Monday, July 13, 2020

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  • And honestly Megan, your article deserves a much better response then which I just left, but I have nothing to add to such a fine piece of writing, which makes so much sense that I’m hoping you put it out there on different sites.
    I have felt so guilty and self doubt by reading “self help” crap, because I did not know then, what I know now. The search for “healing”, making oneself “love oneself” has to be done with a huge grain of salt. It’s just so tempting to look for the trouble within oneself, and of course everyone loves this. 🙂

  • I do like your writing Megan.

    Nothing like telling someone close about difficulties from the past. Any difficulty arising after that often gets blamed on the difficulty you confided. Amazing how everyone becomes a shrink or therapist and knows that it’s not them, it’s you.
    And to be “treated” in that “theraputic” manner is nauseating, even coming from a “therapist”. Heal thyself, but not through me.

  • Streetphotobeing,
    Beautiful and how true. How much we could have learned from those put to death.

    It took the catholic church 300 years to admit Gallileo was right, and even then, it was only because they were no longer the power they once were. Psychiatry exists through power, not knowledge. Creating a belief within and around prejudice against certain people was the ticket to appeal to the ignorant masses.

  • “How an industry can claim to “know everything about the meds,” yet actually know nothing about the common adverse effects of the drugs they prescribe, is just criminal.”

    Bingo SE. and that would be because they know nothing about the human mind or brain. Judging a person’s conversation and calling it an illness is the most ludicrous practice. Imagine I get to listen to certain styles and traits, then go into a boardroom and create a name for that style and enter it into a book as an “illness”. I then get to diagnose people based on the “illness” I created. People that discovered cancer never diagnosed people with “cancer” based on conversation. And they certainly never treated it based on what the doctor “named” it. And all cancer is cancer. It does not get a bunch of funny names. And even though they know somewhat of how cancer works, the “treatments” are nasty with lots of side effects and no one is judged for having cancer.
    No one created “cancer”. “mental illness” was created by shmucks who believe they hold the model of “normal”

  • Thank you James and Nicole for your hard work.

    And thank you Jim Wright. Glad to see “anecdotal reports” as evidence. That really should be the only evidence, since the doctors and researchers refuse to ingest these poisons.
    And yes, they are ALL informed as to the dangers, the clients tell them so. Besides, there is no test and no measure in any scientific way as to the damages. They are too numerous and many occur over time and the body being so intricate, it’s impossible to understand. So it behooves the most rational as to why create something dangerous without actual knowledge and why, for something that they do not understand in the first place.

    I would like Jim to go to my appts or my emergency visits where I am treated like a criminal for refusing to ingest poisons, for a physical condition. Where if you do not agree to labels you don’t even have, you are treated as if you do.
    Jim is canadian so I am sure he knows the depth of abusive garbage.
    I also know that for Jim to keep his job, it is impossible for him to become “radical”.
    I’m sure he’s disliked enough for the valuable role he plays.

    So thanks Jim for going the extra mile. It’s not helping any of us at each of our hospitals and providers. That is only ever solvable by stripping the ordinary GP and shrinks of their power to do what ever the hell they want as long as they pass the “college of physicians and surgeons”, which are just part of the abuse.

    And thank you so much Baylissa, wonderful work you are doing, saving lives in a real way and supporting people in positive ways. Thanks to everyone who worked hard in your organization. These efforts are beyond valuable as education to the public and can act as a prevention and warning.

  • Yes Steve, they are committed to their “honor”, which really is about saving face. The pressure is immense from mommy, daddy, aunts, kids and cars. Of course there is the WHOLE colleague thing, and “what would I ever do for a living”.
    THAT is what psychiatry amounts to.
    Few could face the awakening. Very “anxiety” producing, and they might get “depressed”.
    I just want a few young ones reading here or there, and be brave, gutsy enough to walk their own walk. Walk away while there is time.

  • A lot of docs know, but they would not be liked by their peers if they spoke out, and besides, they only think “mental illness” doesn’t exists for a few. If one of their friends was “diagnosed”, I doubt they would question it. Perhaps a few feel good words such as “that is awful”.

    I had “post partum” and “post partum” as such does not exist. An hour to myself would not have been enough. 30 years later I know what “IT” is, and “IT” is not “post partum” as a “mental illess”.

  • I’m so sorry not to be impressed by such articles. To be honest I find them boring, and insulting.
    It is dialogue that is supposed to sound “reasonable” and is supposed to show “proof”, that “some” things are not right within psychiatry.
    If those who realize that there is everything wrong with psychiatry (and really, I’m not sure if a logical person can come to any other conclusion) it would serve people much more usefully to fight with them, against psychiatry, against the whole paradigm and the complete mess and hoax it is.

    But no, “researchers” want their money too, their bit of “recognition” and so, participate completely and wholly to keep psychiatry alive and well.
    Psychiatry would now like to thank all the researchers and critics to keep the nice dialogue and conversations going. As we can all see, it keeps everyone involved in a job, while people suffer.

    No, it’s not good enough.

  • Caroline,
    “The “mentally ill” really need an effective PR campaign that sets the record straight in the eyes of the public.”

    You are absolutely correct. It has to be spoken to anyone possible. Advertised to hold meetings in neighbourhoods. People have to be informed before they ever set foot into the arenas.
    And in Canada, that arena of psychiatry has penetrated into the real medical system in a worse way than psychiatry can wield. Absolutely “disordered” nurses have power to make anyone’s life hell, right up until death.
    Although after death, who cares anymore. They got their way, because it means everything to them to get their way.
    For some it’s a moronic belief, for others it is nothing but ego. And not much any citizen can do about ego or moron with licence, except escape.

  • Psychiatry cannot ever refer to their subjects as “patients”. I’m glad you made that point Boans.
    It was a brilliant idea to make it “medical” and then just keep running with it, no matter how stupid it’s starting to look.
    I hope the new kids in school have more pride and self confidence than to become a judgmental ass for a living. Crude and so old. People’s brains are meant for more logic, more advanced thinking. They are meant to create, not use the same shit that was started by bored old farts. It is chimp like to sit and stare at things we don’t understand. Even chimps get bored and start picking the lice out of their buddie’s hair.

  • LOL. I know, the word “understandings” got me all emotional. But nope, can’t catch me with the constant “researchers”, the constant reminding that psychiatry is a good religion. I wonder how much psych pays “researchers” and “journalists”.
    Geez I’m having to put quotations around every word lately. I think I’m being “paranoid” and “psychiatry” really does want what is best for Mary.

  • “Well they don’t think they’re punishing us, they honestly believe they’re helping… because they don’t see us as people.”
    Sorry, but unless they are stupid, they know exactly what they are doing…..unless they have a similar “problem” that their subjects do, in that it takes time to learn the complexities of life. Must be why many shrinks do a turnabout after retirement.
    I think they just hate “weakness” as they felt “weak” so often in their early years. They have a complex relationship with their subjects and don’t know?
    I guess the mind is an amazing thing. No wonder they were interested at one time.

    I agree they do not see subjects as people, in the sense of their
    own caliber and wholeness, and their own lack of “mental illness”.

  • Thanks Micah, well done.

    “Separately, the prominent psychiatrist Sir Robin Murray publicly stated that he regretted ignoring social factors throughout his research career, and called for more research on environmental factors and epigenetics. He cautioned that those still clinging to a Kraepelinian model were refusing to accept the evidence base to the detriment of their patients.”

    This is just it, isn’t it. They all realize when they get old. THAT is when they come “out”. Psychiatrists are right now in a perfect position, a perfect time to “come out”.
    To publicly state that they “do NOT know” and that the concept of “mental illness” is bogus. That indeed there is human suffering, human variability, human weirdness that we do not understand, that what psychiatry is doing is harmful on many levels on top of being completely false.
    In fact, they could create a unified decision that no longer will people be LABELED. No longer will they participate in this manner. They can be helpful in lobbying governments to implement other helpful social programs to support people, they (psychiatrists) themselves can be helpful in BEING with those in distress. Just being, and being real.
    And to accept that it is part of life for some people to have great difficulty and as humans, we are here to see them through and create the best lives possible.

    They could do so much, but it would be a “radical” about face, and it is indeed the perfect time. To be known as the system that saw the futility and harm, IS the thing that will help most.

    Until that happens, we shall remain anti-psychiatry. Because there is nothing left to fix, unless it completely dismantles itself.
    It’s a shame some older farts in psych school still teach the bio bio draconian concept of something ludicrous as “mental illness” and “dopamine” etc etc.
    I think more and more kids are seeing the light earlier, and really don’t want to become shrinks. It’s way beneath their logic and common sense and insulting.
    They might raise the question of what to do with all their clients. I just described it, and it would be much more perfect than what they have now. Plus a shrink could finally relax and let his own demons come to light.

    It’s really amazing we still talk about this nasty business after all these years. I think it’s been proven that humans are nuts, it just appears in many different forms and situations. Psychiatry is just another form of nuttiness. Most often we see nuts as someone who is not like us. Welcome to our world.

  • “mental medicine should fully recognize racism’s impact on mental health as it did for the first time in 1969. Psychiatrists and others might embrace social psychiatry, which was a major movement in mental medicine after WWII and showed how poverty, inequality and social isolation impaired mental health. Policymakers might think about legislation (including Universal Basic Income) that specifically addresses the gap between the rich and poor, and especially in light of COVID-19’s blowback, which will disproportionately impact people of color.”

    What is “mental medicine” and no, we don’t need another brand of psychiatry. We have “social psychiatry” right at this moment.

  • All civil rights and liberties are out the window when you get a label. Life is over as people knew it. Even if they took it away, the damage is done, unless one can forget.
    There is no “law”. I’ve said it before. Our law and religion IS psychiatry. It really is just a morphed fundamentalist religion. And people love believing in something.

  • It’s not medical so there cannot be a “diagnosis”. Name calling is what it is called. Using useless words.
    How is it a “diagnosis” when someone comes in, saying “I’m depressed”, and the “doctor” says “the patient has depression”.
    It is WHY they invented the other names so it would sound really mysterious. And they can do brain scans too. Whoopee! Colors and such.

  • Well Mark, as far as I know, their EEG’s can’t even tell when brains are still working.
    It seems something simple as brain activity could be detected, yet many have NDE’s while the EEG’s show nada.
    And yet they scamper around, trying to impress the public with their little lit up pictures. Does the public ever think what it will be like 2000 years from now? And how very wrong everything will have been? It was really just yesterday we bled people. For some crazy reason, there are people that think we advanced, when all they did was create very toxic chemicals and practiced on poor monkeys to try and get dosages that would not kill them.
    I’m afraid we will only get much further away, and regress terribly, since it all started off with a complete misinterpretation of human experience.
    I believe though that quite likely, it will be to their own demise, since that is a logical outcome.

  • “Well they were doing it based on how well we could focus, sit still, socialize, etc. They also took books away from me for being “inappropriate”. Looking out of windows, smiling or laughing at the wrong time, sitting awkwardly, etc, were also written down on my chart as inappropriate.”

    And THIS would be based on the “medical” model? 🙂 How very scientific. I’m SO impressed that they are not just being asses.

  • “over-diagnosis” is nothing more than the attempt by psychiatry to verify that they are operating within a medical context.
    One side says “under-diagnosing”, and “critical” psychiatry uses terms such as “over-diagnosing”.

    There is no such practice as “diagnosing” in psychiatry. “diagnosis” is the pretense of being medical. Labels are absolutely not “diagnosis”.. You cannot invent words for humans and say that those words are diseases and then further, ACTUALLY apply those words, to people.

  • Well geez Jill, you were supposed to use socks that were NOT on people’s feet. Although if you were sewing them, it could be seen as acupuncture “treatment”.
    But I’m guessing you were not allowed to use needles. I will google DIY “sock snowmen”. Or perhaps I should google “mental health therapy” to get the instructions.

  • Exactly Bananas and Steve,
    The very notion that “human rights” is an issue at all, should make politicians act and act swiftly. It should make the public act swiftly since they or their loved ones can easily be affected.
    I think you called it what it really is about. “constitutional rights”.
    I think the people that know what is going on, have an obligation to get the word out to anyone who will listen.
    We need to be much more outraged, without the silencing methods they use. We should not be frightened of being called “radical” or “fringe”. Those are words to minimize abuse. To put the crazy label on people who dare to speak out. It is such an old tool, it is embarrassing that educated people stoop to these levels.

  • “Human rights abuses in the context of mental health service provision have been systematically described and documented by several organizations, including the United Nations.”

    Now why would that be? Why would some shrinks talk about abuse within the system they work for? And it will continue to be just talk, but talk means there is evidence.
    It was not enough that clients complained, must be a few kind shrinks out there that care enough to “talk” about it. We need them to stand up and be counted.

    Leave a legacy for Pete’s sake. What have you left behind when you ruin people and families? And within that, you believe you are sane? It is insanity to practice abuse every single day. It’s even worse if you pretend that you “treat” people. For what? What do you feed them poisons for? Why label them ill?
    That is a very disordered person.

  • Wonderfully done street.

    Aren’t we ever so lucky how improved psychiatry is?
    They are completely aware that they are not doctors. At this point, they are bitter about fulfilling a stupid role. Impossible not to be. They were not wise enough when they went into the arena. Just like many of their subjects.
    My heart gladdens with shadenfreude to know the thankless, miserable job they have. To spend 10 years on getting a degree where all you do is produce harm and misery. And act as a cleaner upper for politicians, yet create more need for politicians.

    They DO KNOW, you know. Unless they are stupid.

  • Hemmingway. If that is the only way out, it is preferred over anyone making 300 bucks an hour to fuck with people. They made it look like “suicide”. It is never “suicide”, as a solitary act.
    Of course there are no “treatments” in psych, because there are no “illnesses”

    As a scientist, Einstein did try to get signatures regarding the brutality of wars. He got 4. That is how psychiatry is. Just a boys club, a dry and boring club. Very few Einsteins in there.

    (“While his friend, Fritz Haber, was a signatory of the Fulda Manifesto [aka Manifesto of the Ninety-Three, a 4 October 1914, proclamation endorsed by 93 prominent German scientists, scholars, and artists, declaring their unequivocal support of German military actions in the early period of World War I], Einstein (now a German citizen again) signed a counter-manifesto—one of only four signatories—that called for an end to the war and the creation of a united Europe.”)

  • Hi Sinead, thank you for your story.
    I think often the “healing” people look for can be it’s own driver. After all, “healing” suggests illness and I very much doubt that people in trials and crisis are ill. Often we might not feel good physically but the doctor cannot find disease or illness.
    We might not feel good “emotionally”, but they fail to find illness or disease.
    Perhaps we don’t need to feel a “certain” way. I have found that very often if someone has gone through something and found “healing”, they like to apply that to others.
    For instance, I have bumped into “healers”, that try and apply their new news and suggest “trauma”, when in fact I know for myself, that is NOT the direction I need at this point.
    So not only can we be manipulated by shrinks, and clergy, but many, MANY people hold the answers to our issues. Many of them not even close to the target.
    So yes, if you go to help others, please don’t make their journey about yours. It’s universal yes, yet wholly individual.
    Mostly, everyone is completely off base about the reality of the other person.

  • “Were you ever actually a danger to yourself before you were hospitalized?”

    I’m just wondering what this question means. Also I’m not sure a psych ward is “hospitalized”

    Perhaps it could be called a “safe house” IF it’s used specifically to keep people safe and comfy.

  • l_e_cox.
    Consider how much is online. It does not bode well for biz if one is competing with batteries or toilet paper.
    So all in all, it means little except that it is a religion. That is all.
    One really can’t be bothered disproving them. That is easy, because they have no “science”. The best thing we can do from here on in is to educate.
    They are appealing to people who don’t ‘think’ about things in depth until something happens and then the aha lights go on. Exactly like a fundamental zealot dogma.
    It is tantalizing for people to see a “medicine” lol.
    But we really have to wake people up to the untruths of the base beliefs of psychiatry. And how in the world would ANY health system ever be abusive and persecute people.

  • “there seems to be a way that in speaking up, a difference can be realized, if not for oneself, then hopefully others.”

    Exactly Bill. Just as the psychiatrist might tell his kids how wonderful of an enterprise his biz is, I tell mine not to go near “mental help” for services, and god forbid ever marry.
    Imagine me being a gramma to a bunch of shrinkins?

  • LOL, the DSM is good enough. It’s hilarious to think the D stands for “diagnostic” I mean really. They actually read this crap and THEN ACTUALLY give people the labels inside. LMAO.
    What a bunch of clowns. Do they not get embarrassed ever? It’s like being the ultimate weirdo. It’s creepy too.
    Like I don’t want to know what they do in their minds, you know? There is something diabolical in there, but appears hidden from itself. It’s a thing for psychoanalysts, though doubt it could be cracked. The best people to crack a shrink are the survivors. One on one in a dark alley.

  • Thank you James and Angie.

    Well done Angela!
    “I’ve had prescribers cry and say, “how can I give informed consent if I’m not even given informed consent?” A lot of times we want to blame the doctors, but they’re a victim of this too, in a different way.”

    I am not buying that they have no clue what they are doing. How could that ever pass a court case, saying “I’m sorry judge, but I had no clue”
    Does a doctor not inform themselves? Of course they do, and they are informed over and over by their clients. They refuse to want to be informed…they reject what their clients tell them.

    I guess they still walk away from the film believing or buying the concept of “mental illness”? And it is only the drug part they comment on, even crying.

    Perhaps we need to talk about more than drugs.

  • “About a year before that, I did end up reading “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker. Reading “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and engaging with those ideas was quite an experience for me. Most of the people that I had spoken to or who I had mentioned that book to before had been pretty superficial and dismissive about it, calling it extreme or antipsychiatry. When I decided to read the book, I was expecting that it would be something I could quickly go through and thought it wouldn’t be something I had to spend a lot of time and energy on.”

    Awais, I would like to point out your reference to “extreme” and “anti-psychiatry”, realizing of course that you seem to no longer see the “book” in those terms. However, is “anti-psychiatry” or “extreme” a negative position?
    Why do you think Psychiatry is so damaged? Is it because they are “extreme”? Or because the very basis of psychiatry has a completely wrong basis.

    You seem to think there is something fixable. Like an old car that is being held up by a few new struts, and more and more repairs until finally one realizes that the money being sunk into this old beater is not productive. Into the scrapyard it goes. It could never be recognizable again, as the car it used to be. Someone might use a door to restore another car, but no one could identify it.

    And Sometimes we are by then old and wise enough to just bus it.

  • “While the biomedical model posits that mental disorders are caused by biochemical anomalies to be fixed by psychiatric drugs…..”

    Well they got the “mental disorders” wrong from the get-go, so anything that follows will be and is wrong.
    So now we are left with dismantling this big hoax and start from scratch.

    They never uncovered that “IT” does not reside in that individual. Or perhaps they have caught onto that, but refuse to let go, since the hoax got out of control.

    It is difficult to reign in a monster, especially if you are that monster.

  • Thanks Justin for all your hard work.

    “But philosophy as an academic discipline, especially as a way of making money, was pretty much nonexistent in Pakistan.

    I do have physicians in my family. My older sister is a physician herself, so there was all this passive exposure that I was getting through family members who are physicians in Pakistan. It seemed like a natural choice for me to go into medicine as well.”

    Sorry, you are not in “medicine”, nor in “philosophy”

    “I think that if we want psychiatry to engage with these critical views, we have to present them in a context where the mainstream psychiatric community will be able to engage with them.”
    Very importantly, I wanted these engagements to happen in a relatively non-threatening, productive manner. I think there’s this tendency toward an unhelpful dynamic that develops where criticisms tend to be aggressively presented, and then the other side reacts in a state of being totally defensive.”

    “I think back to my relatively naive days, and I wasn’t exposed to this larger body of work.”

    Several Times Awais, you mention that we need to have these wonderful non threatening discussions. And I assume you mean where a psychiatrist says something like “yes I know psychiatry is not perfect, and I do not see my field through rose colored glasses”.
    And then you say “gee, I’m glad to hear that” and go on to present your “philosophical” views? And then you all take your paycheque, because only through being part of psychiatry could you receive the money, since being a mere philosopher could not earn a living.

    You “used” to be “naive”?

    Awais, you are playing a game, and that is worse than being a shrink. And no, I would obviously not have that “nice conversation” with you or a shrink. And you could not pay me enough to engage in such pretentious dialogue. I’m glad you think you “used to be naive”…it’s almost as if you think you can’t be naive now, or in the future.
    What if in 10 more years you discover more about the people you had all these “non shutting down” “nice conversations”.
    But by that time, you have kids to send to university to become a “good psychiatrist”

  • Well Jill,
    You realize that women got labeled by men, ohh so long ago. It was unheard of for women to label men. We’ve come so far 🙂 These labelers are hungry, constipated, frustrated, oppressed people. It is their way of acting out. There are those personalities that become colder and more “calm” when they are around any emotion.
    Emotion upsets them, yet they get fed by it. And I’m talking even by the simplest of emotions.

    I suppose you could have asked if you could throw a pen instead, since you realize a chair could hurt her. Many a shrink wishes their subjects would throw something. It is their bread and butter, for their mind and table.
    It’s such a waste of time to patronize them. Some people look back and realize that shrinks robbed them for their emotions.
    It’s really gross when I think of adult men and women robbing youth. They should be ashamed, or feel guilty. But how can they, when they simply don’t have those capabilities.
    In this way, we can’t blame them, like you can’t blame your neighbour for being who he is.
    But it’s the fact that our governments still allow goofballs to get licence to sell their religion, to go and rob people of their last buck or emotions, for nonexistent “disease”, “illness”, or “disorders”.
    Btw, “personality disorders” are a perfect example of what a hoax psychiatry is. And I’ve met quite a few women with labels.

  • It is too funny Steve.
    It is a good business, this whole MH racket. I have experienced them sitting there and trying to look all serious, but looking back, being older, I now am aware that the look I saw was one that was very preoccupied with checking to see IF I believed them, and also one that was busy trying to maintain a sense of authority. Perhaps it was their trying to convince themselves that I felt… I knew then that there was something deeply wrong and it set me on a path to observe back. “knowledge” is not something I found there and it was exactly what I was seeking.
    When it does not make sense or ring true, it most likely isn’t.

  • I think pretty much people are onto them as soon as they enter the door. They are really not all that good at their jobs. In fact they suck. The reason they stay in the industry is because there are literally NO jobs they can do aside from the bullshit. On the other hand, many of their “clients” are pretty flexible and able to change jobs, able to learn new things in their lives.

  • You made me think of “anxiety” and the research done on this, well to keep the idea alive that my “anxiety” is a bad thing. I also remember being offered some pills for my “hypervigilance”.
    My “hypervigilance” can cause me some “irrational” fears that I have not observed in my spouse. And there were the times while my spouse shoveled snow on the high boulevard, with the toddlers playing alongside the boulevard, and me staring out the window feeling very “nervous” at the possibility that “omg, they could slip and roll down in front of a car, AND Die”. Which of course, led me to get upset at my spouse for not watching and repeatedly yelling out the window for my spouse to “watch the kids”.
    I bet my brain was nicely lit up in the “anxiety center”. I bet that his were not.

    And so it went, steadily with my “anxiety” increasing, which of course is stressful.
    Then my spouse and my one and half year old were playing at the top landing and I watched as my spouse sat with his back against the wall and my son’s back towards the stairs.
    But my spouse always had it all under control. I looked up, I turned away angrily and behind me I hear my son falling down 17 steps. But as my chill spouse said “geez, thank god he’s fine”.

    Then there was the time my son came speeding over in his car a few years back because his dog got a fishhook in his mouth.
    My brain was on high alert, it did not feel great. But while everyone was looking at the fishhook and considering the problem, I ran downstairs, grabbed a dog muzzle I had (for emergencies lol) and put it on the dog and told my son to get to the vet.
    The vet asked who had the foresight to use the muzzle.

    But you see, to always feel as if something will go wrong if I don’t DO it, is what is considered my problem. I’m the problem, not the yahoos that are not in it WITH ME, to lessen the load.

    Ohh sure, there will be some therapists that try to “help” the “excess amount” of being vigilant, you know, to lessen that “cortisol” and that “overfiring” and it’s all very curious that they don’t want to “increase” the vigilance in those around me.

    I’ve come in handy. I serve to keep the false story going, I serve to prove to those dead things, that I’m “overfiring”. Someone has to be the absorber of chaos.

    So I’m sure they would love to see my brain in action. Cause of that stress you know.
    And we all know just how insane this path of scans is and how it is about keeping a segment of people in jobs, jobs that are more destructive than wars.

    I’m even bright enough to consider a possibility that my spouse and I were “balancing each other out”, which is mighty kind of me to consider.
    And this is the thing a shrink won’t consider, because he needs a customer and “research” needs to keep looking into the thing the shrink guided them to do.
    This elusive, fucked up lie.
    It matters to me not, because I’m still here, just as the shrink is. So much for Darwin.
    BUT, the shrink wants to be Darwinism. He wants to be the “natural law”. And that is so easy, for me to have the power to just plant seeds that these kinds are not the ideal, there are “parts wrong”. There is never a part wrong inside a shrink.
    Very curious.
    It makes me think of the marriage where one is the problem.

    BUllshit talk like suggesting that “once upon a time we needed that anxiety” “but it no longer serves us in this tech age”, is really about keeping the hoax alive. EVEN if it has a grain of truth, it is obvious we are not keeping up with the insanity within each of us.

    So O.O, you got zero to worry about as far as being up against a “top predator”. We are clueless as to who that is, things never seem as they are. It seems to me that “nature” supplied you with exactly the thing to keep you safe from “predators”. The question is, is psychiatry safe from “natural laws” that really do exist without us knowing the future. They are not safe and it is obvious that they know. The constant reinventing and arguing and use of force to accomplish their “hard earned” degrees is the thing at play. The thing they really are mostly trying to do is prevent a majority from discovering the trail of harm they are guilty of.
    Stuff like making “anxious people” think they are too anxious and that “anxiety” is not residing in ONE person, to be treated. The cure as they well know, is NOT to be “treated” or “fake scanned”.

    So good luck to them, in surviving in the “natural world”, where balance is not as they hoaxed.

  • Bowen,
    “In the past two years, however, I’ve come to realize that a diagnosis of mental illness is dis-empowering for much of the reasons you write about. It’s a label that is imposed upon us and is incredibly reductive. The label is fraught with so much stigma, and there is so much willful misunderstanding and negativity surrounding mental illness that even NAMI recommends that people should not consider it an identity. I’ve suffered tangible consequences of this stigma, having been harassed by police on multiple occasions.”

    If you give it even a few more years, perhaps you will see what a hoax psychiatry and much of what we are told really is.
    It’s not a compliment to NAMI that they speak of stigma or identity. It’s a joke to give someone a tag and then tell them not to identify with it. It is like me telling someone that they are an idiot but not to take my words to heart.
    And it is not “stigma”. Psychiatry and NAMI invented it, JUST to keep the paradigm going. It is rather “persecution”, as was demonstrated by relentless overpowering, coercions. The labels do NOT result in “stigma”. They result in PERSECUTION.
    And is the very reason the UN is talking about “human rights”. (not that it is more than talk) But why would they need to discuss “human rights violations” if not for persecution. Psychiatry likes to use words that make the accused feel as if they are on the same page as their accusers and abusers.

    See the whole thing is, you can have your issues without the labels. Why do you think the very system that labels is the one who mistreats? Does this make any sense?

  • Jill, Well said.

    “For a person who finds no reason to get out of bed or shower, to instead be labeled as non-functioning misses the whole point.”

    Psychiatry relies on people’s vulnerability and the non-informed public’s non-interest and gullibility.

    As you can see, by the years passing, we keep learning that what we were told, is not fact at all.

  • Mhmm Boans.
    In Canada we don’t have real medicine, unless you mean Tylenol. There is the segment of “medicine”, but it is so diseased with the psychiatry model that there are no more lines.
    For some reason, a heart specialist can diagnose you enough to leave a trail of innuendos about being sick in the head, can even prescribe the shrink drugs, but a shrink cannot diagnose you to be sick in the heart.

    A shrink will never refer you to a heart specialist, unless you had a heart attack while in his office. I’m finding it odd that a regular doc seems to know SO much about the mind/brain, yet a shrink knows nothing about the body.

    Poor shrinks lose money by other docs doing two jobs.

  • Law makers can break their own “laws”, often laws are no more than suggestions, lofty ideals, to make the public believe they are protected from persecution. But the rights to their own laws are given to “specialities” such as medicine/psychiatry/. And in which case, the lawmakers and lawyers always refer to their ignorance of the subjects and hire asses from the very institution which caused abuse to begin with.

    So no human rights will eventually be addressed EVER.
    It just will not happen, unless people take the law into their own hands. perhaps a tit for tat law? After all, is there a choice?

    Bottom line is, “human rights” is only a discussion, a buzzword to make the powerful try to convince the less so that such a thing exists.

  • ” It may be that being intensively case managed and the cognitive reprogramming aspect of the psychotherapy were actually detrimental.”

    I have experienced wanna be therapists. From blue light visioning to god knows what else. And then I looked around and realized just how crazy psychiatry and it’s ilk are, just how much it spilled into “therapy”, yet themselves claiming to not subscribe to the DSM… Yes, there is crazy, and it can function quite well. In fact, it is in the ignorance that crazy operates best.

  • l_e_cox

    Good observation about ventilators. These are called heroics, and no doctors are not ignorant. There is one system that most go by, self protection. hence the ventilators.
    It is more likely to survive, without them, in the case of infected and inflamed lungs. Besides, ventilation most often results in trauma, a violation and can highly likely result in clients becoming “mentally ill”. Ask people who have been ventilated. And each ventilation can be done like a rough machine, or more gentle with proper medication. So one vent is not like another vent.
    No two people thus can ever be compared in studies.

    “We ALL need weaning from the medical model! It in itself invites dangerous doctor behaviors, both in psychiatry and in regular medicine.”

    Indeed. And the “mental” model.

  • I love this! SITS

    “My last “incarceration” (and believe me, it will be my last one)”
    “I agree with Boans – go ahead and throw the baby out with the bath water. The bath water is contaminated and the baby has already drowned.”

    “Psychiatry is the bath water. There are a lot of babies drowning in it.”

    Had to requote.

  • Chemical shackles are much worse. It is like eating pork and not being privy to the animal’s internal experience, nor it’s actual physical abuses that continue over a long period. If you were able to condense “treatment” and “internal experience” into something akin to a 15 minute video, I’m sure the horror effect would be the same.
    Psychiatry does have a way with spell binding.

  • Hear Hear!
    And is it not the variation of genetics that created psychiatry? What exact gene makes psychiatry so bloody abusive? So stubborn to cling to ideals? So manipulative and lying, to present itself as a specialty? What gene causes nurses and regular doctors to be dishonest in their chosen fields or works?
    What “personality disorders” reside in those who have done and continue to wield their power only?
    I have found it very odd that the “dsm” seems to be a shield of immunity for those who wrote it. Like sin was written for a mass of vulnerable, but a shield for the powerful.

  • sleep in the stars,
    The trauma is the result of having gone to where someone thought might be refuge. There is no worse assault than to find chaos and cruelty in the seeking of safety and care. THIS is something psychiatry wants no one to find out until they get there, in which case, their lies cover up the trauma, which traumatizes even further when we realize that NAMI and others buy their lies. That our governments who pretend to be “for the people” are only for what needs no care or compassion. Compassion to our governments is buying people a loaf of bread.
    Unless a counselor is against psychiatry, I doubt very much they can help with the trauma. It just ends up being retraumatized if “handled” by counselors who mumble something about the “imperfection of psychiatry”.
    Counselors should identify themselves as being anti-psychiatry and should do so boldly without fear or shame. People need spaces to be heard and be part of communities that do more than chat about the “failings” of psychiatry.

  • yes and people will be imperfect as we all are.
    This is part of life.
    Psychiatry further hurts. It demonstrates that “pain” from childhood does not always manifest itself as needing a shrink, but possibly as one being a shrink or “MH” workers who abuse. Function and social success does not lie in an ability to wield power over the vulnerable and that is where we went wrong, simply thinking that if you can hold a job, bathe, sleep and have two friends and a card, and car, we are a “nice” part of society.

  • J,
    Psychiatry cannot EVER admit to their hoax and how much they need people to keep that hoax alive.
    You will notice that in order to “prove” their “paradigm”, they ALWAYS refer to “schizophrenia”, because they want to make the thing that others can’t understand or identify with as the thing that is illness. They literally had to design a bible in order to create patients.

    Most people I know, went to a shrink to get answers and talk about hardships of life, not knowing that psychiatry keeps believing in bloodletting and chemical icepicks.. They should have gone to the wise men.

  • “. If a patient has an adverse reaction, they’re in the right place for a quick response, says Alexander: “Many of the patients who are sickest and most likely to receive these investigational products are going to receive them in highly monitored settings where the screening and prevention of drug-drug interactions is much more easily done.” If a doctor sees a problem, they may be able to adjust or eliminate the drug.”

    I realize “LOL” is not seen/read as an “intelligent” critique.
    Sales pitches make me lolz

  • Eric, your writing is wonderful.
    Above all, remember that “the writer”, needs you to write. So whether I’m reading Eric’s or the “writer’s” words, I know that I am also getting to appreciate Eric’s works.

    Don’t sell yourself short for the writing you do. You are gifted and talented. Perhaps it comes easy to you, but for many people, writing is impossible.

  • And we cannot afford “change” within the system that promotes itself.
    The argument you had with a physician is the norm, and that is AFTER the great changes that were made. Remember the great changes? They granted “us” no more ice picks.
    Change within psychiatry results in worse “treatments” and is something many survivors do not see and certainly most of the innocent public believes. I also believe in change, and it is only possible to get rid of psychiatry. THAT is the change.

    We asked nicely, we wanted to get along and have doctor/patient relationships. They were not keen on that. Their choice.

  • Well it can’t. But many people are oh so pleasantly comforted that psychiatry or any watchdog would be “kind” enough to “research”, or “investigate”.

    The words “research”, “investigation” and “studies”, are convenient diversion and have the added benefit of keeping the original abuse alive and well, but they try to hide it a bit more, just long enough for the next “investigations”.

  • Yes bcharris,
    We will notice that the drugs for “brains” have an infinity quantity about them, because the “brain” is infinite and vast. As long as we have societal issues, we can indeed make chemicals endlessly.

    The magic words in all this pseudo crap was “illness” and “doctor”

    Science seems rather stuck with “chemo” for cancer. They fear that ruining the body might not be a good thing and results in lawsuits.
    However, ruining the brain, no one can prove, and when they do, it is said to be “illness”.
    It ended up straying from an innocent obsession by such men affected, to become something that most could not possibly believe in anymore.
    But it was difficult for priests to back out of their chosen profession.

  • “….To pretend that a grand alliance of psychiatric victims/survivors and “mental health” workers should lead the way is simplistic and absurd.” (OH)

    ” it’s also dangerous because the psychiatric hegemony is not being challenged and ended.”(anomie)

    “ALL SURVIVORS should assert — and plan to exercise — our right as an oppressed class to self-determination.”

    It’s important that not only survivors are made aware of the hoax of psychiatry. Survivors became survivors because no one warned them.

  • Thanks Micah,

    Words such as “overemphasizing” and “overreliance” by critics, just make me suspect that psychiatry hired them, to keep psychiatry’s emphasizing and reliance alive and well.

    “What are the conditions for the possibility of a robust human rights approach to mental health?”

    “In recent years, researchers, service-users, and disability advocates have argued for shifting toward a human rights-based approach to mental health care, critiquing, in particular, the reliance on “coercion” and “overmedicalization” in psychiatry.”

    Again, the word “OVER-MEDICALIZATION”. They were given pen and script pad, that was the mistake. The word “Over” suggests that there is a “proper time” and amount. And who exactly would decide when it is proper? Would it not be the same psychiatrists that already seem to know when it is needed? They lie about it now, so we first have to make them non liers. So it is not about medicalization, but about the lies behind the medicalization. And really, I’m not sure why in real science the word “medicalization” is still being used. It is NOT an appropriate word for what is concocted by labs, nor are the “diseases” science.

    “The authors clarify that it was not the intention of the American Psychiatric Association to create a diagnostic system that would lend itself to pharmaceutical treatment, but they cite DSM-III chair Robert Spitzer as saying “[t]he pharmaceuticals were delighted” at the new diagnostic taxonomy. Cosgrove and Shaughnessy explain:
    “The fact that the majority of DSM IV and DSM V panel members had financial ties to the manufacturers of psychotropic medications used to treat the disorders described in the manual has raised concerns about industry exerting an undue influence on it.”

    Industry IS psychiatry, psychiatry IS the industry. So yes, they made the mess and are DIRECTLY responsible for the hoax of being “medical doctors”. They are absolutely NOTHING of the sort and to claim that title of doctor has defiled even regular medicine.

    Psychiatry has to pack up, or distinguish themselves as the social guardian that they fail at miserably, since their practice on unwitting individuals and society as a whole has brought society down further and will continue to do so.
    We not only pay psychiatry, but pay to clean up the shit and sorrow they leave in their destructive paths.

    We need a much bigger conversation than “human rights”. But it is a place to start.

  • Linda, I think you did better by writing a book. A lawsuit might just have caused more grief.
    Perhaps the book was closure, and you are truly educating. I’m glad you made mention of the other two women, and really, how therapeutic relationships are.
    My condolences to you and your family for going through losses and grief.

  • Yes Steve and it’s happening more and more in regular medicine. If one speaks up, it is written down as anger.
    It WILL ALWAYS be the client’s fault. Ever noticed that? It’s rather curious that a client can’t be right.

    I find it odd too that physicians refer people to a shrink for sleep meds, yet physicians will prescribe ALL psych drugs.

    Now we know why that is. scientists know ZILCH about sleep problems. They can be caused by anything at all, which science, BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW THE BRAIN (Lol) then wants to put on something “psychological”.
    WHICH OF COURSE, gets people on the mouse wheel of psychiatry.

    So say NO, if a physicians tries to bump you off.

  • Of course AI won’t “work” in psychiatry, because psychiatry itself does not work, so it could only be programmed according to current false paradigm.

    Of course, AI could “work” within that false paradigm. And in that way, it is aptly named “artificial”. It always was “artificial”
    “intelligence” is a whole other subject.

    I can hear the discussions in psych. “Man I hope this works”. It’s a tough life holding onto false ideals, wondering what and when will make it all crash.

  • Very few people will ditch their 9 years of dogma training. And then, the question is, what do I do for a living. How do I explain to my family.

    I think any psychiatrist with wisdom sees what a hoax it is, what he is being pulled into. I think they might realize it even while in school, but at that age, they don’t know what else they are cut out for.
    And then, well it’s too late.

    Imagine people “diagnosing” others who might not or DON’T work, when they themselves are limited to that one job, that one severe way of thought.
    There are “meds” for that idealistic, severe belief system.

    It is like other stubborn practices. people hang onto them if they have the power and support.

    The writer in the above article seems convinced that he is not part of the problem, and yet he is cashing in on
    the present to keep his hoax alive. There is one reason he is doing it although he might not be ‘aware’. He is unaware that he is fearful that psychiatry will be much more discovered for the abuses they are involved in, which are greater than any cop can dish out.

    Thank you Noel.
    Defund psychiatry!