Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Loved this article. Dissenters can fret and vehemently disagree, but she is speaking her truth. As a parent of two people whom regressed into autism following an environmental insult, I know this is also the truth for MANY other autistics. Her information needs to be shared so others will understand that the term “neurodiversity” minimizes and trivializes the experiences of many whom have suffered similar regressions. Autism is not a blessing to everyone. It’s debilitating on countless levels for some. The life expectancy is short for some. Autism is not celebrated by everyone and there are terrifying and tragic statistics available to support the reasons why. If a person loves their autism and wants to celebrate it—that’s great for them; but don’t tell others how to experience it or berate them for disagreeing with your experience. That’s just an example of intolerance pretending to be tolerant.