick”.

  • Exactly. Phelps knows, they all know at some point. And it satisfies me in a weird way that Phelps knows and simply has to live with that knowledge.

    People are asked all kinds of very personal and intimate life questions by the hierarchy, and yes I actually used to answer them honestly.
    How awful that I did not realize that a GP or shrink or anyone has NO business asking these questions.

    And it’s time young people are told to either not divulge or simply keep their mouth closed. Yes it will be used against them too but so will any information they give.

    They sit and ask questions meanwhile keeping their innermost thoughts and life histories a secret.

    And I suspect that Phelps is not excluded from keeping secrets.

    We always warn our kids to be careful with strangers, not to be alone with them etc, we never warn them not to be careful with professionals, whose prying eyes and ears do not have the best intentions.

    And this is where Timimi differs hopefully.

    I really really am sad for all the kids and families that end up having to deal with anyone that fails to see or acknowledge just how damaging their interference and control is. It ends up hurting society as a whole, and our governments are completely blind to it.

  • Steve I read the article with Jim Phelps and it seems I can’t comment under the article, so I will do it here.

    I cannot imagine that MIA is harmful, and if we are going to talk about harm, we can start with the mental industry and an industry it is.

    So Jim Phelps thinks that often psychotherapy is more helpful than chemicals. Why would that be? Is it because the person is getting the attention? A Sympathetic ear?

    I think it is helpful sometimes, but often not long term because what is NOT addressed is that the seeming helpfulness of talking, is really pointing to a social issue. The lack of tribe and community.

    I’m tickled by the new catchword of “culturally informed”, like what does that mean? I’m aware of your culture but you’re still MI.

    Jim thinks it’s not good to throw out the baby with the bathwater. That saying is getting old….and I think psychiatry threw out the baby with the bathwater long ago, missing the fact that they throw out the whole person, as a mental.

    Nothing credible left in those who are labeled and if that is not throwing out the baby with the water.

    It is time for people like Jim to do the right thing, but it will not happen.

    Psychiatry is as old as the hills. To “other” people is ancient and every single animal does it.

    It leads to untold misery and heartbreak, but yes it’s part of life.

    And due to many circumstances, many people don’t get a fair shake in life. Period.

    To then other them and their families for their troubles and suffering and get paid for it, is business as usual for psychiatry and the whole medical community.

    It’s so sad that Jim then bothers to talk about MIA.

    He could be another Timimi but no, he is Jim.

    I’m sure he’s another nice guy, but really? I wonder what makes a “nice” guy.

  • Psychiatry is the illness. It is a very wretched business. I like to think of the adverts
    of constant talk of “mental health” as “mental hell”.

    I’m just glad that you are here to talk about it. EACH story serves someone out there, to
    stay away from anything or anyone that tries to pawn them off onto psychiatry. As you can see, even your folks were brainwashed.

  • Partially perhaps, but it’s about “brainwashing”, and really, we all are and it takes or can take a long time to learn to think, and that is an evolution.

    Will I ever change my mind about psychiatry? No.

    No one calls a person who walks differently a “walking disordered person”. We all walk different from each other.

    I can’t keep up with athletic people but that does not mean I’m “disordered”.
    I’m also not offered steroids to keep up with the athletes.

    The mind is a sponge and our histories from our families, our cultures, our identity and the ways we reason is wrapped up in that.
    The resulting kids can indeed wind up with lots of baggage and problems.

    They need real social aid, JUST like a non walking person needs a ramp for their chair.

    Are there brain disorders? Of course there are. There are injuries and some that probably happen in childhood, but these are NOT “MI”, nor are they “disordered”.

    This is an area for neurology, but alas since the real scientist, the neurologist can’t figure out the brain, better pretend psychiatry has 🙂

  • Birdsong, thanks for getting this article to pop up again.

    People realize too late or perhaps never, that psychiatry and the “Mental “health” industry is a sham. It’s the same lie as many others used to mess with power.

    I lump every doctor under this sham. Every nurse, every judge that buys this crap, or perpetuates it. And perhaps most never even think it through, this whole sham. It
    took me a LONG time, even though somewhere deep inside it made no sense.

    As we have it, it serves value for the professions, NO ONE else.
    People are simply their income, no more.

    One aspect of animal is to stare at another and have assumptions, no animal is immune. Man makes money off this instinct, and uses his power.

    “doctors” and “shrinks” scare even top judges, even the supreme court. The “medical profession has their own laws which are above any law in the countries.
    HOW can ANYONE “prove” their “mental okayness”? One can’t, it’s impossible.

    And no one should be asked to.

    Like schoolyard garbage where one kid whispers to another, about that odd child, or weirdo, doctors and shrinks alike, whisper names. Name calling.

    And how can the kid prove to the other kids that he is not what they say?

    Simply Power.

    The ones with power lot out the very stigma they pretend belongs to citizens.

    They LONG for science. And sure, we can make tests that show similarities,
    And it will take the public a very long time to realize that the name calling was BEFORE the
    test “proved” it.
    But find out they will, eventually.
    Then something else will take it’s place, since it’s about NOTHING more than power.

    Articles such as these hopefully can save a kid or two, perhaps a parent reads it and actually starts the thinking process about PSYCH ideas.

    There are SO many people with needs, SO many and where do they think they go with their anxieties?
    They are taught that there is someone that cares about their “mental “HEALTH”.

    And no, if anyone is reading, you were not helped long term by anything psychiatric, unless you find it helpful to think of yourself as “ill”, because you like millions others, have needs.

    Every single person has needs, some won’t ever be fulfilled, or perhaps none. It’s life.
    But thinking of yourself as “ill” and listening to psych bullshit throws you right into a vat of bullshit.

    That is correct, eventually you dear reader might find out the hard way just how bad this bullshit is and how ,many have been killed or maimed by the practice of psychiatry.

    I cannot think of a more shameful job than to hide in a vat of bullshit.

    But I know when I think back on my years, that there was a possibility that I too might have been part of this vat.
    And indeed, many docs and shrinks really are that ignorant.

  • Well done Robert.

    The word “therapeutic” in psychiatric practice is a misnomer.

    People get feeling better by luck, not by the neurotoxins. There is no proof that
    the drug had anything to do with someone feeling “better”.

    I also have seen many on AD’s and NOT ONE is “better”. And many died early.

  • You say “some have found it Psych helpful”.
    But you speak from the here and now. Perhaps in 10 years that same person will realize that what they thought was “helpful” was not at all helpful.

    We can live in a marriage for 30 years and think it’s “good” and realize that in fact it completely changed who you were, or if you were indeed relatively happy.

  • You were unlucky to be born into psychiatry.
    Of course then it would be that everyone else is “sick”, except of course the shrink.

    Psychiatry reserves the right to call you something, that something, that name is “stigma” itself.
    To name someone a name is in itself discrimmination. Period.

    The “stigma” word was developed by psychiatry itself because after all, they knew what they were doing.

    As the slogan goes. “there is no shame in being MI” lol.
    I have heard that used and their desperation is palpable. Please accept this awful name we have for you and then all is well. If you do not accept it, we will add more names.
    We got oodles and oodles of names for you.

    Psychiatry owns the dictionary.

    Any young people reading here, RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THE MENTAL SYSTEM> RUN. Don’t believe me though, find out for yourself some 30 years later. Or sooner. Eventually all thinking people realize the powers that can ruin you, and your family.

    It’s like a bacteria left untreated.

    Yes there is lots of weirdness in people, but most, unlike psychiatry and it’s medical ilk, are not out to defame, demoralize and destroy simply because they can.

  • Hi Dr Hickey.

    Of course we knew that this time comes, it comes for us all, and you have given much during your lifetime. Well done.

    One thing that I loved about your writings, that it was with absolutely no apology, no trying to be the nice guy. We are still left with lots of those who think psychiatry can be “reformed”, but little do they know that indeed it gets “reformed” each minute, because after all, it is psychiatry itself that “reforms” itself and thereby it is the same shite over and over, except worse, because as Timimi states, Psychiatry is “rotten to the core”.

    And what readers seem to miss is that no one pretends that life is not full of people who need stuff, people who need extra attention.

    Psychiatry makes those needs 10fold worse. And I’m not limiting it to psychiatry, since the medical community is now rife with untrained psychiatrists, not that training matters much anyway.

    The ability to think has been eroded so we are left with a psychiatric lens, because it is so much simpler than to actually face how complicated an animal is.

    I wish you some good days ahead. And above all, take the time to appreciate the work you did, even if you feel there is much more to be done.
    Because rarely are we ever done, our minds and bodies were designed to want to complete something.

  • Irit, SO well said. And so glad Tina wrote the book. I think it to be utterly important to educate, not to expect change in the medical fields, but rather at this point, to warn even a few to run as fast and as far away from GP’s or psychiatry that hint at their client needing psychiatry.

    The medical system has gone completely psychiatry. It is convenient in the busy doc’s office, because after all, emotional stuff is baggage for them to listen to, and so are chronic illnesses. Best to write stuff on the charts of patients that hints at “psychiatric” and thereby invalidating them as anyone worth listening to.

    And most of the system cooperates in this, mostly out of fear of colleagues. It’s just easier to agree and keep your job until retirement and who cares about the client.

    But they NEVER hurt just the one client, they hurt the whole family, punishing the whole family, children, etc.
    They create so much hurt and disability, with governments playing along and sending out those measly disability checks because it’s a hell of a lot easier than to grab the bull by the horns and say, “ENOUGH”.

    Change is possible, but since when do governments change anything that requires actual work.
    No official would EVER dare to stir this pot of psychiatry, that has enshrined all our lives.

    There is not a shrink that has not caught on to what their purpose in life is. That they in fact ARE NOT “doctors”, but simply have a management degree, rife in wordyness.
    Their jobs are full of living in denial, governments included.

    There was a doc in ER a few years back that glared at me and said “don’t you know psychiatry is a science?”
    He was using every ounce of power he had. He knew he was a winner in this game, but yet, he wanted to draw me out and tell him why he was full of shit.
    All he had was power, not science and he wanted to take that out on me.

    It would have been funny if not so outright stupid. I cannot get over the stupidity and lack of intelligence in that management practice.

    If we want to establish mental weirdness, psychiatry wins. Some huge “disorders” going on there, but they have power to stay “clean”. 🙂

    And that is ALL they have. The power to make a lousy income, spouting their daily carnage.

    The more as time ticks along, the more I see the sheer crazy in many people. And they have “crazy”, all wrong.

    The truth is, there are some neurological damages in brains, leave that to neurology.

    But all the woes of humanity are not “MI”, as neither a shrink’s cruel behaviour is an “MI”.

    It is simply diversity where power is the ultimate winner until the tides change.

    So thanks for helping with the tides, even if for a few, and Thanks Tina for the book and continuing education.

  • Yes Sandra, those questions are intrusive, and perhaps some caregivers actually believe that they are well intentioned but after a few years in “medicine”, one would think that even the least aware clinician would get it. They would understand that to hint at or label someone does not result in stigma, but what looks much more like persecution.

    It is a terrific way to get no validation as a human being. That is all.

    I wonder if any clinicians would like to see their child or parent being treated like a lesser or non human BUT, that is EXACTLY what happens.

    The stigma word was invented to pretend that it’s someone else and not the medical people who hate the mentals.

    Yet really, the only places that actually matter to a person’s welfare is the only place they receive the so called “stigma”.

    Nope, if “MI” is a science, and it resides in the brain, I prefer to go to a neurologist, he would have a bit more knowledge, than mere name calling.

    And it’s a bit backwards to develop drugs for “diseases” where the mechanisms are not even known a tiny bit.

    Don’t ask me “well what do I do with all “these” people.

    Not knowing, is not an excuse to just throw garbage at “those people”, And labels are garbage.

  • Bingo.
    It’s perfect for making money off a patient.
    And it ends up in the worst or non care for the patient
    because now the patient cannot even get his pain or suffering addressed.
    It’s a game because no one can say the honest truth.

    It is time psychiatrist also become specialists in heart, lung, cancer, arthritis, etc etc, because how could they possibly determine it’s in the patient’s “head”, if they have no scientific knowledge about the specialities? Not to mention an intuition to see that a patient is not well, “physically”.
    No one should EVER go to a shrink after an MD mumbles “mental”. Because the MD knows squat about what is going on in your head, and the shrink knows nothing about your physical stuff OR your “head”.

  • If a doctor needs to talk to someone, who do they talk to? Who fulfills his needs?
    Who listens to him and supports him?

    What priviledges led to him becoming a doc?

    I guess if a doctor needs to unload his woes, he does so at home?
    Or he does not have woes?

    Is a woe, or many woes “mental illness”?

    Is that how we differentiate people? Those who have troubles in
    living the life we think they should live, are “mentally ill”?

    It’s a great science after all. Too bad drugs were developed
    to drug someone for a shrinks opinion.

  • Excellent Dr Hickey! We are all very lucky to read your articles. I do hope a few young shrinks read and take note, and hope they make a decision to go their own way. Because the reality is, many folks will be unlucky enough to meet a shrink, so I hope for those kids, folks, that the shrink is not lying to himself and the poor person who sits in that awful chair of defamation.

  • I wonder Neil, you seem to bring up “mental disorders” instead of “illness”.

    It makes me wonder if you were, or know others who were constructed physically in a fashion that makes them capable of hard outside work. On the rails, on trees, hydro poles, 40 below, or 40 above, 10 hours per day.

    And if you are not equipped to do so, are you physically ill? Disordered? Are you able to run or bike and keep up with the best of them?

    If not, are you disordered?
    Well lucky for the “physically disordered, there are lots of “mental jobs”.

    So if one does not have the emotional “package” to cope, IN THE ENVIRONMENT one happens to be in, is that person then disordered?

    And what IF, what if a child or adult has both, physical and “mental” limitations?

    Are they ILL? “Disordered?

    I really would hate to give all those millions of “physically ill or disordered people” labels that have the whole world discriminate against them.

    Imagine going for help for an aching body, but the doctors and nurses sneer at the patient because AFTER ALL, they are just physically disordered and thus a pariah.

  • One might as well confess at the police station the worst of crimes. Because in the land of psychiatry, it is a crime to suffer. “ohh you are sad? Wait until I do a write up on you, you will know sadness and stigma. After all, the ONLY reason you will be stigmatized is because I, the almighty shrink have the power to label you as inadquate in the world”

  • Neil thanks for writing.

    We all know why they get locked up. Been going on for eons, since the dawn of animal.
    Because they can, because they have the power. End of story.

    And really, locking them up is not the worst of it. Treating “them” like shit for their whole lives, inflicting the “STIGMA”, which is really ONLY inflicted by the health care or governing agencies themselves.

    It is the new “treason”. Times of old, I mean it just took the power to say that there was something “wrong” with that guy, and it dirtied him forever or until his death.

    Yes lots of “personality disordered” sitting in psychiatry. I guess some MUST be smart enough to know this. Or perhaps people really are that ignorant about life.

    Wonder what it feels like to fuck up a bunch of people’s lives, make money off their “disordered” ways, and then all shrinks fuck off into oblivion like their victims. Thank God they can only do damage for 70 years, and their victims are usually also gone by that time.
    But yes, new shrinks more ignorant than the last are born daILY.

  • sad to see articles written where the authors seem to have a belief
    in the DSM. Are people “disordered”?
    Well duh, of course. EVERYONE is in some way.
    it’s unbelievable how (and I dislike using words like “shallow”) but yes, unbelievable
    how uneducated, misinformed psychiatry has brought the general population.

    So few have any self thought. Let me show you many “disordered” folks. Everyone
    and his dog qualifies.

    The “cultural awareness” garbage has been used to try and substantiate psychiatry.
    They are USING people who were marginalized generations ago. ALL OVER again.
    Psychiatry and it’s DSM believers are like bloodsuckers.

  • Donovan.
    What you see is schools being constructed to suit a world we/they built. Kids have to
    be made to suit that world curriculum.

    Kind of like NOT building ramps for wheelchair users, but instead doing operations on their
    bodies to make them walk.

    Let’s not change the environment, but try and change people instead. EVEN if the long term result is crap.

  • Mary thanks so much for writing part of your story.
    It can and will save someone, or perhaps a few and that makes
    it so very worthwhile.
    Someone will read this and warn the younger ones.

    I NEVER doubt that there is a lot of worth to personal accounts and
    getting them out to the public.

  • The only way psychiatry can ever “change” is, IF they smell it coming. That is the only reason some shrinks seem “open to change”. They talk, but no, they are not open. If they were, they would lose their jobs.
    They hold those steadfast convictions, which ironically, they try to get “those other people”, to change.

    Best thing to do, is try to catch people before they ever seek help from any medical based community, AND shrinks.

  • Excellent work Dr Hickey and I know how much work went into it, yet on one hand
    it’s not a lot of work to show time and again how devious psychiatry is. How non sensical it is.

    It is not said enough, or acknowledged by the “critics”, that as you state, “psychiatry went willingly”. And on all counts they did.
    I see “critics” being critical yet constantly taking the chicken stance. Blaming everyone but psychiatry.

    Heck even psychiatry knows it’s an imposter, and they hate it. But it’s a living. Shmucks.
    I got NO respect for all the medical community that has taken the easy road and rides on the coattails of those they really don’t care for all that much.

    There they are, all licking each others boots.

  • Hi Lisa. It’s really sad when we see only an exit as a way out.
    And no one really wants to die. That is the thing. YET, we all do die,
    even those asses who corral unsuspecting victims into the pigslop called
    psychiatry, which I might mention, the greater medical community and
    much of the public is so culted.
    It’s how people are. It’s not even beliefs. Even the worst shrink
    I think sees the folly of his thinking or adherence. He simply needs
    a job.
    But what a crap life to have, to go around making people think
    they are damaged and then to further manipulate and actually hurt them.
    It’s absolutely disgusting.

    We keep thinking that mankind became more advanced. Nothing could be further
    from the truth.
    And it will never change. Life is simply needing a lot of luck.

    They should be ashamed that you are at the point you are, but shame is
    something that they were lucky enough to escape. Honesty is not something
    that community thrives on.

  • I am curious how many DSM labels he wrote in charts, or when other medical people read his “notes” ABOUT that person, what goes through the minds of the GP or nurse?

    It is shameful that EVERY SINGLE thing about you is public information. GASP, but the medical people do not consider themselves as the general public, they consider themselves owners of that person.

    We as professionals get to read every single thing that was said about you. All it ever is, is gossip. Like a schoolyard they never left.

  • Investigating our history, which not only goes back to our parents, but a long lineage and culture. Often people forget that long history.

    It certainly is not at all a place for psychiatry nor anyone who is there to tell you how it shaped you.

    Excellent account, where we can envision in our minds the dreadful tentacles of psychiatry and a deep seated dislike of fellow humans, humans that mean nothing to those in power.

  • SGM,
    Sorry to hear about your sons. I know we get desperate to help our kids.
    But is it worth it?

    Not even top scientists/neurologists can “fix” a brain, so how could anyone?

    Also often once we “know” there is something “wrong” with a person, everything about
    their movements, talk, behaviour becomes as an object to be observed and once we focus on that, it becomes problematic no?

    There are scores of things “wrong” with people physically, yet even with simple things we don’t go operate to change the way they walk, so why are we playing with other people’s brains, brains we know nothing about?

    Perhaps as with any disability, we are best of to make OURSELVES responsible to try and change their environment, instead of trying to change the objected human to suit what we deem the correct way to walk.

    So not only TMS harms, but so do a lot of “therapies” that we are told are not invasive. Everything becomes suspect, unless you can find someone who has figured out the brain, and mind.

    People are quite enthusiastic about OTHER people’s brains. They are not emotionally invested in that human.

  • I am sorry to hear about the loss of your sister.

    I do think that psychiatry is full of willful blindness. Eventually everyone in the system knows that what they preach is a lie, or at least most do.

    That is WHY the WHO is starting to make their “concerns” public, although, only because they realize that the public is catching on and becoming more aware.

    So I hear you when you say that people don’t “believe” you. I can guarantee that it is not that they don’t believe you, it’s that it is too much work for them to bother thinking about. Like people involved and caught up in the dogma of the day, why bother thinking?

    I have friends who take their pills and believe in them, sort of, 🙂 but they also do not think :).

    Now lots of folks will challenge you to come up with solutions to people’s problems if not psychiatry. And even Lieberman says such mindless garbage.
    That is only said to shut you down and try to intimidate, because of not having a definite answer.

    Psychiatry has the answers and they are ALL wrong. Deaths, disability, unhapiness, suffering has never been greater, not just for the person who went for their “mental checkup”, but for the families.

    Thanks for being gutsy and standing up for what you know.

  • Hi Lisa.
    First off, I am sorry you lost a friend and I know it hurts to know they were alone.
    And here you are, getting her words out to the world. That is a real. heartfelt tribute to your friend and to others who went before her.
    It’s why I love MIA, they get the stories out from heroes like Kathleen and like you Lisa.

    Now we know for certain that Psychiatry will NOT admit any fault. After all, they are a normal bunch. No disordered people within psychiatry.

    Kathleen like many was told a bunch of bullshit, bullshit that is nasty, people hating bullshit.
    If they loved people, they would NOT be name calling. It is not “diagnosis”, it is slandering. And WOW, people feel really good to be called disordered, ill, and have all these insanities written about them, simply because these people hurt.

    Just because they do not know the answer to people’s journeys, experiences and views, does not make it right to start going at them with more hurt and trauma.

    Their trauma on top of trauma KILLS.

    I hope soon the governments step in and do something about this cult of psychiatry. I hope our governments show some guts, but I think when that happens it will most likely be accidental, or by force, and not planned out.

    I have no doubt that Kathleen had “stuff” bothering her, but I want to bet that she would not have died if not for psychiatry and it’s ilk.

    Yes people die, they leave on their own terms out of desperation, EVEN without psychiatry, but no where near the numbers that do because of psychiatry and general medicine.

    They are not heroes, nor should they pretend to be. And no, they are not at all “scientific”.
    Even the best neurologist knows squat about the brain. Yet here they are, these men of science, calling people, women, names. Grown men and women spewing their garbage at people who are sad or lonely. Giving them toxins and denying all harm they do NOT only to the person, but their families and lineages, to come.

    I hope Lisa that you go on to be a friend, and hope that you receive friendships back.

    We are lucky that you wrote this, as I know it was and is painful.

    Thanks again Lisa.

  • To be a child and to be told and shown, made to feel that there is something abnormal and defective about you.
    To tell a child that the reason he cannot open a jar of jam, or run as fast, or throw as hard is because there is something defective about him.

    Johnny, it is not your fault, you were born biologically abnormal. You have a body that does not work the way it “should”.

    And then, of course, every time he fails at opening that jar, he remembers that his wrists and fingers are defective. Not like others who can open a jar.

    Yep, everyone of us carries the load of not “meeting normal”….some just get to make name calling and belittling, calling others not the way they “SHOULD BE”, a legal and binding branding.

  • Peter, I appreciate your no nonsense, no bullshit, no mincing words, blogs.
    A few reading your blogs will definitely make a difference in their or others lives.

    Will some people be forever sad? Will some have bad lives? Of course, but NOT because they stayed away from psychiatry.

    Psychiatry and much of their minnions could care less about people’s quality of life, it is about saving their own skin and income.

    Psychiatry itself sees the mess they make each and every day, yet why would they then continue doing what doesn’t work?
    Why would they heap more suffering on those who suffer and then blame it on their “mental illness”?

    And it is why it is super important to get the loud voices out there. Warnings born from wisdom and knowledge. I do not know the solution to each and every person’s woes, I DO KNOW, it’s not psychiatry.

    Psychiatry is in the business for itself.

  • There is no SDM, not in any groups of people. IF you do not agree with your doctor, he WILL write it down in a way that makes you look like the bad guy and so you will be treated from thereon.

    It is PR talk, that is all it is. For the benefit of the professions only.

    I guess when they come up with such letters as SDM, they should be embarrassed but they’re not. They rely on people believing. But they are quite aware of what it is they’re doing. Each day passes and more and more they sound like greasy salespeople.

    Funny that SDM and DSM have the same letters. Each one comes with a list of instructions too, in order for the “clinician” to deliver it the way it was told to them.

  • I think a lot of the new speak on culture is supposed to make the “treating teams”, the “treating persons” sound politically woke.

    It really is a popularity game and one which many indigenous peoples find insulting.
    Because no, one cannot be “aware”.

    And it keeps focusing on keeping “their” “issues” alive, despite being culturally “aware” being a well intended, albeit ignorant.

    Everyone has a culture. All those ukranians, jewish, mennonites or what have you. Every “immigrant” has a history.

    We should be much more concerned with being people aware, and not focus on “why they are the way they are”.

    Because truly, psychiatry and it’s minnions are all about colonization no matter what spin they come up with today, such as the pretense of being educated about culture. I can know and respect culture and the pretense of it all is yucky and demeaning to those receiving my generosity of kindness.

  • Psychiatry exposes itself again and again.
    It takes 50 to 100 years to show their magical fallacy thinking and it is gone and forgotten only for them to continue their really crazy thinking, always thinking about others.

    The job is for those who think they are thinking, and do not realize that it is ALWAYS about others and how they should be. It is an escape.
    So hardwired that there is no changing the belief.
    And to them, that is what normal seems to be 🙂

    A wretched state of living to ruin not one person but whole families because of cookoo ideas about people and their lives should look like.

  • Perhaps we should accept it no? Perhaps it is very much part of what makes a society work? After all, don’t we look at others and think that they are not being, or living or thinking in the right way?
    Radical acceptance is really only good as a suggestion and not something someone else should do. Is it up to me to tell someone to accept what they cannot change? Then really, how could there ever be change at all.

    Not everyone is natural to life as a stoic.

  • “………but at the same time, it’s really more and more people may start thinking, reasoning and so on.”
    I’m hoping psychiatry does not learn to “reason”, because that IS precisely what they think they have been doing.

    Thanks James for the interview.

    I guess I could pick on a few things, one being that “an orthopedic patient and a psych patient are the same”.
    A teacher saying such a thing might sound “enlightened” to a young gullible student.

    And at the end of the article I’m left with a kind of pressure. You know, you meet a “nice” guy and you shouldn’t say anything “negative” about him because you shall be known as a shit disturber.
    Certainly it’s great that Giovanni has clients who might fare better than if they were with a colleague.
    But I guarantee it will not accomplish in making anything “better” out of the pit that psychiatry lays in. Better is getting rid of all things DSM.

  • Thanks for the blog Lael.

    “In the end, the DSM says as much about psychiatry’s fears as it does about its certainties: fears of odd behaviors and thoughts”

    It’s not even about “odd behaviours/thoughts”.

    They will obviously ALWAYS see a problem with the way someone is, does or speaks. Basically the labels amount to accusing someone of being a societal menace. No credibility.

    Just like the word “treason”. And all they really have to do is say it. Point a finger and accuse someone. And they have to keep doing it until they retire. And they have to stick to it for the rest of their lives. Their income and saving face depends on it.

    I obviously have met a few shrinks in my time and yes, they are pretty much the labels they hand out. My GP woke me up to that years ago.

    Shady characters. Yes I’m sure there are a few “nice guys” (it all depends where you meet them)

  • I LOVE this article! SO WELL expressed and not written to try and be excusing of psychiatry.
    It is straight to the point of the matter. Too often we see critics making excuses for psych, to try and look “nice”. People who have been psychiatrized by whatever system or people have the licence to do so, are further traumatized by efforts to excuse the people responsible for their harms.

    Thanks for this Dawn and Kermit. Excellent words. Nice to see them put into loud voices.

  • Good old CBT. The doctors favorite go to in order to discredit the patient. Psych has been most helpful for the greater medical community.
    But absolutely not to patients. Minimizing, distorting facts is really what goes on in the medical community. A terrible place to be and I congratulate Alana for speaking out.
    I know it feels like nothing changes, and perhaps it won’t, but life is just not some kind of fair and there will always be those that use their power to be asses. It’s cowardly behaviour from medical people.

  • Nice blog Michaela.
    I doubt you have to join in to agree to something you do not ascribe to,
    it’s a fine line between alienting others or alienting ourselves from
    our principles.

    I am sure if I was a shrink, for the first while I might believe in slapping labels on people but it shouldn’t take too long to see what harm labeling does.

  • Enrico, I’m not sure how you can compare eye glasses with everything DSM. Being told from a young age that it is YOU who is damaged, disordered, broken, defective is garbage. And then getting a youngster to swallow chemicals to change him is huge garbage.

    No doubt some youngsters might grow up and believe that their lives might have been better IF they had been given these miraculous chemicals for their broken brains. And of course they might because that is the messages given to the public.
    But no one knows do they.
    Why not offer a different view of all those millions of defective brains? Why call them defective just because on some crude scan you can see differences and yet have no clue what it all means?

    Amazing how far your neurology has come to be able to wonderfully transform the lives of millions of children. All those defective brains popping up in schools and shrinks offices.

    Must be something in the air to create short legs, lack of looks, lack of sporting ability, weak hands, wrists, broken defective brains that are so untypical of the normal people. Do you see the whole being of a person as defective if they need glasses?

    Their very nature and character. WHO they are is boxed into ridiculous labels.

    Stop doing this to kids, families, parents.

  • Thank you Peter.
    There have been power systems in all of history, Psychiatry is just another harmful system.
    Of course it is “unhealthy”, in the way systems are unhealthy when they promote harm to people. And psych did a fine job to infiltrate every public system.

    It’s such a crude and backwards practice that shrinks should be embarrased that in todays age they still participate in stomping on people who they think are lesser or sicker than themselves.