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  • Thank you for the heartfelt tribute.
    A great loss for a lot of people. These drugs do things to the whole body, and no scientist
    can tell you exactly what gets damaged, and so they should not use a drug where they have no clue about it’s effects and turn to denying the harms people report.

    He did a lot of good, that is what is important in life.

  • The DSM is nothing more than slapping people with labels which will stay with them lifelong, resulting in becoming persecuted and abused by the very systems that labeled them.

    Every person should be warned about seeking help, because what most people want is support, the right supports and that is the last thing you will find in psychiatry or many therapies.

    You are better off being your own guide, much better. It could save your life, or make it a better quality.

  • Wow Lynne, just wow and thank you.
    People will read this and take heed, tread carefully. You have saved someone from
    going down that rabbithole and I am glad that you also mentioned “talk therapy”.
    So many drank from the koolaid and kill, maim innocent vulnerable people.

    People often go to talk therapy after psych has harmed, and then the therapists harm further.
    Few people have the skill to get into a real relationship with others.

    It DEFINITELY will not be psychiatry. If you are sad, lonely, angry ect, DO NOT GO TO PSYCHIATRY and be VERY CAREFUL before going to ANYONE that was “trained”.

  • Thank you Helle for the blog.
    Psychiatry has everything to lose, so they will not change. Because, it opens that pandora’s box and gets uglier and uglier.
    Most people stop at “wanting to see psychiatry change”. And what should they do if not give pills? Nothing. They are useless to consumers, but more so, very damaging. They are the stigmatizers by handing out the labels. There you go, you get a label for crying.
    Or talking, or smiling. For anything really.

    Then you get thrown drugs, bad drugs, which every SINGLE person will find out at some point, are harmful.

    Peter walks his road because he is a man that will NOT go along with the lies.

    Psychiatry is a weak rag. If ever it looked like their floor might buckle, they would try and make themselves look good.

    For now, it is most important that people get the word out and no matter how crappy life gets, be careful WHOM you talk to, and certainly not one single psych or psych nurse. Most have drank the koolaid.

    You and Peter, and patients are huge threats, why else the resistance? We are becoming threats to regular medicine too, very much so.

    Once we know the BS, we are a threat. Does that remind you of a time long ago, where “treason” and “heresy” got you punished and isolated or killed?

    Psych is absolutely nothing more than a government service. It is not a citizen service.

    If you hope for a change or reform, please think again.

  • How silly of people to believe that these concocted chemicals fix something. Psychiatry stopped, continues to stop progress. The biggest progress they stopped was thinking. Just like a cult, people stop wondering and thinking. Real medicine has conveniently hopped on the psych train, it gets rid of their responsibilities.
    Drug companies are dirty, granted. BUT, who doles out the drugs, willingly. Doctors regularly PUSH their patients to see psych, because they know that psych will ALWAYS give a label, which is then used against the person. It’s a perfect marriage, business partners.

    It has zero to do with real medicine.

  • We all die with the labels given. Thanks to the “anti stigma” psychiatry.
    Glad you got your article out, because all I care about is educating even one or two people so they will never fall into the trap of psych and their goodies.
    Psychiatry is a cult, nothing clinical or medical about it.
    “mental health” has become the cult to replace other cults or exist together.

    It’s not important to change the world. It is important to keep just one person away from the mental industry.

    You cannot change cult thinking overnight. It just kind of weakens, then something else fills its shoes.

  • Nice to see that you escaped but I do believe we have to choose our language carefully and “mental health or wellness” is starting to annoy me.
    These are all words that play right into psych, so why use them?

    Also there was a time I bought the “trauma informed” and “what happened to you”, but as with everything, it keeps the power in the hands of the therapists, listeners, or psych.

    There are FEW people who can hold a conversation with another, and not jump to using language that draws a line between the “well and the unwell”.

    Perhaps it’s time athletes constantly use words that define the weaker person? If I go to an athlete and cry about my weak state, him asking me “what happened to you” is only going to make me feel worse.
    However, if we chatted without him pointing out how damaged I am, I might gain the confidence needed.

  • So if you have life stuff to deal with, this is called a relapse?
    If a shrink is upset in traffic, or by the death of a family member, or by a burnt meal, or by the dog tripping him….is he relapsing? What if he has one thing after another happen, and it gets him in a slump, is he relapsing?

    Perhaps you should tell the “decompensating” language folks to fuck off, get yourself a job at anywhere else but the decompensated Mental cult.

    They are fucked up people. It’s not healthy to see mental problems in others, and judge them.

  • Sean. WAY TO GO! Stubborn is the best trait to have. Of course you will
    be with label all your life.
    In the end, you know and you know that they know. And you can be assured that
    it pisses them off.
    In fact, we are ALL suspect in the shrinks eyes. His paranoia and his job make him HAVE to adhere to the cult.
    That is really all there is to it. No such thing as a “mental health” system.

  • My very sincere condolences and thank the universe for people like Jane, as well as yourself.
    It is indeed a constant struggle when more and more not just the “mental health” world, but medicine in general has become about power, which is the very completely inane opposite of anything resembling health.

    Their quest to be in power is very illuminating as far as “mental health” goes.

  • It’s really all in the label.
    It’s just a discrimination procedure and has ZERO to do with health.

    If you look at me and decide I’m mentally ill or disordered, well what can I do about it? And how should I prove myself not to be?
    Obviously I could never prove anything and why should I?

    Complete weirdos in every which way so they want to exert power to say that it’s not them, but others.


  • Well obviously according to psychiatry, to not agree with them is a sign of mental illness. I think the majority of shrinks are actually that ignorant, and to be that ignorant is so dangerous. They have no ability to think beyond what is fed to them, and it remains a cult which most of actual medicine has found to be very convenient.

    It’s downright scary how ignorant we are until we experience.

    A shrink knows he has complete control over you and your life, simply by saying that magic word, “mental illness” or “disorder”.

    Sad that such a bunch of yahoos will take jobs to make themselves feel better, at the cost of kicking the down and out. Just a bunch of losers.

  • Thank you Irit, may his words and passions live on in those he inspired and in those who have yet to read his writings and get to know about his endurance which never wavered.

    His was a life well lived because he did escape psychiatry. The only reason for his long survival was knowing and resisting.

  • Thanks for the story Susan.
    I do think that you had enough sense to see that going for help to those
    who contributed to your harm was not safe and so you looked for a way out.
    Sometimes it really is the only thing left.
    I believe strongly in having the last say and certainly that is not possible when dealing with doctors.

  • As one who has experienced this, I have come to the conclusion that it is best to plan ahead. Never again will I be in a position where the doctor is the authority, the abuser, and yes it is abusive to write things that are slanderous. They do this because it is now accepted practice. You will even hear words such as “it is my professional opinion” and “opinions” seem to be ethical medical stuff even though they are lies and innuendos.

    I guess it shows their unprofessionalism rather than professionalism.

    Downright pathetic and I have spoken to many Adults who have their future lives not dependent on that garbage.

  • Most shrinks are not competent and are simply in a position of power and all those who work under them are equally pulled into their world of incompetency and resulting actions.

    That is why second “opinions” and tribunals matter not for someone trying to get unlabeled.
    They operate under a fear and control system, where seldom a shrink has the guts to stand up to the ludicrous sentencing.

    There is nothing “mentally healthy” about shrinks, nor about their power. The very last place you should seek help is from those that are callous and manipulating but too stupid to know it.

  • “Although coping with trauma is important, it is also necessary to address the social factors that lead to a traumatic experience to prevent PTSD and complex trauma, increase well-being and quality of life, and promote social justice.”

    The shit that happens to people is so complex and reactions are usually simply the muck that got heaped on top of muck. That muck from others in a power position, does not result in some “pathology” in the victim, no matter the “symptoms”.

    Instead of “symptoms” we can use the word “reaction”. A perfectly normal reaction if you shake out of fear.
    The pathology is within the people who exert their power to cause more shaking.

  • Well SE, I’ll be long gone before we see change.

    In the meantime, many shrinks are quite aware, they are being schooled, yet stubborn as heck. NOTHING can be done about that stubborn personality.

    Ever look at a shrinks behaviour?

    I once said to a doc not long ago. “you know you’ve got me, just because you can, not because of any other reason, and we both know that you have the kind of personality where your power does not bother you in the least and most likely never will”…..and I walked out.

  • Thanks Robert Whitaker.

    Soteria actually “works”. It produces positive results. We can say that the mind numbing drugs really are not “working”, unless one calls seizing a brain, “working”.

    The media, being pushed by psychiatry would of course report even one “bad outcome” within Soteria, and not mention the overall good outcome.

    The media, being fearful of powers that be, do not report on the bad outcomes that happen within psychiatry.
    The outcomes are horrific and should not pass for “mental healthcare”.

    The settings people need for recovery are just not offered, even though in the long run are cheaper, kinder, make sense, save lives, enrich lives, families, society.

    Governments are lied to by psychiatry, are brainwashed or just don’t want to man up and stand up.

    It is easy, it would be easy to make psychiatry accountable, but so far, everyone just finds it easier to not act.

    Psychiatry and governments are in exactly the same boat as the church and government were. It will always be this way until people become more educated or until something drastic happens to throw a wrench in the industry that that feeds off the vulnerable population.

  • I LOVE this Charlotte.
    You were/are pretty insightful and perhaps you should consider getting this out as far and wide as possible.

    There are lots of people being trained in all these false ideas and they go on to hurt people/teens who are already in a bind.

    Your message is HUGELY important.

    Parents need to hear this. Congrats on a job well done writing for MIA.

  • Grace I am really very sorry how you got caught. Quite innocently like millions of others.

    What I do hope so much for you is to research as much as possible, for anything that might help. If there is money, perhaps travel to a country where you can receive genuine support and nutrition. You don’t have to tell your family why you are leaving.

    But before you travel, make sure you have connections that are genuine.

    You also don’t want to share your psych experience with ANY medical people, even regular doctors, in other countries.
    They cannot be trusted, no matter how kindly they sound.

    I REALLY wish for some recovery from the damage psychiatry did and no, media is not interested, mostly because the owners, editors are all scared of backlash.

    Psychiatry sits and waits for opportunity to undermine people who might get in their way. Even though psych causes masses amount of injury, broken families and lost lives, they like the public to believe they save lives.

    It is a powerful cult. Absolutely NOTHING medical about psychiatry.
    They have no business handing out drugs.

  • Katel,
    You are legally being abused. In a way, perhaps you are lucky because you can see it.
    Imagine being part of that human design where you are too ignorant to see.
    Each time someone treats you like you are the something they said you were/are, they revert back to their childhood days.
    It is cemented in and nothing can change their mind unless they get educated by experience.

    Honestly people have to have been there to have insight.

    Now that I am older I am floored by what nonsense we engage in for the measly 100 years we live here.
    Then poof, we are NEVER to return.

    You were obviously NOT speaking to anyone holistically minded lol.
    You were speaking to a regular shrink disguised as something new and novel but who was loaded with the prejudices he grew up with.
    And I DO think they grew up with them, and the field of psychiatry is simply what they were drawn to to excercise and hone that attitude more.
    It’s not even done purposefully. It is a nature thing.

    As far as real medical doctors, they have become control freaks, mean and nasty. They have zero patience and each person has to not speak their mind, but rather just you better co-operate with the doc.

    They now take it for granted that they are in power.
    Talk about “personality disorders”.

  • Perhaps if you were not in a job where you see what you see from the people who are sent to you, from the psych and medical industry, perhaps you might not take something called an AD.

    Are you more sensitive than the fellow shrink or doc? And does that sensitivity get you down when exposed to the travails of absurdities? Is that reaction to be treated?
    There are billions of people quite okay with what they see or do.
    Are they something called mentally healthy?

  • Thanks Peter.
    You are saving lives.
    Not just one physical life, but lives where the whole family and friends are told lies and everyone suffers. Psychiatry leaves such misery behind, and then they close their doors.

    Life is hugely complicated and since the dawn of time we have those who take over. There will always be people who make others lives miserable or more than it was.

    I know there are many who read these stories, accounts, and shrug, or worse, just won’t believe it.

    But many do understand or are curious enough to find out, or recognize it when they witness psych at work….and more do every day.

    It is hugely important work you have done and continue to do.

  • Agreed Lauren.
    And really, to be truly informed, any prescriber should direct people to the forums where people have to get help and support online in order to get off…BEFORE prescribing.

    And kids, well, no one’s head and body should be hit with a sledgehammer, before they have reached the age of complete development.

    In kids Being agreeable and docile, and not trouble is not a sign of “mental wellness”.
    My neighbour is finally drugging her cats for the peeing in the house and it’s working. So they are more lethargic, not peeing as much.

  • You do NOT “medicate” or “talk” kids out of traumas, sensitivities, different “personalities”.

    You DO stuff with the kid and take the focus OFF the child. The “focus” is most often the problem and it’s next to impossible to escape the focus.
    In fact, the child learns to FOCUS on itself.

    There would be no money in a “therapist” taking a child out of the pissy environment, and by “taking out”, it can mean just putting in place a decent and relaxed or fun person to let the child relax. Whether it’s in the home or out.

    So talk therapy became a money maker.
    What will bring me joy and my focus off myself? An hour at 150 bucks, or someone going on a camping trip with me, cooking, doing whatever one does in life. And throughout the doing, one talks or chatters and gets wisdom tidbits that over time replace the weird stuff.

    Sorry but just because there are a LOT of messed up, mixed up, children and adults, does not mean that our methods are a good thing.
    They are not. It is business.

    Not your fault. Humans are basically shitty at helping other humans. It is just not lucrative when doing things that actually help.

    It means new schools, it means in home parental support in the manner of in the moment actions and demonstrations, not just advice.
    It is not a money maker.

  • What is a six year old doing in your office? To talk to her?
    A six year old should never be in an office, she should be going for walks, playing, whatever she likes to do, not what the adult thinks she needs. And “observing” a child while she is playing and spinning stories about that observation is sheer privilege. To completely immerse yourself while with the child until you forget you are the “observationist” is what is healing.
    Just like yourself, I’m sure you did not like to be “observed” by other shrinks, as to how you run your business. Because they would deem it abnormal.
    Talking to kids about their traumas is not healing. It is easy and monetarily sustainable to bring the child to a building.

    If the DSM is not the bible, what is it then? How do you use it?

    What are medications and where do you use them, how do they work? If psychiatrists use drugs, they must know the mechanisms of drugs, what part of the brain the issue is, and if that drug “addresses” the found issue.

    Sorry but you cannot reform psychiatry.
    Bottom line is, empathy does not mean that the practice of psychiatry is fixed.

  • I think we all know that Brittany was under psychiatry, more so than under conservatorship.
    So I fully understand that life inside her mansion was not pretty.
    Psychiatry can make one pretty fed up.

    And we know that ALL of medical now practices psychiatry so basically there is no need for shrinks.
    Shrinks just make it “legal”. Illegal garbage done by laws psychiatry set.

    Call someone defective or ill of the head and that is all you need. No need for proof.

    “treason”. All their DSM labels say “treason”

  • Ted, this is great. You have been at this a long time and we are all very lucky that you never
    wavered from your position.

    Brittany is a perfect example of psychiatry at work. I am glad it’s out there and even if there is a “woke” media person, they could not voice against the propaganda.
    To speak against psychiatry is treason.

    It really is exactly like the middle ages, except more lose their heads.

    Whether you chop my head or drug it and take away my rights to live here on earth, treated like a piece of shit, it’s all the same.

    Psychiatry simply gets run by a bunch of dumb asses that will not give up their power, even though that power is available to them for a measly 50 years max.
    It’s rather funny to think of a bunch of men and women using their time to ruin lives.

    The buttons are great, and I think you should send Brittany a bunch.

    Thanks Ted.

  • No such thing as “recovered” in psychiatry.
    Once a defective person, ALWAYS defective.
    That yoke will follow you to the end of your life.
    You can NEVER be exonerated by the psych gods, ever.
    Or even by the health system. Forever, all your physical
    pain will be seen through the lens of someone mental.

    They really don’t believe this, but it sure eases, makes an overrun doctor
    have less work if he uses the psych excuse.

  • Michael and Ayurdhi, great interview and Michael
    is addressing one of my pet peeve words “resilience” in
    a rational common sense manner.
    Wisdom is impossible to teach, we either see the complexities
    or we don’t.
    And the majority just don’t even stop to think about the very
    complex things that make up humans and anxieties.

    So many therapists and shrinks become fixated on THE person.
    Many that rightfully throw away “diagnosis” by psychiatry, get fixated
    on “trauma” instead.
    The real issue is that many people get retraumatized over and over
    by the powers that are in their lives.
    In fact it is often a completely inescapable place.

    I had been away from my residence for many months and when I opened my mail,
    I was sent a research study regarding a program for people with chronic disease. which
    I had attended.
    In the long letter explaining how they use my information and also how they don’t “identify” you.
    Well duh, if you give my information a number, I am still identifiable.

    Now it had the number of the research doctor and the "research ethics board".

    I called because there was nothing ethical about assuming that i gave my consent. It ended up being a long conversation.
    I wondered if I left my neighbour a note telling him I wanted to borrow a cup of sugar, and if I did not hear from him in a week that I would assume I could let myself in to take the sugar.

    Now first of all, there is nothing ethical about assumptions, but what it also did is just continue the cycle of the medical communities power over me, WHICH has indeed been traumatic, so it is the ongoing environments that governments allow, where others have power over you.
    And the arguing about these rights is also traumatic, it's no skin off their nose.

    Now the person I was talking to was a young woman, who is not informed about life, or me.
    It's a lot like going to CBT "therapy" and have young people guiding older hurting souls in the program.
    It's really insulting.
    The term "shared decision making" is a term the various communities made up to make it seem as if we have voices. Also "advocacy teams", another silly endeavour.

  • I think most people don’t realize that it is mentally unhealthy to even ever see a shrink. The very act of being “assessed” as a human, should make all of us barf.

    So if you really want anything that looks like health, stay far away. I mean look around. Anyway, each to his own, find out the hard way just how much more mentally OR physicallyu healthy you will get.

  • Well Katel, we know that even if they knew, it would not make a difference. The ONLY time anything changes is if they know that those who matter, found out the sham.
    If it looks like their practice is in danger, you would see an about face about as far away from their original positions as can be.
    Their truth is simply what they can get away with. Period. We should never even ask for science, because they can easily fool politicians. It is pretty obvious now.

    Such sheisters, the lot of them.

  • Thanks Les.

    First of all we have to establish what impaired function is. The first thing a doctor does is send victims to either a neurologist or psychiatrist.
    Neither of them knows the problem, and most often a neuro will just pass his clients on to a shrink anyway.
    The lack of knowledge within science is where psychiatry benefits and so do all other systems.
    It’s a sham and a shame.

    I’m not sure what to make of people who would score high on any test, showing cognitive ability exists, but those same people sit in chairs and write prescriptions and nonsense gobblygook labels all day long.

    Really, we have no assessments that show that shrinks are capable of looking after humans.
    Psychiatry proved that. One of the most unsafe babysitters.

  • “When we push people aside, make them feel their thoughts are so dangerous they can’t be expressed without their volition being stripped from them, we do a great disservice to everyone involved.”

    Hi Chris and thanks for this article.

    We don’t just have to normalize feelings/thoughts or the expression of them. It’s ludicrous to tell someone it’s normal to look for an escape, yet not change or help change what the issues are.

    I might guess that 99 percent of the time the issues are from outside, involving other people, who gladly just continue to let others think that the person is the problem.

    When people feel scared, powerless, because they indeed are powerless, then it is obvious we have to make it so that they have no reasons to feel this way.

    Psychiatry made laws, the governments follow them. That is all there is to psychiatry. A fine business, that has become super convenient for a whole bunch of people. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, your manicurist, teachers, husbands, wives, friends etc etc.

    Now what other business/force has that or had that much power?

    I have my own story, one which involves the power of psychiatry, even though I have had little to do with them.
    They really are sheisters. Knowing full well that they exist through power only. There is absolutely NOTHING medical or helpful and sooner or later if the need should arise, everyone finds this out at some point.

    Pertinent that any person that finds themselves at crossroads, to stay the hell away from anyone that has enough power to design their own laws.

  • I wish I knew Paula much sooner than I did.
    An incredible person and I hope someone just
    as incredible continues what she was all about.
    Her aim was educating people BEFORE they
    get trapped.
    But her words will not vanish as quickly as the body,
    so hopefully someone that needs to hear her words, reads
    and listens to her videos.
    I am going to miss her so.

  • Hi Rebekah,

    “feigning sanity”. It IS what your shrink does too.
    And so every few years you become insane?
    And then, would you stay stuck insane? Forever?

    What you do need is community of like minded, or at least people that get you and help you feel safer. That is a good alternative to the people who are in the mental health industry.

    Life is not perfect bodies that perform with ease and perfection according to someone’s definition, and those bodies are not ill, or sick.

    You are curious about why you can’t be like those normals.

    There are people who are curious why they can’t run like others.
    A doctor would simply tell them that is just how you are, that they are not sick.

  • Maria, great comment, very illuminating of just how most out there
    are no help and I think Brittany is in that spot of not getting real help.
    I also think Brittany has not had a chance to learn what has gone wrong
    and so the tactics used on her just make her more confused and not
    educated about the history of her life and how it, like many others
    just brings her into more abuse.

    Psychiatry loves to talk about “stigma”. And sure, perhaps a few friends or family
    do stigmatize, but the real stigma actually came first from the shrinks.

    Have we ever seen a shrink inside a court room defending the person they themselves
    “convicted”? Psych diagnosis are worse than any crime I could commit.
    The only places a diagnosis will ever hurt me are within the system and it’s services. That kind of stigma remains life threatening at all times.
    You are marked and branded and never know when the next ball drops.

    And so they encourage the unknowing public to “talk about mental health”, or go see a “therapist” or “shrink”. It is really one big false advertisement with most therapists even being completely ignorant.

    One remains ignorant until one has had to deal with that wonderful psychiatry that remains unbiased and doesn’t “stigmatize”.

    Your efforts have been so damn strong and you have gone above and beyond fighting for what you NEVER EVER should have had to fight for.

    Any shrink could have made it much easier for you and your sibling, but they chose not to.

    Psychiatry fucks up a lot of families. It’s another of their specialities.

  • Thanks Miranda.

    Isn’t it devine when good laws can be used for the bad. I mean it would be an ideal law if only well meaning unselfish and completely unbiased people did the job of “looking after others”.

    But I guarantee, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

    And I’m afraid there is no FREE, and this is a result of psychiatry.

    Really, once you have troubles or issues, the result of going to strangers for help will ALWAYS get you in hot water. If not after the first year, maybe after the 30th.
    Most People are not equipped to look after others.

  • Carlton, I think you have it and the system figured out, and I’m convinced that you are
    your own boss.
    Your story is real, the treatment you received in the home, work and psych environment was simply others acting out their ignorance on you.

    I always say, wrong place, wrong time, with the wrong people.

    Thank you so much for doing the interview with Amy and thanks MIA for going above and beyond to get the real scoop.

    Carlton, you’ve made some very powerful statements, profound really.

  • Psychiatry never did change. Their thought process remains the same, it is a discipline that attracts certain types of people, the majority of whom should NOT be talking about something called “mental health”.
    The practitioners do not have healthy insightful outlooks, or understanding of humanity, so the people they “treat”, also cannot be healthy.

    What psychiatry does is greatly contribute not only to individual sickness, but to the family and society at large.

    It is their thinking or lack of it that is the problem and now that even medicine has adopted the garbage they spew, medicine is drifting away from good practice.

  • For sure Trieste is a more rational and humane manner of approach, but it is not something Francis could operate, not with his mindset.

    You have to be healed from cult based thinking, practice, in order to make change. You cannot copy what worked for the guy that made the change.
    That change came about from a profound belief, from the very being of that person. You can train others in the way you train a dog, but the passion, compassion, the sincere beliefs are just not there. They can be understood, but understanding is not enough to make those vital connections to other humans.

    I find ALL of medicine has gone to complete authority in doctors hands. There is absolutely not “shared decision making”.

    It is absurd that two professionals discuss you without you being part of that conversation. It is your body, it is alive. And as long as it is alive, others have zero business in excluding you from what affects you.

    We pay people to talk about us to others.

  • Cindi, you are correct, they are simply defying you.
    They are sickos, in a really perverted way.
    It is really the only way they can feel powerful, because
    they were hurt as kids and now prey on vulnerable folks.
    I don’t think they are aware of it, or else it would bother them.

    I’m really glad you have a relationship with your child. And that you
    are so aware of what is really going on.

    I’m just glad that each shrink only gets to force his want for power for 50 years.

    ALL of the shrinks are guilty, because none of them is standing up for your child.

    It is like the cops that stand by while the vulnerable gets a beating.

    Real men and real women stand up to cruelty and BS.

  • Thanks Peter.

    “Alternative” options will always include psychiatry and will be based on the paradigm of psychiatry. Psychiatry is really our governments, it is political. Absolutely NOTHING
    medical nor caring about it.

    Perhaps a few actually care and definitely care about their own families, but being a mensch within your privileged community does not make you a nice person to the needy.

  • I think that we need a “physiology” association.
    Then we can judge people to be defective physiologically.
    This of course could be including tests, such as weight lifting, running, walking, and obviously they can be seen as “physiological “behaviours”.
    And after you’ve been given some such label as “walking disorder”, or “looks disorder”, that can be kept in charts and made public and then the physiological association can print pamphlets that say the public should not “stigmatize” “defective walking disorders”.

    We could then assume that since the person walks differently and can’t do the 10 mile marathon, that he is overall “defective”.

  • “The “snake oil” salesman used to report that 90% of their users were very satisfied with the results of treating dozens of health problems with their phony remedies. How can we account for the popularity of these treatments? ”

    If we only have the salesman’s report, and the accounts of the one who swallowed the product is dismissed as anecdotal reports, then of course it has no statistical meaning.

    And the drug or placebo might only “satisfy” for a limited time, with most of that time spent being hopeful.

    What really sucks is that most of medicine is straying away from honesty. (I do NOT include psychiatry in “medicine”)

    MOST “service providers” have one major concern and that is their jobs.

    I wonder if they would be satisfied if they received nothing but shitty home repairs, auto service, haircuts, crap restaurant foods, dirty swimming pools, dirty hotels……nope, they DEMAND good service.

    But the chattle they serve are supposed to crawl to them, lick their dogshit shoes and eat what is dished out no matter what crap.

  • Whatever helps people is a good thing.
    I’m not sure just how comfortable a person could feel in a new environment with people they have never met or maybe just a few times.
    And there seems to be a designated “time” of up to 8 hours.

    Wait for legality? For the pharmacy and shrinks to use it? All under the tight “protocols”? And any effects they find odd, well must be the mental illness under the mental illness.

    I would love to get pumped about this but we know what happens when people are needing jobs and go get “trained”.

    You cannot train certain traits. So therapists in training can learn behaviours. In these studies, I wonder if the person could bring a friend with them that they feel absolutely safe with? It might make sense to even the number of people in the room. The therapist gets to have a buddy, and the client gets to have a buddy.

    And I’m most certain that this will not be free, nor cheap, so not actually something the majority of people can have access to.

    thanks Richard, Marcela sounds like a very nice sincere person.

    I am glad to see that she mentions “not getting rid of anything”. So that would be different than what psychiatry tries to do, so not sure why she mentions “medication”. They are all drugs and we should start referring to them as drugs and not mislead people.

  • Well they are looking for those “tests”, and if they make up a qualifier for tests, they will use them, even if the rest of the population has the same or similar “test” results lol.
    So no, we don’t want “tests”. Nothing psych has done has ever been honest.

    And it would still remain that this person is “defective”.
    No physical tests means you are “defective” as a person. WHICH they are trying to substantiate. Stigma is psychiatry.
    No cancer scan, leaves the doc thinking you are defective, or disordered.
    It does not cause you to lose all credibility.

  • It is obvious that we are ALL unique physically and emotionally. Although I hate to use the word “emotionally”, since psychiatry likes to own ALL language.
    If I cannot work a 8 hour shift in the heat of the day, or other physical work, and if I’m just dead tired and sore each day, my body is not ILL, it is simply not equipped to do as required. And if I do continue, it might even shave years off my life.

    Perhaps I was born this way, or perhaps the foods or lack of them aided to make my body not as strong for the work.
    It is not “ILL”, nor “DISORDERED”. The extreme exhaustion of my body would obviously lead to not feeling happy.
    This is also not an illness, it is a physiological response.

    There is not an “illness” process going on and I need an environment that helps my body to feel more in sync.

    The mind works the same. If my mind is exhausted and tired, I need to have environments and conditions that ease the load.

    Psychiatry knows this. It is an embarrassing job to have, (most are embarrassed) to hang slanderous labels on people.

    And I would go so far as to say that it also does not help to ask people “what happened to you”, unless that goes hand in hand to have that enriched environment.

    Just like it does piss all good to ask a body that is not as rustic and able “what happened to you”, yet keep him working on the railroad.

    And sure it’s “idealistic” to think we can provide what everyone needs, but indeed in our western countries it is possible.

    I think what our governments are saying is “to bad so sad”. This is the mainstream and the ones who can’t keep up, make jobs for the ones that sit in wait.

    It’s really historical, part of animal life and so there is nothing “superior” in the human species.