Sunday, February 28, 2021

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  • So many fucking treatments for autism are ineffective and teach nothing. I have autism and found that my therapist was just bullshit. I am 14. I saw through the bullshit years ago. The only thing autism induces is a bit of social anxiety and the urge to put things in front of your fucking face and swing them.

  • I have never been involuntarily or even voluntarily hospitalized or treated myself for any mental illnesses but I highly oppose involuntary treatment. Anyone who actually understands it, even someone like me has never experienced it, just makes them want to kill the people who do this. It’s not a mental illness to want to kill people who commit themselves to forcing people treatment. It’s like pedophiles, you want to murder them for what they do. It makes me sick to my fucking stomach to see that people feel fine with themselves doing this.