Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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  • As a person who personally trips over the autism spectrum at times, I can appreciate the doctor’s words on the subject… especially around not getting hung up in labels for something as broad and undefined as autism. It seems to me that many of us struggle in processing information in our non native formats… for example, I’m very visual in my thinking. Much like Temple Grandin, I think in pictures… and in an auditory world, I have to translate everything into my own visual interpretation to make sense of it which can create lags and lead to overstimulation Even in conveying information, I’m far more effective in the written word than I am in simply speaking those same words aloud. Does that mean that I’m somehow less intelligent, not hardly… I can conceptualize ideas and projects in my mind’s eye, assemble and test them without even picking up a hammer or a soldering iron… create material lists and build my concept exactly as I’ve envisioned it. I don’t say that to blow my own horn, rather to illustrate that while my thought process may seem different, it most certainly has its advantages. Its taken me 54 trips around the sun to come to this realization, but it very much fits… and it presents unique opportunities to be effective in a foreign thinking climate. I would venture that others would probably share similar experiences.