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  • Thanks Lee.
    I hope you have or get a shrink who does not pathologize your ways of making sense of, coping, adapting. After all, these are not “illnesses”.
    The stuff experienced in childhood is meant to cause changes in your perceptions. It is there for survival purpose. So sure we might have changes in our perceptions and coping styles that look “maladaptive” or cause distress and we will be told that “anxiety” does not serve the same purpose as it once did.

    Most certainly the drugs do not fix people into the nice mainstream normal people.
    So your job is to focus on staying away from a lying industry as much as possible, if you can. Hopefully find stuff that clicks with you. Like where you want to live, what kinds of people or activities are useful. Try to preplan and create a network of people who you can call on and don’t forget to ask them how they are.

    It is a bit upsetting to look back and wish things had been different. Hopefully you find things that bring you some joy right now.

  • I think it’s wonderful that you helped out. We obviously can’t ask anyone involved in public funding,
    lest it turn into another co-opted biz.
    I’m glad another avenue exists for people to freely speak. The DD part is significant to allow people to speak about what troubles them.

    However, I think the webinar would sound much more realistic if it was renamed, using “Co-occurring Diagnosis”, instead of “disorders”. After all, Dr Milani has no idea whether the “diagnosed” in fact do have a “disorder”. So it seems she is entering this webinar with preconceived notions, in which case I doubt I will Attend. Not that I could apply the notions anyway to anyone in my life.

    “Assessing the Effectiveness of Peer-Led Programs for People with “Co-Occurring Disorders.”

    Your article is still great Robert and great to hear about Corbett going out of his way to include people and that he was smart enough to let the letter D stand for “diagnosis” and not “disorder”.

  • Of course disability exists. But there need not be close to as much as there is. Physical therapy is known to lessen disability. Mental therapy is known to increase it. If they changed mental therapy to a physical therapy, the outcome would be much better. Take 50 sad, fearful, shy kids and do 2 years of physical therapy that includes playing, sports, sewing, canoeing, wood chopping/sawing….etc etc and not just once per week.

    They say it’s too costly. But it’s not to costly to create disability? Of course not. Creating disability makes for a lot of jobs. Our present setup is not at all inclusive, and those that can’t perform like robots are referred to as disabled.
    In societies like the hopi, how much “disability” was there?

  • I have a problem in pointing out and talking about people’s disabilities.
    When it comes to people’s brains, children, they are spoken to and about as if they are not there.
    It makes me want to vomit.
    The brain is the seat of who we are. It is where dignity, pride, our whole being is. To be spoken about as if they are second rate to the wonderfully grey matter endowed shrinks who are oh so clever. Poking their slimy fingers into every hole in the fabric of humanity.

  • Philip, thanks for hammering away at it.
    Another fine article and thanks for the links.
    Psychiatry made a big booboo, using arrogance, ignorance and bias
    to arrive at hypothesis, turned practice. Then having to use lies
    to try and protect the original ignorance.
    After a while, there is no way out, except coming clean, a full disclosure.
    I believe there are many psychiatrists who are clever and aware enough
    to see how problematic the paradigm is.

  • @rebel
    I can fully appreciate what you say regarding winding up in unwanted places.
    That is because of the set up.
    How often do people talk to someone they know, family or friends, who then say “you should talk to someone”.
    Talking is not “doing”. And in order to “do”, there need to be places that enable the “doing”.
    The doing is not when family and friends think that support means making a person feel broken or helpless. Yes people need to talk, but what they mostly need is to “DO” stuff together with someone. To experience their own value, in not just being supported, but that others also value their support.

    I realize too that most people learn what is needed, as time passes and we hopefully get wiser, so families and friends can’t be blamed individually. It is very difficult to promote the idea of community in a self preservation minded animal.

  • I have never denied the need for support. What if there was a soteria house every few blocks? That lead to: Drop in centers with activities. Ping pong tables. Spiritual houses, not churches. Parenting supports. Income supplements. Fair housing, fair recreational opportunities, cottages and canoeing should not just be an opportunity for certain people.
    Programs should not be a thing one can only access for an appointed time.
    If you give people choices, where will they choose to go?
    The Gerstein center in Toronto is busy 24/7. It is because people don’t want a medical intervention for a stressful reaction.

    What if we had no time limit on how long people had to get their “act together”?

    As a society we are designed in a way that trips people up. We are all unique, we have unique needs. Buckling under a job or relationship is not a weakness nor sickness. We are not all physically equipped to be welders, but we do not call the lack of physical prowess, an illness.
    Not being able to function within the mainstream settings is not “illness” or “disorder”.

  • Perhaps you were speaking of the professional that is stuck trying to clean up the damage, in
    which case, I take back the TSK-ing.
    I do empathize with the roles of those who are caught between a rock and hard place.
    What I do appreciate to no end is that in fact, you are helpful to families, and first and foremost
    is the education you can give them.
    I hope they know your positions on the matter of “diagnosis”.

  • LOL. Sorry but that phrase “person-centered services” causes me to chuckle.
    I often wonder who is really at the center? Being the focus is not valuable, being the center of attention is not productive if psychiatry is involved.
    And it’s becoming such an overused phrase. The whole MH society jumps in and uses it because it sounds so, er, “centered”.

  • Great article Sami.
    I can see that the kids that come see you DUE to someone being concerned,
    are probably in the best hands.
    I’m going to TSK you on this:
    “My clinics have many people who have gone down this route, but for whom things have gotten bad again and now they think there must be another diagnosis and therefore another treatment, and so they slip further onto the path of becoming a disempowered, helpless patient/parent at the mercy of being prescribed more, often useless, treatments (whether drugs or psychological) that further disempower. It’s a very hard cycle for all (professional, child and family) to step out of.”

    TSK. The one getting disempowered is the child, yet in this cycle of “hardship”, you named the professional first. That professional is NOT suffering and he is welcome to switch positions with that child at the kitchen sink, to down the pill and label.

    “neurodevelopmental disorder” and that it manifests itself primarily in deficits in the ability to understand people’s emotions and therefore difficulties in social communication.”
    characterised by “abnormalities” in social interactions, communication skills, and restricted repetitive behaviours, interests, and activities”

    I swear that these descriptions are really descriptions of the “professionals”
    There is one area where psychiatry always tries to trip people up. By using the word “functional”
    Psychiatry itself has demonstrated that just because something appears to function, such as having an 8 hour per day job, it can be very harmful to greater society.
    Obviously I can’t tell you something that you do not know.

    I don’t think psychiatry believes in or has been educated in evolution and diversity.

    The only joy I get out of psychiatry, (more like schadenfreude) is to know they are not happy. It’s not possible to hold two feelings at once.

  • I’m thinking jeffrey that if the visits to a shrink, the cost of meds, cost of incarcerations were given to the people, then there would be a lot of people out of business. See, those people who treat the kids, are taxpayers, who pay the pittance for the ones they did not help to have bits of success.
    It’s the wonderful world of design.
    I think we’re still working on the kinks of being human. It’s fascinating that a few get to say who is fucked up.

  • “Today, psychiatry looks back at its earlier response to TD as mistaken, as a past that should serve as a lesson for the future. But starting with the arrival of the SGAs, history began to repeat itself and the TD toll has rolled on and on.”

    Does psychiatry look back or forwards? Never. If they do, it is with apathy. Few shrinks practice medicine and few shrink have ethics. It was only ever the public that saw their trail of harm, but what they then did was go underground, by becoming number one drug dealer. It was easy, make people swallow stuff and their misery, reactions, homelessness can be seen as parts of their “illness”, or as “side effects”.

    There is absolutely no doubt that psychiatry will continue to unleash more and worse harms. It is simply part of their nature. There is something deeply broken within not just the system of psychiatry, but within the practioners.
    No one EVER wants to point to individuals. Pretending that the APA is something inanimate, that causes these malpractices. As if a block of wood is spreading the BS, and the block of wood does the prescribing.
    Sure, sometimes we pick on Dr Lies, but what for? As long as we pretend that it is JUST SOME shrinks, we are kidding ourselves.
    Like really? Just some? It seems weird that “just some” could do so much harm. That just some could use up so many script pads, and insurance money.
    Yes your neighbourhood shrink is the azz that will get people on these “ANTI-TD” drugs. Why? Because he gave them “TD” drugs.
    But really, we should not ever use the word “anti-psychiatry”. The word “anti” is reserved for “anti-depressants”, “anti-psychotics”, “ANTI-TD” drugs, and they are all given for this “ANTI-MENTAL ILLNESS” crowd.

    Thanks Robert, I do hope a few people besides survivors read the article and I hope a few people will be spurred to tell shrinks to fuck off.
    Unless you are the only one that has the guts to try and warn the public. Something tells me that even therapists run chicken.
    It’s not an admirable trait to run chicken.

  • Neesa, the other thing that I’d like to touch on is your age.
    Now I’m OLD, and certainly it did not bring some incredible wisdom.
    But I can GUARANTEE you that how things are now, how you perceive
    them, will change.
    It is known that many psychiatrists actually change their perceptions
    on stuff they used to believe or practice, or encourage others to believe.
    Very often right close to retirement age.
    So one wonders about
    “truths”, “facts”. Don’t be too eager to accept someone’s appraisal
    of you or your experiences. It is far from insightful to accept shit about
    your experiences. Psychiatry will try to make you believe otherwise.

    I am not belittling your age, or the age factor. But I think that you might
    be wise to think of life as an ever evolving state. Start by advocating
    for yourself, by defining yourself, not getting a professional shrink
    or therapist to do that for you.

  • How many suicides were there 150 years ago?
    Suicides greatly increased after the search for “mental health”
    And how that search leads them to constant disappointment,
    with no one telling them that it is an illusion to think “it” exists
    in a “mental” department, with “mental experts”.
    No one tells them that drugs cause suicide impulse.
    Why would anyone call a suicide crisis center? To be hauled
    in for a non crime?
    One could get a dog or cat and on it’s leash it could say “I hope you stick around”
    And for Pete’s sake, don’t call it a “therapy dog”. It’s not the dog’s job
    to make you feel better. It happens because the two of you like hanging out
    together. It’s not called “therapy”, it’s called a relationship.

    If I had a dog, I might go on utube and present my “relationship dog”

  • “The problem is that peer social workers face discrimination from clinicians, who fear that our use of self-disclosure is arbitrary and unregulated. They fear that our mental incompetence (evinced by our psychiatric histories) makes us ticking time bombs, ”

    Well yes, actually a shrink is secretly diagnosing even his mama.
    They tend to see their world as black and white, and everyone who does not fit that, is someone to be leery of.
    Always afraid of that “manipulation”, which is really just shit like wanting control and power. Many of us suffer from paranoia 🙂
    So it’s not you, in a shrink’s eyes everyone that is not with their protocol, is highly suspect.

  • “Also I got an autism diagnosis recently, and I realize that my mental illness likely was triggered by being neurodivergent, trying to fit in with a neurotypical world. Unlike mental illness, autism is fundamentally who I am, it affects how I experience the world around me.”

    Like the “autistic” people, and like the “neurodivergent” The “mentally ill” also try to fit in. I think the “mentally ill” are also told by psychiatry that is who they fundamentally are. And “it”, who we are, how we think, obviously affects how we experience and interpret our world.

    However, if that term suits you, and perhaps “autism” sounds better and less “sick” than “,mental whatever”.
    Although I have to ask, did the label of “autism” delete your other labels”?

  • “In three out of the top five private detention facilities for population, up to 68% of the people recorded in solitary had a recorded ‘mental illness’ while they were there.”

    And the psychiatrists who recorded the crimes of oppressors as residing inside the oppressed as “mental illness”? What is their ailment?

  • Sue, what a beautifully intense story.

    “That kind of feeling-with is a tall order in a culture where an underbelly of afflicted are necessary to prop up the status quo. To patrol the borders, you must keep the Other drugged (feelings zipped up and out of sight, or displayed only in the properly enclosed mental-health settings), because their big black hole (spiritual crisis?) comes too close to triggering your own.”

    My son once said that one can live with pride while relying on the welfare of the state.
    And pride is what every person who gets a measly $750 dollars per month should feel. He should realize that if not for him, there would be a lot of unemployed people.
    The underdogs get no recognition, no thanks for propping up the gluttons. No psychiatrist ever thanks the survivor for giving him his wages, and for giving up a job to someone else. No social worker ever thanks the parents, no teacher ever thanks her students, no cop ever thanks the criminal.

    The labeled work hard, and they should be rewarded, much more than the less than bare minimum… But the wages need to be kept low enough, lest they find a confidence that comes with rewards.

  • Misti, thank you for sharing your important history. They did not destroy your insight. And that is your most important tool.
    I think kids should have NO contact with psychiatry, and limited contact with “therapy”. The “therapy” that actually works is changing a kid’s environment to suit their needs. To gently encourage, to let them feel successes. To spark that happy feeling. To play where they can experience free play. Talking once per week only focuses on “problems”.
    I wish you and every child could relive their childhood in a new way.
    I know that your post will be read by others and it WILL help them, and possibly read by parents, which might prevent it happening to another kid.

  • Psychiatry realized how much work it is to try and create a proper environment. It’s much easier to blame
    the person and pump them full of drugs.
    ” to what extent it negatively affects patients’ care”
    It never was about “care”, that would be why the negative outcome.

    Psychiatry itself has proven that they are not able to create a better or more “healthy” society. And it’s not small potatoes anymore, they create disability in the millions.
    Starting with telling kids about “mental illness”. If we teach kids daily about cancer, that kid will definitely start thinking that every body sensation is cancer.


    “During that period psychiatrists began to see heredity as the cause of mental illness, became pessimistic about restoring patients to sanity, and adopted essentially a custodial approach to care that included use of physical restraints. However, recent advances in biological treatments have undercut antipsychiatry and rekindled optimism about recovery that may go far in eliminating stigma.”

  • We have seen that the brain and behavior is not plastic at all, and we have “scientific” evidence by the way that psychiatry behaves. If anything, their condition worsens.

    I swear that psychiatry does not believe in evolution. ALL of their reasoning seems to be something from another time, long ago. Disguised in language, yet such narrow and biased thinking. Well we really cannot call it thinking. preoccupation with the “other” became obsession, and belonging to cults has never involved thought.
    In fact, researchers and psychiatry stop progress.

  • “Get some distance” might be a not so fitting suggestion when the brain is screaming for resolution, but
    when involved in situations where resolution is not possible, distance is sometimes empowering. And sometimes distance helps to realize that there are a lot of super important other things.

    I remember the first time I heard the phrase “we agree to disagree”, and I observed the faces of
    the two men that said that….. Which of course is often simply
    a “civil” way of saying “I disagree with you and I still think you’re wrong and it pisses me off” LOL.

    Thanks for all your articles. You put a lot of time and effort into them.
    I think it’s nearly impossible to not be saying the wrong things at the wrong times to people, especially if
    we do not know them. I have had friends say things to me that were NOT helpful, because I was reaching out for a certain response. But then, there they go, off on their tangents from their experiences or training.
    I can’t really fault them in hindsight, yet it is interesting how one might not reach out the next time and it can cause a bit of a disconnect.

    Perhaps therapists really receive too much training sometimes, thinking that they are using the right words or phrases at the right times, often our responses to others are what we think we should say.
    Communication can be so difficult. It would be why many relationships are silent lol. No wonder they can co-exist in a monastary.

  • To start with, the very same resources that are available for any disability, diversity or injury. Sidewalks were made graduated in decline so the blind and disabled could partake in actually using those sidewalks. Why do we not design education to include ALL kids? What is this with “design” that only caters to the functional? Why in the world would something called “psychiatry” be involved in MAKING the children fit a mold designed by morons? And you believe that we still need psychiatry for that? Would the answers not lie in changing the design? And that design would stem from a different or an actual understanding of the “problem”. That “problem” could be a whole bunch of things, and could use a whole bunch of supports.
    What if in the future it is a design where only great physical attributes are desired?

    Psychiatry is social control, but not even good at it. Their control is actually responsible for causing way more chaos and disability than there need be. And the public buying into the idea that we need “doctors” for this social control is the problem. By now one would think people would be willing to risk going without these doctors.
    Psychiatry is not an answer to those “services” you speak of. Psychiatry is an answer to a society that cannot be bothered.

  • No need to be sorry, Caroline..We are all allowed to express ourselves as we see fit.
    If she wants to identify as MI, it is up to her, after all, she is in the business.
    I’m rather curious if she would have chosen those words before those words became a “medical specialty” No she would not have.

    And really, it all depends where we are at, what set of circumstances can change our views. Perhaps in another 20 years, she won’t have the same view she does now.
    It seems that right around retirement age a lot of psychiatrists tend to soften their stance or come right out.

  • I wonder as we speak, how many kids are gazed upon by parents, teachers, psychologists and finally the drug pushers.
    It is exactly like the preying that perverts or drug dealers do.
    And right now, this minute, another kid is getting a label and the start of lifelong hardships. And a shrink is going home to his respectable family, to take them to a fancy restaurant or a vacay.

    And a child is growing up and asking, why was everyone talking but not doing anything? Why did they not protect me?
    Do we need an army?

  • They never refused “care” with me. It was the “care” itself that was abusive. So I stopped seeking “care”. Possibly the only place one ever gets a whole approach to whole person care is in a palliative setting.
    Many people qualify for “palliative”, since chronic stuff is essentially being “palliated”, yet again, that is where common sense left their heads, since they consider palliative to be having something that will kill a person within 6 months.
    There are scores of conditions and disease that are ongoing “palliative”, yet those people get some of the worst care. They do not look at the “psychosocial” needs, they look at “psychiatric” needs.
    Funny how in a palliative care unit, the psychosocial is acknowledged. Such as spiritual needs, concerns, fears, existential fears etc. If one is lucky to get a good team. But I’m guessing that even in a palliative care unit, one’s “diagnosis” would be an obstacle.
    They seem to only want brave people who don’t whine.

  • Sami,
    Please help do something to make the drugging of children illegal.
    Obviously us AP people cannot help.
    Are there parents within the Critical psychiatry group?
    Can you not enlist lawyers and testify? Can you guys not start approaching the educational system?
    Or teach a course to student teachers?
    This would not be “anti psychiatry” nor “anti medicine”. It is psychiatry itself

  • Thanks Susan. I’m glad that the younger people are exposed to this reality.

    Psychiatry has it’s own campaign going to promote acceptance. They call it “stigma”.
    And they teach young kids and university students to accept and tolerate “mental illness”,
    It’s a great seller to the young generation who is not taught to think critically
    about science or the concept that odd or different behavior is “mental illness”.

    So I’m glad to see someone trying to teach more than.

  • There are lots of parents who consider it “medication”. Lots of parents that go to a shrink before drastically changing environments. Sometimes kids and parents do not mix well. A kid might do great in one environment and not the other. I do know kids who are highly emotional, have extreme outbursts. Environments and encountering obstacles that kids are not cut out for are a huge cause of issues.
    I doubt that all these kids are “disordered” unless the vaccines are causing brain changes. If all of a sudden millions of kids were born without legs, we would not be drugging that disability.
    We would look for root causes not inside of them.

    Not sure what you’ve tried, but hopefully if family units were larger, a kid might live within a community, perhaps he needs a year long fishing and camping trip. Our school system is very new. If we think it is made for every child, we are kidding ourselves and indulging in wishful thinking.

  • 30watt,
    what is a functioning adult? Is it the shrink who hands drugs to kids? The kids who are still developing until in their 20’s? Would it not have been okay for a kid to be fearful and support, redirect, supply environments that include small steps of successes? Humans basically just get lucky. The unlucky fall prey to all kinds of crap. The ultimate crap is for kids to fall prey to psychiatry.

    Not for a minute to I buy that there were no other solutions. AND to boot, the drugs and labels were not a solution.

    The way it should work is to take a fearful or sad child and place them in programs. THat is, IF you’re lucky. And that is, long before any psych intervention. But even then, most often any programs are not geared towards many different types of children. Any program should come with lots of opportunity for those small successes that build confidence and trust.
    So of course, a TON of good would come out of it but my suspicion is that they don’t want a happier society.

    And I think that your assessment of what is going on and has gone on in your life is proof that you are adult. You might feel like an adolescent simply because they took over. You think an adult should not be stressed over an 8 hour per day job. I think memory holds people back, memory of all the times adults tripped us up.
    Psychiatry is the ultimate trip. Psychiatry truly boxes people into a corner.

  • It’s phenomenal what the public gets used to. There is not much hope for society if it drugs it’s kids. And really, it would not be happening if the teachers were not coached in ADHD. It is after all, the teacher who gives the word that johnny has a behavior problem.
    It started with closed rooms of 30 kids to one teacher, who of course needs everyone to be robotic. It never occurred to anyone to drug the teachers so they could tolerate the stress of johnny.
    I suppose they could drug both. Kill two birds with one stone.

  • “. We know that antidepressants can help relieve the symptoms of more severe forms of depression and are helpful for many people, but they don’t work for everyone and they do come with some side effects and some risks. One of these is it can be very challenging for some people to stop taking them. While some people can do so relatively quickly with no significant side effects, others can develop distressing withdrawal symptoms if they stop using them too quickly.

    Our new information acknowledges this in a way that our previous information did not do enough. The college just felt it was important to do this for some time now.”

    “Acknowledges”? Sorry but the only time psychiatry changes is through constant pressure and complaints. When they can see that they are in a corner. BUT even then, they simply might print an “acknowledgement” here and there, but inside the system absolutely nothing changes. It’s lip service and mostly people are painted as unhappy customers.
    Perhaps Wendy talks nice when it’s a podcast.
    Perhaps ALL clients should make podcasts. Record each visit, each script. Have every word on record.
    And Wendy says that she spoke to Canadian shrinks who were not all aware of these issues. Should uninformed shrinks really be practicing? As soon as they admit to not knowing the dangers or issues, they should be removed. And IF they ignore the issues and do not inform, they should be removed due to malpractice.
    As it is, psychiatrists are not qualified doctors and so we do not need them anymore. GP’s and Md’s have prescribing rights. There are no valuable “diagnosis” within psychiatry and a GP could simply write to the insurance company that their patient suffers from being down in the dumps, or from fear. Done. No need for shrinks.

    And thanks James for the podcast. It’s rather shameful that the strips were made out of donations. Much needed for proper health, yet not supported, which tells us a lot. And thank god for websites that acknowledge, validate, and help those who know they are ingesting poisons.

  • ” A recent analysis of federal data showed one in 10 African Americans said they had an unmet need for mental health treatment — twice as many as the general population. And those who did find help were more likely to end treatment early, citing factors such as cost, stigma and a sense that their provider didn’t understand them.
    These feelings are particularly damaging when it comes to substance abuse and mental health, according to Jordan, the psychiatry professor at Yale University who studies race and addiction. Clients must trust that their providers take their concerns seriously and are treating them as individuals, not stereotypes.”

    An interesting and ignorant way to approach reality. It is too bad that psychiatry and it’s mental health cling ons took over oppression.

  • For eons things like domestic violence, incest, slavery, and government control of homosexuality was condoned. People would have not spoken up.
    A human society is constantly reinventing itself. They could not have gotten anywhere if not for overtaking indigenous lands and lives, stealing people for slavery. Was that okay? It must have been because no one spoke up. The ones who thought it was a problem were those without power.

    I might not have a problem with psychiatry if they dressed according to their jobs. Uniforms of power, proper identification. What EXACTLY does a shrink do that you cannot? Use language and have power over the public through use of the title “doctor”. There is absolutely NOTHING doctor about them.
    What does a psychiatrist choose to use in order to impress upon the public that “mental illness” is real? He does not use “grieving disorder”. He uses the word “schizophrenia”. And he does so in front of an audience because he knows the audience believes in that.
    How did dealing with adults morph into “treating” masses of children for invented “disorders”? Psychiatry removed masses of children from homes and put them into loveless environments, along with a brain altering substance for the child. Because they care?

    There are literally thousands of ways that families could be helped. Psychiatry is preventing that from becoming the new normal. So I guess we will just accept their shitty institutions? Because we have nothing else? Women put up with lots of beatings in marriages because there was no one or nothing else.
    It might be a good thing to just drug these beaten women and children. Just so they behave and are not “depressed”.

    You are correct, people suffer. And psychiatry takes good care of them? Fulfilling the need? The need is chemicals? Even though the “chemical” theory was debunked? Because that IS what psychiatry does. When a wife is depressed, why is it that the family or spouse is more than willing to send that woman off to a shrink or counselor?
    And how many people now think that suffering is abnormal? Who taught people that? Who taught them that depression is like a medical condition? Who taught teenagers that being panicky and having angst, fears, are “mental disorders”?
    Who is still handing out chemicals and neurotoxins even though psychiatry themselves says it’s not a chemical problem?
    And even if a certain chemical happened more in a depressed person, that would have been a result not the cause.
    Suffering will never ever be made better by psychiatry.

  • They go to school simply to learn language.
    And how to wield power. The power part is literally drummed into them
    but is done by shaming. The students have been psychologically overtaken by the time
    they enter practice. And I think that develops some type of hatred towards those who
    they see as weak. They were not allowed to be weak. When they felt like quitting, ‘
    their honor was at stake. Perhaps it’s simply a mindstate of the shrink,”If I can’t be weak, you can’t either”
    Their honor is still at stake, on a personal and field level. It is the practice that has to keep reinventing itself always on the defense.

  • ” The reporters followed the family after they had moved and gotten Jacob a new psychiatrist, who blamed his ailments on the stimulant drugs that he had been taking but no longer was, and admitted that doctors are “are still in the dark” about the effects of psych drugs on children’s brains.”

    Thanks so much Jeffrey.
    There is no chance that “doctors are “still” in the dark”, and what an embarrassment, IF they truly were. No they want the rewards. (I’m sorry but no one educated is that ignorant.)
    They are nothing more than neurotoxins and by using the word “drug”, which the public seems to conflate with “medicine”, they get away with it, not that the general public really gets upset about stuff that is not in their face.

    What can we do? I think one way would be to invite parents from your neighbourhood schools, targeting nursery and kindergarten parents. Inviting them into homes for informative meetings. Catching those first years parents. And at the same time raise the subject of drugging teens, warning them about “interventions” BEFORE they happen. Educating them. It is not illegal to hand out leaflets, to put them under windshield wipers.
    I think it is difficult to educate people about the ills of this powerful brainwashing that has been going on and what it exactly means. But it is easy to give parents the basic information, and also information regarding the constricted school systems we have that ask the impossible of kids, so at least they know what they are protecting their kid’s brains from. And also that if a child’s “behavior” is not wanted, or desired, that it is insane to drug it.

    Perhaps posting flyers on lightstandards? Community informing is the way to go, not online. IT needs to be in your face. The only people that go online are those who give a shit, or those that wonder, or have been affected. And psychiatry relies on scattered brains, scattered info, scattered populations. After they are through with people, many are not equipped to fight the craziness.

    I saw a shocking statement by a shrink in a video, remarking to Ted Chabinski that perhaps the reason he was “out” was because he was “helped”. Of course Ted’s saving grace was that his brain was strong enough to withstand the battery and assaults. It must have bothered the shrink that he survived well. ANYONE can be broken under psychiatry, Psychiatry relies on that they will
    be successful enough that the brains they assault will not realize nor complain.
    We have all seen the fine results psychiatry gets.
    The public is not turned off by those results because no one educates at ground level.

    I LOVE your activism, and how you continue to speak out! If even one parent reads your words, it was worth it. I’m glad you were not broken under the yoke of psychiatry.

  • “I think these diagnostic categories, particularly for psychotic disorders, carry a quality of the diagnosis of death. In our country, they evoke a sense that one is crazy, that the craziness is permanent and involves a broken brain — something central to our understanding of selfhood and identity in the United States. That was just a lot less salient abroad.”

    But you refer to them as ill.

  • We have the wretched ability to notice and wonder. Assigning the diversity of the species something so imbecile as “mental illness” was a feeble attempt at using the brain. It really is an embarrassment that humanity is still so stupid and can’t see that we are not so amazing. Thank god we all die. It would be awful if we could all continue our judgmental gazes, and keep up the pretense that those who are looked upon are the problem.

  • Neurotoxins. It deserves a bump and I create work for Steve.

    Many great comments also.

    Thank you Dr Breggin. Want you to know that I and many others appreciate
    every minute you’ve been alive and active and typing. I’m certain you’ve made
    many people’s lives better.
    I was just thinking about you as I do quite often and Hope you are doing okay.

  • Actually registered,
    I think they should be sold OTC, with complete info, combined with experienced users info. They should be sold alongside MJ, shrooms, etc etc. I doubt they would ever be bought after the first package.
    And why not sell them OTC? They are not “addictive” I hear. I hear that all effects are in the person’s head. Not really from drugs. So it seems they are mostly good for you. Non addictive, no bad effects, no brain damage. Better and safer than advil

  • Although Stephen is no longer with us, his comment still stands truthfully. Canadian doctors certainly hand out neurotoxins like candy. Literally like candy. Do not appear sad. Or angry. Do not use your doctor for anything but your tummyache and even then, you might be offered a toxic lolly. PLUS, you have a very accurate account of you as a patient. Only a doctor can give “accurate accounts”, since he is the one who has the “objective” view.
    Just ask your doc. “Do you have an educated unbiased view?”

  • If we are about to have a “mad in Canada” website, hopefully this would be on their agenda.
    And really, we need to address all of the healthcare system as to discrimination.
    And note please , I don’t see psychiatry as part of a “healthcare”, since it has been established that they continue
    to be part of a cause of disability.

    But more and more our healthcare system is involved in using the labels of psychiatry against patients. It is clear that as a “medical doctor” they would not be able to assess in any way the patient in front of them, yet one quick look at the patient’s files allows an MD to treat the patient radically different from the one that never saw a shrink. Now we are not discussing “stigma” here. We are discussing life and death discrimination…that one person’s account of their physical experience matters, but another person’s account does not matter at all.
    To not confuse an “MD’s” sensibilities, the charts of a psychiatrist should be separated from “healthcare”, since the “healthcare” community seems not be able to separate the psychiatric from the physical, resulting in incompetent healthcare.
    There is NO PROOF in any meaningful way that the patient before them “HAS” something, like “bi-polar”. And to engage in actual medicine AND accepting someone’s word that they “have” “something”, something invented by psychiatry is horrible “medical practice”.

    The “chemical imbalance” was debunked, but the drugs designed to disrupt those chemicals were not taken off the market.
    And now we are stuck with a healthcare system that is as stuck on the paradigm as is psychiatry.
    It is imperative that psych charts are absolutely private and apart from real medical services or any other services, so that people can continue to be seen through the lens of each specialty and that the services engage within their training, not the bogus labels of psychiatry.

    Each specialty, each service is already full enough of shortcomings and bias without the help of the discriminatory practices of psychiatry.

  • Thank the earth for the Robert Whitakers. The enquiring mind.
    The people that do not accept the words “because”.
    Not only is he a journalist but scientifically inclined to
    be able to differentiate between science and dogma of psychiatry which
    tries to hide behind science and language.

    We are dealing with bullshit and incompetent people not
    just scientifically, but also socially. Psychiatry more and more is wholly
    antisocial, a great danger to the bits of fabric that were left.

  • It started out as idiotic preoccupation. It’s become more idiotic. Perhaps a brain that is able to read, absorb, regurgitate, is not able to think after so many years of trying to please mom n dad, aunties n uncles, then profs peers, then colleagues. A kiss butt world and all they crave is some power after the bending over. THat sense of wanting to belong is strong. And the lowly subject is the only thing they will ever have power over. Which really sucks, because it’s kind of weak and wussy to exert power over the vulnerable.

  • ” For example, treatment non-responding anxiety patients experience a disproportionate burden of illness and have the highest rate of suicidal attempts than any other disorders.”

    And so this “phenomena” is discovered “post treatment”? The highest rates of suicide are after “treatment”, not after “non response” and is the big “secret” that psychiatry keeps misrepresenting by calling the “treatment” damaged as “non responders”.
    You bet people “respond” to “treatment” and many do so by death. So in fact it is a lie that there are non responsive “patients”. And it would be an impossibility scientifically speaking, since EVERY SINGLE drug will have a “response”.
    The industry however would rather not admit the responses. And continue to call damage and death as “No response”