Friday, September 24, 2021

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  • My partner works for one of the companies that specifically hires “developmentally disabled” workers. They are required to be there from 9am until 2pm every. single. day., but they only get paid for two hours of that. The entire company is a sham – the work they do, including janitorial services, directly benefits their boss’s pockets as they work for her husband’s car dealership so he doesn’t have to hire a cleaning crew. They are constantly working off-the-clock doing other clean up, then silenced with threats of calling their group home staff if they speak out about it. My partner’s boss’s have literally threatened me before, cussed me out, etc. because I refused to follow in line with their plans, including having almost gotten my partner killed whenever they failed to report her sister abusing her in her own home, AND then trying to place my partner back in her home despite the fact her sister was physically and mentally abusing her. I have been threatened with involuntary commitment if I did not stop speaking out against them.