Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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  • Hi Will, Sorry it took so long to get this posted as a comment.

    It was strange that while I was opening the Mad In America Weekly
    Newsletter for October 15, 2017 I was wondering if would be the same
    array of good articles. I have only been reading the Mad in America
    newsletter for about eight months and I have been feeling a sense of
    sameness to them. So, I was somewhat surprised by your blog. Although
    you write clearly, I had to read the links you put in the blog, watch
    talks given by Lessig and visit the Princeton Election Consortium to
    start to understand the problem you are describing. So, you asked for
    a strategy? Simplistically it is, make a plan, execute the plan,
    evaluate the results, adjust the plan and try harder again. You have
    evaluated the results and raised the warning that we need to adjust
    the plan. I don’t have a cohesive plan but I can write down some
    1) Acknowledge that the work being done at MIA is very important and
    must continue. Identify a smaller group within the Mad in America
    community that is interested in addressing the issue you raised.
    2) Don’t alienate the base of your subgroup as their numbers will be
    3) Understand the human tendency to want the solution to a problem to
    be their idea rather than the best idea. “Search for the best idea
    not the idea you think is best”
    4) Spend time to understand the problem. Within this small group study
    in depth and understand the challenges to democracy. Lessig is one of
    many people talking out about the issues. It is like the story of
    blind people touching the parts of the elephant and each thinking they
    can describe the whole animal. This means understanding what is
    happening but also trying to decern why it is happening.
    5) Understand the activities of those already working on the issue.
    6) With this knowledge devise an action plan.
    Some things that might be in a plan.
    A) Understand how to make a paradigm shift. This is really hard but it
    is something MIA is constantly trying to do.
    B) Create a plan for educating the MIA community on these greater
    issues of democracy. Devote a portion of the web site and newsletter
    to that education.
    C) Identify existing groups to merge forces with. There is strength in
    D) Redefine the peer movement as actually being a form of a right-wing
    movement. When I think of republican values from my left-wing
    perspective I see them wanting people to take responsibility for their
    lives. They want people to be involved with solving their own
    problems. They want to give a hand up rather than a hand out. I know
    that I can make unusual connections but as I understand peer support it
    seems to be trying to do the same thing that republicans want.
    E) Review “Evan McMullin’s Ten Action Items for Average Americans”
    but replace “Trump” with “Tweeds” and select some of his

    These are quick thoughts on a strategy. Again thank you for the blog
    it opened me to issues I hadn’t understood.