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  • “The only way to alleviate negative social determinants of health is to create a more equitable, inclusive, and just society.”

    “That, of course, would require the “mental health” workers to stop stigmatizing, neurotoxic poisoning people, repent, and make proper amends to those you’ve been systemically harming for decades.”(S.E.)

    Very true, SomeoneElse.
    It really boils down to jobs for many. To practice their underlying natures in a legal manner.
    It would be a lot less stressful for them too if they quit their lying garbage and found a job to take pride in. One that strives to see people succeed. They themselves could finally be released from their self imposed prisons.
    But in psych, they rely on a premise that people are hopeless or should achieve their measure of what “better” means.
    Though no one ever does get good enough. Imagine reducing their equals, their clients, to degrading positions and holding lordship over them. Disgusting.
    There is no good enough, not that I would EVER want to qualify as normal to a shrink, that is outright frightening and a HUGE insult to me.

  • They are all in this together boans, and is why I was waiting for a UN move.
    Other therapists and counselors, many who could speak up, but won’t for fear of losing their jobs.

    We have Mr. Breggin, Paula, and Tina and more. It’s shocking how such brilliant people devote their time when they could ignore and do something that pays more.
    We have brilliant bloggers, who put psychiatry to shame in more ways than one.
    And we have MIA, Robert who rationally has looked at all there is to see.

    There is a reason these people speak, and it is NOT because they are somehow radical, or even anti “psychiatry”. They are anti bullshit. Anti-dehumanizing, anti oppression.

    But we see that the only way it would or could EVER get better is by them taking the high road and walking out, or by driven out.
    I would never expect a religion to die out overnight, but I DO know, that nothing ever remains the same.

  • There is a certain “amount” of anxiety we are allowed.
    If it causes us to miss work, it is then a pathology. Interesting though how that pathology causes me to lose all credibility, NOT because I suffer anxiety, but by the stroke of their pen, the designer label causes me untold hardship for the rest of my life.
    What “health” practice ensures that their victims are not stigmatized but rather have their credibility taken away permanently.
    It is greatly empowering to not be afraid of those yahoos. Most liberating.

  • I know a lot of people that think psychiatry goes to far, yet think that psychiatry simply needs to change a few things.
    That is exactly how psychiatry keeps itself alive.
    Stopping “hyperfocus” will not happen, but perhaps research papers will talk about it. Perhaps even the odd shrink will chat about tweaking psychiatry.

    Psychiatry can tweak nor change. They can only change their approach of propaganda

  • One certainly does not need to go to a shrink for a “diagnosis”, nor a “misdiagnosis”.
    One already knows what one deals with, and there are a multitude of “help” out there and one being time, that might have the strength to carry people while they make discoveries.

    I already know I have a headache and don’t need it made official, nor do I need that official diagnosis to make me appear as a damaged individual, one that unwittingly has relinquished their standing in society.

  • I am not a consumer, nor was I ever one.
    I was a misled customer.
    Articles that avoid stating just how rotten psychiatry is, from the ground up, and make it look
    like an attempt at being humble, by saying that “we are not perfect, we can learn from others”,
    are no more than a distraction, and maintain the status quo and the belief in customers that they need
    their mechanics worked on.

    It is a long time of deprogramming that is needed, in the south especially. We do not need the north to learn from the south, and thereby exchange ideas to keep the falsity strengthened.

  • Simon thanks for another gem.
    The curious monkeys are still at it.
    I like the way they word results, Poor to modest. I think they mean that the results sucked.
    You do realize how comical it is to imagine these yahoos looking at blobs, and colours. They will look back one day and realize that what they were looking for does not exist, because they made UP,what they are looking at, to start with.

    Perhaps if they are looking at blobs, start with tumors. Like the ones that took out two kids I know of, both 2 years old.

    Perhaps the public would be happy about that research. An actual growth, visible, and yet they cannot do a dam thing.
    The only reason people believe in psychiatry and it’s pretend method IS because there is nothing they are actually looking for.

  • “I’d only add that the fears of a sudden wave of “mental illness” sweeping the country completely put the lie to the idea that these “mental illnesses” are somehow biologically determined.”

    Good pointing this out Steve.
    But it is a good ploy to get more “customers”, so the shrinks can be their personal designer label shopper.

  • Hi Miranda and thank you for the blog.

    Now I have 20 seconds to wash my hands? The only way to establish time is to count. So here I am at my sink, counting to 20. Ooops, I counted 25 seconds.
    “doctor, I washed my hands for 25 seconds”

    I hear psychiatrists are isolating, but simply due to the fact that they are a needed commodity.

    I am thinking covid-19 is indeed an equalizer.
    Covid-19 is new to a population that is used to hobnobbing, to barhopping, to spending our cash living our privileged lives.
    We are used to knowing about psychiatric and hospital wards, prisons, homelessness, “nursing homes”. We know, and casually use those words in conversation as they arise, but never imagine a human inside, not one with feelings or abuses being hurled at them, EVEN in their isolation and loneliness.

    Now we all get a taste of restrictions. Ohh poor us. Most are still not tying together the similarities but also the great differences.

    I don’t think the media needs to go fishing for more victims of psychiatry, unless they are running out.

    Psychiatry seems to need media. They should steer far away if they want to be considered authentic. An authentic practice does not need to use subminimal codes.
    An authentic practice would NEVER EVER lead to harm or invalidating others, or taking away their credibility.
    Not even possible.

    Psychiatry has always worn masks, they are most comfortable that way. They are also the most isolated of humans. It comes natural to them. There are not that many of them, as compared to the population.

  • I’m not done yet.

    It is high time to accept diversity.
    It really is not the job of a psychiatrist to deem others as others. That is personal, not professional.
    One should be ashamed to grasp at that last straw, when exasperated at what to do.
    It is not the fault of the consumer to have been misled, but it is the fault of the shrink to get all twisted over someone’s suffering or behaviour in his ever ongoing obsession to have to label “IT”.
    In all his wisdom, his education, he still continues to try and rewrite past words into new words, twisting his brain into odd shapes to try and define what he is really doing, really continuing to engage in.

    I understand it is embarrassing to come to a realization that one believed in something completely false.
    The falsity was NOT in realizing that the person in front of you is different.
    It is in calling “IT” and having authority to make “it” stick.

    You might ask me what you should then do with the helpless that come to see you. To grasp onto the old patriarchal, entitled view, that you HAVE to do something, that you HAVE to name “it”, or treat “it”, is the obvious falsity, the place where psychiatry created it’s own stumbling block, but too godamn stubborn and egotistical or perhaps stupid, too understand it at the most basic human level.

    We cannot help psychiatry and it’s ills. They created their own obsessions, their own mind prisons and are not able to leave it, or change their irrational views.
    Very much like all the “mental illness” they diagnose.

  • Madmom, powerful account. And thank you for this.
    I hope you realize that it is people like you that psychiatry is ashamed to face. Their seeming ‘confidence’ in their beliefs is an act. It is an act they cannot admit to.

    “Psychiatry is a symptom of a far bigger threat to humanity than we ever imagined. As David Oaks declared, ‘Normal behavior is killing the planet!” Psychiatry is a form of social control that is being used to kill the most sensitive among us, often children.”

    Psychiatry became the illuminator of how there is no normal.

  • Ekaterina, THANK YOU.
    In all it’s ugly content, you shine through beautifully.

    A psych ward is nothing but a prison, just as psychiatry are nothing but guards.
    I won’t elevate them to the title of judge, since they could never be a just judge,
    because of their lack of reasonability.
    Guards however, like the hallway nurses just get to tattle. Tattle on nothing. Nothing to report.
    If nothing is to see, if they feel like it, they can make it up.

    One has to remember. The ones stuck forever in the system is them. Each nurse, each shrink, stuck in delivering nasty teenage type gossip.
    It is humiliating for them. None of them can ever truly discuss their jobs with others outside, because if they do, all the nasty stuff has to be omitted.

    So you see, they are the ones really living the most unauthentic lives.
    They can’t even live one good life in secret, because they know about their lies, their games.

    And we don’t even have to visit the asylum, to know their misery.

    It’s so great to read your account, your story. I value it much.
    Be happy that you never have to abuse others, just to keep a job.

  • I agree Andrei.
    Besides, if people experience distress, there are a multitude of help, other than psychiatry and one of the biggest “help” is time. During that process, people can learn that they did not need “help” in the sense of getting rid of something.
    Psychiatry would have fared much better if they had stopped the pathologizing long ago. Now they are in such a fix, trying to justify this huge industry.

  • I agree Johanna.
    Yet the thing psychiatry will not tell the public or admit to, is the fact that the chemicals used in hospital cause “mental” and physical suffering while on them, and can cause even death or extreme reactions that to the public looks like what they think “mental illness” looks like… when abruptly halted. Whereas those deaths,reactions would have never happened if the chemicals had not been started.
    So there psychiatry sits, with a bunch of people on chemicals who should never have been put on them to begin with.
    Now they are chemical prisoners, forcefully exposed to chemicals and Covid-19.

    I wonder if shrinks are taking precautions for themselves and yet letting the lower ranking staff take the brunt of exposure.

  • I agree Steve.
    A lot of the “solutions”, that experts suggest are about “changing thoughts” and the very attempt will often lead to a feeling of “failure”, which just reinforces the first issue, the issue that someone might think there is “something” to “fix”.
    People can get very entangled in the “chase”.

    But a lot of it depends on the messages psychiatry has given us. The big trap message is “mental health”, so we imagine what that is, this linear path of life and no eruptions.
    And the reason every joe is an expert at “mental health” is because they know about the normal chaos that is part of life, they have experienced it or saw it. And we could sure benefit by having people be more open and honest with others, about their own difficulties. You’re so right about an essential step is to normalize feelings.

  • I think the basis of this article suggests that we are all in this together, that we all want to address this thing called “mental illness”. So we should all consider the uniqueness of the “ill” and the “treaters”, learn from each other.
    How thoughtful.
    Wish you luck on your research papers Jose.
    Though I’m not really sure what they accomplish. Unless I’m not understanding and possibly confused and missing something.

  • Well done Kevin.
    Enjoyed this blog.
    We know the issue, how we as humans create systems where it is rarely about helping us move
    forwards. It has always been about casting aside, othering, always been a matter of might, and abuses, misuses of power. But surprisingly, the powers never win, even though it has been tried since the dawn of time, and it always bites them in the azz in one form or another.
    This obsession, and focus on “mental illness”, is already biting all of us. It does not even have benefits for the powers. All the “studies”, and “research”, “programs” end up being money wasted.
    Politicians see it, the medical people hide behind it, no one wants to be found out. No one wants to have their pretenses exposed.

    Honestly no clue where it’s going, but it’s a shame that we still cause even one individual to pay the price.
    We have a system in place where I employ a charlatan by letting him dirty my name, my character.
    I pay him, to do so. He takes my money and takes my humanity.
    And this comes in all forms, but especially the exploit called Psychiatry.
    And not only does he mock me, he mocks society.
    It is NOT new. We just have not changed.

    A thin veil between security and chaos.

  • O.O.
    You said nothing “wrong”. We say things out of frustration with a system, not with anyone specific.
    As far as people disagreeing, it happens more often in psychiatry I’m sure than in anti-psychiatry 🙂
    and to hit a nerve, well it’s absolutely the most normal thing in life.
    So I’m sorry I responded in a way that hit a nerve, but despite,
    I believe we are all on the same page, and I for one certainly feel more kinship
    with anyone other than the system that tries to “other” people under a guise of “medicine”

  • What is so important in a state of distress is to not allow others to minimize it by calling it
    an “illness.”
    Your emotions, reactions, experiences are much to valuable, the stories you tell, too precious
    to be told the basis of that story is a “disorder”

    It is normal to create locks to lock our doors, and sometimes, we need to put locks on our
    stories, and only allow safe people to tell our stories to.

  • Sorry to be blunt, but I might puke if I see more privilege doing “studies”.
    The studies that were done in Ireland, to check on their famine. Yes and then “poor houses”
    erupted, leading to more wretchedness.

    There is NO MENTAL ILLNESS. All these adults that do studies and “bring to light, plight”, the emotional turmoil, it needs that “mental help”, because the studies found they “suffer emotionally”.

    So if the underlying issue is the problem, why not fix it for the next generation.
    All anyone ever really sees is that somewhere either in past or present was something that caused distress, and somehow shrinks saw that making a living of distress seemed to be a profitable endeavour, an endeavour where they could make millions and furthermore cause more illness, by dragging it into the next generations.
    And they would not stop there, they picked on little kids, millions, they made up disorders so teachers could become the diagnosticians and make recommendations.
    Making the normal, abnormal, what better business.
    And of course we have all the parents joining in, chattering about how their child’s friend needs chemicals, because, you know, “they did the science and the brain develops in this fixable way”, “their brains have something wrong with them”.

    Honestly, so sad that people become so stupefied to not examine the current propaganda, to look at history, to see what ignorance, propaganda and weird and crazy beliefs surround us.

    Please no more studies.

  • “The books I am reading about the mind-body connection normalizes the psychosomatic label and informs me that a large number of our maladies are impacted by our unprocessed emotions and negative thoughts. There is nothing abnormal about this process—it is just a fact of life and doesn’t need a psychiatric label.”

    Thanks Laurel for taking the time to write. Happy to hear you took back to be the boss of yourself.

    I am not sure if there are books that “normalize” psychiatric gobblygook, or even neurological gobblygook. After all, it is real medicine that often gets the ball rolling on psych labels due to inadequate, or misdirected science.
    So I will never suggest to someone else that just because the science cannot be “seen”, “found” as evidence to their pain, that it could be in their “emotions”, “thoughts”, because in essence, that is buying into the theory that “medicine” suggests.
    I have back pain, and it is certainly not related to my thoughts, neither is it identifiable by “science”.

    Of course I believe that people MIGHT have pain in their body due to slouching, or lack of walking, movement, or too much and the wrong movements, and perhaps even from emotions. I’m not going to correct someone if they blame their leg pain on emotions, or their tummy pain.
    Problem often is that Joe Bloe comes along and presents that theory and it can be far from actual truth and is one huge reason why science is so slow.
    Instead of saying, gee we don’t know, we call it “psychosomatic”, or the laypeople might suggest “emotional trauma”.
    These are not facts and thus can be very invalidating to those who have symptoms.

    Random pain and discomforts are simply part of life and I doubt very much we can expect to be pain and disease free until magically we just go to sleep one day, or worse, live forever…painfree.

  • No, I don’t consider it patronizing, I appreciate feedback. And thanks
    As long as my words that I type are not viewed as part of a “disorder, or “illness” 🙂
    (in that “medical” “scientific” manner)
    I am quite comfortable with criticism.
    At least we can agree or disagree with viewpoints, analyses, without repercussions.

  • “….Psychiatry does not have one, because we do not have a concept of the nature of mental disorder. This is not just our fault; it derives from the larger philosophical problem that there is not an accepted model of normal mind.”

    But “we” are still looking? Correct? “WE”, just cannot seem to get off our high horse, we need to “identify” what IT is that causes suffering, behaviour, fears, the THING, that causes a person to seek counsel. For it is wise counsel they sought, not labels, not indentification of their very character, to be boxed into a “disorder”.
    It is akin to a priest telling the sufferer that he is a sinner. Those wretched irish that were no good because they were failures according to the brits.
    Those Russian peasants that were just wretched.

    Our narrowminded approach to coming from privileged places, yes to be free from neurotic anxiety is a privilege, not due to anything you did. Your confidence and desire to help, to be industrious, or to be in power, your saving of money for retirement, the planning, your ability to succeed in sport, in chariot races and duels, your ability to overtake countries, to create works of art, works of speech and music.

    And on we go, to successfully “other” humans, but in a powerful way, to always delegate them a spot in the wretched lot of society.
    So many irish teenage girls were boated to Australia, those wretched starving souls, to be gawked at, talked about and othered.
    They were othered like the aboriginal before them.
    Why psychiatry who should know better than to keep othering, in fact, should be the LEAST of them, since they consider themselves to be wise and educated, and some even consider themselves to be philosophical.
    WHY THEY, they would continue in keeping the already adopted view of the counsel seeker alive?
    I come for counsel, and am told “yes my dear lady, indeed there is something “wrong” with you”.
    Because after all, the person in that chair, has the expertise to realize this wrong in me. And he can legally make it stick, because he himself suffers no such wrongs.

    But psychiatrists and the like can continue to live within that delusion, along with us. In this sense, there is indeed a WE

  • “…we hope for liberation and for changes in the social climate that will make room for neurodiversity so that communities, like ours, can come together more easily. In the future, we plan to continue to struggle together to survive and help one another, as well as to work for radical change and for better treatment within our communities and social landscapes.”

    I am uber happy to see you active and exposing harms done by psychiatry.
    It has placed itself in a position of power, not anything medical.

    I’m not sure psychiatry can “change”. I see them as the ones who could not get another job, and so they had no right to cause you to lose yours.
    There is no “better treatment” by psychiatry and even if they were forced to change, they would do so holding a grudge. It is simply in their nature to want to be the authority, there in them lacks common sense or a feeling of community with others who are not like them. We cannot change that, it comes from within.

    And I very much doubt any of us would like a system that was simply forced to change, since no genuine change would have occurred.

  • “….This says that we cannot impose treatment on people just because they do strange things like hear voices—as long as they are not damaging themselves or anybody else.” (article) Niall McLaren

    “we cannot impose treatment”
    I don’t know who “we” is, and I have no idea who gave “we” the power to be able to decide on treatment. I also do not understand why anyone would think they have the right to take away the credibility of another person.

    It seems Niall has no meter to decide on a normal, neither does psychiatry in general, yet it seems someone has a meter on “social failure”? I guess psychiatry and laws decide on what normal is, and they are not simply talking about stealing or killing, nope, they are actually talking about suffering.

    Suffering is a disorder and social failure now.

    Get over yourselves psychiatrists, stop trying to come up with answers, some TRUE system. You just end up talking yourselves into a corner, reinventing new language which will be changed in another century.

    Just spell the truth, that you think suffering and weak people need branding, those social failures and disordered people need it so that they do not deserve the same rights as others.
    Only those with proper working minds, who hold jobs, have houses, don’t suffer, only those are allowed rights, respect and credibility.

    The simplicity of psychiatry is that they imagine that if a person does Not function in one area, then that is the whole of that person.

    And here they sit, on their thrones of human definement, their thrones, lights, phones, made by some rather curious people.

    The MOST difficult thing for a shrink, or people in general is not to actually make a job out of judging people who did nothing to them or anyone else. But they did. They ACTUALLY made a job out of it.

    They got stuck, stuck in their own obsessions and prisons.
    Yep, they are correct, the mind gets stuck, goes around and around, believing it’s truth

  • “People recover from adversity; they are very resilient creatures. But when they cannot recover, when they become trapped in a self-reinforcing cycle of mental distress and social failure, then it becomes a disorder. This says that we cannot impose treatment on people just because they do strange things like hear voices—as long as they are not damaging themselves or anybody else.” (article)

    I have a problem with the “damaging themselves”, but if others feel they need to be gatekeepers, although philosophically speaking, how do we decide, on what grounds, to be someone’s gatekeeper?
    Is there some moral law? Some law of nature?
    I would simply like to know what gives me the right to lock someone up, so they will not “damage” themselves.

    I would also like to know if Niall thinks it is okay to hang labels on people that end up causing them problems from simple things like credibility in legal areas, or credibility in medical hospitals. Or even if people need to hear that they are disordered.

    I think the disorders are mostly based on a certain capitalist system and perhaps if other avenues were available, other styles of learning or living, “disorders” would not be as common.

  • “…. And so we wept together in our helplessness, two sisters in a psychiatric ward, one free, one shackled, holding each other.”

    “I expressed what I knew to her: that I would never recover from this experience but….”

    Such a great writer Jessica. And of course, we know that not only was the judge “technically wrong”, but you should have never been in court. Psychiatry is successful at wasting money and our politicians are too frightened to act to stop this wasting of taxpayers funds.
    It could be used to much better purpose, but common sense does not prevail.

    These experiences are indeed something we do not “recover” from. Perhaps, it is a good thing, it is learned experience and people cannot understand unless they have experienced it.
    I doubt that the judge, nor the shrinks would ever want their kids to experience this revolting dehumanizing, yet we never know, what follows them into future generations. No one is safe from tyranny.

    You were held against choice, which prisons are for. How indeed does a psychward figure out when you have been punished enough? How much time one does should be told to people up front for their crimes.
    Does a shrink have a hat that he draws numbers from?
    Nah, I realize shrinks go home and it seems they are free, but they are some of the most shackled I know.
    They live inside an attic of darkness, not a happy job to hand people sentences and chemicals all day, and no, their facades (IF friendly) fools no one.

    IN reality, you got out, you are free, but your shrink is still on the inside. He can never change his mind, never veer, never get another job. He can only retire and wait it out.
    He can never raise children who are completely free to be over-emotional. Their spouses, everyone is in chains.
    But I am glad you are out, your words will be much more freeing than a shrink’s words could ever hope to be.

  • I would feel rather pompous to suggest “gratitude”.
    How often are people handed sheets of paper and pencil to write down their thanks, when what they need is food?
    It’s guilt tripping.
    A long time ago, I told someone I was down in the dumps. Their reply was, “what do you have to be down about”.
    30 years later, I remember that comment, and I see the wisdom in it now, (that it could make someone think, but they would have to be cognizant at that time) but I also see the stupidity…. the overwriting of my narrative… of that comment.

    That “positive thinking” gig was not useless, but certainly highly overrated, because the deliverers of these messages, these programs and “interventions”, are often in their Lalaland and don’t know a heck of a lot about out of the box thinking.
    The weirdest thing to me, that people go learn to become “therapists”, and deliver their messages from that platform.

  • Anthony, perhaps start praising your overlords?
    Let it be known how you would never have realized until the education you received
    and how it makes you want to adopt a new path, perhaps going to psychiatry school.

    The problem is, they tend not to actually believe the stuff they say, it is simply a tool
    of the control they seek. For them I believe it is control they never felt they had,
    or control they are used to having through bullying.

    So you have to keep in mind that you are either dealing with a bully, or an adherent,
    and either way, you have no choice but to stroke their ego.
    You can’t do much about their paranoia.

    The lawyers are just a showpiece, appearances that make it appear you are being represented, like a criminal.
    It shows psychiatry for what it is, a pretense, and everything around it is pretense. It is a costly puppet show.

    Keep at it, and hopefully you can escape the lunacy.

  • Of course it is about power and control.
    All countries promote becoming a “soldier” and many youths want to go into the military, for that search of power, that uniform.
    I’m sure many go into it purely for having a job.

    The world has become a place where I’m not sure how any country could ever stop the warring. The building of troops, machines.
    Yet they could, just as they try to match warheads, they could all equally agree to peace.
    I am not a world fixer. Fighting will never stop. And preparing to defend, whether against real or pretend threats will always go on.
    We all know what BS keeps it going, the propaganda, and it is getting worse.

    The days when women had to defend themselves in court after rape, fearing they would not be believed, exist now in the form of psychiatry.
    Every day, people are defending themselves, to others, to courts, trying to prove their sanity. Soldiers that are distressed have to worry about the labels, because the next phase of defense is a lifetime.
    It works out perfectly for those in power, everyone gets to use one another.
    However, it is pretty difficult to reach a bunch of schoolkids who are indoctrinated in war play, in propaganda, by families and peers, to idolize being a soldier.
    If we cannot prevent, at least if psychiatry, the last power to bite, can be made powerless, would be ideal.

    I suppose it is not legal for ex/military to go public speaking in schools? To tell kids/teens that it is not cool to wear uniforms that give power to maim? Because we do not have freedom of speech.

  • LoL Boans and Steve.

    Personally, when I was looking a LOT online, the plethora of information about “mental health” was quite depressing.
    When someone poses a question to me, such as, “Do you feel joy”, “what are you thankful for”, it makes me feel nothing but distaste for the questions.
    I consider them not all that intelligent, psychology 101.
    It makes me realize that the person asking it, might be a very miserable person, and yet I fail my test if I say the wrong thing.
    So I can’t play that kind of kindergarten game.

    It’s fine to inquire, in a more mature manner and it might even help to get a conversation started around “gratitude”, by someone perhaps saying something simple like, “there are times when it is difficult to feel thankful” etc.
    Because if you live life, there will be those times and most people would be embarrassed to admit how often.
    It is difficult for the mind to be absorbed with two opposing thoughts, feelings at once. To be absolutely miserable and to feel “gratitude”.
    We can see it logically of course. What we have to be thankful for. But we don’t need to turn everything into a course for therapy, or therapists.

    As I said, it might be okay to mention it, the words, but often these guided tours are not what we booked up for.
    It should not be work, and if one pays attention to these guided tours, one can start questioning oneself about whether one has gratitude. And people should not beat themselves up for not feeling “gratitude”. I know I am often thankful, just not conscious of it if that makes sense.

    All my life I have always been thankful for my food, and remember where it comes from, and the people involved.
    I am thankful for art, natural art of nature, and all the beautiful things people can create. The sweater you wear, someone made.
    And you can be royally pissed off at psychiatry.
    Within that, I am full of gratitude that there are others speaking out about it

  • Paul is incorrect.
    I believe a correct article would have stated that we “face a pandemic of diagnosis”.
    “a pandemic of labeling”
    “a pandemic of drugging”
    “a pandemic of dehumanizing normalcy”

    So Paul seems to be in fact, promoting lies about others. It seems Paul is normal enough to be othering people.

  • Thanks Peter.
    How convenient, kill 2 birds with one stone.
    But it’s great for the governments. I think they are enjoying the heavy taxes, pretty soon it will get much worse.
    I invite all citizens to keep believing in your services such as psychiatry, and stop complaining about taxes, or hospital beds. Time for you citizens to wake up.

    Open more jails, more wards, keep thinking the system is working for you.

    Obviously any sane person must come to a conclusion based on facts.

  • The one very bothersome thing about life is, when we are going through something as unique as life itself, our reactions and behaviours, deeming them as some illness, when the brain is in constant change.

    And after 30 years of living, things will indeed be different. Another 30, again will be different. It is our views that are capable of change.

    Psychiatry wants to see it changed in 24 hours, psychiatry has no time for a flexible brain, and no patience for diversity.
    I understand why though, because psychiatry is pretty fixed in it’s belief.
    They actually wait until forced to change their practice, no matter how ridiculous their beliefs and practice was.
    Despite them having goofed up again and again. I think it is some kind of “oppositional disorder.”

  • madincanada,

    Perhaps seek out a journalist? Tell the shrink you will be forced to do so, not as a threat, but perhaps to give him a chance to smarten up?
    And please don’t let the shrink tell you or in the case of you going public, that Vit D will interfere with “treatment”. Because they will literally try anything to get the public to buy their “expertise”.
    If they laid claims to “supplements” interfering with their chemicals, then they would have to prove that this happens. Besides, we have natural D in abundance, so obviously if we are low, then we need the supplements.
    It exposes the shrink for the charlatan he is. If he had concerns for your son’s health, he would not only be interested in his brain. Being locked up is not good for the brain or the body.
    But every shrink is basically like a spoiled and angry child who does not like opposition, so it is like talking to a wall. One can only try to seek help elsewhere, perhaps your GP or a lawyer can advise.

    Once someone is in “hospital”, a minimum level of care is to be expected. To make sure someone has the minimum of life sustenance, D being one of them. Psych likes to call their prisons, a “hospital.”
    Their chemicals, “medicine”. Their ruling authority, “doctor”.

    I do hope your son gains insight enough to be able to not receive a shrink’s awesome expertise of doctorcare. Over time, if not for a shrink’s expertise, most come to some insight with the right guidance, the right experiences.

  • Like Paula,
    I second this also, or third it.
    Especially “we have to take it back”.
    And often the treatments are time and allowing the one experiencing distress, to be master of himself, and
    have the complete freedom to confide without fear.
    We don’t seem to allow for changes in people. We don’t allow them to become sad, after being happy. Obviously if the experiences changed once, they can change again.
    And the question always is, should they be what we want for them? And if they should be how we envision it, how will they ever satisfy us or pass the grade.
    For eons, people have gone through rough patches, and been horribly affected by them. And it changed them. Knowledge and experience changes parts of us, which is perfectly normal. Those experiences cannot be medicated since they are not illness.
    Psychiatry by the looks of it was never the answer, nor was most of psychology. In fact, all they did was abuse people’s trust.

  • No thanks.
    I’m not a consumer of anything “mental health”, nor “recovered”, nor “survivor”, nor “mental wellness”.
    I refuse to partake of such things when those who buy the propaganda or sell it, are crazier than crazy.
    I hope you are educating people in isolation that their feelings, emotions are all “normal”, of course not that anyone is in power to distinguish normal from abnormal, for another human.
    I have no need for someone elses delusions.

    However, we can usually detect crazy and that comes in so many shapes, forms and colours, in language, in actions. We can simply observe crazy, and steer clear of it, as best we can.

  • I saw Trump in a speech last night and he ran his mouth about “mental illness”, in regards to the virus.
    Simply deflecting. He is in power for a reason, and those who voted him in, I play card games with online, and there you see ultimate crazy.
    The “mentally ill”, are indeed not crazy, it is the rest who are.
    In hierarchy, we have crazy, crazy who never admit they are. Many of them know they are. They know they are just playing a game and could care less about others.
    It is historical. And in history, it never had meaning or some cosmic plan, it is just the way humans are.
    Trumps crazy, uncoherent speech is not even recognized for what it is, by the other crazies.

    “what will the outcome be of covid”?
    “ohh, much terrible mental illness, terrible mental illness, terrible anxiety that causes disease”

    Yeah, it’s a pretty shitty world where crazies are at the helm and psychiatry is about as crazy and nonsensical as one can get. It has always been the real problem when people simply have no concept of their crazy. And we have to be a little crazy to buy into psychiatry. Once we realize that hell was a lie, we can see how cults are formed.
    Psychiatry tells people that they are there to help keep others from hell, and drags them right into it. It is nothing but drama, which people have always loved, since it diverts them from theirs. The funniest show to observe is when a crazy person tells others that they are “mentally ill”

    Their hope is that vulnerable people die, to ease the drain on government. The nurses would deny this, many would deny this. Many would say it’s a sad outcome.
    The only thing sad is that the crazy ones live.
    The crazy shrink in Canada who won’t let his victim take vitamin D while in ward.

    The crazy governments who won’t ease patient’s deaths, who keep them suffering a cruel death, yet kill them slowly.
    There exists less and less sanity and it has absolutely ZERO to do with anyone labeled. All it ever was, was a diversion.

  • madincanada,

    No vitamin D? So who is “mentally ill” here, your son or his shrink? We should all be so lucky as to have a shrink to deny us the supplements that “health Canada” tells us we need.
    I have become aware of the fact that we do not have something called “mentally ill”, we have batshit crazy.
    And those who are crazy, never know that they are.
    That shrink of his and his little nurses are just batshit crazy. Welcome to Canada.

  • Of course.
    What is most annoying is that these so called “studies” are simply an indoctrination into the “mental illness” cult.
    “look what happens to isolated people, they become “mentally ill”.

    No actually, they feel displaced, lonely maybe. But of course the behaviours and feelings are not normal, and thus a “mental illness”.

    And within that abnormality, we have “therapists” to see immigrants to talk to them about their isolation, their displaced feelings. Yay, once a week you get to talk about your “feelings”.
    Indoctrination into once per week therapy, for that healing touch.

  • Don’t you know that “problems in living” should be shamed? Judged as a fault?
    After all, is it not something to be ashamed of if our minds are “faulty”? After all, if we simply adopt being “ill”, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. We can walk proudly into ER, to get our real illnesses treated, because society respects people with brandings. It just depends which society we are in at the moment.
    The yellow star on people’s jackets was not a good thing, but they should not “feel” it to be personal.
    They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Gosh I’m so radical. Using comparisons of such heinous crimes. Certainly no comparisons. One might say that it is far worse when the whole world condones a slow death, a stripping of who people are.

  • Rachel, just yesterday I was talking to my friend who has a niece in nursing school.
    The niece just finished a stint at children’s psych.
    She was allowed to observe the shrink and a few others interviewing kids, for the 15 minutes.
    Then the niece asked if she could do some play with them. She was NOT allowed to do this. No contact outside of a shrink or other superior. Gotta keep the secrets safe you know.
    The niece observed that the kids shyly said they did not want to go home when the shrink was there.
    But the niece was not sure if they felt pressured to say so. She felt there was a vacant way about them.
    The niece just wanted to get out of there and it was NOT because of the kids. Now why would that be?

    Perhaps the shrink left a note on the niece’s competency report? Perhaps he sensed her being TOO emotional?
    If someone is comfortable keeping kids in psych, drugging them, they are truly evil.
    It is phenomenal that this even happens in todays world.
    I repeat that the UN is useless and will NEVER change things.
    Not for a second do I believe that.
    Stuff like this does not change unless forced.

    I confidently liken it to a war crime, except that it would be more humane to just get it over with.
    IF the niece had spoken up, she would not be welcome in any area of nursing, not with confidence. And there are rarely whistleblowers. We are not different from China. There is no freedom of speech here. If there was, no one would fear repercussion.

    A nurse in Saskatchewan posted on her facebook page that her grandfather was treated poorly in a care home, and she was fired for smearing her profession.
    She can only complain internally, where it is handled internally. Which of course means, not at all. She posted on social media exactly because of that.

    Btw, the niece is in Canada.

  • “The VA is going to continue to pathologize anyone who experiences emotional harm from their military service because they have an image to uphold and that image is of the brave selfless service member fighting an “enemy”. They don’t want you to see that the real enemy are the leaders who keep sending our youth to die and be traumatized by what amount to war crimes. ”

    Kindred, we always use the excuse that we citizens want our countries safe, and thus need the protection.
    War has always been about one nutjob starting a crusade, convincing masses that they need to join in war against that other country. And everyone becomes a loser.
    Psychiatry the nutjobs, started a crusade, where “mental illness” is the enemy, and the masses are asked to join to fight this enemy. Everyone becomes a loser.

  • Great interview Will.

    Glad to hear a positive story, although I cannot agree that the term “doctor” is proper.
    Neither is the term “medicine”, at least not how we tend to use it. Although
    we simply seem to adopt words that culture uses.

    We know that a PHD will rarely apologize, if his name is “doctor”.

  • Paula, you are awesome.
    Another top notch blog and you do it so eloquently. We would be further along if there were more of you.

    Applying a “mental illness” to anyone, is very minimizing, and greatly underestimates the mind. It is embarrassing that they, psychiatrists and many others, still use a word that seems rather old fashioned by now. Hopefully soon it won’t carry any meaning.

    Even IF they identify “anxiety” as genetic, they have then only identified a very natural part of our natures.
    And EVEN IF, it is more revved up in some and not others, it does not tell us that it is illness, nor what it serves.
    Indeed if someone in service has more anxiety AFTER service, or anyone in non military, it is a mechanism that is there to prevent them from having to endure the same as they had endured.
    So it is serving a purpose and therefore not an illness.

    If my bones to not grow together the same, after a break, I do not have an illness, even though I might limp. If I have pain from that old injury, I can take Tylenol for it, or not. But it is called “pain”, not “illness”.

    The injury also does not make me viewed as lesser by other medical profession, nor does it harm me in court.

    There is no benefit to anyone in calling them “mentally ill”, or give them labels except to the shrinks.
    The receivers are mostly hurt, plus their family.

    These tags are simply tossed out there to keep a business going.

    The only people that do not get the tag are those that never set foot in the door and ask for help.
    This is not turning out so well, since many people need support but will not go seek it.

  • I don’t bother leaving responses to those commenters.
    It just becomes beyond ridiculous. Obviously psychiatry has been shown to be full of holes, as have the actual MD’s.
    They know this and so need to try and defend it. They have no “evidence” except behaviours, which then they have to pronounce as deviant or abnormal.

    It is a cult-ure we live in. Always was. Cult-ure like yoghurt which has lots of bacteria and multiplies.
    I play games online and of course there are a lot of yahoos on there. The first thing these yahoos type to other yahoos is “TAKE YOUR MEDS”, or “SOMEONE FORGOT TO TAKE THEIR MEDS”.
    Who needs to bother explaining shit to stupid or indoctrinated? There is no point.

    The “mental illness” is clear. It exists in every single person and the ones most affected are the ones that think others have it.
    Therein lies the problem.
    The whole thing acts identically to a cult. A belief that others are a or the problem.

  • TAFL,
    I was thinking that also, but then he is best off, never to open his mouth.
    I think it’s about getting lucky.
    He best be prepared that there remain few places on earth where luck is not a huge part of going through life feeling safe.
    We have lots of dodos in Canada. Every physician has the right to smear your charts with innuendos that cause the next doc to raise their brows.

  • “… The more deeply the person is involved in “treatment”, the deeper he or she tends to sink into the trash.”

    It seems that some people are unaware that when in therapy and in vulnerable mode, one can easily absorb the therapists gack.
    It’s perfect. The child absorbs the adult’s gack and then goes to therapy to be reduced to, brought back to child mode and absorb more BS.
    No one tells people how much trash is free.
    From empty thoughts to medication, they need someone who buys into their knowledge.
    I can as easily as a shrink, interpret anyone’s facial expressions, words.
    That is where they stop.
    To psychiatry people must be a simple thing. One dimensional, or else I doubt there would be labels.

  • If psychologist could get their heads out of their butts and stop being partnered with psychiatry perhaps then they might have a future.
    As long as we have “therapists” that live in magical thinking (making up stories in their own heads as to “what is wrong” with the person in front of them) and in the thinking that THEIR “therapy” is the fix, then we will surely be in trouble.
    Too many adults are hurt by psychology.
    I just heard a “therapist” tell me about her art therapy with kids and how the kid drew monsters and how the monster lived in a certain house.
    Of course the therapist feels the need to interpret that, when we all know that kids talk about and draw monsters. From their imagination.

    How often does psychology buy freud’s ideas, even though some claim to be Jungian? Being interested in the “wonderings” of past psychologist, the “mental help” people, does not make them healers.
    Being inquisitive in human nature is more like dabbling. How many adults were brought into neurosis by those who dabbled?

    It takes a special person, special insight to not apply one’s non knowledge to those we think have something wrong. The thing a psychologist looks for, might not be the “thing” at all.

    Dragging stuff up that the psychologist believes needs to be dragged up, when possibly it never existed? Or when that thing was safely tucked away, as per correct function? And the real possibility that in fact it never occurred?

    When therapists study so many words, descriptive, right down to facial, lips and eye expression, they will always see something wrong.

  • meant to say “even if harmful, they don’t give a rats ass”.

    If you thought past psych treatment was “old fashioned”, “uninformed”, “ignorant”, “insane”, “barbaric”,
    savage and cruel, what do you think the present psych treatment is?
    In each era, we remain equally stupid and gullible.
    There are actually a lot of people that think we have come a long way, that we are in a “scientific” era.
    They don’t consider that our science is mostly false, and not only that, it is based on false premises, convictions and beliefs, which are all still in some confused dark ages.
    Each generation thinks of themselves as “advanced”, only to look back and see the embarrassing horror.
    This should tell us how wrong we are when we think we are “advanced”, or advancing and so should examine the underlying beliefs of that “advancement”.

  • There would be no adverts if not for psychiatry.

    Psychiatry asked for meds, they prescribe them. Why poisons are allowed to be advertised before 12 midnight I am not sure.

    There should be opposing ads, ads that speak against these chemicals.

    That won’t happen because we do not allow free information, or quality information.
    So we know that there are many more involved, than just big pharm.

    Imagine if they had media when bloodletting and lobotomies, testicle and ovary removal, teeth removal were the norm.
    People injected with syphilis. If they did not get the disease, it meant they already had it.

    So in a very short time, we concocted dangerous chemicals that almost everyone think is harmless, and even if harmless, they don’t give a rats ass.
    People have become completely brainwashed.
    Time to not explain anymore. Time to get education out in person

  • I found this article interesting for several reasons.
    I found it interesting that it was written with thoughts of psychology.
    I noticed that the word “savage” is mentioned.
    This evokes images in people’s minds and most agree that mass murder seems savage.
    There are an infinite way of cruelty, and psychology/psychiatry is pro at these. They take eight years of school to manipulate people and language to demean people’s lives, their very credibility.

    I find it easier to face a murderer than the blows these manipulators wield.
    And I am old enough to say that with confidence.

  • My concern is that we can easily make ourselves believe just about anything.
    We can even believe we are listening without interpretation.

    I am thinking that the attempt is noble.

    Still unsure of what exactly “over-medicalization” means.
    If there were medicines involved, I could understand this concept.

    Is that like taking two Tylenol instead of one? Does Tylenol only affect the tiny spot that causes your headache?

  • I am sorry you have been dehumanized.
    But you do have to consider that the people doing this dehumanizing have some major issues
    The need to get into jobs where they can be in authority, already comes from a base personality.
    We are driven to that which feeds us.
    People find ways to act out aggression and in so doing, if in power of authority, it can never be called an
    illness, no matter how evil.
    Cops, shrinks, even medical doctors, politicians. They are all safe from labels as long as they stay out of each others way.
    One has to be gentle with most of them, as not to rile them, and most often they will get riled anyway. They become very bored in their jobs if relegated to a desk, or if the streets are calm.
    Because what many of them seek is NOT making sure the streets are safe, but rather to feed their action seeking.
    Their desire to feel in control.
    It really is just a subconscious way to hide that which rules their personality.

    There are some who are conscious of what drives them, so they try to keep it in check, since they don’t want people to know their dirty secrets.

    A lab coat or uniform never turned people into upstanding humans.
    They are not there for that, they are there for social control and social control will not equate to respectful treatment.
    I do not respect any authority, I only respect equality.

    Cops do not need education in “mental health treatments”, as they could for the most part never truly understand, if they can’t even understand themselves. They only understand force and so should be forced not to egg people on, or dehumanize.
    And many are young when starting to push vulnerable people around, to goad them even. It is like a video game to them. I don’t think they ever change since they don’t believe they need to change. In their eyes, it is others that need to OBEY them.
    We have way too many crimes by cops, to think that it is isolated. So we know the prevailing personalities.

    The difference between authority and “MI patients”, is one thinks they have something “wrong” with them.

  • I also believe we have to allow for the fact we can’t all understand certain concepts. One of the most important concepts for kids to learn is joy, to experience it, to succeed in it. To teach people how to be happier even though they have shortcomings.
    Indeed we do have shortcomings in a linear society.
    Some of us are not attractive, nor sporty, nor academic. These differences CAN cause unhappiness if surrounded by a majority of those who can meet the demands.

    We have to change our linear rules.

    For those kids who are constantly exposed to being in a linear environment where their awareness alerts them to their inability to be part of something, we have to have alternatives.

    Obviously governments find it easier to drug children than create schools and environments that are conducive to finding a kid’s successes, no matter how trivial they seem.
    It is about trying to breed environments where people wind up happier, even if they turn out to look or indeed are lazy. A happy person with no capitalist drive is better than a miserable one.

  • Well Martin,
    The chemicals are not medication.
    You obviously committed a crime AFTER you started with drugs.
    Let us not for a minute pretend that all killers out there, all violent people have something called “mental illness”.
    Lack of control over anger happens and is manifested in many different ways. Some people take this anger further than others.

    If you want to use your case as an argument for “mental illness” and you want that identity, it’s your choice.
    How then would you explain that the meekest vulnerable people, have “simple” labels like “anxiety”, “depression” and a host of other garbage labels work against them? In the most legal and medical care sense?
    So it’s genetic?
    Then why do I know of people who “had” “illnesses” and got better without chemicals? Theoretically they should not “get better”

    You do realize that going ON, and OFF chemicals is usually, often the catalyst to random uncontrollable crap, don’t you, including psychosis.
    I think you need to question yourself, and psychiatry. There is a YOU that exists far beyond what you call by a label.

    I do have an agenda. To get rid of labels that discriminate against me.

  • “…Hence they get off Scot free since they can never be accused of a misdiagnosis.)”

    That is just it Rachel. In real medicine, real diseases, real tests. If a doc makes the wrong diagnosis, another doc will correct it.
    To top it off, both, the wrong diagnosis and the real one, do not rob you of your credibility.
    The wrong diagnosis does not stand as something real.
    In psychiatry, the old label, even if not agreed with by another shrink, still stands. Why is that? Obviously it is derived at by opinion.
    Shrinks realized that and so try to “diagnose” everyone with “something”. Or your records follow, and they simply check and add something else.

    Even in regular medicine it has been to the point of ridiculous. Many people suffer at the hands of regular docs who attribute ALL things they can’t be bothered with or heal, or find, to psychiatric.

    Even in their circles, sloppy care or non-care, is protected.

    We see articles/studies constantly where the “emotional” part in disease is presented as “illness”.
    I read one on copd patients where researchers found that some people with copd had negative facial expression, and some did not, and that the ones with negative expressions died sooner.
    The REAL truth to COPD IS, that it is much more severe in many, much more deteriorating, in fact terminal and on their way out.

    Yet the last present dying people get is some bullshit propaganda that where the purpose is ABSOLUTELY not about trying to discover more about phenotypes, severity and how to support dying people.
    It becomes looking for an alternative to knowing nothing about science.
    Knowing nothing about cures, or different severity.
    Psychiatry became the alternative to real discovery, or even just to say, we have so little knowledge.

    That is so sad, that real men, real scientists are hiding their lack of knowledge behind the crap BS called psychiatry.

    And ohh, they ALL know. There are no ignorant. It is done full knowledge.
    It used to be respectable to become a doctor.
    It is not anymore. The best of them will eventually bow to how the system is run. Psychiatry runs ALL medical systems, and also tries to be the legal system.

    The strength it gained is phenomenal. It really is a marvel.
    Like all other ideals, born out of “thinking”, it caught on, and like all other systems, the peasants are the affected.

  • Not sure why it is not happening Steve.
    We all know the outcome, it is so predictable, as psychiatry is.
    I am assured it is the reason that no one in power wants to do it.
    It’s really not even an experiment if one knows the outcome lol, but
    it seems that some need PROOF, yet refuse to be the guys that stepped
    to the plate.
    Of course it is not a proper test if a UN official or politician identify who they are
    ‘and what their test is haha.

    But wait, possibly that in itself would be seen as a disorder. Delusional.

    Put the word out that 10 people are about to come to psychiatry, in disguise, to prove that everyone walks out with labels.
    I bet for the next while, no labels would be given.

  • “…. The fact that the stupid person is often stubborn must not blind us to the fact that he is not independent. In conversation with him, one virtually feels that one is dealing not at all with him as a person, but with slogans, catchwords, and the like that have taken possession of him. He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being. Having thus become a mindless tool, the stupid person will also be capable of any evil and at the same time incapable of seeing that it is evil. This is where the danger of diabolical misuse lurks, for it is this that can once and for all destroy human beings.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

    Make some playdough from flour, or do a paper mache. I don’t paint, seriously. But I got some pencil crayons, some water colors and I just sit and blend colors. Play.
    I would call it “art therapy”, but I’m developing a distaste for the word, because it definitely seems to mean different things to different folks.

    I paid a shitload of money to give “therapy” to those in a therapy position. If I knew then, the teacher is really the client.

  • How is your appetite?
    Really good.
    “patient” denies…..
    How is your sleep?
    Really good.
    “patient” denies….
    Do you experience joy?
    “patient” leans toward mania.
    Do you experience sadness?
    “patient” seems to suffer from depression.

    I would recommend this “patient” to be evaluated further for possibility of mania, depression, possible bi-polar with possibility of personality disorder.

    You’re welcome, that will be $300 bucks please.

    But doctor, I am here for this growth on my arm.

    “patient exhibits anxiousness over a tiny bump on her arm” In order to address her anxiousness, I recommend sending her to a specialist, to make sure that there is nothing to be anxious about, but would think this patient would benefit from a “temporary” course of benzos or 1500 mG of gabapentin. I lean towards gabapentin for it’s non addictive and non side effects.
    Although I do think that the patient would benefit from a trial of paxil and possibly an add on of an antipsychotic.

    That will be another $300.

  • Awesome article Leah.

    I found this heart warming to hear those positive affirmations by all the people who work in the area of support and acknowledgement of their fellow humans.

    This is the true spirit of humanity. The desire to see people safe.
    Thank you Leah and thank you to everyone who is thoughtful throughout this ordeal.

  • I agree Steve.
    We simply cannot have a system where doctors have a legal right to DEFAME someone’s character and ALL labels do exactly that.
    It is not something called “stigma”. The word psychiatry invented to try and steer the “public” away from the truth of the matter at hand.
    Truth being that if I tell you I am mentally ill and I have XYZ disorders, I then lose all credibility.
    Real doctors do not operate this way. This is simply maligning someone’s character. Executed by sheer power to do so. Not even objective observation, since everyone can go home with a label.

    The UN could send a few of their folks to a shrink and go for 10 visits and prove it for themselves.
    But they need to send at least 10 people, then another 10.
    I guarantee them that most of them will have their character permanently marked. Then they can get involved in a small court case, insignificant even, or a custody case and see for themselves how that label might prevent, no actually, the bogus label will nullify them as human or upstanding.

    Then they can battle a disease and see what their fancy defamation label gets them in hospital.

    NO PERSON should have to spend the rest of their life as a substandard person.

    Murderers do not get branded this way.
    In fact, if a killer never steps into psych, he walks this earth non defamed unless he tells someone what he did, in which case he only loses respect to those few.

    We do NOT HAVE whatever that idiot in the chair decides. If people don’t realize that the DSM is at the heart of this crap, we will never move away from the chains.

  • I agree Oldhead, that even those who “think” the chemicals “saved” their lives, does not change the fact they are victims of the lies.

    It depends at what point in time the victim thinks they are benefitting. Perhaps in another 2-15 years, their story will have changed dramatically.
    The same people who think it was the chemicals ignore the fluctuation of their experiences, and often don’t recognize what and who sets them into stress mode.
    And when they try to come of chemicals, and experience the fallout, simply think and reassure themselves that it was the add-ons that made them “better”.
    A constant cycle…spellbound

    But then, if someone really wants the chemicals, perhaps they should be available, without the lies attached. IF they were available with ALL the truths, the truth that the chemicals are random, no certain targets except disruption and the likelihood of damage.

    But for certain, the bloody DSM has to go. Those people who WANT chemicals don’t have something called “double depression” “bi-polar” “PD’s” “ADHD” “inappropriate laughter” “magical thinking”

    Psychiatry could simply prescribe according to “client does not feel well”, “so she/he is asking to try the chemicals we have”.
    Obviously that does not sound very “medical”. Not “scientific” enough.
    Although I’m not sure how scientific “inappropriate laughter” or “grandiose thinking” and a bunch of other lies about someone, are.

  • Aritifical intelligence.

    Sure. Where did they find this AI? On another planet? Who judged it to be intelligent? Someone with “intelligence” I suppose.
    I thought psychologically and philosophically we had not decided on WHAT intelligence or genius is.
    Obviously the idea is absurd.
    Lol, but the not insightful swallow this, hook line and sinker.
    Their real intelligence will come to light when they “create” so many peasants, that there will be an uprising, because they simply have no resources to make a lot of peasants, and feed/house them. The economy will suffer, the countries will become weakened.

    The countries that will be most successful are those who don’t go out of their way to”creating” internal problems.

    I will send the article to my kids.

  • It’s like being in a bad nightmare. Regular medical care can be much like it.
    It’s the go around, and what lies at the very heart of this garbage is their lack of competence, their lack of rationality in the face of their fears of their knowledge that they do not “know” after all.
    It is never about the “patient”. Even if a patient or prisoner act nuts, at the heart is their own inability to admit.
    It is liberating to understand that it was never about you or me.

  • “Hi I’m Ezra Cohen and I’d like to bring a malpractice action against Dr Joseph Mengele”.

    Boans, priceless and so true.

    You do realize that most shrinks can’t figure that sentence out so they pathologize it.
    How much wanna bet you would really rile their anger, and out of spite would write a one page summary on that sentence?
    I bet many can predict a shrinks response.
    For starters, it would not make him smile.

  • Anthony,
    Psychiatry made you believe that your “reflections” are a disease.
    Reflections is what psychiatry participates in non-stop.

    Don’t let them shit on your parade. To talk to them is like throwing pearls before swine.
    So of course if you don’t speak to them, it will be pathologized.
    So what.
    I bought the “trauma” stuff for many years, but am now very willing to not
    use any words made up by any “mental health” care.
    Innocent words like “post partum” are turned against people.

    I was not aware how culted I was and to finally realize that even my “bad experiences”
    were “bad” because I pathologized them. The cult told me they were “bad”.

    No one ever told me that “experiences” are part of life.

  • Perhaps someone can create an app, that illuminates what is going on.
    I think in light of this, we will see a huge spike in suicides, and although psychiatry and politicians are not clever enough to create plans of getting rid of it’s minions, this will accomplish.
    There is a drawback as it will affect everyone. And that was the “mental illness” all along. Peasants first, rulers next. No one gets a free pass.

  • Lol, I know right?

    I would be SO embarrassed to treat clients in such belittling ways.
    I think some shrinks are bright enough to not ask such dumbass questions,
    questions they were taught to ask, and taught as to how no answer will suffice.
    The brighter shrinks hate to look that stupid, so they simply bypass that which insults themselves, but the end result is the same.
    I bet there are many shrinks that want to disappear when thinking about the whole paradigm, the way they themselves were manipulated.

    The most difficult thing is to “come out”, amid the sect, the cult. To call it as one sees it. I mean, my god, they cannot stand it, because they know the absolute anger that psychiatry would unleash on them.
    They might feel mostly that they might lose their identity, their family, their way of life.
    Not for a minute do I believe that they all believe their own crap. Not even remotely possible.

  • Rachel,
    You have the gift to write.
    We definitely cannot reason with abusers and liers. In fact, it is for the victims, the tearing open of an old wound. And not many psychiatrists would ever want a discussion. The only discussion they feel safe in, is the one on one of people who thought psychiatry could help them, the vulnerable at the moment is where they shine. In dingy private rooms, with no news cameras on them to see the interviews, or the “summary” after.
    No one to watch the results, to follow day by day, no one to record the deaths.

    We seem to be stuck once again, an age where no greats have appeared to shift our thoughts to new possibilities, and people like to believe in something, no matter how vile or damaging it is. Psychiatry for now, became the go to in our insecure feelings that we are just a floundering mess.
    It is perfect for the neighbours or family of flounders and floppers.

    We need deprogramming for the masses once again. The problem with deprogramming is, most don’t know they are programmed lol.
    And so we do need books, to show people just how easy it is for a paradigm to arise, amidst confusion, when looking for answers to stuff that makes no sense and how we always do this.

    But people have to be made aware of the thing they believe in, should not be the thing that dehumanizes, maims, discredits and belittles their neighbour, or else they become guilty by default.
    Many people want to agree that “oh yes, “stigma” is not nice”, yet have absolutely NO CLUE, that psych itself invented that word, perhaps unwittingly, but me no think so.
    Psychiatry wants NO ONE to find out, no one to start thinking about the things they believe in, except of course their “mental patients”.

    If someone truly starts thinking about the sham psychiatry, they cannot help but reach a conclusion of it’s sham.
    The place people get stuck in, after deconstructing, is, “well what about suffering”, what about those crazy weird behaviours. And so, since they have been programmed by legit “doctors”, they sigh and give up.
    Because in blindness, in their pretense that we should all be “normal”, like themselves of course, lies the issue of belief.

  • Anthony,

    First off, we know those summaries are garbage. Write a similar one and destroy it. Symbolic.
    What a ridiculous question to ask you
    “why don’t you want to take “medication”?
    There is no answer to that, you realize? They are not looking for a right answer.
    If you said, “I’d love to take your drugs, I have gained SO much insight”
    They would write a one page negative summary.

    There are no summaries that say you are free and clear. NEVER, not unless someone got lucky.

    Canada is bad, so don’t come here, but if you can, move. Move to a hip, low crime country or area.

    Insulting to have to move I know. But they destroy people in more ways than one.

    One day, it will come crashing down on them. Crap like this does NOT go on indefinitely. Gods and cults die.

    Look after your whole body, you only ever need to prove yourself to yourself.

  • Barf is correct.
    Although all the people agreeing are not immune, nor are the generations following.
    I know of a few people that were all for it, even dealt in the industry and have learned the hard way….and
    now question whether it’s a kind of karma.

    I don’t believe in karma, good and bad happens to many, even shrinks. But I do suffer from schadenfreude in certain cases.

  • It is pretty blatantly obvious what psychiatry and it’s protectors, the politicians, want.
    Except we are not allowed to say it.
    We do in fact not have “freedom of speech”, we do not have such a thing as a “free country”.
    And everyone knows it.

    I agree with you, I believe people will decide that they have ultimate agency.
    We do not need more gods than we already have.
    I am certainly not ever again kissing someone’s behind, nor ever lowering my eyes.
    Of that I am sure.

  • Is a worldwide belief a truth? If something works for a society and the masses, is it then the way it is “supposed” to be?
    We can look back and to the present that beliefs are not to be trusted, even if those beliefs are in the majority.
    Or especially if they are the majority?
    Why are we so bothered by people straying from the norm?

  • How absolutely astute and of course common sense.
    Every single person in developed cold countries should have a safe bed for the night and a warm meal.
    Every single person should have a safe place to say exactly what they need or want to share.

    I drive down a parkway, and see the hugest homes possible. I have never desired a huge home, because I actually feel imprisoned, it feels clinical and each time I see the wealth being hoarded in wasted spaces, I think of those that have the space and blanket that they borrow.

    But I do know enough about the human spirit that joy might belong to neither the vast owned terrain, or the squater’s spot.

    Thanks for helping.

  • Yes Rosalee, the exploitation of people. I do think he should have used the word stupidity more directed
    at psychiatry.
    Although they are COMPLETELY aware of the damage they have power to exert.
    I do however believe their original interest or go-to occupation was born out of stupidity, the result of
    narrowminded living, the result that if the behaviour of their friend’s mom is different from their mom,
    she is sick. Psychiatry is a “privileged” upbringing.
    I remember as a child, looking at the jonses and how they were to be looked down on, I could feel it in the air, the
    energy of others that looked down on the jonses.
    And I distinctly can recall the feeling I had.
    They were not feelings of knowledge, or fear of the jonses. They were feelings of wanting to know “why”.
    Feelings that were peculiar, confusion.

    It was the “air”, the air of feelings that adults had about the jonses that were the problem for me.

    The youth that went into shrinkhood, never questioned that perhaps the jonses are not the actual problem, and even if they have problems, I doubt ascribing WHAT their problem is, what we observe says anything at all about the jonses. Yet the Jonses remain isolated from community.
    Psychiatry thought they could medicalize this rudimentary, basic human musing. And holy chit, did it ever do damage since it became a legal entity to look at the jonses and use my “knowledge” those obvious observations, interpreted.
    After all, it’s not the behaviour, it is the observation of behaviour, both become problematic if both do not realize what they are really participating in.

    Monkeys observe each other every day and are fascinated by what their neighbor does.

    I also observe, and one of my fascinations is how we observe one another. Those little stories we spin in our heads. Mine are as “true” as a shrink believes his to be. Mine do not impact someone’s life, or even their family, their status, their healthcare.
    Shrinks love to gossip.

  • Great work Steven, and a great cast.

    “It also takes some goodwill and rudimentary manners—something we take turns at having more of or less off”
    I congratulate you on this endeavor.
    As far as psychiatry is concerned, I have no feelings of goodwill left, nor would I ever again try to have a reasonable dialogue.

    One cannot compete with cults.

    I do think generally even many who dislike the present paradigm, still feel that there needs to be help for people and I very much agree, except we have to be careful that we don’t fall into the trap of psychiatry thinking, that being “mentally healthy” should fit a mold.
    The molds are old and broken, they no longer fit present society.

  • And forever more, psychiatry knows, but lies so much that nothing that they say is reasonable.
    The reason so many no longer hold psychiatry as a reasonable profession is because of the lies they used.
    The actual medical field is soon to follow.

    They were duped by pharma, although it was not really duping, they simply needed something other than to say the truth, and the truth was “we don’t know”.

    So then they all jumped into bed together and is one reason people are looking at their own means to not ever be dependant on systems that cannot be trusted.
    There are movements everywhere to take back authority.

    No one but me owns my mind and body.

  • Slaying the dragon of psychiatry.

    Everything as usual, well said.
    I agree with you that I never was stupid to suffer, nor was I stupid to ask someone why that might be.
    In fact, I think back of it as an intelligent move, but as Lawrence points out, “Similarly, the American Psychiatric Association nonsensically says…”

    I can hear a lot of frustration in his blog. I hope he takes it out on the sheisters, like one would not blame a victim of molestation, or a crooked mechanic, or the medical doctors who won’t admit their shortcomings.

    I do not want to be ashamed for having wanted advice. I was lucky in a way that I never believed in psychiatry, much the same as I did not believe a lot of other gobblygook.
    Psychiatry has no advice except to tell people they are sick for thinking. You think the “wrong thoughts”.
    In this world we are supposed to think certain thoughts, or none at all, and everything that causes a veering away from the linear, or if it causes suffering is either stupidity or illness.

    There is a HUGE problem in humans defining normal, or genius or intelligence. We seem to not have anything above us, ourselves to make these judgments and must be why people are forever looking for a second or fourth coming of a kingdom.
    I don’t think psychiatry is our second coming,

  • Edward, these are some of my wonderings also. We can get a glimpse of what they learn, by what we see in their practice. And since we are on the topic of stupidity, although I prefer the word “ignorant”, psychiatry lends itself to certain types of kids as their students.
    If parental influences count, if one’s social upbringing count in decision making as to what jobs we want to do, or are pressured to do, well, we can wind up with some pretty ignorant folks. If one is exposed to only one possibility, that I am okay, but the other guy is not, if one is raised to think that others are beneath us, or damaged folk, and if one perhaps did not have a chill, inclusive environment, it stands to reason that these kids go into crazy school. To cure, to manage those others.
    I doubt many shrinks come from homes where there was broadminded thinking and chatting. So in ignorance they simply seek out those who fit into their thinking, so as not to be lonely.
    I think shrinks are a lonely bunch because their thinking is simply too narrow to be able to make peace with the differences in society.
    To be locked in psych school, being fed the garbage you already subscribe to, without ever having the thought that perhaps there is more?
    Because obviously they do all of a sudden wake up to the chaos, (at least some thinkers do) the realization that perhaps the problem is in all of us, not those others who are “MI”, but too late by then.