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  • Hi Rebekah,

    “feigning sanity”. It IS what your shrink does too.
    And so every few years you become insane?
    And then, would you stay stuck insane? Forever?

    What you do need is community of like minded, or at least people that get you and help you feel safer. That is a good alternative to the people who are in the mental health industry.

    Life is not perfect bodies that perform with ease and perfection according to someone’s definition, and those bodies are not ill, or sick.

    You are curious about why you can’t be like those normals.

    There are people who are curious why they can’t run like others.
    A doctor would simply tell them that is just how you are, that they are not sick.

  • Maria, great comment, very illuminating of just how most out there
    are no help and I think Brittany is in that spot of not getting real help.
    I also think Brittany has not had a chance to learn what has gone wrong
    and so the tactics used on her just make her more confused and not
    educated about the history of her life and how it, like many others
    just brings her into more abuse.

    Psychiatry loves to talk about “stigma”. And sure, perhaps a few friends or family
    do stigmatize, but the real stigma actually came first from the shrinks.

    Have we ever seen a shrink inside a court room defending the person they themselves
    “convicted”? Psych diagnosis are worse than any crime I could commit.
    The only places a diagnosis will ever hurt me are within the system and it’s services. That kind of stigma remains life threatening at all times.
    You are marked and branded and never know when the next ball drops.

    And so they encourage the unknowing public to “talk about mental health”, or go see a “therapist” or “shrink”. It is really one big false advertisement with most therapists even being completely ignorant.

    One remains ignorant until one has had to deal with that wonderful psychiatry that remains unbiased and doesn’t “stigmatize”.

    Your efforts have been so damn strong and you have gone above and beyond fighting for what you NEVER EVER should have had to fight for.

    Any shrink could have made it much easier for you and your sibling, but they chose not to.

    Psychiatry fucks up a lot of families. It’s another of their specialities.

  • Thanks Miranda.

    Isn’t it devine when good laws can be used for the bad. I mean it would be an ideal law if only well meaning unselfish and completely unbiased people did the job of “looking after others”.

    But I guarantee, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

    And I’m afraid there is no FREE, and this is a result of psychiatry.

    Really, once you have troubles or issues, the result of going to strangers for help will ALWAYS get you in hot water. If not after the first year, maybe after the 30th.
    Most People are not equipped to look after others.

  • Carlton, I think you have it and the system figured out, and I’m convinced that you are
    your own boss.
    Your story is real, the treatment you received in the home, work and psych environment was simply others acting out their ignorance on you.

    I always say, wrong place, wrong time, with the wrong people.

    Thank you so much for doing the interview with Amy and thanks MIA for going above and beyond to get the real scoop.

    Carlton, you’ve made some very powerful statements, profound really.

  • Psychiatry never did change. Their thought process remains the same, it is a discipline that attracts certain types of people, the majority of whom should NOT be talking about something called “mental health”.
    The practitioners do not have healthy insightful outlooks, or understanding of humanity, so the people they “treat”, also cannot be healthy.

    What psychiatry does is greatly contribute not only to individual sickness, but to the family and society at large.

    It is their thinking or lack of it that is the problem and now that even medicine has adopted the garbage they spew, medicine is drifting away from good practice.

  • For sure Trieste is a more rational and humane manner of approach, but it is not something Francis could operate, not with his mindset.

    You have to be healed from cult based thinking, practice, in order to make change. You cannot copy what worked for the guy that made the change.
    That change came about from a profound belief, from the very being of that person. You can train others in the way you train a dog, but the passion, compassion, the sincere beliefs are just not there. They can be understood, but understanding is not enough to make those vital connections to other humans.

    I find ALL of medicine has gone to complete authority in doctors hands. There is absolutely not “shared decision making”.

    It is absurd that two professionals discuss you without you being part of that conversation. It is your body, it is alive. And as long as it is alive, others have zero business in excluding you from what affects you.

    We pay people to talk about us to others.

  • Cindi, you are correct, they are simply defying you.
    They are sickos, in a really perverted way.
    It is really the only way they can feel powerful, because
    they were hurt as kids and now prey on vulnerable folks.
    I don’t think they are aware of it, or else it would bother them.

    I’m really glad you have a relationship with your child. And that you
    are so aware of what is really going on.

    I’m just glad that each shrink only gets to force his want for power for 50 years.

    ALL of the shrinks are guilty, because none of them is standing up for your child.

    It is like the cops that stand by while the vulnerable gets a beating.

    Real men and real women stand up to cruelty and BS.

  • Thanks Peter.

    “Alternative” options will always include psychiatry and will be based on the paradigm of psychiatry. Psychiatry is really our governments, it is political. Absolutely NOTHING
    medical nor caring about it.

    Perhaps a few actually care and definitely care about their own families, but being a mensch within your privileged community does not make you a nice person to the needy.

  • I think that we need a “physiology” association.
    Then we can judge people to be defective physiologically.
    This of course could be including tests, such as weight lifting, running, walking, and obviously they can be seen as “physiological “behaviours”.
    And after you’ve been given some such label as “walking disorder”, or “looks disorder”, that can be kept in charts and made public and then the physiological association can print pamphlets that say the public should not “stigmatize” “defective walking disorders”.

    We could then assume that since the person walks differently and can’t do the 10 mile marathon, that he is overall “defective”.

  • “The “snake oil” salesman used to report that 90% of their users were very satisfied with the results of treating dozens of health problems with their phony remedies. How can we account for the popularity of these treatments? ”

    If we only have the salesman’s report, and the accounts of the one who swallowed the product is dismissed as anecdotal reports, then of course it has no statistical meaning.

    And the drug or placebo might only “satisfy” for a limited time, with most of that time spent being hopeful.

    What really sucks is that most of medicine is straying away from honesty. (I do NOT include psychiatry in “medicine”)

    MOST “service providers” have one major concern and that is their jobs.

    I wonder if they would be satisfied if they received nothing but shitty home repairs, auto service, haircuts, crap restaurant foods, dirty swimming pools, dirty hotels……nope, they DEMAND good service.

    But the chattle they serve are supposed to crawl to them, lick their dogshit shoes and eat what is dished out no matter what crap.

  • Whatever helps people is a good thing.
    I’m not sure just how comfortable a person could feel in a new environment with people they have never met or maybe just a few times.
    And there seems to be a designated “time” of up to 8 hours.

    Wait for legality? For the pharmacy and shrinks to use it? All under the tight “protocols”? And any effects they find odd, well must be the mental illness under the mental illness.

    I would love to get pumped about this but we know what happens when people are needing jobs and go get “trained”.

    You cannot train certain traits. So therapists in training can learn behaviours. In these studies, I wonder if the person could bring a friend with them that they feel absolutely safe with? It might make sense to even the number of people in the room. The therapist gets to have a buddy, and the client gets to have a buddy.

    And I’m most certain that this will not be free, nor cheap, so not actually something the majority of people can have access to.

    thanks Richard, Marcela sounds like a very nice sincere person.

    I am glad to see that she mentions “not getting rid of anything”. So that would be different than what psychiatry tries to do, so not sure why she mentions “medication”. They are all drugs and we should start referring to them as drugs and not mislead people.

  • Well they are looking for those “tests”, and if they make up a qualifier for tests, they will use them, even if the rest of the population has the same or similar “test” results lol.
    So no, we don’t want “tests”. Nothing psych has done has ever been honest.

    And it would still remain that this person is “defective”.
    No physical tests means you are “defective” as a person. WHICH they are trying to substantiate. Stigma is psychiatry.
    No cancer scan, leaves the doc thinking you are defective, or disordered.
    It does not cause you to lose all credibility.

  • It is obvious that we are ALL unique physically and emotionally. Although I hate to use the word “emotionally”, since psychiatry likes to own ALL language.
    If I cannot work a 8 hour shift in the heat of the day, or other physical work, and if I’m just dead tired and sore each day, my body is not ILL, it is simply not equipped to do as required. And if I do continue, it might even shave years off my life.

    Perhaps I was born this way, or perhaps the foods or lack of them aided to make my body not as strong for the work.
    It is not “ILL”, nor “DISORDERED”. The extreme exhaustion of my body would obviously lead to not feeling happy.
    This is also not an illness, it is a physiological response.

    There is not an “illness” process going on and I need an environment that helps my body to feel more in sync.

    The mind works the same. If my mind is exhausted and tired, I need to have environments and conditions that ease the load.

    Psychiatry knows this. It is an embarrassing job to have, (most are embarrassed) to hang slanderous labels on people.

    And I would go so far as to say that it also does not help to ask people “what happened to you”, unless that goes hand in hand to have that enriched environment.

    Just like it does piss all good to ask a body that is not as rustic and able “what happened to you”, yet keep him working on the railroad.

    And sure it’s “idealistic” to think we can provide what everyone needs, but indeed in our western countries it is possible.

    I think what our governments are saying is “to bad so sad”. This is the mainstream and the ones who can’t keep up, make jobs for the ones that sit in wait.

    It’s really historical, part of animal life and so there is nothing “superior” in the human species.

  • Best thing anyone reading here, can do, is warn their family and loved ones and even unloved ones, to stay the hell away from ANYONE that tries to psychiatrize them.
    Of course this means staying away from answering ANY questions from ANYONE that might either now or later have any influence over their personal being.

    I mean it’s what the services do now, for a living. Psychiatrize people. It’s really cool that it took off, but not in the LEAST BIT surprising. It fits perfectly with what we like to do to others, gossip about them.
    And that is all they have going for their slander book called the DSM.

    It’s a “manual”. The “M” in DSM stands for manual LOL. Obviously hilarious and yes it pisses them off that they are shrinks, of course it does.
    Anyone would be pisssed after spending 8 stupid years being hoodwinked.

  • Thanks Maria.
    I am sorry you lost a brother and I am very sorry that the “Mental health” and physical health community made his life worse.

    It’s really nice of your sister to write his psychiatrist a letter, but the sentence “I loved when you allowed me special hours to bring him his favorite foods”, made me cringe.

    We should never have to thank someone for “allowing” us to be with family members. And I am not impressed that that shrink did not catch the “allowing” part.
    No, I’m sure she was tickled pink, that she was so kind as to “allow”.

  • Excellent writing and thank you for publishing this on MIA.

    “More than ever, despite a thousand anti-stigma campaigns, anger and sadness are proclaimed to be forms of mental illness, and guilt, shame, and regret are relegated to the status of disorders rather than examined in relation to ways we often tacitly participate in oppression of others and the internal sequelae of trauma.”

    The anti “stigma” ads and posters are designed to further rope the public in. The only “stigma” comes from the health/public services themselves.

  • “The judge reasoned that if the woman were competent, she would opt for an abortion to benefit from medication that otherwise could not be given to her because of its effects on the fetus.”

    So this judge must have got that information from a doctor. And it would then beg the question how is the fetus affected?
    And if the developing fetus is affected, then the drugs they give kids would affect them also
    The brains of kids are not developed fully until age 24, so science tells us. Yet the shrinks regularly give these drugs to undeveloped brains.

  • ‘This is essentially criminalization under the guise of providing compassionate services,’

    ALL of psychiatry is criminalization, disguised as something medical. If it was not, you would not be interrogated, assigned a label and number and have it held against you by actual health and legal services. You get convicted without being a criminal.

    Thank god for most people that a hundred or less years is all they need to serve, whether being in power or being completely overruled.

  • Well if it is inherited, I guess papa is batshit also and should not be trusted as competent to run daughter’s affairs :).

    Thanks Miranda.
    Obviously Brittany needs to run away to some south american country and live out the rest of her life in peace.

    Being a fugitive is shitty, but so much better than to deal with the gods of psychiatry.

  • Thanks Peter.

    If ever one is in front of a shrink, say absolutely NOTHING. You will still get a label, but not based on your words. He will write whatever he wants to whether you look down, up, sideways, play with your fingers, yawn, stretch, move in your chair, or if you do nothing. SO? What does it matter. Miraculously, you will walk away with your little certificate of being defective, forever and ever, until you die.

    You will have been known by everyone as being a mental case. The shrink or doc said so.
    It is exactly the same as the powerful calling treason on someone. The courts were made up of all who agreed. And similarly, you lose your head over it and nothing you said could move the ignorant cold hearts.

  • Thanks for the life accounts Robert.
    Psychiatry just likes to frame people.
    It really is all just slander, no matter what label they use.
    A highly scientific field dontcha know.

    The funny thing is, now we can listen to and observe people and we can diagnose each other, it’s that easy.

    Life is really about luck. And it’s very much luck if one never meets a shrink. To get an informed one, informed about life, is almost zero percent chance.
    And things have not changed since you had the honor of being shrunk, they are getting more angry every day.

  • It’s offensive to native people’s and everyone else that there are pretentious studies.

    All this is, is the privileged making it sound as if things are being done. The ability to overpower won’t be going anywhere.

    As we know, the recent news of discovered burried children of residential schools in canada, made headlines. But as one article pointed out, there are more murdered, fostered, lost indigenous kids now than there were back in the day.

    And also many white kids. It is a sickness of society, which our governments absolutely refuse to change. They implement a “program” here and there and hand out “stigma” posters, to try and blame the ills on the people.

    It was our governments that allowed it 100 years ago, and has not done ONE thing to help and empower. NOTHING.

  • Richard, as usual a great comment and I did not miss the reformist words in Davies’ interview.
    It is not possible to “reform”, and I’m sure a guy as insightful as him, must know this.
    Perhaps he is stuck for words? Solutions? Finds it too daunting? Scared to offend?

    The other area that is completely gone berzerk with psychiatrizing is the medical system.
    It became much easier to tell people they are defective in their brains, than to acknowledge that science
    is not able to answer most questions.

    The doctor and shrink looking at each other both know they are often telling lies that greatly hurt people.

  • We have grown more and more allergic to psychological pain/distress/sadness/tears/etc.
    This is due to psychiatry, mainly, who preaches that if it causes “disfunction”, a deviation of their “normal”, it needs their management. They themselves know that this is NOT working. They are the first to know.

    If I am born less physically resilient, and can’t work in any physical capacity, I get physiotherapy, to help build me up. I do not get talked to, or drugged, to make it go away. I get support.

    The mind/brain needs support in the same manner. There needs to be doing with the person, not some wasted hour of chatting, drugging of a brain which they know nothing about.

    If I am not mentally “resilient”, I might need all kinds of support, until I become stronger, and if I do not become a superhero, physically or emotionally, this should not be held against me. A psych label will ALWAYS be held against you, and only held against you by the very people who are in people services.
    Those services forgot so long ago that they ONLY have employment due to needs, which they use not to support, or serve, but rather oppress and overpower the vulnerable.
    It is really disgusting to observe the treatment of the vulnerable. Worse than any animal society out there.

    And I should not be labeled as “disabled”, since there is some form of ability in everyone.

    I might receive a “disability” payment, but the term says nothing about the person as a whole. Just because there is no opportunity for me to use what abilities I do have, does not make me disabled. It is simply being in a place where the environment is not conducive to bringing out someone’s potential.

  • The field of psychiatry is rife for those who like to abuse. Who derive pleasure from having control.
    Perhaps because they never had any or felt they did not.

    Even a child knows if they are dealing with not nice people. All services are LOADED with the types of personalities that get a lot out of the turmoil.

    And they are the poor victims that worked hard to get to control, so respect and control they want.
    Every shrink knows that the majority do not respect him and that would subconsciously get to anyone.

    Cops and shrinks, medical people all know they cause fear, not respect.

  • Agree with you James.
    The TMS people seem to think the brain is a simple thing.
    Why is it then that neurologists can’t help people? They are the experts on brains, yet really, the knowledge is pretty rudimentary.
    Hypothesis is not something to practice on brains, EVEN if it helps a few. There is just no way that fooling around with the machinery only affects one “target”.

  • “Illingworth argues that the best way to achieve this is by training global mental health nurses (MHN) to understand local cultures and political agendas better. This move would not significantly increase the cost of training but could reduce the frequency of costly medical and pharmacological interventions that have historically not worked well in the global community.”

    Well and you cannot “reform” it from the inside.
    And who “trains” these people to “culturally understand”? It really means to train in old ways of psychiatry but with a new twist.
    It sounds a lot better than it is. Actually to me it sounds like infiltrating cultures more gently at the start. There is absolutely nothing we need to teach other countries.

  • Do kids get angnosogosia?
    No because someone tells them they need to take drugs for their defective brains which cause them to act defectively within the normal environments 🙂

    I wonder if I can take ADHD drugs while pregnant. Or does that interfere with the baby and developing brain? When is it safe to drug a child? Or perhaps I can just buy speed and drug my kid myself, at the dosages that seem appropriate where he no longer acts out in the normal environment laid out for him.

  • I got the worst headache from “EMDR” and not surprisingly, they know nothing about that.
    Funny how people know stuff about the brain, but when it comes down to the crunch, really know nothing.

    And it was not a headache or as I know headaches. It was intolerable searing/burning, which also happened to me
    when accupuncture was done to my scalp area.

  • Christian, this is an excellent piece. I hope people find it, read it and learn from it.
    I am really glad your mom was your rock, but isn’t it funny when parents get freaked out
    about natural responses from their family members and seek mental help for their

    The environment causes natural and crazy responses, and everyone knows that “mental health”
    is out there, provided by others.

    I agree that families usually don’t have the tools, nor wisdom to deal with their family members gack, but “therapists” and shrinks don’t either.

    Most often the solutions are right under our nose, and if parents only knew or had the resources to do the things that build confidence.

    And the worst of it, the “mentals” go along with the whole drama, the theatre of it all.

    There are all the crazy maladjusted adults looking at the kid, talking and no one is actually “DOING”.

    And even with all the natural free resources, and people with wisdom, eventually everything gets turned into enterprise and “programs”.

  • Good job james Davies.
    As long as people keep talking about it, is a good thing. Hopefully to get to a few teenagers and young parents to encourage them to think.

    Religion is alive and well, and married psychiatry. People like power and where best to get it than from those with less power.

    How different are humans from animals in that regard. That is really all there is, except a few powerless that won’t lay down without a fight.

    So no, business can’t be as usual because you never know when it bites you in the ass. Always knowing you’re doing something inherently false, that is the life of shrinks and those who overpower the weak. Perhaps to the end and perhaps it never nags the conscience, since often you have to suffer yourself in order to realize what you did wrong.

    And so I am glad if even one family is saved from charlatans through education.

  • Love how you expressed this Steve. I agree.

    I think we have to be careful about “modalities”. Since trauma became talked about, I think it can, like psychiatry, have detrimental searching for “something to work”.

    I think of all the thousands of people that might have real brain damage, which of course would cause adaptations (or as some say “maladaptive”)
    And who find life difficult, but no one knows why.

    This is the problem with “science”. They can’t even tell if someone has brain damage, and IF they can, they have NO clue which of the billions of neurons are affected, and how that plays out in development.

    And in the end, psych gets their greasy hands in there, STILL calling those “symptoms”, “psychiatric”.

    Well it would NOT be psychiatric, it would be PHYSICAL.
    And WHY would that be held against you?

    Many kids might have gotten hurt physically, accidently, had heat stroke, etc etc, stuff parents did not know about or can’t remember.

    Psychiatry stands in the way of anything scientific, or sensible.

  • Psychiatry relies on these people. They sit there all quiet, their crimes being protected by these people who never got to think through it. It is exactly like a cult, where the leaders really rely on delusions. Actually I don’t think psychiatry respects those who believe in psychiatry. Because psych is the one most aware after a few years of practice, how false the cult-ure is.

    Psych knows all about delusions.\

    I saw a man yesterday talking to himself. He was definitely over 50. I honestly can’t tell the difference between most shrinks and the man, they both have stories running through their heads, and they are both about other people and events.

    And lol, waiting a few months until they “kick in”. If they were a professional, or even be able to think things through, they would not utter such non sense. But you are correct, there is not a damn thing you can do about people’s beliefs. The majority does not think.
    It is difficult to teach people how to think.

  • I think the title should read:

    Dramatic rise in physicians prescribing drugs…..

    “taking drugs”, sounds like people just voluntarily consume them, like they do water.

    Especially in nursing homes there is no such thing as “voluntary”, which has to be addressed. Is it legal to give people chemicals when they do not have the capacity to decide? Or the protection of family?

  • Great but not far enough.

    I think it’s time we don’t just ditch the “disorders”, but that we start
    addressing the right to privacy.
    Why in the world can a doctor or shrink write down different things than I said and why is what
    I say, not kept confidential.

    It seems that they think it’s their right to take over the whole person.

    I would NEVER recommend anyone to see a shrink and warn them about therapists even.

    I inform people what happens and how much worse can happen.

    Why do we accept this lack of privacy?

    If my neighbour gossips about me to another person, it can taint their view of me.
    It’s a WHOLE other story if my personal stories are shared by those who should know better.
    Because this greatly affects my safety.

  • Kind of like being in a wheelchair and no one designing curbs that slope, and holding the inability to walk against you.

    And if I limp and go to a specialist for my limp, he doesn’t diagnose me with “limp syndrome/disorder” and then explain to me that they name it that because of a “cluster of symptoms”. Neither does he give me a drug if he has absolutely no clue what the limp is caused by.

    And it would be really nice if he gave me a choice IF I indeed wanted to get it officially labeled as “limp syndrome”, after he explains that if he does label or tag me, that any medical person or shrink will then hold it against me.

  • These drugs should be deemed a health emergency to be taken off the market yesterday.
    There are no “side effects” they are ALL effects.
    Actual doctors should NOT be involved in worsening people.
    This letter should be distributed to every general practitioner, no point in sending it to shrinks.

    It’s rather funny how they NEVER deny “mental “symptoms” in healthcare, BUT WILL deny actual harm symptoms from the drugs. Doctors are quite willing to tell you that your headache is not there, but never will they say your anxiety is not there.

    Medical care was much better, much more scientific before the advancement and infiltration of psychiatry into the field of an area where they had no business being.

    But if you can’t cut it as an actual doctor, better become a shrink. Easy money, no science.

  • Thank you Lisa for exposing the racket.
    It harms not just the person, but the family.
    I don’t think ANY of these drugs should be on the market.
    They are harmful and need a complete removal.

    I am really sorry this happened to your son, it happens to many.
    The media pretends it knows nothing because psychiatry owns them.
    Psychiatry owns our governments, there is no separation.

    As far as his sleep, I would implore you to have someone take him
    on a camping trip.
    Where he is there at minimum for a solid week, hiking and doing physical things.
    No computers or limited cell phone.
    Hopefully he could do it for 2 weeks.
    It can reset the rhythm. I read about a study a doctor did and the treatment
    really works and costs little.

    Of course we are dealing with the injury, but it’s still worth a try.
    Please give it an honest shot and if it does not help the first time, perhaps
    try again another time.

  • “In the last couple of years or so, I sense there has been a shift—a groundswell of people from all areas and disciplines and movements, increasingly calling for significant change in mental health and calling for full alignment of policies, laws, and services with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and for an end to the coercion that we see in mental health.”

    Well I can tell you that the idea to “change” was not the idea of the WHO, nor of the industry that dabbles in MH.
    It was the people that were affected by the generous “care”. It was in fact the dead in their trails.
    The ONLY reason there is discussion is because there is fear that sooner or later people will rise up and say, no more.

    I’m really not sure what kind of mental health you are bringing to other nations. I’m guessing it smells a lot like the US system which works great.
    No but of course we will continue to talk about “better” “mental care”. Because talking about it makes us feel like we are part of the group that did no harm.

  • Hi Christine.
    I think you wrote a very fine article and expressed yourself clearly.

    It made me think of how psychiatry wants to own every word and use it to try and prop up their ill house of repute. 🙂
    Sometimes we are led to believe that some folks are not resilient enough or they are “predisposed” to being brought down or into confusion.
    BUT, no one even knows if this is a fact and it’s one of those statements that psych uses to try and have their “genetics” chatter mean something.

    Anyone can be squished, beaten up and suffer. Anyone.
    No genetics needed.
    Are some folks more sensitive? Yes. And so what. Should we then alter those genes so that during abuse, and being a slave or raped or whatever won’t squash someone?
    And if my body cannot bear hard work day in day out, if my body gets so sore and tired as opposed to someone that endures without sweat or pain, is my body ill or disordered?

    So that we can tolerate any and every oppression? Well that would be perfect then. There could be a bunch of willing robots who just let happen whatever happens without any reaction or “overreaction”.

    And so, I am glad to hear that you were at an age and maturity where you could see that seeking help would give you grief. Psych would have continued the oppression and control that you were trying to get out of, that IS their job, to continue what one is already dealing with. And even a lot of “therapies” are really just platitudes which is not what someone like you was needing or seeking.

    I love Kindred’s responses to you too.

  • Thank you Peter for everything you continue to do, to expose.
    Psychiatry will always say “an unintended event”.
    The biggest lie and only passes in courts because of it coming from a guy that passed
    his bogus schooling.
    If I gave someone a neuroleptic that caused death, would I be charged? You bet. Proving
    that all I have to do is get my degree, a degree that has ZERO to do with HEALTH CARE.

    It is simply a degree of power.

    It is of utmost importance to start educating the young, especially high schools.

    I hope someone points your articles out to young people.

    I’m horrified at the lack of remorse and admission by shrinks as to the deaths and ruined lives they cause.
    Legal warehouses of disabling people or snuffing their lights out.

    If more or any shrinks really cared, they WOULD rise up in unity. But they are weak, much weaker than any people they have injured.

  • Well Lawrence I’m the one who said psych and it’s co-horts are the only thing available and which the public sees as a logical “alternative”.

    If we have to look deeply, I would suggest the first to start doing so are those who keep the system alive, and no, it’s not the “consumers” of it.
    That is like saying it’s my fault if I am starving and eat something rotten.

    How do we explain millions of VERY young kids getting drugged? Is it their fault or the parents? Did they run to the shrink? It is the teacher that starts the ball rolling often.
    And if a parent asks a doctor, what is wrong with my 3 year old, WHO is it that sells them the present BS? Is that the parent’s fault? For going for advice?

    Going for advice is yes, my choice. Receiving BS is not my choice.

    It’s a bit like blaming those who can’t walk well, or physically able, for the state they are in.
    No one ever thought of just drugging those complainers. Needs will exist, physically and emotionally. People will seek care, understanding and help.
    Drugging and labeling emotional things, THAT IS THE FAULT OF PSYCHIATRY, no one else.
    People do not want “quick” fixes, that is what psychiatry wants.
    That is what they think of when they hand out poisons, neurotoxins. They washed their hands long ago from the long haul supports and fixes.

    They should have been working on those ramps and sloped curves for those who cannot keep up with the mainstream.

    Why are children drugged because they can’t sit still for the curriculum? Psych says they are not normal. They have defective genes, brains.
    Does psych say that ALL kids are different and we should have schools that teach basics plus put tools in their hands? Tools that interest their defective ADHD brains? Or bugs? Or plants? Paints? music?
    And the ironic thing is, drugged kids don’t often go on to becoming a doc or lawyer anyway, so why bother.

  • I agree, you should be allowed to take them.
    And no one needs psychiatry to prescribe benzos. Responsible prescribing of tranquilizers IF the client says that is what works, or it’s the only thing that works, should be the precedent for prescribing.

    AD’s are not “anti-depressants” or “anti-anxiety” and should not be marketed in that way.

  • ” The psychiatric industry has proven to be deceitful and self-serving and happy to exploit the vulnerable.”

    Yes Rosalee.
    It is evident in much of medical care that needs make shrinks angry. The needs also piss off much of the medical community.
    This is where they came up with “stigma” ads. It’s really their own anger that is the issue.
    THey are the only ones that hold needs against people.

    Obviously not every kid who becomes a doc was raised in a home where you learn to connect with others.

  • “Psychiatrists as a guild, in particular, are responsible for creating an utterly dishonest narrative for promoting their own financial and guild power interests and using what they know about human nature to create incentives for people to avoid their real problems and rely on the psychiatric profession for a “solution.” They spend billions and billions of dollars on this, invent new “disorders” in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry, create or alter “practice guidelines” in the direction that increases their power, influence, and income, and intentionally ignore or misinterpret their own industry’s research that says that none of this crap really makes a difference in the long run, and in fact can be quite destructive or even deadly.”

    I agree with everything you said in your post Steve. Thank you for that post.

    I would have to say that people are NOT looking for an easy way out and even if they “looked real deep”, I doubt that is a motivation.

    People run out of options because there are none. Psychiatry and docs are “the option”. this is NOT the fault of those who seek answers.
    I get it, I can imagine that being a GP and having people voice their fears and anxieties, problems in life, leaves a GP frustrated.
    But never is it the “fault” of the people. Psychiatry AND doctors absolutely without question played a huge part. They wanted the accolades, the being needed and reveered.
    They liked that power, and SO, THEY should look deeply and ask themselves, what am I getting out of it? What did I want out of it when I chose or was guided or pushed into this job at an age when I was also misinformed…

    No I think the onus is on those highly educated normals. They can see there is a problem, they without any doubt know the damage that drugs and labels do.
    So these privileged educated normals should use their power for the good. They should be lobbying and threatening the politicians to change systems.
    To invent new schools, new ways of education, help for parents WITHOUT the parents getting “written up” as “bad or mental parents”.

    Perhaps if a physician or a shrink had a bunch of “programs” (which should really not be called programs, but alternate ways of life)
    Perhaps if they had the script pad and were able to write that “johnny needs to partake of that 3 month long wilderness trip, where education is mixed in” and “johnny needs to play ball with peers” or Johnny needs that alternative school.
    Perhaps that abusive parent needs a script NOT for parenting classes or “anger management” but rather for a live in sub parent to model and also give the parent some maternal guidance.

    So yes those billions upon billions we use now to plainly hurt people in every way possible is NOT something to blame on the people.

    You are the big boys, the educated smart and normal. So why in the world would you not ALL get together to absolutely insist that governments change the way we have done things?

    It would work without question. Guaranteed because governments are up a creek without docs.
    But no, this would not suit the shrinks.