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  • I am going to chime in as a parent who used to give her child medications in the class of psychotropic medications. I finally listened to my own child at 13 who was taking them mostly on until he could take no more of the side effects. I was scared about them taking my son away if I did not give him the medications. CPS can do that. I do not have custody of my son, but i have told my son we all are in it together with his health. I will never ever ask him take the drugs again. I think therapy is sufficient for him to deal with his problems. The thing is some of the therapist tout child drugging for psych problems. So he is wary of this. When I took him off the medication it was a sound decision by my son and I due to the side effects he can’t take them. His anger was two fold when taking ADHD medication, and the same with the others as well his moods were erratic at best and his mood swings intensified with the medications not without. I say this to all psychiatrist who want to help the children be wary of all the drugs out there. I am adult 44 year old who has problems with these drugs, imagine how the children will be if they take it? There bodies are more changing than mine. Do not just screen and give drugs. They need to do way more testing on the drugs before they hurt more children. It is evident it is doing harm.

  • The weird thing is is that I feel the loss so much at times and the other times, i feel like i have accomplished more than most have by fighting for me. The emotional problems they can cause from hurting anyone should be recognized to more people. it is not about the money when it is you. It becomes much more personal. If I can make a person really see what it is that the medical field has done in their part, then to tell the truth maybe it will show those who do still care not to go with the flow. I say my story more now to show people it is not all good and this stuff gets swept under the carpet so as to make believe it is the survivor who is delusional. Not true. We all no matter what have a stake in our own lives, it should not be up to people who no nothing of who we really are

  • I do believe that some people have to figure out where they need to think for themselves. I was told so many times that it was me not the drugs and I was not sure what to believe when the psych docs said this. I was on meds that made me feel so bad and then they were telling me it was me. In my own mind I knew it was the meds and I was taking a chance with it, but then I thought well what if they were right. I have been off psych meds for a year with minor returns to try to see if they will help, not really. Just more depression than i wanted to handle and it was enough to throw me for a loop in two days. I refuse to take any type of meds that have mood changes without knowing what it is first. If it is psych med I tell all the docs I am not gonig to take them. I know what they do to me. I had such a reaction to one i took withdrawal over the med itself. It was hard but way more worth my time than thinking how it could get me permanent hosp or my own death. Good for all the people that take care of themselves. It does not matter what people have to say about me taking meds or not, they will not ever know what i went through unless they decide to believe that I can be honest. If not well they do not need to be part of my life and me and when they get it then i will welcome them back with the knowledge they finally saw that i was truthful. Some docs do not think this with me, they call me non compliant. Not so. I feel better for taking me back.

  • I am not going to read all the comments because i have a simple response to your looking into this. In effect what you have said was on both sides of the fence and that you gave to very different types of what doctors say will work. They have been finding long term use is not as good as it was touted before. It is in the best interest of the patient i think we need to remember if they are having more trouble maybe they should lower the med and see if it helps more, then decide if it is worthy to take them down more and to get therapy involved as well. I was dosed highly with meds for years and do believe i could have fared better with them being lowered a lot and maybe they should have listened to me when I said it was worse at higher levels. I have a sensitivity that I do not ignore anymore and try because they feel it is best for me. Simply put the patient should be heard along with at least having more then one way to help us as patients. sometimes yes more is not better. Thanks for reading

  • I think it is a mix of things, but money does have a driving force that cannot be ignored either. I was seeing the psych doc who at the time was the Director of Psychiatry. It would make it easy to blame just the money, but again in my eyes she was just not seeing what i was seeing when it came to my health. My hubby’s health was being compromised over an ego pull with his doctor as well. His was more recent. Would anyone really condone giving a higher does of med that is causing toxic effects, just because you thought it was good for him/her? When a doctor puts the meds over health they are not thinking about the total outcome of what will get hurt in the patient health and wellness.

    I want to say something briefly about the one person who said our country has better ways of handling things with malpractice…My hubby was pink slipped and I was not allowed to see him in the ER which did this. They were belligerent and they were acting like he was a danger, when in fact he was not. In reality i should have been allowed to go in and at least check on him. If i felt no danger was there I could have helped them figure on what is needed. They were argumentative to me when I was upset over not seeing him. They barred me and told me to leave the hospital, called security and the cops. I in no way was overreacting to them any more than others would in this situation. His rights were violated and guess what, they got away with it. How I am not sure ask the mental health board who decided thy were not able to take this on. Why the hospital was off limits they said. really? they get money from the govt just the same as the board, so in effect he was hospitalized without regard to his and my saying he was not emergent in the way they said. Is America really here to help those who are mental health patients? NO. it is not true and do not for one second think i am attacking you, I am not I am making aware we are no better than the other countries it is worldwide and we all need to come together to fight this not separate who is worse.

  • I will make one point on this one topic and stick to the topic for sake of it has a big message. Psych docs are not for anyone but lining their pockets if they still are forcing meds to people and giving the the ECT they say will help. I have been there and will say it made me worse by far to take the meds and it was a waste of money to give me ECT. First off it was for depression, guess what it was there after 6 treatments. Second the meds for bipolar and depression are very tricky to take and one over medication can do years of damage. My hubby was given 1500 mg of lithium and he was getting toxic… his psych doc…she got pissed because he went down one pill to get rid of the effects. She dropped him as well left him no other choice but to withdrawal all of a sudden. is this how the wonderful psych docs that keep fighting the truth want us to see them as? Ego ridden, or even have the “god complex”. Uh yeah you do if you do not listen to your patients. Mr. Pie take that into consideration when you defend your profession. It does happen more than you know and we need to fix it before more people get hurt. Period. I will say this one point lead to many ugly truths in this comment. can you see the truths?

  • I have much of the same questions. Here i go now with what i have been through from not one psych doc, but several. One point only is the drug i took at the time i had a problem with and I asked several times if this drug will cause me to get diabetes, since it is in my family should i be on it? I was told and this is the truth, no it will not. Can anyone then explain why i have diabetes now after taking this drug for almost two years on a higher dose than normal. The side effect and warning was to be aware it can raise sugars in patients. This was ignored and then told to me it would not affect me, even though my mother and two brothers have diabetes. I was the only one who had not gotten it before the drug was given. Dr. please explain why when i made a good decision to go off due to my history in the family i was blatantly told it would not and now i have it and will always have to make sure what goes in me to not get a diabetic reaction. There is no answer for it and i do not expect anyone to sit here and tell me that they did what they felt was sound. Not to me they did not, they ignored my sound questions or told me nah it won’t happen. End of my story.

  • i got caught in that while i was taking the meds as well. they said my son needed meds for adhd. I was silly enough to believe that hype. WHen he was 12 he said no more taking pills they hurt me, I finally got the guts to think about it and listen to the one who was taking it. I just wished I would have done this for myself when he told me no. I was having much the samr trouble and ignored myself while listening to him. Do not put a child on this stuff, they do not think about the child and they do try to make it your fault for them being this way. My son was hurt and that was the problem, I should have known and i was maybe too messed up with the psych meds to think right. It is a sad thing for me to know what was done could have been stopped and it took a long time for me to stop it myself.

  • Sorry for the typos I get heated up about how i was treated due to not taking the meds. I went to this ER for several physical complaints not even 4 months ago and was diagnosed with mania and was told to have conversion disorder, which they thought could be done, and Munchhausen was in the report as well. I have been fighting how they treated me in a respect to get my word to them how they treated me was way past poor. It was disgusting and the ER records i got proves what they said about me, which as well gave me some PTSDissues I thoughts. I had just dealt with the other troubles from this and was not happy with how i got that back from negligence. it is no different than what you described with the meds. Just using my mental status to explain the negligence from them. I can”t even sue, which is secondary to getting to confront them. They need to see how they hurt me this bad. All because of my label being abused. Meds are just the beginning sometimes and it is just as heartbreaking to see how many others had such hurt from them. You can’t even put a price tag on how this destroys people in and of itself.

  • I was on a antipsychotic med and to tell the truth it was hell for me on it and getting off it. It is unfortunate that I had to to do the immediate stopping of the med due to the withdrawal, but I would do it again if I knew it was riding on my mentality going so far south I was scared it would be permanent. I for the whatever reason dod not have so much with benzos and was able to not have that hell, which in effect is the same i went through. I do understand the need to tell a stary and how I was treated recently and was told about the fact htat these meds do not cause things like what happens to me to happen, says in itself they are either naive or something else i choose to hope not to. I chose to be med free from the suicidal thoughts i have gotten and the anxiety was not better. I do hope people do wise up to this stuff. I am so guilt ridden by taking these meds while my son was small, he had endured the seeing of what they did to me and was not aware of why. I was not as well, i kinda fell for the further deterioration of my illness. It was not so, I am far better within depression I can handle the sadness a lot better than on meds. Thank you for sharing what you endured, it helps me feel not so alone in my being labeled a non compliant patient. I am compliant to my body not the doctors wishes. The body i have ets me know when something is not needed and these are not as much as others would like them to be.

  • I believe the medical model that is being put on us, is in effect not good for anyone who is deemed mentally ill. I being put with a label that followed me to not getting diagnosed with what i have sooner. For almost a month i was telling these so called for the people doctors at the ER’s i had something wrong with me, really wrong, the basically told me i was having stress related issues and panic attacks. Go to hell to those who decided this before doing a much needed back MRI. this film will hopefully get enough media play that we will all have something to think about when we go get medical help and we get told there is nothing they can find wrong. the dumb asses never looked in my back even when i was complaining about the spine pain outright. it was my muscles they concluded. nice huh? I am seeing a surgeon now that I know that they screwed me over with their stupid theories. I am angry as hell and have a right to be, but i bet they will tell me the stress is doing this too. I want the doctors to stop this crap and do their job.

  • I am so proud to know that you are making steps to optimize how you write and get it out. I am one who thinks that if you have something that is keeping you from doing what you want you find a new want to maximize your level of doing things. I am not able to walk or do as much as i used to and now the computer will be my way of getting things done and doing something meaningful. Hopefully you will keep recovering in all ways possible. Inspiration comes from the weirdest places is something I have said. i don’t really know you, but I can see you have strength that will get you everywhere.