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  • Thank you Jean and Angela for spreading the word.
    So basically doctors are free to dole out what they want.
    Low and behold, there they are running trials with psychedelics. They are desperate and turning back the clock. But big pharma will try to tease out certain properties from mushrooms, like they did with marijuana.

    They damage and kill a lot of non talking animals before releasing these drugs into trial.
    I hope someone helps jean to get justice.

  • Bradford,
    The beauty of it is.
    Even if you go to another shrink and he says “I can’t diagnose you with anything”.
    The one you got 20 years ago counts, the one with no diagnosis does not negate the label. Gotta love science.
    Can any physical ailment be used in court against you? None. Any psychiatric label can destroy any and all credibility you have, even proper medical care.
    THAT exposes psychiatry exactly for what it is. It is very alarming that our leaders of countries are intimidated by psychiatry.
    I guess it’s akin to farming. (pharming people)
    We cannot get rid of drugs, treatment unless we get rid of the psych bible. The labels/diagnosis are our whole problem. When it comes to personal problems that people see a shrink for, they should not even be allowed to record it.
    I mean, how great that a person innocently goes into an office with problems that they are trying to work out, and find themselves in the wrong door. It’s like a gate to hell. If the truth was on the door, “Dr Hell”, with pictures of patients strapped, injected, torn apart families, cops, people homeless, in front of judges, etc etc, most people would not step into that pathetic place. Educate the kids. On forums where kids are, on gaming sites. On forums where kids talk about their problems.

  • streetphotobeing,
    They actually have the evolution stuff partly correct, but since no one can really guess (theorize) why I get anxious, they aim to do same as always. “your suffering is an illness, you should be non responsive, productive, and half azzed happy”
    When I first started reading I thought, yay, they are normalizing people through evolutionary theory. But nope, just trying to fortify that old “maladaptive” crap….”well my dear, used to be when we were hunter and gatherers, we fought huge beasts and had reason to have anxiety……”

    They are forever the academics, hoping to speak in a language that non academics don’t understand. Trying to attach itself to anything possible.
    Really it sounds like an attempt at “abnormalcy cleansing”

  • “evil draws men together”. I’m ready, anyone joining?

    One thing psychiatry did is make those capable of shutting up, well, shut up.
    All the people working for government, government itself can’t “come out”. They can never confide their real personal feelings, nor distress. Just keep plugging along like a robot, lest they become labeled. Kind of hilarious how those in power have to hide, in order to keep the ‘respect’ of their minions. Psychiatry hides behind patients and it is the most obvious mechanism.

  • What I have found with my story is that it is so convoluted, that I fear telling it to even the most staunch anti-psychiatry types.
    I get very nervous about someone believing only some parts, or saying “that’s too bad”.
    I’m so done with rehashing and the disappointment in not feeling heard completely is not worth it. Each time I feel unheard, I feel more bitterness and I really do not need those feelings on top of garbage.

  • It is obvious that major magazines fearfully report what they see as a majority of society, ever careful to not be favored by what they see as majority.
    It remains then, partial truth, of even the one person who wants to tell their whole story and not have it edited by those looking to be favored.

    So you are a crusader? If it fits with truth, facts, more power to you/us..
    I must say that simply by writing “anatomy of an epidemic”, people finally gained that “insight” psychiatry touts. Psychiatry wants only ONE insight, to admit oneself to be ill. After all, if we adopt that, then no resistance to the global damage psychiatry causes.

    Your book helped millions. It helped Laura with something so natural within her, that psychiatry tried to get rid of….that “life force”.

    So at the end of the day, MIA keeps going. The books are out. Laura found her way out of the ball and chain.

    I thank you Robert for your insight, your brevity, guts and dedication. We appreciate you that few words can express.

    Empowering people, if that is what we leave behind at the end, we lived truth, acceptance of diversity, we lived a good life. We desperately need voices to let people feel some validity, regain some life force, tell their stories.
    Sanity tells us that any system that takes away a feeling of safety, acceptance, that rules non criminals within the legal system, is a warped system. The New Yorker cannot ever defend this system, and hopefully they get past wanting to be popular, although I’m sure once the winds blow strong enough, they will seize the moment. We hope much better in the future from the New Yorker.

    The psychiatric system exposed itself. It is worse than it ever was, and a continuation from a not so distant past.

  • Well the psychiatrists arguments in this article are weak and typical.
    Of course they had to resort to the word “insight” and “science”, and “dangerous”, “murder”, “deaths”.
    Key words.
    The nay sayers are “idealogical”
    So Dr how is it science to create a drug that does nothing more than a lobotomy? Did you first locate a point to treat, and developed a drug for that one tiny miniscule spot that is causing the ‘sickness’?
    No your science did something anyone could do, is create drugs that can and do increase suicides, lobotomy via drug, early deaths, poor quality of life, unable to work. Your labels caused personal and public shame.
    You can go ahead 50 years, and compare our ‘mental health’. You say our mental health is worse? And you create more labels to try and prove it. You go backwards with your approach. You view a person a certain way and create the label. You did not identify anything with science, you identified it through what you saw as unreasonable distress. And After the label you created the drugs.
    You defend this backward approach and project onto patients words such as “lack of insight”. You try and convince the public by saying we are being idealogically maybe radical even. If there ever was anyone suffering from an ideaology , it is the psychiatrist. Again it is projecting, and an endless argument.

    Go ahead, keep your science. Use the “dangerous patients” fearmongering. People will still ask why you would think millions and millions of little kids need a diagnosis of ‘illness’, why they would be given HORRIBLE drugs. Why your labels cause discrimination EVEN within medical care, why no one leaves your office without a label and most often with drugs.
    Why would people who went to you, lose every single right?
    The public does have to know because they do not find out until it’s too late.
    What is the rate of MI now? One in ten, or one in five? So out of 10 psychiatrists, which one has the MI? What kind of drugs are there for Psychiatrists or their family? The psych nurses?
    If we can identify people with disorders of personality, psychiatry fits those well. Insight is letting go of entrenched beliefs about others.
    I’ll let go of mine about psychiatry when they let go of theirs.
    But you can start showing me the insight you speak of. Perhaps one day, the twain shall meet.
    Change your beat to one more in tune with a diversity. The reason you exist is because of diversity, not sickness.
    You cannot identify with any diversity and want to rule it, and I have yet to wrap my mind around that. You live within some kind of tunnel vision of the world you want, and are using people to maintain that wretched position.

  • Sorry I did not read the whole story yet, and I’m sure I will find something to nitpik on, but on first glance how much I LOVE the story of Tonje.
    I want to go back in time and have someone to take me somewhere. Without reading the article, I am hoping that at this temporary home, not only can you taper from meds, but also first and foremost drop the labels.
    I’m sure Tonje had a bunch. She was lucky being one of the young, since for many antipsychotics take a bit of time before frying the brain.

    These kinds of places should be mandatory and WITHOUT labels.
    And they should be the same size as other psych units, so to accommodate whoever so chooses. If there was a choice of label or not, meds or not, I wonder where most people would go to?
    The ONLY reason people have ever gone to a shrink is because there are no choices.

    So Norway, why not become a WORLD LEADER and go big. Don’t use a mandatory DSM. It is doable, don’t fall for propaganda and habits.

    The rest of the world would not like it, they would point to every ‘failure’, every crime as some kind of proof.
    But all that would ever be is an attempt to shut down systems that are helpful for the majority, not the minority.

    Why not be radical? Why not be the leader that causes other countries to have their peasants question the system and put pressure on governments.

    I am sincerely hoping that Norway is not busy hiding psych crimes through a six bed unit, in essence using the ‘sick’.
    Because Norway has been busy using force in regular hospitals. Hopefully that could be eradicated. I doubt people are looking for a tiny alternative within a huge slop pail.

  • Lol, as I often do, I revisit articles that I already read and commented on.

    I realize that in this article, the title itself speaks volumes and so one needs to read no further.
    The title itself tells the basic truth. Why in the world, in what society would we even have to phrase this as a question? It should not have to be phrased to users nor the “tyranny” (as Rachel phrased it appropriately)
    The average “intelligent” (whatever that means) should see that IF there is a practice that sees people as “sick”, why would there be any “rights” issues?
    Would there be ANY rationality to taking rights away from “sick” people?
    You take rights away from criminals and that is the end of that tune.

    Screw psychiatry. People that read such articles often do not see the irony.
    The most unreasonable shrink can see the lies he lives. Whatever behooves a person to live in this kind of position and practice their game, is beyond apprehension.
    To me it is no wonder that the word “insight” became one of psychiatry’s favorite words. Deep down in their unconscious they perhaps crave something. It is almost like an anger towards the mainstream of society.

  • Gene, sometimes I read articles and want to really express what I think of them, or the author.
    Yet I don’t fully disclose, how I really feel.
    I read the whole article, twice and tried to find a hint of the author understanding what field he was in, what position patients were in, yet I could not.
    I felt it to be just another article that excused psychiatry, and in fact I felt paternalized….(a lolly for the moment)
    I find it easier to read a pro-psychiatry piece than one that is supposed to seem as if it recognizes psychiatry.

    The ending about “the house wins, but only applies before entering the casino” basically told me exactly where I stood even with those who pen these kind of articles.
    And it might be easier to pen articles, that half heartedly support what we see and experience, when no longer ‘overseeing’ the crazy people.
    I might be taking a black/white stance on certain pieces, which I do when I can’t find anything helpful towards trying to get rid of a completely twisted authority.
    I really dislike using the word “authority”, I am not using it as an honorary or fearful word. It is much more a regime, a dictatorship.
    Any practice that becomes parts of our governments is a regime.
    It is there to try and force a society into an ideal, yet within that plan, it becomes sicker.

  • I know where stigma comes from. I am aware that there has been horrible stigma since beginning.
    But I can tell you it has indeed been made worse by psychiatry.
    It used to be that there were 5 diagnosis. So whoever got the tag was seen as worse than before the tag, because now people said “the doctor said it’s neurosis”. Then people got more scared, they noticed more and even looked for it.
    Now there are hundreds of diagnosis. Every tom dick and harry is a shrink now.

    They know ALL the clusters and look for them. But low and behold if you received a tag.
    IF psychiatry is not responsible, why would the physical medical system treat patients differently or give them secondary care?

    It is a very clever move by psychiatry to talk about how there is no shame in being mentally ill, and post posters on hospital walls “REDUCE STIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS”
    Sorry, but psychiatry educated people, and now they use the word “stigma” to purposefully draw more attention.

  • B.
    Best comment. It is obvious you have insight. I think one of the reasons these personality disorders became so strong, is that even people who did not give psychiatry validation, clung to some diagnosis simply because they did not like certain people.
    We all don’t like certain people. Certain behaviours.
    There are even behaviours and responses I don’t like in myself.

    The “personality disorder” is one of the most bogus ones. I don’t think that the people I do not like are disordered. Maybe I am, for not liking them lol.

  • What bugs me about this article, I can’t quite put my finger on it.
    To me there seems something judgemental about talking about the “behaviours” of certain diagnosis. Almost an air that people in general accept it “BPD” as “certain behaviours”. Whether you call them “certain behaviours”, “symptoms” etc, you might as well stick with a label.
    Then we can talk about the behaviours of everyone as not acceptable.
    It seems to me this was hung on women because we are supposed to be a certain way?
    Or people are supposed to be a certain way?
    And no, I can’t accept that men are also diagnosed with this. THAT inclusion only happened after women became cognizant that it was hung on women.
    Marsha linnehan is guilty of keeping “personality orders” alive.
    They did drop the ones that men got diagnosed with.

    Sorry, if anyone is part of working with “certain diagnosis”, I find it paternalizing. A sad state when you buy into any “diagnosis”, ESPECIALLY “personality disordered”
    We might say that anyone that has difficulty in life has a personality disorder.

  • Thank you for the article and congrats on the award.

    Though I am in Canada and would have to say that our anti psychiatry is very weak.

    This from your article.
    “Sometimes, it seems, the context is sicker than the individual.”
    It did not escape me that the word “sicker” was used. And I did contact someone influential within the movement and had a “i’m not interested, nor emphatic” kind of reception. But it is probably me.

  • Hi anomie,

    I believe that “broken minds” was phrased in a question, which might not point to Mr Tampiyappa himself believing in “broken minds”. Yet I agree with you, I very much dislike that wording.
    I am really not sure what to make of the article? Although I won’t give myself a headache over it.
    It seems he is a in the geriatric area of strokes and rehabilitation.
    What transpired in the years he worked as a psychiatrist?

  • Hi anomie.
    I was thinking of puzzels also. I consoled myself by telling myself that Ned took puzzels and will look after puzzle in some of the habits that puzzle had with Julie.
    Puzzle will miss her very much. I hope Ned reads the comments?

  • Hi truth.

    I guess the bigger problem was in the “diagnosis”, not so much the “misdiagnosis”. Just that same old “help” that psychiatry can’t help themselves from giving to those they deem as needing it.

  • Rachel,
    One of the reasons they let people out now is because they run out of room and resources. In the room of the DSM…..”we can’t add any more disorders, cause we ran out of shrinks”……”Er, how bout we combine all the disorders, into jus one huge one”……”good idea Dr Whacky, what should we call it”…..”let’s be REAL careful about what we add next because our DSM is kinda, umm, labeling human existence as a disorder”…….”I’m tired of thinking, let’s try this again tomorrow”…..nighty night.

  • Neurosis was not removed from diagnosis. It has been renamed as personality disorder.
    Being “passive aggressive” was removed, “narcissism” removed, “homosexuality” removed.
    Behaviours of men tend to be removed as pathology, behaviours of women pathology. Although they realized the obvious continuation of sexism, they started assigning a few men with “disorders”, so women could not make their case valid.

    What disorders do you believe in and assign to patients?

  • Hi again Ann.

    My friend’s pain started with horrible tooth pain and here is an article that might have been, quite possibly, what your mom had. Some call it “suicide pain”, because people do commit suicide from it.
    I think back then they might not have been aware of it and chalked it up to ‘nerves’.
    My friend had gamma knife surgery which took it away for a bit, but they can only do one repeat. Then they put her on high doses of a heavy duty painkiller that is used for this condition.

  • jp.
    The reason they do not go back to baseline is a DIRECT result of part of the brain being fried.
    My take on it is, you have nothing else, so you use those big guns. You will never try other methods first.
    You also force, even when a person is no harm.
    The patient ends up never being who they were. You call it life if a heart beats, but the person is gone.

    To prove that the drugs do not lobotomize, take them yourself or give them to your family.
    Seriously, why study drugs on the vulnerable? Use the healthy people in psychiatry.
    No one likes delusions, but certainly no one likes the drugs until the people become too stupefied to know they do not like them.
    The brain cannot see itself. It can’t see the delusions and finally there is a damaged brain and body.
    THAT is not acceptable, EVEN if it is ALL you have. You can’t possibly in all rationality believe it is okay . Possibly in your mind you think a lobotomized brain is just the schizophrenia. And if you believe that, you are not reading the evidence.
    And psychiatrists always use the most severe delusions to justify all of the DSM and ALL of it’s drugs and all coercion, force.

  • Oldhead, I came upon this thread because I was googling healthcare or lack of it in different countries. What interested me most was the labels, since without labels there is no discrimination.
    And I am not talking about our neighbour whispering.
    It led me to an article discussing this change in Norway…no not change, diversion.
    On the week it opened, 40 people were forcefully given ECT, so that was a bummer to read.
    Obviously treatment such as this has a few scant beds and the rest go, guess where. “oops sorry, we are full at this nice place”.

    It would seem to me that one cannot go into this facility and lose a label. I guess it is supposed to make Norway look more humane because their track record is not the best.

    I did read that Luxemburg tries to provide better environments for the young, which seems to be helping.

  • Joel,
    Late but had to respond.
    I think at this point, we really are willing to see if alternatives like this work.
    Is forced medicine working for you?
    Are you afraid of it’s success? We gave you 200 years to show us your way of ‘identifying’ and ‘helping’.
    Why not give us 200 years to see if we can do it another way?
    And in 200 years we can compare studies.

  • Ohh wow.
    So very sad to hear this. My empathy, condolences to Julie’s family, to MIA, her friends on MIA and wherever they may be.
    What a great tribute and a very beautiful Obituary by Ned.
    And thank you Julie for all you did and your words and work remain.

  • I feel I need to revisit this article.
    My problem with this article is that sometimes people view their particular experience with their own body or mind as something that could be applied to others.

    Doctors don’t need help in the area of using “depression” in the face of physical pain.
    I have met many people who have solutions/answers to what ails me or distresses me, right down to suggesting I envision a “healing blue light”. To challenge that, I said “how is a healing blue light going to fix a broken arm?”
    Of course, that is different.
    My take on it is this. If someone tells me my experience is mental instead of physical, then I want them to prove it, and NOT within the absence of physical scientific ability.

  • Rachel I think Narcissism was removed from the DSM, because they found out it serves some people well and makes them excel (which applies to psychiatry) I think psychiatry went, “oh crap, that disorder describes me, and a host of other selfish folks we better drop it”
    They really want to see people who don’t do as well as a ‘narcissist’, because it is much easier to kick those who are down.

    A few labels were dropped because of the way men and women are uniquely different, leading to certainly keeping the ones that apply to women. (and nope, not taking back that sexist comment) We cannot ignore the many diagnosis and treatments designed for women. Neurosis. In fact I think the modern politically correct thing is now to label men with the labels women were honored with. That having a purpose, because singling out women in modern day political correctness became suspicious. So what better way to make it seem authentic, than to include men also.
    If psychiatry took into context all of a person, all of a gender, their ancestral roots, their hunter vs. gatherer fit, their fit within a stressful chaotic system whether family or society, or culture, it could no longer be a label.
    I think psychiatry is not having a fun time anymore, it is a dull repetitive job, because now EVERYONE has an MI. They dabbled in this thing that has no end and that eureka moment came to them. Now they are stuck, and I think most likely hoping themselves for a change.

    IF they had been cognizant of differences and helped those whose uniqueness caused them problems and helped, supported, validated the differences as a small part of a huge whole, instead of pathologizing, they would not be in the mess they are in.
    They used to live a life without scrutiny, but that is no longer so.
    In fact the public is very much waking up to the very “ills” within psychiatry. They know the feeling of being exposed and trying to hide it, defend it.

    And no I do not have some grandiose delusions.

  • Bippyone,
    I will act as a psychiatrist would and venture to guess that their personalities are the greatest disorder. My guess is that they do not have room to see life on a continuum or for flexibility. They most likely had a sheltered existence, or formed biases early on, where their minds figured that the way they were, was the way humans were ‘meant’ to be.
    And that personality of theirs would be okay, if their belief systems did not infiltrate all of society, leaving damage and deaths behind. In no way shape or form can even a psychiatrist rationally defend their practice and beliefs.
    The insight they want us to have is really their lack of insight they have.
    If you were a provider and saw a 6 year old with behaviours that are disruptive or just different, what sanity is there to give that child a label and medicate and put him back into the same environment?
    But then I also have a problem with trying to get a child changed with therapy.

    It is impossible that psychiatry is actually that dense to not realize that what they invented is looking very suspicious. For them To bow out gracefully, would be acceptable. But too stubborn, too scared. It is like gangsters, even though they know their power is not a positive thing, within the group it is difficult to stand up against it, for fear of losing their livelihood and belonging.
    Yet they take the belonging and livelihood from millions, and leave them with a ‘criminal record’ to boot.
    Are they ashamed? I believe many are and take it out on the people who come to them.
    There are many that simply act out an anger.

  • Rachel777.
    I guess your therapist has not heard of chemistry or that opposites can attract. Married people go to marriage counselors all the time, their offices are busy and divorces are up more than ever. There are a multitude middle aged people who are single. People are having a much more difficult time finding connection, across the board. It seems half my neighbourhood are single women.

    To suggest that you date ‘bipolars’ again suggests that you/we are special needs and that on every level we have the same needs and all gel. It could have been funny if she said it as an inside joke, but otherwise it sounds ill informed and crass. “only those could understand “someone like you”.

    Rachel don’t ever date a psychiatrist, it might make for a boring night out.

  • Hi Ann, thank you for the article.

    The opposite was true for me and many others I have known. I have lost three people due to being told their pain was in the mind.

    Much of my pain was not something visible, and I was given antidepressants for it. I finally found a specialist that diagnosed me with myo-facial pain syndrome, and I ended up in a study to treat it.

    I think it is not fair to a patient to call something psychosomatic, just because we have outdated equipment and knowledge before it even gets thought of being invented.
    The body is complicated. I had a great neurologist many years ago that was really before his time. It was the time of MRI’s, which I was very impressed with, but he corrected my enthusiasm by saying “that new MRI is already 25 years behind”

  • Thank you Lee, James and MIA. Thank you MIA, without your perseverance and incredibly hard work, none of us would be here.

    Lee, your voice is needed so much. Psychiatry has infiltrated into every crevice and it has affected me within regular medical treatment, where doctors play psychiatrists. And we just have to listen, stare at the wall, and they have no clue that they are no longer being rational.

    It has become a human rights issue and I know it is not nothing anymore in their circles. They will keep trying, or try to soften it, because under human rights laws, they are looking really bad.

    I am not sure why some of them are not leaving, still hanging on, defiantly, hoping it will blow over. The evidence makes them guilty of heinous crimes. 200 years of this is enough.

  • Great article and thank you!!!

    These words that you wrote, I would like to touch on for a minute

    “Unless there is a test that shows some irregularity in the brain, in the majority of cases the diagnosis of ‘mental illness’ is delivered based on observation…..”

    We really don’t want psychiatry to invent any kind of tests that prove anything. The labels and judgments would still be there. Besides the tests would only be evident to psychiatry. They would virtually not show anything. Psychiatry will point to a dot and call it “bi polar”

    Although I would like to see an MRI of a psychiatrist. I doubt the insight or empathy spots light up when he sees pictures of his patients being forced, or sees their lives destroyed.

  • “It’s obvious that the ignorant and malformed, whom only know of chaos and madness are incapable of making reasonable decisions for themselves or others. It is because these ignorant and inherently perverse madmen resemble the just nature of man, albeit incomparable to those who yearn for enlightment, us rational men who seek order and reasoning. Possess a moral and social obligation as the educated members of society to monopolize the decision making for those who lack the strength of will and character to do so themselves. Our subjects may resist our compassion, but it is because they can’t fathom the weight of responsibility we partake for the well-being of society, and the natural forces that compel us to act in their best interest.”

    -The Philosophy of elitism (the psychiatrist in this case).

  • Thank you so very much for your article. I obviously agree with everything you have said.
    Although I do want to touch on the “questions to ask a psychiatrist”
    The problem with that is, that most will slap a label on you or opinion as to what he ‘thinks your problem is. Or, better yet, he takes a person’s fears away by skirting, or outright lying….until you let loose and tell him things. Even his first impression counts, at least where I live since providers have every single visit to any doctor at hand.

    The other thing I don’t want people to get lax about is exactly what psychiatry is planning as they see their practice exposed. Everyone is so concerned about the lies about the “science” of psychiatry.
    Psychiatry is pushing hard for tests, that validate their ideas. And people will buy it because how is a layperson going to disprove the yellow blob on a spect scan, or the little thingy in a bloodtest?
    They will choose a random marker, and name it “mental illness” yet that random marker will have nothing to do with anything.
    We have to be careful of what we fall for, simply going by their greed and lies, power and force.
    What people will miss is that if they do start using tests, so called tests, their treatment of humans will not cease.

    It is the labels, even WITH evidence of a difference, THOSE are the problems, and the power given to them to destroy people on every level.

    Thanks Paula and thanks MIA

  • It is a lovely letter.
    I think when he used the word “disease”, he did not mean it in the manner with which it is used today in the MI industry.
    It is difficult to deal with melancholy. I myself got advice from my parents, some of it similar to what was in the letter, or at least some of the meaning. But my advice came from people who lived melancholy lol.
    And within that family behaviour, psychiatry tries to use the word biological when basically we have no idea. We indeed know that things are learned, ways of coping.
    We do not even know if some are more prone. These are all theories.

    I do love his advice in general, said at the right time, right place, words and actions can have dramatic results.

  • Rachel777.
    Long ago I was in a plane and I looked down at all the smallness and in it’s smallness everything was equal.
    Long ago I looked up at hospital windows lit up at night and saw the pain, and felt the pain, while going about my fun evening, or grind.

    Long ago I watched anthills. I spent many hours watching anthills. I fed them, and watched for their responses.

    I learned a lot from watching. I found an anthill to be the most therapeutic of all. I saw them have anger, responses, fear, and I never did ask them to explain if they were going to heaven, or if they were happy. I really don’t want to pretend that my ability to understand the world or understand myself is superior to what you, or the ant perceive as their world.

  • Binra, a few questions. Do you get angry? Do you ever feel hatred?
    Are you a stoic? Or a mishmash of things learned, gathered and due to your willingness to adopt those things which spoke to you?

    I play online games to pass time while I wait for things to happen.
    I noticed that when I lose, I get an awful feeling. A feeling of hopelessness, being defeated, anger, probably some deep seated hatred.
    How do I overcome that automatic response that works in an instant? I know all about choice, recognizing. Obviously I experienced this many times and it has become hardwired.
    After all it is a defense mechanism, learned, used, fostered in unaware state.
    How can I learn to be free of true pain of loss? I understand perfectly well that the loss of a life within my life, and that I can choose to carry anger at people responsible for that loss, or sadness and despair. Or I can take action and lose.
    Yet always knowing that ultimately the despair is from my core.
    So now I just have to be willing to let crap play out, not let it connect with my core. But we must not ‘think’ on how to do that, just learn.
    Learn from ourselves?

    So how do you deal with oppression? When you see people being victimized? Do you teach people how to escape that oppression from their core? Meaning they get mentally well enough to leave a ward? Teach them they are NOT victims?
    And if they do not understand you because they are not ‘willing’, do you ACT for them or let the oppression take place.

  • Madmom, you are doing the right thing. Children cannot identify with “get well theories”. It is difficult enough to be a kid, nevermind having to listen to words, constructs, ideas that are alien to a child. I think the best thing for kids is not to make them feel different, even though they may have major issues.
    Even a therapist can make a child feel “sick”. “something is wrong with me, because they are trying to “help” me”

    I know from my past that diversion and inclusion go a long way, and not in that ‘helpful’ kind of way.
    The brain can only change if one sheds the idea that the child is different.
    Dr Breggin does this successfully.

    People hold grudges for the way they feel. It could be that one day your kid says “you should have helped me”. If that happens, you can tell that child you did your best. You will feel a hell of a lot better about that than getting psychiatry involved and seeing the damage and having your child blame you with reason.

    When we have kids, there is just a lot of hoping. And there are no guarantees, because indeed some people simply experience suffering to different degrees, Somewhere along the line we imagined that no one should. That is like saying no one should get a cold or heart disease.

    The only thing we can try to somewhat teach a kid is how to deal with stress but also how to avoid it.
    I as a kid found it very stressful to talk about me or my feelings. There is a message behind it that I am not quite the way the adult thinks I should be. Adults want to prevent.

    I look to nature and I see blight in plants, and I see medications for the blight to not infect my other plants. I see that my crops are full of bugs and I spray them. Our views and treatments of the deviations are a huge problem across the world of nature.

    We as humans are not able to see what part of nature is the ‘wrong’ part’

  • I read all the comments and I can only identify with madmom’s.
    The article is about children. The comments I read are for 60 year old people and even at that, I don’t find much of it helpful, since it seems to come from an “arrived at” personal experiences, views and understanding.
    I do not subscribe to “attitudes and choice”, but the idea of it does not escape me. You can try all the mindfulness and meditation, yet if your underlying programming (if you will) are negative, they remain part of you.
    I really often feel shamed not just by psychiatry but also by healed, insightful folks who discovered this new path of living.
    I tend to compare myself and internalize because I believe people send a very subconscious unconscious message that their truth is the truth. And that has a lot in common with psychiatry.

    I remain unwilling I guess.

  • It is directed toward the problem itself. We are going to ask a psychiatrist to fix stigma? Ask a physician?
    We already know from experience and articles that not only bias exists within the medical community, but abuses exist, shoddy disrespectful care exists.
    One is never “recovered” as far as psychiatry arms reach. The record itself stays forever, it is NEVER removed.
    The fact remains is despite no criminal offense, we/they are treated worse than criminals.
    This is a UN issue.
    We are begging for crumbs with these attempts.
    The only thing we should be asking the UN/governments for is the removal of the DSM and it’s garbage. And the removal of the ability to record private conversations between psychiatry and client.

    Is my heart condition ever used in court? Yet sadness/distress/ can be used in court. It is a crime to have anxiety.

    Sorry this attempt is exactly what psychiatry likes, but kudos to those who think the system can be more loving.
    Actually no one is asking for love, or kindness from them. I will not ask them to be treated as if I have autonomy. No one has the right to bless me with autonomy.

  • Rachel777.
    One thing I do know is that you did not fail at life. Fail how? By not being a productive capitalist? Then I failed also, and those words are easy to feel.
    I am not a failure, because I recognized things I did wrong and things that go wrong within systems and I leave my little voice. It is not a very impactful voice, but I really do not know this for a fact.

    Psychiatry knows full well the extent of their damage. How many people’s lives have you been responsible for? How many have you injected or given meds to? How many kids in school systems have you put on drugs? How many old folks have you given drugs to in their food?

    Failure is not judged by our predicaments. They succeeded in hurting you. I will say it again. You are one that can make me smile everytime.
    We are here to educate and you do that.

  • Yes slaying, and they, the psychiatrists see it also. Make no mistake about it, psychiatrists themselves wonder where it is headed. More and more people are concerned about what they are putting in their bodies. People talk. It is the major reason psychiatry is in the school system now. Young parents easily influenced. This is how psychiatry operates, preying on a vulnerable population.
    There are a lot of parents that do not want kids on stimulants, so they prey on the parents and their kids who might not have all their shit together.
    Today I went for a massage and of course I talked about MIA to this new massage therapist, and she mentioned taking her child out of the public school system because the teacher and the principal included were harassing her to put her son on Ritalin.
    Her son was chewing on his shirt, sitting in a corner. She put him in a private school, where the curriculum is the same, but a lot of it is outdoors, kids climb trees, are allowed to use hammers and other tools.
    He is doing fantastic, gets great marks, there is NO bullying, and he goes to school happy and comes back happy.
    BUT, she had the insight, foresight, because of her hippie like background.

    As long as they are around and as long as our leaders and governments could not care less about the kids and vulnerable people, they will slink around trying to create this weird society where everyone is mentally ill.

    We just need to keep putting the message out there. Even if it takes putting information leaflets with facts on people’s car windshields.

    Can they arrest me for putting leaflets on car windshields?

  • Larry I’m really glad you are open and willing. Do you think people have choice of being “willing”? You speak of where you are or who you are as if it applies to everyone.
    Do people choose how they feel? Is no one responsible except the person who feels or senses, and his many conditioned perceptions and interpretations of those are an act of choice? Choice is a massive presumption except to use it to apply to oneself.
    If I earn a decent living and my friend does not, I can say that it is a choice to work hard?
    Sorry I don’t buy the choice business, nor do I buy the doomed stuff, but I do buy that each individual within his own unique self understands his world in his unique way, deals with it the best he can.
    If I am starving due to no funds to buy food, I have choice. I can steal to eat or starve to death.

  • I am catching up on reading, and happened upon this sad day.
    He must have been reduced to shame. Someone attacked his psyche with a label, a judgement of his very personality, as if somehow he was not fixable…..which he knew was wrong, but the fight against those who harmed him became too much. That hopeless feeling can engulf you. I think he knew that no one could undo what a doctor had done.

    At least before he died, he left something of value. I am sorry to the people who mourn him, MIA, his family.

    It really would be the comment of the century if Matt’s psychiatrist came here and posted an apology for giving Matt a label, that the psychiatrist himself knew was a lie. It is written about, how people internalize this, because what the shrink does it inflict trauma upon old trauma. The worst crime they could commit and is exactly why they hide.

    My whole life I knew that for my bad behaviour I was doomed and burning in hell, because I was taught that. Then I researched the bible and researched online and was convinced about those lies, but it was too late, I internalized it.
    I then dabbled in psychiatry who agreed I was going to hell, I internalized that. I am 61 and still I am afraid.
    And guess where I cannot go? A psychiatrist.
    He is not wise enough to ever say ” you are okay, if you need me, I am here”
    He has no insight into who is easy to turn around if just for the right words or approach. All he can offer is reproach. Labels are nothing more than reproach.
    Matt was young, perhaps he could have lived through it, but it is not a given. He is not here, but he is not suffering. Not consoling, but then psychiatry did absolutely nothing to help. I believe everyone is helpable to a great degree, it’s a matter of timing, the right person, that one sentence. He passed before that. We are all terminal and I am grateful he found some community.
    He sounds like a great person, and his message had meaning and so did his passing.

  • Erin, I am not here to covert you. And obviously by your comments, MIA is not preaching to their own choir. MIA is informative, truth, you and anyone else can take from it what suits you. The proof is in the pudding and I will never ‘converse’ with someone. I would not try to persuade someone not to believe in God. As a matter of fact I can give you reasons why I don’t, and you can give me your personal reasons why you do. And I have indeed entertained the possibilities. So after I entertain possibilities, I make decisions on what makes most sense, and leaves least harm.

  • Stevie. You have every right to think what you like. You really have no clue though about Matt or anyone else.
    I know what the effects of diagnosis are, and to blame Matt AFTER his death for not seeking ‘help’ from psychiatry. Whatever you need to do to make yourself feel that psychiatry is the answer when in fact many people end their lives who staunchly believe in the system.
    And many soon after they start with the system.
    Obviously you know that psychiatry does not prevent suicides except for the “hold” period.

    Would you have written it down if he shared how he felt? Reported it like a crime? Or would you simply have been his friend to keep reiterating that he is fine, that he is not somehow subhuman. Because basically that is what a BPD label says and it destroys whatever was left.

    I will believe what I believe, you make yourself feel better by putting blame where you believe it to be.

  • Sarah you speak my language but I am unable to express myself with such clarity.
    I just finished blasting off another email to my kids who are 30 and 27. They have heard my rants and chants, but I won’t stop. I also gave them your name, since they have an article once a month that I send them from MIA and other sources.

    I completely understand why Matt did end up where he did. And no one in psychiatry will feel shame, after all, they justify these matters in their cold selves.
    I am thankful you are rising and shining the light. I feel if I can convert even one, possibly two, I have accomplished something.

  • Thank you MIA for the tribute.

    You have included some very powerful messages written by Stephen. I believe he accomplished much. If you can work inside the system and have an influence on that system, even if it begins with the student nurse, you succeeded.
    But he knew more had to be done, in the form of “civil disobedience” and I completely agree with that objective.
    Thank you Stephen Gilbert and MIA

  • There is no such thing as artificial intelligence. We have not even as of yet come to definitions of the word “intelligence”. If man had a hand in designing something, it can only be superficial, not artificial. Of course those with no insight will welcome something termed ‘intelligence’. It is actually one of those comical inventions. But I do know a few that believe in this, because they don’t trust their own ability to make the ‘correct’ call. Now we know that all the calls ever made might have been incorrect. So all those MI diagnoses can thus be revoked because they were made by a man who is fallible and we now possess an infallible program. Wow, I remain impressed by the improvements being made by mankind to make us a great society. (smirk)

  • Hi Rosalee, Isn’t it amazing that you are experiencing their “hatred” for just being here? We can look back and remember the times we looked at ‘those people’, the ones who we thought of as MI, yet here we are discovering that we saw distress and we now know that if psychiatry can use their hate crimes on someone needing sleep, how much more hateful are they with those in visible distress.

    I don’t just see getting rid of psychiatry, I want to see them brought to trial for inflicting, infecting society with their pathogens. There are still some Psychiatrists who believe they are doing good or better, and have the public believing the crap that they spew. I honestly don’t care how much insight a shrink has, they still remain part of the problem. If he cannot get you out of the rabbit hole, if no lawyers are willing to step in, they all remain part of what psychiatry does for a living. And that guy that gives people a heart surgery, that ER doc, they all are part of the club. It’s sheer power exposes it’s danger. No entity should have this much power.

  • Yes he ‘kind of’ bypasses it Fiachra. There is always a part of me that does not understand WHY we have to be functional. Why do we have to be fixed up enough to work, play. This demand really leaves people MI. There are a lot of people who do not reach a ‘maturity’. What if it’s okay for people to experience whatever they experience? I mean, what if they tried psychiatry and then off they go to a ‘therapist’ and still feel like a failure because that is what they came to believe?
    I know for a fact that what I think people want from me, their expectations of me, I internalize it all. I don’t feel very adult a lot of the time, I doubt that I am. Yet I hate to feel pressure that I do not measure up to someone’s expectations of their or society’s version of maturity.

  • Rosalee and Boans, I am pretty sure that psychiatry is nervously laughing. They are not sure they will survive, because they are keeping evolution and knowledge people gain, power of people, us, the masses out of the possibilities.
    It is pompous for any society, and belief systems, to think they will continue to exist in some form of the same. Powers will always be, but psychiatry might one day itself experience a power over them. They already are experiencing it, why else are they having to dig their heels in so much.

  • Hi Sarah, I just randomly found an article on peerly, written by you.
    I then minutes ago went to email MIA to tell them of the wonderful article I found,
    but realized you were here all along. A real treasure.
    One of the last things one needs when the ‘hopeless feelings’ come, is psychiatry.
    I never felt more hopeless than realizing what exactly psychiatry is and does, but that was LONG ago, and I mostly spent my life running from them. Not because I had no insight, rather I had a lot of insight.
    I won’t tell you how they made me feel, but it was not them, it was the fact that someone, my society gave them ultimate power. A system built to control and keep in check the disorder they perceive.
    And yet, they have none. There is something psychiatry has not figured out despite creating drugs legally that are capable of causing suicide, destroying health, or longevity. Psychiatry can never rob a person of a few morsels of their own unique parts. It must be utterly frustrating for them to not be able to create anything other than games, manipulation and bad drugs.

    And because of that, I strongly agree with oldhead, psychiatry is completely and utterly damaging. I love his posts.
    And I appreciate you offering support and love your ‘travels’. Since nothing is static, growth, change is on a continuum……”if I knew then, what I know now”, although luckily, we remain the kids we were.

  • Hi Rosalee, you picked a real winner, the newby shrink who wanted to make an impression and started the psych conveyer belt. The more she diagnoses, the more popular she is with her colleagues and Pharma.
    Imagine how many people have dragged these labels around their whole lives, from childhood on. The crosses to bear.
    My daughter was in an advanced class, a learner and remember lol, so in her class, many went off to become doctors etc. We live in a blue collar neighbourhood, with me being a stay at home mom. Ours was the party house. All her friends lived in the “rich” area. All professional parents, who never allowed a big group of kids into their houses. When they were teens I saw their behaviour and could see who would be a medical person. They were generally uptight and coached from home. I cringed to think of them as looking after people. They had no clue about living with alcoholism, yelling parents, food fights. There was no disfunction in their homes, until the point that it actually becomes a disfunction, in that they have an inability to see or feel or understand, identify with an array of differences within people. This leads them to see everything else as disordered and they gain no insight. They THINK they understand, but they can never really feel it or put themselves in someone elses shoes. It is I think a very lonesome and alien world to them.
    Their idea of being crazy as kids or teenagers was having a drink or smoke a joint away from their houses. This made them feel that they accomplished something radical, yet they missed the boat.

  • Tim, I wish you a lot of luck. You realize the and recognize the difficulties. Really Tim, if you are even defeating the DSM within your own mind, and are helping people to see past the labels, help them see the labels as a mindless construct, through your truthful communication, then you are truly serving people. You are smart not to risk too much because people need a person like you. If you have to work within a system to help a few, then you have still accomplished a lot. Thanks Tim

  • Richard, you touched on an important topic, “bonding”. However, a shrink will then just use a counter argument that with the supposed MI, the ‘patient’ will have trouble in those areas, which we know is just going around in circles. Psychiatry only capable of going around in circles.
    A lot of kids/people will feel horrible about themselves simply from a diagnosis that tells them they are now apart from normal. And psychiatry softens the blow for them by saying that this does not mean they are crazy, but just a little damaged. That they have an illness that they cannot help, which further sends many into despair.
    It is akin to being the kid that kids laugh at, whisper about, exclude, and ALWAYS because the kid has different clothes, is shy or whatever the case may be. It is negative reinforcement.
    Interestingly, this study was for young women only. I guess it is because we tend to be neurotic.

  • markps2…..psychiatry betrays people in general. They teach people that what they are doing is in YOUR and society’s best interest. It is easier for our governments to adopt this than to look at the human rights aspects.

    I reiterate, any good system would never blacklist, coerce, stigmatize, drug, force, slip pills at people for behaviours that they are not a fault for. There are literally thousands of ways to create healthier, safer environments.

  • Researchers however cannot explain what exactly the drugs do. All they really know is that they screw around with the brain. The fact that they are virtually damaging the brain and the body is not admitted, nor will it ever be, because the trials would be endless.
    Only if we ever find out how brains work, could psychiatry be brought to trial. Basically psychiatry seems to want people without emotion, or negative emotion. Negative emotion is not normal and we have to spread that truth. We have to change nature. We have to make it function according to how psychiatry believes it should function. They really do know best, because they are the role models to what being normal is all about. They don’t like people with emotion, nor do they like them flat.
    They like a balance, just the way nature shows them balance. The way nature lets one tree die and it becomes the mulch that another tree feeds off.
    While we are at it, let’s nuke that hurricane, because therein lies the cure to the lack of order in nature or within evolution.
    Psychiatry is nothing more than dabbling, but with nature.

  • “Disease definitions change over time because of new scientific evidence. This is what has happened with addiction. We should embrace the new D.S.M. criteria and attack all the substances and behaviors that inspire addiction with effective therapies and support. (Markel, 2012).”

    This is the conformist audience. We should “attack” they say. They mention addiction. I have never seen the medical communities as a whole get together and battle the promoters of unhealthy substances.

    Is there not a humorist audience? The ones who find the DSM laughable?
    Some of us cannot believe in the DSM because of it’s non sensical nature.
    It is one of the ‘specialties’, where no doctor ever says they made a mistake and writes that down on a patient’s chart. No revoking of diagnosis, just add more on. The patient NEVER gets better, His brain cancer never goes away.
    The differences in people are seen as pathology. Every word a patient says is a reflection of pathology. Speaking of differences in brains, why does a young person go into psychiatry? Interest in people and their well being? Does psychiatry reflect that? An absolute NO. They went into it for a few reasons. One is, a lot of people just have to do something in life, so you choose, or go to what your brain gravitates to. Often students went into medicine but fail, so end up choosing psychiatry. I myself see psychiatry as nothing more than obsessional thinking and a deeply entrenched, unchangeable belief system. A lot of people suffer from this, not just in psychiatry. If not entrenched, why the stubbornness to admit failure?
    I once saw a psychiatrist briefly who must have been over 350 pounds. I sat there wondering about her affliction and she about mine.
    I could have been supportive of her overeating, her addiction, and lack of activity, without slapping a label on her or talking about her obesity as an MI. I would not look at her as a victim, nor as a failure within a norm, nor would I assume that she has full control, and that she chooses to be like that. It is not an illness.
    I would have gladly gone to psychiatrists, if not for their obsessions with the DSM. Just like freud, it really never resulted in anything more than making up garbage diagnosis and garbage treatments.
    It would have been wonderful to see psychiatry turn into a non judgmental specialty where IF people feel they need help, psychiatry could make that happen in a psych-social manner, where they try and help change the person’s environment. In general, few are interested in that area since it takes love of people across all spectrums and is frustrating due to the system created, the way mankind evolved, and it does not pay much.

  • Streetphotobeing.
    Why not write a personal experience on MIA regarding your experience and the man who was denied the medication prescribed to him by the medical system itself? Or try a local newspaper? Any vehicle to expose malpractice. Medicine as a whole needs to be exposed. Physicians should take up patient’s complaints that they were not given their pain meds in psychiatric units.
    I myself know someone that has severe (suicide) pain, which is ongoing because of a botched treatment, and another botched treatment that tried to correct the first botched treatment. She is/was a nurse, yet it was getting harder and harder for her to get drugs for her pain. She rationally opted for leaving earth, however she was discovered and rushed to ICU, then transferred to a psych ward, where no pain meds were given. She was absolutely abused, by withholding due care.
    We can say that the medical system as a whole is responsible for not ensuring that people in Psych do not get their meds.

    Slavery took 200 years to abolish, and that with protests, deaths, abuse, escape.
    Honor killings still exist in some areas and our system would abhor honor killings, yet honor killings are nothing more than a killing through not agreeing with the victim’s behaviour. Witches are no longer burned at the stake, and homosexuals lived in fear and isolation, or prisons for eons.

    There was a beginning to these abuses and a slow eradication. Education is paramount in the exposure of abuse. It is when people give up, that change does not happen. Sooner or later people of influence within this nutty system might be embarrassed enough not to become vocal or act.

    We need to address the medical schools, government, and put forth the malpractice being TAUGHT and practiced. It should be taught and a requirement for a psychiatrist, that he cannot withhold prescribed meds, nor allow a patient to suffer through withdrawal from street meds and that correct medical withdrawal protocol be followed when a patient suffers from addiction. Neither should anyone be subjected to enforced medication and if a patient is a danger to others, real proof should be given such as footage. Shouting and distress is not proof of being a danger to others.
    The system that exists now is riddled with human rights violations. That violation begins with seeing behaviour as something to be controlled or abused. Human rights organizations, lawyers, the UN are busy being fearful, and psychiatrists that agree with us are keeping mum.
    For any changes to happen, it always begins with the public. I have done a tiny bit by talking to anyone around me. The apathy from my own spouse is astounding, however my kids are not that way, and neither will their kids be.
    I do know for a fact that education is not for nothing. Psychiatry spread their religion, and with a lot of lies. Our job is to spread the truth about psychiatry and the medical system in general.
    As it is right now, doctors are complaining and grumpy that they no longer are respected as they were years ago. Translated it means we are no longer fearful of them and no, we do not respect authoritarian behaviour within a system that is supposed to help people, especially if it is laced with lies, innuendos, coercion and force or threats. They exposed themselves and is WHY it is becoming more public. It is not JUST the ‘MI’ that see what is happening.

  • Oh no, Rachel777, we are not monsters, we are mentally ill. A good line in psychiatry “you’re not crazy, who said you are crazy? Do you think you’re crazy?”

    Oh and be very careful to mention certain words, well those words could be anything really, but if you sit there and say nothing, that will also mean something, and if you make idle chat, that also means something. I wish they had a little booklet of words or sentences one can say.

    Why would they be so predictable? It really is a joke, I wish they did not take themselves so seriously. If not for that, shrinks could learn to have fun with people other than shrinks. My GP says it is easy to spot a shrink in med school. Must be why they spot so many MI’s.

  • Stephen, you are so right. Doctors go into medicine because of the stuff their brains like, and ability to sit still and study, ability for recall and regurgitation. Obviously as the toddler trudges through life and during highschool the pressure is on to select our futures. Often it is simply a decision that parents and kid make, but the making of it started in grade school. It can be a kind of programming mixed with ability and money.
    Many really don’t like their jobs, certainly very few love it.
    We all know that medicine lacks greatly, would be doctors at 18, had no clue. Now to boot, medicine has married with psych, so whatever ails you that cannot be fixed has an element of “ANXIETY”, or psychosomatic illness or whatever the latest catch word is.
    It’s a win win. We have zero ability to help you, so let’s make it seem brain related, which as you know IS a science.
    I do have an issue with a lot of people employed within medicine that have HUGE problems, anger and they take it out on patients.
    The whole business of MI, the behaviours and pain are displayed very much so by the very people who are part of ‘care’. Every move made within medicine and psychiatry is simply because they can.

  • I don’t think age is important since I cannot look back and have no clue what I missed. However, those left miss us, but they miss us no matter at what age we go.
    The grief sets in though when you look back and see what or who was responsible for bad health and lack of QOL, or early demise.

  • Surprising that people do better being accepted with all their weirdness and not seen as a pathology. Every bit of evidence points to psychiatry as a failure and worse, as a harm. I went to ER and the doctor informed me that Psychiatry is a science. Well how the heck does anyone respond to that? Funny when they say that, they are waiting for something, a response? A recognition? Psychiatry is not only not science, but a bag of wishful thinking that they hope people keep buying. There is only ONE single way they can keep business going and that is to view all behaviour and talk as a deviation from the norm, the norm they created.

  • Michael,
    I have been introspective, or self reflective. There have been benefits but also drawbacks, and is one of my reasons that I am not for exposing kids too early that something is ‘wrong’ with them.
    Talk therapy can be harmful, self talk also.
    Our self talk can often be the result or most likely is from early years of being focused on, either by family or by peers in the school environment. It is my belief that kids have to be caught early and diverted, involved, but without the child feeling as if they are being singled out.
    And THAT is very difficult to do, because adults go help the child or teenager in a ‘therapeutic’ manner, and kids are very clever, too clever. Kids are born with this awareness to sense danger, and nothing scarier than others seeing you as ‘wrong’. It causes people to go inwards, knowing the people who judge are not right, but still looking inside to make sense of it all. In fact it ends up that the young take on other people’s garbage, on top of their own, and ends up creating a lot of anxiety for kids.
    Anxiety caused by others, including psychiatry.
    It is disgusting and again it should be a human rights issue regarding food drugging. I guess the only way to prove it is to bag some of it up and get a friend from the outside to get it analyzed in a lab lol.
    And then send the results to the head chief.
    I don’t put it past them to do this, because they are not the most honest people and have to use deceit, which is kind of a good thing because it only continues to expose them.
    It is after all their game playing, dishonest and deceitful practice that has people talking about it more and more. They really are not so clever after all.
    I remember one of my daughter’s friends whose parents owned big business, invited us to use their island as a thank you for me having looked after their child. And inside their cabin was a book titled “how to manipulate people……..” My jaw dropped and I realized that they might possibly be thinking that they are manipulating me, possibly their gifting was after all, a game. And I thought to myself that they were not bright enough to realize that it can go both ways. So in the manipulation game, no one is ever wise enough as to who exactly is the manipulator and it is a lousy way to live. Just as the book I saw on their shelf, so it is within psychiatry. It cannot possibly be a satisfying way of life for them, to constantly try and control or manipulate. In fact it is a very paranoid way to exist and to do that for a living is rather kind of sad. The shrinks probably are okay doing this, but trust me, the psych business is an unhappy environment for employees who have to hide their dishonesty, and go back into community where it follows them.
    It cannot ever be a satisfying job for them where they can reflect and be proud of their service.

  • I don’t even feel like entertaining this article. I would like to see all those PHD’s that ‘question’ the “epidemic”, to actually risk their jobs and begin serious outcry against bogus psychiatry.
    I’m not even entertaining “lyme disease” because then we are agreeing with the teachers/behaviourists that the behaviour of the child has some Illness, that in fact their behaviour is wrong. Psychiatrist love it when people go digging for physical disease, often you won’t find one and have to accept that the behaviour is THE disease.
    We can always check our kids for lyme or whatever else, WITHOUT letting anyone know we are doing it because the kid is exhibiting behaviours that someone thought were odd.
    Psychiatry HAS to concede that even in the far future there will not be tools or blood tests that prove anything to them or society that their MI, is an illness. The tests might show similarities or exact likenesses in two people with their “bi polar”, as opposed to the “normal” brain. But then, the onus is on them to say that 1) the difference shown is an illness, and 2) that it HAS to be drugged. No one with heart disease HAS to be drugged. If you have a communicable disease, you are either quarantined or given pills to clear up the spread. I can’t say that hearing voices or silly behaviour is catchy.

    I don’t give a hoot if a woman is running down the hall naked. We always use severe comparisons to prove the ‘science’ of MI.

    IF we let this continue, they will indeed identify a gene, they will keep trying to change others. This is a UN problem, unless they have well behaved kids and don’t care if THOSE other kids get drugs.
    We have to do our parts in the neighbourhood, educate our kids before they have children, in the same way we warn them about predators.

  • We need a study once more to support psychiatry. Big pharm studies on the backs of the poor, and in the minds and stomachs of them and their children. Let us not feed them, not make their situation better. Give them a label, feed them pills for their bad adjustments to their situation and go home to our pharma funded houses and tell our kids how mentally ill some people are.

  • Hi Eric. A good ‘heads up’, for the antipsyciatry folks who thing other therapies might be the answer. In my search I came across this practice. I know it was out of pocket, and expensive and there were X number of sessions and tuneups required. I do know it changed my brain, but not for the better. I have no idea how it changed. I do remember that the guy who checked my brain first said I have seizures every 3 seconds :)))). After I don’t know how many sessions, I was walking and all of a sudden started having involuntary ticks on one side of my lip. Similar to ones occasional eye twitches, but steady. I quit then and there. I was frightened of it to start with but desperate. I should have followed my instinct.
    Neurology wants to get involved and psych wants it. It IS DANGEROUS, since it plays with the brain in unseen ways and in fact might be far worse than drugs without any proof of damage. After all, how can you prove damage in an area that no one knows anything about? Generally people do not have the insight to understand that a spect scan means nothing. Brain waves mean nothing. It is simply experimental, and not even a science. A neurologist that I went to see for pain, told me 30 years ago that the scanners to be developed 500 years from now, are already obsolete.

    I knew then that I had a clever neurologist, one who would never trust science, drugs until all was known and not experimentation disguised as knowledge. Thing is the brain is funny, it knows it was changed, but it has no knowledge how, and how many parts it has affected. Once you screw around with it, you are playing with fire.

  • Eric you did a fine job of writing, since I am completely able to read without boredom, and most of all, I can identify with it on all levels, and your writing is filled with common sense in a nonsense system.
    I really would like to see a book written by you about the candle incident. Now we are all left hanging, in suspense.
    Perhaps if you had said that your preferred occupation would be to become a psychiatrist, it would have seemed to your therapist to be a very reasonable, noble, full of insight, non grandiose idea.
    What you/we go through is a kind of insanity that has zero to do with us. The actual insanity resides in the zookeeper, not the pacing tigers. But that is common knowledge.
    A lot of MI patients are very intimidating to the staff that oversees them, and not due to anything other than the patient having insight into the fragility of a system that they/the staff keep defending. “they cannot hold a candle to you”…..good title for your upcoming book?

  • My son works as a student support for an alternative school. His job requires him to pick the kid/kids up to bring them to their school. Just the other day he went to pick up a child in a low income neighbourhood, and as he parks in front of the side by side house, a van pulls up behind him. A teenage girl jumps out of the van and frantically pounds on his car window. My son rolls down the window and the girl says “my brother is beating up me and my gram, call 911”. So my son calls 911 and as he is on the phone, the son who is in the house, slams his head through the glass window. My son is still talking to 911 and 911 heard the shattering of the window. Then the family gets into the van and my son says they are leaving, so 911 asks my son to get the licence which my son did. My son was just hoping that his kid wasn’t going to come to his car while all this was going on. He then proceeded to get his kid to take him to school. My son said someone obviously HAD to intervene, as people were at risk. I asked how old the person in distress was and it appeared to be a teen, maybe 14 but big for his age. No one had an alternative, and we know where he is going to deal with his distress. The only place a teen should ever wind up is in a safe place without drugs. If he is aggressive, they could easily put him in a safe room. I absolutely disagree with forced drugs. In so many people’s lives the acting out in anger is either frustration or street drugs or a combo. You can’t solve it by more drugs. It needs intervention but not a violence (which forced drugging is) in return. It is nothing more than temporary and does nothing to keep anyone safe. It should definitely be a human rights concern. To be a teen and be so frustrated and angry, and with his mind still growing, society can’t just drug and pretend the problem goes away. It could get much worse. The money spent could be spent in much better ways.
    My son tells me that some foster parents make 9,000 per month for a high needs kid. Why? It lures pretend do gooders to foster. Why not spend that money and pay a trained person to work from inside the kid’s home? Pulling families apart most often just results in more pain. The systems in place are aware it fails, so why stick to it without change? The sign of insanity is doing the same crap over and over, even though it is not working. Kids/adults are poisoned by drugs and diagnosis only to end up on disability which again is funded. Our whole system is designed for failure. That teen who pounded his head through the window, now has a good description of being “unpredictable”. But that is only ONE part of him. The other parts are not looked at and fostered. So it always becomes about treating the unwanted thing, but not about bringing out the desired to the forefront, yet psychiatry touts neuroplasticity and create drugs that kill that ability. It is an ABSOLUTE that nothing is stagnant. They have the ability to make it better for people, but they lack insight into human experience and everything in it’s path becomes a pathology. If reasoning exists, a psychiatrist would have the insight into problems. His lack of options, show how narrow his views are. Psychiatry adopts rigid behaviour and I am really starting to believe that it is because of an inability to think and create without pathologizing. To be rigid in thought, creates rigid societies, that stay the way they are despite evidence that people suffer. Psychiatry needs to either go away or become human enough to realize that we really cannot overpower others nor label them as somehow being faulty, because looking for fault has no end within a society where each one of us is deeply unique. Psychiatry knows that to pretend that they are the sane who need to suggest that the opposite of them is “sick’, is a sick and grandiose view.

  • Hi Michael. I realize an old article, but had to comment. As I have reached just past 60 years, and have reached major crossroads, I get to contemplate a lot. But then, I have contemplated for years, and spent many hours researching to try and figure myself out. I spent my childhood with what I am going to determine to be “avoidant disorder”. Now I realize to get a ‘proper’ diagnosis I should go to an analyst, but then I could never really figure me out, as difficult as that can be. Trust me, I have done much diligent work, no flaky stuff involved. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say that my early existence was painful and as if living within a dark cloud. And it is still painful, but rather feel badly for that child. I read up on AVD and it recommended talk therapy and I can guarantee that is the very LAST thing a child needs. I once saw a tiny flicker of light when I was 14 years old, but was exposed to the possibility of going to a beach, and I returned into my shell and left that program. I was never diagnosed. A doctor did offer my mom a stint at a psych ward to give me cold packs and you know, the rest of it. I escaped that, and continued to escape. I became a master at pretense, only to go home into “brooding”. I tried therapy. I learned one thing. Never disclose your truths, someone will call you crazy, or AVD. I knew enough within myself that life is simply not as simple as a one size fits all. Kids feel shame and get frustrated that no one helps them. It’s a great way to start disliking oneself and projecting. A kid really knows what is up, and he also knows that adults are nuts, and that often the help that adults give, is purely from them THINKING they understand, which comes from their own pasts, education, and theories of others, theories about themselves or human behaviour in general. Just today I looked up “sanctuaries for MI”, and I came up with some in England and after I looked at the website a tad, I saw that “by law they are required to report to the gods of MI”. How can a little shame ridden avoidant child know the dangers of psychiatry or others who proclaim to help? Trust. Yes that is helpful, putting your faith in someone. But the person has great instinct in recognizing that generally people cannot, are not able to be in complete acceptance mode and in turn can never unload. Right now I sit at this crossroad where I think I am experiencing my early years, and that thought or possibility just came to me. The only thing missing is my nervous rashes. I crave sanctuary, yes that is it. It is also affecting my 30 year marriage or it is affecting me, while at this junction. Not his fault, no one’s fault, it just is. I will deal with it, I always have, or escape it, or search. Even in all my pain, my loneliness, I have been lucky. I have after 50 years been able to sometimes not feel overwhelmed by ugly. To look back of the waste is actually quite sad but also funny. I cannot go there, even though I indulge in self pity. I was NOT a pathology, I don’t care how ‘sick’ I was, or if any shrink reads this, he would say I still am. Well I cannot be sick until I step into the doors of a shrink, I know, because I was shown the ink blots. They really don’t look like anything other than someone poured ink on a paper and folded it in half. But I thought about what he wanted me to say. And that is the big problem, what does a therapist want you to say.

    Which brings me to you and your client. You decided to sit and envision. And I maintain that if a therapist is willing, his clients can indeed help fix him, which might help the client and empower them.
    One thing I really would like therapists to learn about kids is that kids need diversion from the source of shame, not exploring into it. The child knows not where it came from. All exposure should be gentle, with successes. Asking for a burger at a take out, I could not do it. There is no point in talking to me to get over it. Medication for someone riddled with anxiety would be useless. No child should ever be medicated. Btw, I went to my first restaurant when I was 23. I raised myself and did a crap job mostly, but a heck of a lot better than any psychiatrist could have done. And yes I realize, I should see one and that I most likely lack insight which they have, yet here I am longing to give them my insight because I lived it.

  • Hi Elizabeth, late reply, and probably not reading. I know that invisible feeling. I have lived it all my life, and will die that way. Society does not allow me to disclose. If we disclose, a story is created by the listener that has zero to do with us. So I walk around hiding, because disclosing will result in persecution. No one can ever really know me, yet they believe they do. I accepted and at the same time fought this, from a young age. We can be crazy as fruitcakes but as long as we don’t let anyone see or hear, most are happy with that.

  • I honestly do not buy into labels. If we label someone as psychopathic, instead we could name the acts themselves. Cruelty, abuse, mean, angry, minimizing…….If cruelty or unawareness needs a label, what do we label psychiatry? I have seen abusive parents realize after many years what they did. Psychiatry never comes to realizations. Parents who are nasty, have lack of skills, and often suffered under their parents. Pychiatry just continues the abuse. They could easily put an end to it by education to both parents and kids. Labels and meds continues cycles.

  • I am happy that you are serving people in an improved manner. I suppose if they/them, the people, are going to be ‘sick’ or ‘ill’ or affected, then better help is better than crappy help…..I can comfortably say that if someone walked up to me today and offered me ten billion to endorse the DSM, I would have to do something not nice. The DSM is trash and to support it’s lies in whatever shape or form, is not right. People either buy it or not. Bottom line is, we can have distress and even be kept in safe places, WITHOUT the DSM. Without extreme pills. If someone wants pills, great. If they think incarceration is a plus, great. But the pills are lies. It would be absolutely possible to say “this person (not patient) is having fears, hallucinations, anxiety, they are distressed, they are self harming……” etc, without EVER using a label, without ever putting them on drugs. And if drugs are offered, the truth should be told about the drugs, such as, “this drug will give you a slow lobotomy” and on and on. The “billing” is forcing acceptance of garbage people do not want to accept. Before getting a ‘diagnosis’, again people should be informed. The shrink should say, “we can bill this to insurance and the diagnosis will become you, within laws, family, court cases, medical help and that stigma will follow you”……I cannot support any practice or any therapy where people are never completely informed…..Psych sentences people to lifelong garbage.

  • Someone Else. Doctors gossip like little girls. LOL we still live in the 1800’s. We are now caught in a storm of deception. That deception is “research”. Research into “quality in healthcare”. The research into that looks like this. “we propose that if we cut off a persons leg without giving them opioids, it might reduce their quality of life”………”we propose” and “the study in quality of healthcare will conclude in 10 years”, “whereupon we will commence the second study”……..”{researchers in critical psychiatry ‘proposed’ that some patients might not get the intended effect from their psych drugs”. I get upset at even thinking what society I live in….. OHHH I should not say that, it’s negative thinking, I better do some mindfulness training or some pills that dull my “hyperawareness”