Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • I am a person who has been abused by Mental Health System esp. in Georgia. I have been told there was no hope for me to ever become any better much less be functional in a job or ever be able to function as a human in relationships. and I have been told I had so many diseases bipolar, schizo-affective, schizophrenia and so many others. I have none of those diseases I was abused in every way for most of my life and was given medications to shut me up. If I talk I tell the hidden secretes-they gave me enough medications I drooled all over my clothes never knowing I was in this world. and I went to a trauma center in another state which helped me understand my feelings and shows me hope that I can become whole again and function as someone who could work and function better than I ever had. I was a survivor. I like all humans struggle with daily life issues and have gotten off 2.5 legal sized pages of medication and now taking 1 mental health medication. The program I was in tried to get me to sign papers to give them all my money I had while I was drugged up. Stealing isn’t what they were trying to do were they?