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  • And? So what if someone decided to label certain kids as disordered because they can’t follow the protocol.
    What then?
    This government seems to think it is okay to then drug them. They say it is okay to not be able to provide consent.
    The FDA says so. Psychiatrists, school principals, psychologists, teachers, all seem to deeply believe that kids should be drugged. They see this as an absolutely normal undertaking.

    And better yet, if they see nothing really out of the ordinary after the drugging, all is okay in their minds. And if it’s not okay, they think more drugs are needed.

    It never dawns on them that perhaps the shit they dealt to kids will follow someone. Perhaps not themselves, but someone will reap the rewards of drugged kids.

    Denmark dropped it’s drugging of non consenting adults by a whopping 40%, so what is different in Denmark? Are they more insightful?

  • Peter your articles are very much needed by parents and parents to be. And GO DENMARK health for trying to, making the effort to protect it’s children!
    If it is not okay to drug kids in one country, it must be so for all countries.

    And you are correct, one would need a hell of a lot of luck to find a good psychiatrist.
    Long ago when I asked two doctors if they knew of a good shrink, one being my friend said, “they are crazy, and I only know one that I like, but only on a personal basis”. The other, being my GP said, “you can’t use the word “psychiatrist” and “good” in the same sentence”, after which she continued to discuss the issue at length.

    I figured because they were doctors, they would be personally able to recommend one, but instead I was warned.

    More physicians should do so. After all physicians are supposed to care for our health and so they should be honest.

  • Yes Psych will use, latch onto whatever they can to further their industry. Can’t blame it on pharma because in the end, psych has the choice.
    So of course everything shapes the brain, the mind, outlook.

    To pretend there are drugs for it, to try and name it is the falsity.

    The results of soteria and other such places of inclusion and community are pure evidence that labels and drugs ruin lives.

    I will say it again, psych is the biggest barrier to making a better world for everyone. It is simply another industry that thinks they are needed just because there is a shitty system. EVERY SINGLE person that I have seen, known, under psych care, has not benefitted.

    Why is that?

  • Actually there is no stigma that really has any social meaning for the individual.
    There is however persecution and that happens in the shrink’s office. He is the one to brand the person as defective in the first place.

    Like a sinner or criminal.

    He then likes to pretend that the public out there are the ones guilty of seeing or treating the person as defective.

    The ONLY places this so called stigma will ever really count is in exactly the same social services that deliver the labels.
    The label IS the branding.

    Imagine if we did this to the diversity of physical attributes, capabilities.

    Psychiatry helps to disable a huge part of the population. It is a business, not healthcare.

  • Thanks Peter.

    “anti-depressants” are not good for anything and those who claim to be helped will recognize the harm at some point in their lives. There is no return, damage done.

    They are prescribed for chronic conditions for several reasons, all intertwined. First off it is supposed to get rid of patients by then even denying their complaints about the drugs.

    It also leaves a nice paper trail so other providers ignore the pain. It also gets the patient demeaning attitudes. Doctors are great at misrepresenting patients, it is an accepted practice now.
    They write something completely different than what the client said, and like a schoolyard clique, the medical system listens to the whispers.

  • “And that’s not the only or even worst adversity from being so demeaned by ‘diagnoistic’ mistakes.”

    There are no mistakes. The diagnosis are full of intent.
    There is an ad on TV “Do you have bi-polar 1? there is a pill for it, once per day”.
    Now obviously a shrink sees the ads, and any shrink would have to cringe, but he goes to work the next day and prescribes these poisons, pretending that there is such a thing as “bi-polar 1”.

    Of course the drug companies are allowed to put these ads up, for desperate women and teenagers, and jerks who act like doctors.

    And you are correct, the demeaning is intolerable. Because it is ALL a HUGE insult to one’s intelligence.

    You know and they know, but they have the ultimate power. They cannot let go of the BS because what happens then to their profession?

  • Your story like many is depressing. But then, I guess I could take a drug for that.

    The chemicals they use on people should be illegal. You definitely needed reigning in but I think putting climbing gear on you and making you climb a mountain might have done much more good.

    But most shrinks do not climb mountains.

    Perhaps make a bucket list of things you would like to do. Think about what you like. If you like plants, garden. Go skydiving once.

    DO STUFF that is outside of your comfort zone and find a community of people that help you feel good.

    Make your focus to stay out of trouble. exercise and fresh air combined with some joys.

  • Thank you Rose, well done.

    “Why are we, as patients of prescribed harm, abandoned by psychiatry? If I suffered oxygen loss and became brain-injured during a routine surgery, I would be met with compensation, sympathy, and a genuine apology. It is unfathomable that anyone would question my symptoms. ”

    I can tell you that if you were deprived of oxygen and had brain damage, all your symptoms would still be called “psychiatric”. And they would get the same drugs, and eventual abandonment.

    No one in the medical community is able to be honest and admit that they don’t know, and yet are willing to “treat” people, without needed knowledge. They do know that the “treatments” are harmful yet continue on harming.
    This has become accepted practice by our politicians. Everyone is in bed together.

    It won’t stop either save for some tough folks.

  • Only a student doctor would need to read these papers.

    Once they have been in residence, or even practicing for a year, they have seen more evidence of harm
    than any paper can show.
    But they choose not to go with evidence because their job would be on the line. Any doctor who REALLY went with what they know and becomes outspoken about it, will definitely be kicked out of the regular community.

  • Thanks Peter, love your writing and taking the time to educate.

    Medical doctors could not honestly ever believe in psychiatry, no true believer in health could ever promote such harmful practice. Harmful first to the psyche and harmful and deadly practices.

    No doctor can now die and say that he or she did no harm, especially not knowingly.

    You would have to be an idiot to not see, especially if one is in the industry of health. More and more it looks like an industry of power.

  • Absolutely it is a cult. It is easy to snag the students. I doubt they even need to use the word “science”, in order to snag potential students.
    It’s a personality driven occupation, appealing to people for a variety of reasons and or pressures to do something.
    And it’s great if we can make a business out of people’s hardships, milk them for all it’s worth. Drain them of whatever potential was there.

    It is a really self centered business, and has zero to do with true wellbeing for others. Not for the shrinks either.

  • Great article.
    Short and sweet.

    There are of course many similarities between religion and Psych, and I find it
    odd that most shrinks or docs would perhaps not admit to believing in some almighty
    power. Perhaps their belief is reflected in their judgements, carrying out the judgement
    on earth.
    But within religion, I can become redeemed, eventually.

    Not so within psychiatry. There is no erasure of the labels. The damning evidence that one is defective.
    That scientific evaluation.

    It’s really odd that EVEN IF there was “scientific proof” that one is defective, one would still need to define first what is defective and what is not.

    Thank god that the misery this looking at others as defective lasts less than 100 years, for the observed and the observer, and then, they become completely equal.

  • What psychiatry does not want the public to find out is that people are much more
    likely to exit just to escape them.

    And regular medicine, the whole culture really rarely has safe spaces.
    It is a mess of disjointed, fragmented, dishonest sea of language and prejudice.

    It is of no matter to the “professionals” if people leave due to their own hardships and
    the callousness of the offices they entered.

    They could make a difference IF they so desired to be truly interested in people.
    It takes a village. But instead they became a machine.

    There is not a single person in the world that won’t reach a point of wanting out. Perhaps when you are a hundred, or perhaps when whatever disease you have becomes too much.

    But yes definitely the majority will think it best to be done, at some point. Not uncommon for doctors to
    die at home and not in hospital.

    AI is only as smart as the creators, which of course means it was fed the wrong information from inception.

  • I’m REALLY glad you are informing yourself.
    Keeping someone on neurotoxins “just in case” is horrible. Would his original difficulty have resolved on it’s own? Most likely. Would a weeks worth of a minor tranquilizer been helpful? Probably.

    Stress invokes stress and if he seemed to be very uncomfortable with the stress then it would be nice to just give him something low dose ONLY when he needs or wants it.

    The answer is not shutting the brain down so the rest of world has followed “protocol”. Take your power back, the doctors are mistakingly thinking that they own people and can do whatever the hell they want. They are there to “SERVE” people but have forgotten this.
    It is their job to work with the whole family.
    Keeping someone drugged up is similar to putting people in prisons just in case they might commit a crime. And to be “psychotic” is definitely seen as a crime.

  • “As it is, the clinical psychology field continues to promote and monetize the dehumanization of mentally ill people. When will the dehumanization of people with lived experiences in mental illness stop?”

    Confused by this, but I guess you are still on the “stigma” propaganda.
    As you can see, the “stigma” is not “stigma” at all, but rather persecution and prosecution.
    AND it does NOT come from your next door neighbour, it is part and parcel of those that hand out the labels.

    The “STIGMA” which is really just messed up prejudice was there LONG before the names were invented.

    Hmm, what do I call this person? I know, I can say their personality is “disordered”
    And if I call it a “disorder”, it sounds like a professional thing.

  • Have you tried looking the person in the eye and saying that “I AM HERE TO STAY SO FORGET YOUR GAMES”.
    And remind them that they are being quite manipulative by spreading garbage.

    You do understand that labels are garbage and that there is not ONE person who does not have one 🙂 They were just not given one.

    This is NOT a matter of coming out as labeled. Why would you do that? You are in a cult where everyone wants desperately to look “normal” and so, you will NEVER win that race.

    Forget the race, it’s fucked up. You were labeled by perverts, not doctors.

    And I see you used the word “triggered”.

    I guess triggered in the way the pervert was who decided to give another female grief. That is all it was. Some perv who got a licence to use it for garbage. And it’s still working.
    The admin could care less about it.

    Do not let it crush you, and please forget about the garbage you are learning and don’t try to heal others through your path.
    Theirs is not yours.

    And btw, NO ONE wants ANY labels, despite some might have told you that it helped them. Ask them 10 years later.
    It takes years to see the crock of crap.

  • Sorry, but there is “nothing going on”.

    They are ALL “wastebasket” “diagnosis”.

    This label is given to people to get rid of them. Period.

    And it appears it’s not “medical diagnosis”, so I’m not sure it should be given by a “Dr”.
    And it would also have no meaning. in fact psychiatry should be embarrassed to give unmedical titles
    to people.
    Better to stick with the old Bi-polar which can be helped by those chemicals they have for that.

  • If psychiatry just told all the gullible folks that they are the ones
    to designate people a failure, a dud, as far as belonging to the present
    established social group.

    And physiotherapy can stick the labels of not belonging to the physical prowess groups.
    Not able to do physical jobs, well that is disordered. A well rounded person is able to tolerate
    physical demands. If I put a shrink on a farm, and he can’t keep up, is he disordered?

    And sex therapists can stick the label of sexually inadequacy.

    The practice of getting rid of ugly dandelions.

  • You are truly so sensible KS. I know you are super busy, but take time to write and I so appreciate to be able to read your responses.
    I hope you are able to continue writing for a long time to come.

    I remember long ago you made a response to something I wrote and it felt like a mild spanking, and since then, I can say that it would have been well deserved.
    Can’t even recall what it was about 🙂

  • And where is “stigma” actually practiced? Does it matter to me if my neighbour thinks I’m defective? But it matters a great deal if the physicians and nurses see that someone labeled me defective. The only places it actually matters in how I get treated is in the very places that labeled me defective.

    It’s not stigma, it is persecution. My neighbour cannot persecute me within the law.
    My doctor can. The cop can. The courts can.

  • Thank you so much Peter for all your writings.

    Really we need to question what is wrong in the brains of meth sellers.
    Yes there is something very wrong in the brain of an adult who deals drugs to children. It is an illegal activity made legal by our governments, through the mental health slogans and propaganda.

    In fact, kids are not able to give consent to being violated. Our governments are fucked up adults, bowing to psychiatry.

  • “I have no idea what mental health is or isn’t, but I personally believe that it’s never divorced from the reality of ones lived experiences and relationships. Reclaiming the lived reality of my childhood psychiatric betrayal may not be an essential psychotherapeutic process according to the American mental-health-industrial complex, but it’s been a most healing process for me. I will forever be grateful for my having finally witnessed the true story of my childhood psychiatric betrayal.”

    Kevin, thanks so much for being so candid and sharing an important part of your life.
    I love that last paragraph.
    If only the observers knew what mental health is. Being observed, judged and labeled will definitely not be “mentally healthy”.
    And in that, you saw the betrayal. Perfect conclusion.

  • I think the article picture is perfect. It is exactly like that, even for adults.
    The observer and the observed.
    It is the observers job to tell kids that their feelings/thoughts/emotions are illnesses or disorders.
    However, the observer will not share their innermost thoughts or feelings, except the ones that are regarding the client’s wrong and ill things that need treatment.

  • Thank you Miranda. Very valuable interview and publication.
    There is no “anti-stigma” campaign, it is advertising.
    It is trying to put the blame of “stigma” onto the public.

    Besides, that “stigma” schtik does not do the teenager a lot of good if the
    only people who are actually the perpetrators of stigma are the shrinks and staff.
    But they are not stupid and won’t go back to a place where they are treated like criminals.

  • Katel,
    “personality disorders” cannot be illness or disease. So in fact, it is simply painting a picture of the person that can only be held against them in all social services.
    Amazing that these scientific shrinks would still use labels that only hurt you. It is not of benefit to you nor anyone, so then why do you think such ancient practice is still used by a scientific community?

    There is not a single person in existence that does not have a disorder lol. The ones that are disordered are all the people I don’t like or don’t get along with, or who are a pain in the neck.

    It’s pointless though. Most people won’t drop their occupation, or identity unless they are under duress and feel threatened. So psychiatry will not willingly ever drop the disorder.
    WHich of course points out the “mental” goings on in their own selves.

  • LOL, 21st century “standards”. What is that? Who decides the “standards”?
    Wow we came so far since electricity was invented.
    And that was pretty recent.

    We should be embarrassed and horrified of the shit we do to people’s brains.
    Doctors are not allowed to do these things to the rest of the body.

    But because the brain gets stupid or wild and crazy from their poking with shock and drugs, it is the perfect plan. My patient looks nuts, and I have a job.

    Plus I can also drive them psychologically crazy and even suicide and no one can touch me.
    I’m an invincible shrink, a hater of men.

  • Julie Greene said
    “How can it be 120 pages and 60,000 words? I assume that’s a typo. I’ll check that out. I was never given a chance at blogging here at MIA. I was told I was limited to four articles no matter what, simply because I am a survivor, and therefore, not professional enough, even though I have a valid masters degree, it’s not a MH degree so it isn’t valid enough I suppose.”

    RIP Julie.

  • Peter, I can’t thank you enough for being honest enough to write this and
    thanks to MIA for printing it.

    Long ago, they used knives and all kinds of “treatments” on people, children.
    No public members questioned it. If they did, it was silently, or they were ignored.

    Eventually, it was from the “inside” that it was frowned upon.

    They switched to a more hidden practice by using brain pills. There was absolutely ZERO science
    in the use. Only some chemistry in the actual creation of the drugs. It “treats” NOTHING!

    Again, from the “inside”, is the rumble. Because THEY and their subjects know. The “public” is mostly
    preoccupied with eating.

    We have to keep asking the young and upcoming. “what is science”.

  • If I say that, wearing the color black is a nono, and if you wear black, then obviously you are defying the norm. You might even feel isolated and shunned for wearing black, but the “evidence” is there, in fact you are wearing black, and thus should either conform or get out.
    But no, black was not the disorder, nor was the decision to wear it. Perhaps you were neuro diverse and were purely compelled to wear black.

    I made up what will be the evidence, so of course, I will always be able to spot that “evidence”

  • Thanks Martin.

    The ideas of psychiatry, which the whole medical system and every other system happily engages in has been
    the lessening of quality of life. No one cares then about longevity.

    Everyone would like a chance at a half decent life.

  • Hi Annie.
    I am sorry to hear you were psychiatrized as a child. Have you tried natural therapies such as a 6 week wilderness trip?
    How about forming a group, get a guide and embark on a planned trip? And then embark on something else. How about a community garden?
    Do something outrageous or out of comfort zone?
    Being in therapy is all around us. Every day, we all experience it.

    I think you do have it in you to focus on the variety of natural therapy all around you.

    You are a great writer and thank you so much for this piece. It’s really awesome that you focused on getting an education. It will really serve you well.

  • Peter, thank you so much for speaking to this pandemic in a conscious way.

    I just noticed that there is a new Town Hall coming up with open dialogue being the discussion, and how this might unfold with perhaps the use of “less medication”.

    What bothers me about that is the use of the word “medication”. It is very obvious that the dialoguers do not want to “offend” psychiatry. People are very afraid of looking and sounding nuts or like a fruitcake, so they kiss the industry ass. The media ass.

    But then it’s a business, a new one. Pretense that OD can be incorporated into the, (as Sami Timimi points out) “Rotten to the core” psychiatry.

    One would think that people who have been in the system, have seen it operate, would be totally honest about it’s language.

  • Rosalee, I wonder if you started grieving him even more, with a new awareness of just what transpired
    and how there is nothing that can be done, no one to convict.
    Psychiatry is an insidious disease. They really are like a pathogen.
    Once it enters the body, it feeds itself.

    He went for support, and entered the wrong door. It’s always about the wrong place, wrong time and wrong people.

  • It used to be called Treason. Even if you did not speak up, if they sensed any ability to be able to speak up, in a person, or if the people or person disagreed, you went back to poordom, the castle lockup, or off with the head.
    When you speak or resist power, or do not subscribe to simplistic moronic splaining, in women, still now, it is not desirable.

  • I’m sorry but I think we should not present this as “ineffective”, but as downright dangerous and a most idiotic and selfish moneymaker that is profiting from harming people.
    We are at a place in science where we cannot even diagnose nor treat nor operate on most back/ear and the majority of physical issues and disabilities.

    Talking about brain treatments, the brain being the least understood, (actually not understood at all,) as ineffective, makes it sound as if the practice itself is okay, that the application is okay, just ineffective.

    It is downright crazy for these things to make it into public arenas. They are dangerous.

  • When you walk into any office and leave there thinking there is something wrong WITH you, a thing has been done to you, and it is illegal.
    The illegal thing being done to you is discrimination.

    It is no longer okay to make people think, or keep thinking that they are defective somehow.

  • The way I see it is this.

    There is a “mental ward”. Within those walls are people, and as you say, people who are treated like caged animals.

    My shadenfreude is this. I know for a fact that even the people that work there, and dole out the drugs, are prisoners. They will have to come back tomorrow, and for 40 years until retirement. So it is very difficult to tell a shrink from a patient.

    It is good you recognized your survival skills. The other worker bees rely more on the money aspect.

  • Thanks Jon, great piece!

    Dr Peterson hopefully reads this. He needs more education.

    Of course he went through hell, but many did and were never able to write about it.

    “and don’t expect your doctor (or psychiatrist) to have an in-depth knowledge of the risks these drugs pose.”
    Sure they know. They have been told repeatedly and have witnessed it. They do not give a shit. They want to get through practice without a lawsuit which they are not even in danger of, and then they want to retire to their piece of oasis. That is all there is to their lives. Nothing else.

  • Does this mean all shrinks support and agree with forced ECT or other means? If not, where are those shrinks? Why are they not doing the right thing and finally speaking out that this is a human health and safety issue?

    This is psychiatry in it’s finest. Why not distribute posters on every telephone pole? Obviously joe public is basically a moron, but being a moron is not considered a brain disorder and neither is the shock doc brain defective. All normal there 🙂

  • Thanks Ekatarina for another read.

    The very first thing that happens within hospital walls is that your freedom is stolen. Fears, sadness, confusion are jailable. When you are looked at as abnormal, there is not a dam thing you can do. And if you are overweight, poor, ugly, homeless, addicted, not educated, old, toothless, grumpy etc, that will count against you too.
    Perhaps when you have facecreams, it also counts against you. In the form of “patient seems to be preoccupied with purchases, made on impulse and seems to be obsessed with her skin”. I mean if I don’t like you, or if I want to make my job look reputable to idiots, then what would the best way be for me to do so? I get to say and write things against a persons character/personality, even if I have to dream it up. After all, it works in the social setting more or less.

    All the patients need is insight.

    Who do we think runs the asylum? There are people who believe that ‘normal’ people run the asylums.

  • Yes Parents started taking their kids to the “doctor”, who then suggested an asylum, or “mind doctor”. Who then proceeded to do really nasty things to kids minds. Of course, that was then and now we have science with drugs that treat.
    And we remember how those old treatments were seen as okay by the public and governments.
    Now of course psychiatry knows that it is more fucked up than it ever was, that nothing good comes out of their practice, that eventually most that they treat have awful lives and early deaths.

    Yes psychiatry changes alright. They get worse each year.

  • The fallacy that learned behaviour or adaptive behaviours are illnesses or disorders is exactly what keeps us from forming the very supports needed. Kids don’t need weekly chats. What they need is safety and space to relax enough to have fun. They are plunged into an adult world of serious counselling. That in itself is pretentious and abusive.
    The parents need in home support and teaching of how to be a parent.
    The governments think it’s cheaper to drug the kids.
    Even the parents have no such thing as MI.

    Problems are born from hardships, adaptive mechanisms develop. Those are absolutely not treatable by psychiatry or drugs.

    It is time to abolish the lies, and abusive disabling industries.

    I am so glad you saw it for what it is. It failed your mom, you and your kids.

  • Youth are never honestly told that what they experience is normal. And so
    why should youth expose themselves to being told that what they experience
    is an illness.
    Everyone knows that the result of the “mental health” brainwashing industry is leading
    to misery and deaths. Everything from help lines to therapy to shrinks are dangerous
    territory. Nothing “healthy” about the industry.

  • Oh yes. Their arguments are solid aren’t they. It’s embarrassing really, I’m embarrassed or sure would be if
    I had to dig into my defensive lying brain for idiot comebacks. And I know what it’s like because I’ve had to
    stand behind a Product.

    And as Peter experiences, they really are not even arguments in any logical manner. They always end up at this point of “because I told you so”.

    It’s utterly pointless to argue with a shrink or their nurses. No point at all. It’s such a waste of time and much better to put ones points online and let the public try to get unbrainwashed.

    It’s really the public one has to remind that they have been brainwashed for many generations so obviously they would not stop to think it over.
    It’s simple. Just ask people if they like believing in things just because someone told them so, or if they are curious.

  • Thank you Peter for getting this out there. I appreciate you
    for everything you have done. I understand how frustrating it must be, and
    no, we will not convert any shrink. Why would they?
    It’s a job, and it’s still an impressive one for their family.
    Obviously it’s a shit job, they ruin countless lives and live their lies.
    There is something very wrong with these people.

    I’m only now realizing how much is wrong. It’s the only occupation they could be employed in.

  • It would take nerves of steel to drug people and children knowing you are doing harm.
    There were a lot of reasons for doctors to think shrinks were a joke and that they were
    screwed up.
    Doctors still think this, but they are now using shrinks for their benefit.
    Always getting used.

    “boy I will show them. I will get respect, even if I harm people, dammit, I will be recognized
    for being somebody”

  • The last report I got was that suicide is no longer a crime. After all, it was difficult to prosecute dead people.

    So then, why would someone be incarcerated for attempt or even for uttering the idea of it? And since uttering it is most often about one’s scary circumstance, or experiences of circumstance and is really a fear or feeling cornered as to not having other choices, why would cornering a person more result in that person feeling less boxed in?

    Then basically people are told that they have to shut up and or do it because if you utter any hint at all, any hint of despair, we will lock you up and strip you if you do not co-operate.

    Great treatment for hopelessness. It’s of course illegal to lock you up for talking about an act that is not illegal, but the policy makers would rather terrify you more, than actually come up with safe houses where you can say what you want, and support and help to get you out of a pit will be the norm.
    Too much work in that.

  • Thanks Tim.
    I found this within the medical community also. (psych is NOT medical)
    Sometimes we have to support our loved ones even if we think they are not
    Doctors support each other constantly, knowing they are completely wrong, so
    why would family not do the same in their little pack.

    The very LAST thing a family should do is support the doctors.

    And you are correct, people will not come forth with honesty about what is going
    on for them. People know which secrets to keep.
    How often do you see shrinks and medical people writing stuff in charts that never happened
    or was never said. Complete and utter lies, innuendos and twisted words. Nurses see this all the time and everyone participates in this.
    Now why would that be? Paranoia? So paranoid because they know that there is more everyone’s mind
    than they are being made privy to? So they project what is in their own, or use their paranoia to fill in the blanks to pencil onto meaningless charts.

    One has to write a report of some kind, to make it seem like a speciality.

  • Good comment.
    And why is there often a resolution when there is complete acceptance by others? There is no “resolution” in drug treatments or labels, or giving people bogus prognosis. We still have to answer why pure acceptance and ongoing acceptance are actual resolutions. Why do they “work”? And there is no “better” within psych. It is just different.

    Only by tolerating another’s distress seems to teach them to also be able to cope with uncomfortable stuff.
    I am certain that fear and feeling powerless are behind much of it but psych finds it more time efficient and monetarily more rewarding than cheering people on.

    And to prove their point they will ALWAYS use a person who they’ve ruined for years of drugging plus none resolved traumas, and those victims are their examples of “mental illness”.

  • People do not “get better” with psych treatments. Period.
    If there are any, they would have gotten better anyway. People
    need to work through their stuff, whatever that is and feeling shitty
    is part of it. Like physio after surgery.

    The problem with being “treated” at all is that people are getting “treated” by a BS paradigm.
    Kids go to “learn” about “mental illness” from Professors who tell them what it is and looks like.
    There is no science.