Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • I find this article frustrating. As the director of a mental health program, we work hard to push recovery. We use all kinds of methods to help people see their movement toward recovery. It frustrates me that the article paints mental health providers as culprits, when I would guess, in increasing numbers, we are using a recovery focus.

    It is also frustrating that it happens. Because I do believe it does.

    But I fear this article oversimplifies the issues. And I think for those who don’t know what is happening on the good side of the equation, this article is misleading.

    I have suffered with anxiety since childhood. I have learned to deal with it using CBT tools. I always tell my clients, things can get better. And a lot of what I tell them is that it is my job to help them develop the tools so they can do it themselves, so they are not so dependent on a counselor or medications.

    At any rate
    a downer article in many respects
    but one that should be a wake up call to counselors and programs who are not working out of a recovery mode.