Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • This is another way of stigma, the stigma that the brain (where all our thoughts, volitions and emotions takes place) cannot be ill, and doesn’t need treatment. Of course there is sometimes “overtreatment” and drug companies try to sell theyr products. I will need to see long term outcomes from this unit, as the actual evidence is that in schizophrenia and bipolar a 5 year period without medication 95% will relapse, and with every relapse the patients don’t go back to basal functioning (even in bipolar). This place is good to minor mood disorders, some personality disorders and acut and transcient disorders.
    This is also the result of poor knowledge of psychopathology and a kind of fast food psychiatry, where most don’s have the time to make a good history of the patients and theyr families.
    As with every other illnesses, from other organs, medication can be good and make a big diference in patients lifes, when used correctly and in the right way.
    Neither 8 ou 80…